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For Field Raid: Spawn Time

In-Game Time Real-Time
1 Century 100 Weeks
52 Years 1 Year
1 Decade 10 Weeks
1 Year 1 Week
40 Days 1 Day
1 Day 36 Minutes
1 Hour 90 Seconds
10 Minutes 15 Seconds
40 Seconds 1 Second

Basic Information

Erinn's perception of time is vastly different than in real life, running at approximately forty times faster.

Times of In-Game Days

Real Time Erinn Time
12:00 Midnight
12:18 Noon
12:36 Midnight
12:54 Noon
1:12 Midnight
1:30 Noon
1:48 Midnight
2:06 Noon
2:24 Midnight
2:42 Noon
3:00 Midnight
3:18 Noon
3:36 Midnight
3:54 Noon
4:12 Midnight
4:30 Noon
4:48 Midnight
5:06 Noon
5:24 Midnight
5:42 Noon
6:00 Midnight
6:18 Noon
6:36 Midnight
6:54 Noon
7:12 Midnight
7:30 Noon
7:48 Midnight
8:06 Noon
8:24 Midnight
8:42 Noon
9:00 Midnight
9:18 Noon
9:36 Midnight
9:54 Noon
10:12 Midnight
10:30 Noon
10:48 Midnight
11:06 Noon
11:24 Midnight
11:42 Noon

This timetable is accurate for both AM and PM times, PST.

  • In-game daylight spans from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and in-game night spans from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM, each of which lasts 18 real minutes.
  • At 6:00 AM, Transformations which may be used once per in-game day will reset their timer. Using a transformation skill shortly before this time will result in it being used for the previous day, and allow you to use a transformation skill again right after it finishes.
  • At 12:00 AM, the colors of equipment sold in stores and the limited items sold by the Trade Assistant Imps will change.
    • If you have already opened the store window before 12:00 AM, you must close and reopen it.

Daily Effects

Each real day of the week directly affects certain attributes in-game and corresponds to the in-game month. Each month is named after different Celtic mythology festivals. See the list below for each of the effects. Erinn months change at 12:00am PDT100.

List of Effects

Real Day Erinn Month General Effect Specific Effects
Sunday Imbolic

First Day of Spring

Improved Music and Luck Increase in critical hit rate.
Increase in lucky finish.
Increase in lucky bonus.[1]
Increase in success rate for instrument playing.
Increase in success rate for magic music
Increase in taming rate using magic music.
Monday Alban Eiler

Spring (Vernal) Equinox

Improved Life Skills 3%-10% increase in success rate for production skills.
Increase in rank up bonus for life skills (110%).
Increase in quality (+3) of output for productions.
Tuesday Baltane
Summer Begins / May Day
Dungeon play and Combat Dungeon maps change even if the same item is dropped.
Increase in dungeon item drop rate.
Increase in rank-up bonus for Combat skills.
Wednesday Alban Heruin

Summer Solstice / Midsummer's Day

Drop rate and NPC price of items Increase in item drop rate from animals and nature.
Increase in rank-up bonus for complete mastery of a skill.
Decrease in prices (5%) for items in NPC shops.[2], including Remote Shop Coupons and money deposit for Exploration Quests.
Decrease in Bank transaction fees. (10% --> 7.5%)
Thursday Lughnasadh
Autumn Harvest
Improved Magic and Proficiency Enchant success rates are increased.
Increase in rank-up bonus for Magic skills.
Increase of proficiency gaining rate.
Friday Alban Elved

Autumnal Equinox / Autumn Begins

Improved Potion efficiency and Part-Time Jobs Decrease in penalties if knocked unconscious.
All potions become more potent. (Potion effect x 1.5 including toxicity).
Increase in rewards for completing part-time jobs. (10% increase in Points)
Saturday Samhain

First Day of Winter / Halloween

Growth and Food As you age and grow, you will obtain AP (takes effect after 12:00pm PDT100).
Food effects are increased. (2x weight, hunger; effects are long term)
You will be able to sketch monsters that move slightly.
The L-Rod's effect will increase over time (this means that the L-Rod's accuracy has increased).
Increase in success rates for Alchemy skills.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 This is not listed in-game, but it is a valid effect.
  2. The Gold Pouch, Big Gold Pouch and Ducat Items do not reduce in price in NPC shops.

Other Effects

  • Daily Quests and event quests reset daily at 7:00am PDT100 or 12:00am PDT100.
  • The Emain Macha Cooking Contest is held every Saturday at 1:00pm PDT100 and 8:00pm PDT100 on Channel 3 for one hour. All the things set up for the Cooking Contest will stay there for two real hours. During that time, NPCs moved to the Cooking Contest, will stay there and cannot be used for other things. (On other channels, the NPCs are stationed where they are usually).
  • Jousting preliminaries are held Monday through Saturday at 7:00pm PDT100 and sign ups will be ten minutes before it starts. Likewise, finals are held at the same time on Sunday on specified channels.
  • Fashion Contest preliminaries are held Monday through Saturday at 8:00pm PDT100 and sign ups will be ten minutes before it starts. Likewise, finals are held at the same time on Sunday on specified channels.
  • The Royal Castle Banquet is held on Saturday at 7:00pm PDT100.
  • On Wednesdays, Golden Mushrooms appear in Ulaid Forest and Karu Forest at in-game night.
  • Partners can only be paid on Saturdays.
  • Homestead maintenance fee is paid weekly at 12:00am PDT100.
  • Homestead resources refresh every day at 12:00am PDT100.
  • The Saga: Iria provides bonus rewards to certain episodes depending on the day of the week.
    • Monday: Episodes 1 & 2
    • Tuesday: Episodes 3 & 4
    • Wednesday: Episodes 5 & 6
    • Thursday: Episodes 7 & 8
    • Friday: Episodes 9 & 10
    • Saturday and Sunday: All 10 Episodes
  • The Seal Merchant sells his wares based on the day of the week.


The Clock window.
Clock displayed under 24 hour mode.
A view of the current and next weather conditions in the area.
An example of the alarm window.
Alarm(s) setup window.

Every five real minutes after logging in or change channels within the game, a tick occurs. At a tick, several effects occur that are listed below.


  • The in-game clock determines the Erinn time.
  • Enabling User 24-Hour Clock will change the clock time to display from 12 hour A.M./P.M. to all 24 hours.
  • Clocks can be displayed or hidden from view by clicking the Hide arrow at the bottom right of the UI and selecting "Clock" or pressing "O" (default key) on the keyboard.
  • On the left side of the clock displays the in-game weather. Clicking the button reveals a drop-down list for the next three weather forecasts and the at what time they will occur.


  • The player can set an alarm that makes a loud beeping noise when the time reaches a certain threshold.
  • Alarms are displayed under the player's clock.
  • Only a maximum of 5 alarms can be set.
  • To set up an alarm, click the the "Add Alarm" button under the clock.
    • Alarms can be set to Erinn Time or Real Life (PST) Time.
      • Real World Time appears as blue.
      • Erinn Time appears beige.
    • Alarms can be named.


  • All NPCs were born on Alban Eiler (Monday) when played as in Role-Playing Quests.
  • Lugh shares his name with the season Lughnasadh (Thursday). In the Irish Mythology, Lugh created that season to commemorate his foster-mother.
  • Mathematically, the world of Erinn must have 280 "days" in one year. One Earth year is equivalent to 52 Erinn years, plus one season on normal years, two seasons on leap years. Four Earth weeks short of two normal years is equivalent to one Erinn century.
  • Previously, items would lose durability each in-game tick. This was removed as a part of the Reflections Update.