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The blason of the Royal family of Tara.

The Kingdom of Aliech is the name of the main political power overseeing Uladh.

It includes most of Uladh, with the exception of Tir Chonaill, which has a special status, and other possibly uncharted areas such as Sliab Mis.

Its capital is Tara, from where the Royal Family rules over the continent. The ruling powers are passed down along a royal bloodline, regardless of gender.


The history of the Kingdom of Aliech is closely tied to the Rath Royal Castle. Generations of lords have ruled the kingdom, with some notable rulers mentioned by name:


While the Kingdom of Aliech rules over Uladh, several towns have their own powers on-site, with or without delegates of the royal crown. Most town offices are ruled by the Aliech Kingdom.[1]

  • Dunbarton has a Mayor, Fordyce.
  • Bangor delegates Edern as its Town Chieftain.
  • Taillteann has no Town office. Instead, the Royal guard is in charge through Andras.
  • Lezarro manages Tara's town affairs.
  • Emain Macha is ruled by a Lord, or Marquess. (Formerly ruled by Ruairi's Father)