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Irai Ruins

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An overview of Irai Ruins.

Description and Geography

Map of Irai Ruins.

The Irai Ruins lie in a remote section of Courcle. It is located at the foot of the Erkey Falls.

The only way to reach this area is to Raft down the waterfall. Players must purposefully go on the southern path of the river, then purposely steer away from the rafting dock (left) at Lappa Village. As the raft reaches the waterfall, a cutscene will play showing as the raft heads down the waterfall and breaks, and players find themselves on the shore close to the waterfall.

It is possible to fly over this area, however players cannot land into the ruins. Additionally, players within the area cannot fly.

There is a blasted Mana Tunnel here that can be used to leave Erkey Falls.

The Giant Alligator will spawn in this area.


Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Unknown Ore Fragment.png Metallurgy Spots
Various Gems
Metallurgy Along the western edge of the lake


  • None


  • None



Areas Connected

Exploration and Artifacts

  • Players used to require offering Ancient Patterns Restored.png Three ancient artifacts on each pedestal to start Generation 7. With the Masterpiece Season 1 update, these cutscenes are now automatically provided to any player who has completed Generation 3.
  • However, you are still able to offer the pieces to the altars.
    • 'Give' the artifacts to the corresponding pedestal like you would offer an item to an NPC. A cutscene will occur, and depending on the artifact, the weather (within the cutscene) will change. You will get access to the top of the corresponding ruin and view one of the Generation 7 introduction cutscenes.


  • Erkey Falls have also been called Iria Falls or Irai Falls
  • Erkey is the Quechuan word Irqi, meaning Child.
  • Irai may simply be the word Iria, similar to how Uladh has Ulaid Forest within it.
  • It is the only area that is a "river" location for Metallurgy.
  • The three ancient shrines in the Irai Ruins coincide with the magic elements; sun as fire, snow as ice, and lightning as itself.
  • Despite Irai Ruins having become the Holy Land of Shamans for Generation 18, the ruins are normally empty and all instances of an inhabited Irai are Shadow Missions.