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Dowra redirects here. For the weapons, see Dowra SE and Dowra's Golden Gun.
Portrait of DowraFile:Dowra.png
Race Giant
Gender Female
Age 45
Occupation Black Raven Captain
Location Vales

Track One Day a Storm


Her silky, golden hair is tied in a sporty updo, with her bangs hanging over her forehead to cover part of her face. Her several long scars do little to dull her fair features, and some say they even make her intense gaze all the more captivating. Her poise, relaxed yet sure, and her deep, hearty laughter leave little guesswork as to her personality.

Dowra is the captain of the Giant Black Raven Spies of Iria. She enjoys fighting and occasionally boasts her strength.


Mainstream Story


The Saga: Iria


Dowra was a playable character during the Cursed Labyrinth events. She wore the following:


  • Although Dowra is supposedly a well known Fighter, she oddly has Dual Gun Skills rather than Fighter Skills during Cursed Labyrinth event.
  • Dowra is known as Daella in oversea servers.
    • Dowra itself is an English variant of the town Damhshraith, the Irish damh (meaning ox) and srath (meaning river valley) or sraith (meaning spread).
    • Della is listed as one of the women who traveled with Cessair in the infamous Lebor Gabála Érenn.