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Portrait of Portia
Race Elf
Gender Female
Location Filia


A girl with lovely blonde hair and blue eyes is looking you, smiling. Her rosy cheeks radiate with mischievous mirth. As if greeting a friend after a long time apart, she throws both of her hands in the air in greeting.

Portia is an Elf who lives in Filia, and is based on her namesake in the play The Merchant of Venice. According to Lucas, her beauty matches the Goddess Morrighan. She has an extremely large fortune left to her by her father.

Her father also left behind the riddle of the Gold, Silver, and Lead Boxes in a bid to try to find her a suitable suitor, and Portia does not wish to defy this will as she is to be exiled and relieved from her inheritance if she goes against his wishes. The Gold Box, labeled "Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire." contains a Horrifying Skeleton, the Silver "Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves." with a Clown Doll, and the Lead "Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath." a Portrait of Portia, with the Portrait as the answer to the riddle. Eventually, Bassanio came and picked the Lead Box, solving the riddle and becoming Portia's husband.

Merchant of Venice

Portia's Memory

Portia constantly dreams of a man who will be her husband. That man is Bassanio, who apparently embarked for Belvast by fate. He gave her a compass as a gift, and promised her to return.

According to Antonio, Bassanio wanted to return to Portia as a wealthy man instead of a poor commoner. He was miserably unsuccessful in this aspect, but when he received Portia's Love Letter, he immediately decides to head back and marry her, and requests 30 million gold for the wedding dowry from Antonio.

Gold and Silver

Upon receiving Bassanio's Reply, Portia is delighted to hear such news and prepares for the proposal test. It requires a Horrifying Skeleton, a Clown Doll, and a Portrait of her.

She also explains that she met Bassanio within Iria after he was washed away by a storm.

Thing That All Men Want

Lucas tries to propose to Portia, but fails. According to him, the Lead Box had a label on it that read "Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath." The Silver read "Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves." The Gold Box read "Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire." Upon seeing the Gold Box, he thought "That's right! All men across Erinn swarm here like ants just to see her face!" and opened it, however there was a Horrifying Skull with a paper scroll attached to it, stating: "All that glisters is not gold, often have you heard that told. Had you been as wise as bold, young in limbs, in judgement old, your answer had not been inscroll'd. Fare you well; your suit is cold." He then grabbed Portia's hand, and received a slap in return.

Keith tries the same thing, but fails as well. He was going to choose the Gold Box, but was instead informed to read the labels more carefully. The Lead Box was simply too common and he had no intention of lowering his reputation of "many men" the Gold Box implied. He chose the Silver Box as he considers himself as a great man. Inside the box was a Clown Doll with a note attached to it. Not even bothering to read the note, he simply stormed out and was made a fool in the end.

Leave It to Fate

Bassanio takes the proposal test in order to marry Portia. Going over to the Gold Box, he remarks "Is our world so shallow, that a hint of gold can still fool so many? Even in court, a vile and guilty criminal can hide behind a sweetly-worded plea, hiding the true evil. And in the church, a terrible sin can be covered with blessings and pagentry. Such beauty is purchased, not earned, and I will have none of it." Approaching the Silver Box, he states "And I will have none of this, speaking of meager dealings between men." With the Lead Box, he exclaims "No...this simple box, that threatens instead of promises... This moves me more than any gold or silver. I choose this box, and pray for our happiness!" and opens it, finding Portia's Portrait. Having successfully passing the test, he marries Portia.

Keep Enemies Closer

Bassanio, alarmed after hearing Antonio's arrest, immediately rushes to Belvast Island along with Portia. While she tries to clear a route, Bassanio tries to convince Antonio to leave.

While Portia is outnumbered by the Belvast Guardsmen, a Shire mounted by Antonio and Bassanio runs them over. They soon board a ship manned by Nicca and Ethna and leave Belvast Island, with Shylock watching from the distance.

In the aftermath, the trio decide to travel the world. She also admits her feelings to the Milletian, but seemingly breaks down afterward.

Skills (RP)

Rest.png Rank 9
Defense.png Rank F
Counterattack.png Rank F
Human Ranged Attack.png Rank 6
Magnum Shot.png Rank 6
Mirage Missile.png Rank 8
Windmill.png Rank F
Crash Shot.png Rank B
Combat Mastery.png Rank A
Critical Hit.png Rank Novice
Sword Mastery.png Rank F
Bow Mastery.png Rank B
Healing.png Rank F
Magic Mastery.png Rank F

Portia's Equipment



  • In A Will and Willpower, if the player chooses Propose to her, Portia will say that she is unable to marry Milletians. Despite this, she admits her feelings for them.
  • Portia uses Support Shot in Escape from Belvast, however she does not have it in the RP.