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Moon Gate

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An open Moon Gate

Basic Information

Moon Gates are a warp device used to move around Uladh and Belvast. They allow for instant travel to any other gate that has "tagged", or visited, before.

  • To "tag" a gate and have it listed in your Moon Gate Map, simply click on it when it is open as if you were to use it.
  • Once tagged, you will always be able to return to that particular Moon Gate.
  • Only the Ceo Island Moon Gate will be already memorized, due to the fact that there is no other way to get to Ceo Island.
  • The Human Beginner Quest Visit Tara and return allows new players to visit any Moon Gate without the need to tag them.
  • It is possible to warp between Uladh and Belvast, and unlike Continent Warp there are no limitations to continental warping with Moon Gates.

The book, The Origin of Moon Gates, describes how said gates were formed. During the Second War of Mag Tuireadh, an evil wizard named Jabchiel cast a spell that caused large chunks of Ladeca called Moon Rocks to plummet towards Erinn, killing all life around where the shards landed. Fortunately, a great hero named Mores defeated Jabchiel. After the war, the Druids found that each of the Moon Rocks contained an immense amount of Mana, and came to the decision to create Moon Gates.

Each Moon Gate has two to four pillars stationed right next to it, depicting a moon and bearing Tara's emblem. What this symbolizes is currently unknown.

The Iria counterpart of the Moon Gates are Mana Tunnels.

Moon Gates cannot be used during Commerce.

There is a total of 41 Moon Gates in Uladh, 7 in Belvast, and 2 more in Ladeca for a grand total of 50 Moon Gates.





Moon Gate Selection Belvast.jpg


Ladeca Map.jpg


Moon Gates previously followed a preset schedule that repeated. The schedule changed a number of times: once in Generation 2, once in Generation 4, once in Generation 7, once in Generation 9, and once in Generation 10, the last two to accommodate new locations. For the Time Line go to Moongate Timetable.

As of the Generation 11 Update, the Moon Gates connected to Alby, Ciar, Dugald Aisle, Math, Rabbie, Fiodh, Gairech Hill, and Peaca were removed, leaving an empty spot in their place. However, as of the Generation 13 Update, the Old Ruin took the location of the previous Alby Moon Gate.

As of the Generation 16 Update, Moon Gates were adjusted to function similarly to Mana Tunnels, allowing the players to access any open tunnel by their free will rather than following a set schedule. However, this function was not included for pets.

As of the Starlet Update all Moon Gates are now permanently open regardless of the time of day (as opposed to 6:10 PM ~ 6:10 AM), and have been added to many more locations on Uladh in addition to Belvast. Some of the old Moon Gates that were removed in the Generation 11 Update were readded, though some are not in their original spot.


The moon gate on the moon