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Liar Game Event

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The Liar Game Event Banner.
June 4th, 2014 - June 17th, 2014


Trust no one. There are villains in your midst... can you spot them? Identify which NPC is a dirty fibber and you'll leave the mafia's crime-ridden lair in style. Guess wrong and poor old Duncan could be sleeping with the fishes...

Event Dates:
Wednesday, June 4 - Tuesday, June 17 (2 weeks)

Event Details:

  • Speak to Avri in any major town any Erinn evening to play The Liar Game (6:00 PM - 6:00 AM).
    • The Liar Game can only be played once per day in real time.
  • Once inside the event area, identify which NPC is lying and report him or her to Genial.
Guess Reward
First Guess Marquez Pierce Suit
Second Guess Marquez Pierce Hat
Third Guess Marquez Pierce Shoes
Fourth Guess Marquez Pierce Gloves
Fifth Guess a random Gem*
Sixth Guess an assortment of Potions
Seventh Guess 5x Recovery Potions (30)

*Note: If you already have the Marquez Pierce costume set, you will receive a random gem instead of an additional costume piece.

The Liar Game is an offer you can't refuse. Play today and give those wiseguys what for.[1]


  • Login to receive the quest, Play the Liar Game!
  • Speak to Avri in any major town between 6:00pm and 6:00am Erinn Time to warp to The Liar Game! Shadow Mission.
    • In Dunbarton, he is located across the street from Nerys.
    • In Tir Chonaill, Avri is located under the large tree in the town square.
    • In Taillteann, Avri is located in front of the statue in the town square.
    • In Tara, Avri is located across from Hans.
    • In Emain Macha, Avri is located beside Nele.
    • In Bangor, Avri is located beside the Pub.
    • In Belvast, Avri is located north of the trading post.
  • The Liar Game can only be played once a day in real-time.
    • You are allowed to re-enter the mission, but you will not be allowed to begin the game.
  • Once inside the mission, you will arrive at the Room of Lies and receive a Liar Name Card.
    • You must have the Liar Name Card in your inventory to begin the game, otherwise you are prompted to leave.
  • Speak to Genial to begin the game.
    • 7 NPCs will appear: Shayla, Andras, Duncan, Padan, Edern, Walter, and Lucas.
    • You must identify which NPC is lying through the text in the chat box above their head.
    • You may speak to them to bring their dialogue into conversation.
  • Speak to Genial again to select the NPC that is lying.
    • If the selected NPC is not the liar, the selected NPC will be removed from the game and you will continue to choose.
    • If the selected NPC is the liar, you will receive the reward corresponding to the number of guesses it took.
  • Once you have found the liar, you will be transported out of the mission to Tir Chonaill.



Play the Liar Game!
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Liar Game Event.

Briefing The townspeople have gathered to play a game. Go find them!
  • Find Avri the mafioso in any town after 6 PM.
  • 10000 Experience Points


*If you already have any piece of the Marquez Pierce costume set, you will receive a random 5cm gem instead of an additional costume piece.
**If you destroyed a costume piece, you will get a new piece instead of the random gem.

First Guess

Second Guess

Third Guess

Fourth Guess

Fifth Guess

  • Gems

Sixth Guess

Seventh Guess

Liar Gift Box Rewards



Gem sizes are 7cm for diamonds and 8cm for the rest.


Nice Gift Box Rewards



Gem sizes are 5cm for diamonds and 6cm for the rest.


Gift Box Rewards


Gem sizes are 4cm for diamonds and 5cm for the rest.