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Zombie Attack Event (Back to School 2011)

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September 8th 2011
September 15th 2011
September 22nd 2011
September 29th 2011


The Provisional Camp.

Thursday – Kinesiology 111 – Endurance Theory

Make sure you are well-rested for Thursday, because that's the day we'll be testing your endurance! Head to the Muyu desert to find a lone Provisional Camp – it is here that your resolve will be tested. When Palala sets, prepare yourself, because the undead onslaught is about to come! Defend the camp from the rushing zombies as well as you can, and keep them from reaching the center flag. If they manage to destroy the flag, your efforts will be for naught! Grades for Kinesiology 102 will be based on the number of times a school can successfully defend the Provisional Camp, so represent your school in this grueling competition![1]

Basic Information

  • The zombie attack begins at 6:00PM in-game time and ends at 6:00AM.
    • Most of the zombies will begin to spawn more and attack at midnight (12:00AM).
  • If the fort is destroyed, you will lose all your points, and the fort will be rebuilt at 10:00AM.
  • The camp is closest to the Kaypi Canyon Mana Tunnel.
  • Use melee attacks for Male Zombies, and magic or ranged attacks for Female Zombies.
    • Using the wrong type of attack will result in only 1 damage.
    • Attacks will not Knockback these zombies.
  • Kid Zombies blow up upon reaching the flag.
    • Kill the Kid Zombies first because of their fast speed. They are weak to melee attacks.
  • Volatile Zombies have Self-Destruct.
  • Save your transformations until the large waves of zombies at 12:00AM.
  • After midnight, the zombies begin to spawn in large groups so it's best to use AoE attacks such as Windmill, Ice Spear, Fireball, Thunder, Hail Storm, Classic Spirit Weapon Awakening, Stomp, Elven Magic Missile, Mirage Missile, Crash Shot, Magnum Shot (rank 5+), Smash (rank 5+), Lightning Bolt, Flame Burst, Summon Golem, Shock.
  • At 12:00am, the King Zombie will spawn near one of the three gates (North-East, North-West, South). It has a 100% drop rate of a Jiang Shi Hat when defeated, and it'll go to the person who inflicted the most damage on him.
  • If your team fails you can still try to get points on different channel that has yet to fail.
    • Points stay on the channel they are earned on even if you disconnect or change channels.
      • Example: Points earned on Channel 5 will not move to Channel 6 when you change channel. If you move back to Channel 5 the points you had previously earned on that channel will remain unless The Provisional Camp was reset.
  • You also will not receive the 100 points for surviving if you are not specifically at the fort when 6:00AM hits.
  • You must get at least one point in order to receive the 100 points for surviving.
    • Meaning, if you just sit there for the night and do absolutely nothing, even if the camp survives, you won't get 100 points.
  • This event is part of a chain of different events in the Back to School Event.


How to Get Quest

Log in during the Zombie Attack Event.

Briefing Help! The Provisional Camp in the desert is in danger. -Alexina-
  • 1000 Experience Points
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