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Server {{{Server}}}
Race Elf
Age 10 Title Who Almost Slew a Bear at 10
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP
Life 82 Mana
Stamina Damage 20-45
Defense 7 Protection 1
Strength Intelligence
Dexterity Will
Luck Critical
Hits Speed Very Fast
Attacks Everything that moves. Element Lightning
Drops Misc
Equipment Leather Longbow, Mace, Light Hetero Kite Shield, Sandra's Sniper Suit Gloves, Long Greaves, Layered Vintage Turban, Ring
Advice {{{Advice}}}
Additional Information Will shoot down any possible targets if they move, has a twitchy trigger finger. If provoked, worse things than regular range attack will be done.


Server {{{Server}}}
Race Vampire
Age 14 Title The Reborn
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP
Life Mana
Stamina Damage
Defense Protection
Strength Intelligence
Dexterity Will
Luck Critical
Hits Speed Fast
Attacks Any possible targets that move. Element Lightning
Drops Misc
Equipment Leather Longbow, Mace, Light Hetero Kite Shield, Pet Instructor Gloves, Long Greaves, Starry Wizard Hat, Ring
Advice {{{Advice}}}
Additional Information do NOT, under any circumstances, run towards Fracture. He has a twitchy trigger finger, near-instant aim speed and very high damage. If provoked, may pull twin swords and use Final Hit, rendering every target within range dead within seconds of each other.


I'm the leader of the Retribution guild, previously led by Credo. In leaving for another game (Perfect World) he left the guild to me and I wiped clean the slate. With a talented officer and a lot of determination, Retribution is making a comeback on the Ruairi server. Homepage is at: The site is under construction, but is fully functional as is.

Alliances: Skyrunners, led by Manslayerd



I am now allied with the giants. I have really gotten sick of all the idiots on the elf side who think that they're epic rangers just because they run fast, and can shoot on the run. Some are good archers but to most of you: Do NOT whine at me about how much of an AP eater range is when you've "worked so hard" to get rank E. If you hit rank 1 like me, then, and only then, can you whine without being shot.

Another advantage to the Giants is that, since most people went for the elves, most of us players that went Giant-ally instead have a LOT more targets. And we still win. Wonder why -.-;


I've wondered once or twice if my devotion to archery is based in cowardice of getting into the fray. However, over the time I've played, I've found myself in many situations where I'm against several enemies, hundreds of times more powerful than myself, and holding my own in close combat with the bow. For me, archery was not something I could dabble in, it became my entire style. I base most of my tactics around the ranged attacks, but I'm no weakling with a mace either.

For beginning archers, there are a few simple things I'd recommend. First of all: Windmill is an archer's best friend. Without it, you don't stand a chance against anything faster than a zombie if you miss. It has a faster loading time than counter and you can load ranged attack in the animation phase, allowing you to shoot almost the instant your enemy picks themselves up. It deals nice damage if trained properly, and can be used without invoking new aggro's. Firebolt is another usefull skill, and past about 150% aim speed you can alternate between Mag Shot and fire bolt. If you're trying to decide between ranking mag or range, rank range. Mag shot will be almost useless to you with too low an aiming speed. Critical is also a good sill to have, as with the proper equipment, archery is the combat style most likely to get criticals. Combining that with high damage, a good critical skill can make taking down Boss-level monsters a breeze.

There are also two mastery skills and two attributes that should be kept in mind throughout archery training: Production Mastery, although not obvious at first, is the only skill that really provides the much-needed stamina, the main consumption for archers. Combat Mastery as well, although not for the obvious reasons. One missed shot tends to mean death for the lower level archers, which leaves teammates exposed and wastes exp, while CM gives a well-sized hp bonus each rank. Not to mention it's handy to be able to pull out a pair of swords after getting knocked down and not have noob-stick damage. The two attributes you'll need are Dexterity, the base for all ranged skills, and Will. Will is my personal favourite attribute, as the higher will you have the more likely you are to be put into deadly instead of killed outright.

Upgrade Sequences

I've gone through and decided which upgrade sequences I want to use for my weapons, and figured I'd post them here, along with the finished stats.

Leather Longbow

  • 0. Aranwen's Leather Long Bow Enhancement
    • This is mostly for the enhanced range, which comes in handy during both PvP and fighting monsters.
  • 1. Bow Back Refinement 4
    • This is one of the two upgrades that will help re-balance my bow from the string strengthening.
  • 2. Bowstring Tightening
    • I'm a critical hit whore XD
  • 3. Bow Back Refinement 2
    • The second re-balancer for the bow
  • 4. Bow String Strengthening 5
    • This is just for the added damage, and the loss of balance is evened out by the two back refinements.
  • Finished Stats:
    • Damage: 5 - 32
    • Balance: 61%
    • Critical: 24%
    • Injury Rate: 15~100%
    • Durability: 11
    • Extra: Range +100


Anyone on here will be killed on sight and banned from anything I can ban you from, including my guild, the guild castle, houses, etc.

  • Axelkey - You can't shoot, and you're a spineless little noob who doesn't know when to go away. Turn PvP off or get shot.
  • Absolutely ANYONE who shoots/bolts/hits multiple people minding their own business and then logs off. If you can't stick around for a fight you start, you will be attacked on sight from then on.

Current Goals

Here's a list of my current goals, in no particular order:

  • Rua suit for Nao
  • Incubus Horns
    • For those in on the joke, "Incubastard" should sum it up nicely.
      • Woot, got the Incubus Horns. Managed to get them blessed without losing a dur on them too.
  • Ice Rose
    • Sells for 3M, for the epic win!
  • All three forms of advanced magic.
    • Most likely going to be thunder first, then fireball, and then ice spear.
  • AR pages 7-10
  • Prof and re-mod a new bow in TNN
    • Damn you Edern >.<
  • Finish G3 and become a dark knight,
  • Wait patiently for G10 to get Awakening of Light


My more important skills and their ranks, in no particular order:




Combination Effects

Putting this here for my own reference so I don't have to go find it every time.

Armor/Clothing Poison Immune Stone Immune Explosion Resistance Stomp Resistance Mana Reduction Stamina Reduction
Dustin Silver Knight Armor 3~4 3
Dustin Silver Knight Helm 4 3
Dustin Silver Knight Vambrace 2~3 4
Dustin Silver Knight Greave 2~3 3
Bone Marine Armor (M) 3~4 3
Bone Marine Armor (F) 3~4 3
Bone Marine Helm 3 4
Bone Marine Gauntlet 3 3
Bone Marine Boots 3 3
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (F) 3 4~5
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (M) 3 4~5
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet 2 3~4
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots 3 3~4
Magic School Uniform (F) 3 3~4
Magic School Uniform 3 3~4
Wizard Suit for Men 3 3
Wizard Suit for Women 3 3
Magic School Shoes 3 4
Mongo's Mage Cap 4 3
Broad-brimmed Feather Hat 4 3~4
Star Brooch Mage Cap 3 2
Mongo's Large Visor Mage Cap 3 3
Before I go on G3 Final, I'm getting the full Bone Marine set minus the helm, and a broad-brimmed feather hat. If I don't get put into deadly by the fireball, no knockback, and the 
stone immunity will make Stone Breath a vulnerability for Cromm.


  • Dexterity (Dex) adds a damage bonus to Ranged attacks, affects Balance and Wound rate, as well as the success rate of production skills.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +4 to maximum damage and +2 to minimum damage to ranged attacks.
    • The exact distribution is: +2.5 Dex adds +1 to maximum damage; +3.5 Dex adds +1 to minimum damage.
  • Every 4 Dex adds +1% to balance for melee, ranged, and magic attacks.
    • The exact formula is (Dex - 10) / 4, rounded down.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +1.0% to maximum wound rate and +0.5% to minimum wound rate.
  • Skills that add to Dexterity include: Every life skill except for Compose, Music Theory, Rest, and Campfire; Combat Mastery, Ranged Attack, Elf Ranged Attack, Magnum Shot, Arrow Revolver, Counterattack, Mirage Missile (Elf-only) and Support Shot
Just putting this here for my own use while I work at maxing my dex.

Will Eventually Have...

  • Scrupulous Imp Dustin's Silver Knight Armour (red finish, upgraded for max protection)
  • Guard Rigid Dragon Shield (upgraded for 15% magic PD)
  • Artless Archer Dustin's Gloves
  • Union Winds Dustin's Helmet
  • Union Winds Dustin's Boots
  • Wolf Hunter's Energetic Leather Longbow

Along with, for training purposes...

  • CP Drop:
    • Raccoon Cub Wizard Suit
    • Abysmal Round Shield
  • CP Bump:
    • Red Scar Longsword
    • Red Scar Longsword