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For other uses, see Bhafel (disambiguation).
Black Dragon redirects here. For the event NPC, see Black Dragon (Event NPC).
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Portrait of Bhafel
Race Dragon
Gender Unknown


Bhafel, more commonly known as the Black Dragon, is a mysterious dragon that was sealed by Irinid long ago. It is a follower of the Cessair organization and is one of the primary antagonists of The Saga: Iria. It is also the boss of the Black Dragon Raid.

There is a Knight that shares the same title as Bhafel, but it is unknown how the two relate to each other.

Trapped around the Human Landmark in Rano, Black Mask freed the Black Dragon. Bhafel expresses gratitude and agrees to help him in return.

As a dragon, Bhafel is extremely prideful and loves tormenting and attacking "lesser" creatures. That said, it does not like being ordered to stand down.

Mainstream Story


  • Bhafel is one of three quadruped dragons, the other two being Adniel and Languhiris.
  • Bhafel is one of two The Saga: Iria antagonists that has only engaged combat outside of a cutscene once, the other being Macha.
    • This does not include the stationary mental image of Bhafel fought by Millia.
  • Strangely, by the end of Episode 4, the protagonists are aware of the Black Dragon's name despite not being informed of it.
  • Bhafel is not included in the Transformation Diary nor Hunting Diary.