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About Me

MowMooie is a Mooie Mow (dutch)

->check here to find out<-

I like to work on things that other people may like to know or see.

  • Create more info on stuff people would like to know

I'll take in game serves see if people understood the walkthrow or info, if they don't I'll check it myself, maybe fix it.

I'll make it idiot prof (nearly), Once you make it idiot prof, some makes a better idiot. So something's are never truly easy as people expect it to be.

I don't like when people take me seriously, because I nearly never am

Working On

Pic's Current-



Taking request post on Discussion

Always working on

NOTE-Not all computer have the same rasalution and some pic will show up dark or light deeping on some compters

List Pic that need to be updated

Official Mabinogi Sites

generation(G) and Season(S)
google translated
South Korea G12 S1 X
Japan G11 S1 X
Taiwan G11 S1 X
Mainland China G10 S2 X
North America & Oceania G8 SE X
Europe Closed Beta X

~credit to KaedeKit for links

Useful Links

google translated
Korean Wiki대문 X
Korean Mabinogi Gameabout X
Looks Cool, But I Can't Decipher It X
Taiwanese Wiki X
Taiwanese Site X
Chinese Wiki首页 X
Chinese Site X
Japanese Wiki X
Mabinogi Tools-CP Calculator, Weather Forecast, Monster Rankings X
pseudo Mabinogi Character Simulator X
Mabinogi Character Simulator 2 X
* 3ML Editor X
Mabimml - Music Scores Galore! English
Mabibook - Mabinogi Price Search X
Mabinogi Character Name Color Calculator X
Rua, Moongate, & Price Timer X

~credit to KaedeKit for links

Useful Guide's

google translated
Zyrus Enhanting guide Zyrus enhanting guide already english

Cp list