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Portrait of Lelach
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 45
Occupation Shaman
Location The Holy Land of Shamans
You don't want a fake shaman. You want the REAL DEAL, am I right? I'm right! You're right! Lelach's always right! Heh heh...




There is a madness in this man's eyes, a burning, roiling insanity. His shaggy hair and wild smile do nothing to hide it.

He is one of the most powerful shamans of the Holy Land. He's often portrayed as mad, laughing and talking at no one in particular, even when in the middle of conversation. Despite that, he retains some semblance of sanity, deep down.

Some of the villagers avoid and express hostility towards him due to his state of mind.


Mainstream Storyline



  • Lelach has the same in-game model as Akule, albeit without the mask.
    • Strangely, Lelach's NPC Portrait lacks the tattoo on his left shoulder.
  • Despite being a shaman, claiming to possess magic and even once displayed the use of Fireball and Thunder, he has no Magic Skills in his RP.