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Portrait of Portia
Race Elf
Gender Female
Location Filia

Track Love to Win


A girl with lovely blonde hair and blue eyes is looking you, smiling. Her rosy cheeks radiate with mischievous mirth. As if greeting a friend after a long time apart, she throws both of her hands in the air in greeting.

Portia is an Elf who lives in Filia, and is based on her namesake in the play The Merchant of Venice. According to Lucas, her beauty matches the Goddess Morrighan. She has an extremely large fortune left to her by her father.

Skills (RP)

Rest.png Rank 9
Defense.png Rank F
Counterattack.png Rank F
Human Ranged Attack.png Rank 6
Magnum Shot.png Rank 6
Mirage Missile.png Rank 8
Windmill.png Rank F
Crash Shot.png Rank B
Combat Mastery.png Rank A
Critical Hit.png Rank Novice
Sword Mastery.png Rank F
Bow Mastery.png Rank B
Healing.png Rank F
Magic Mastery.png Rank F

Portia's Equipment



  • In A Will and Willpower, if the player chooses Propose to her, Portia will say that she is unable to marry Milletians. Despite this, she admits her feelings for them.
  • Portia uses Support Shot in Escape from Belvast, however she does not have it in the RP.