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Guild Battle

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  • The Guild Battle takes place every Saturday at 8:00 PM PST.
  • You can register your guild for the battle by talking to Eavan and paying 900 GP and 100,000 Gold. It is a contest between various guilds to determine who is better at PvP and to obtain the "Winner of the Guild Battle" title.

Battle Mechanics

  • The Guild Battle pits one guild against another.
  • A "Point Man" is randomly assigned to each guild. This individual will have a flag above their head.
    • Blue for your guild and red for the opposing guild
    • Upon death of a point man a new one is randomly assigned.
  • When an individual dies, they are revived at a random location.
    • Upon revival HP is restored 55%, MP 5%, and SP 55%
      • If you had more of any stat, they will be reduced to those percentages. This is especially detrimental for mages.


  • The guild battle maintains both an individual Score from the players and an overall "Guild" score.
  • There are ' Point Men' marked on the map with a red flag that will give +50 points to your score, and all other players of enemy guilds will give +2 points to your score.
  • Points earned from individual scores are added to guild score. Guild score is decreased by 5 points every time a guild member dies.

The Window

  • Your screen shall be modified to fit the Guild Battle while you participate. It will list your Individual score, your guild's score, the top 3 guild's scores, and the top 3 individual scorer's scores.
  • This will obscure part of the screen and make it harder to see people sometimes. Use of the CTRL button is advised.

The Winner of The Guild Battle title

  • the Winner of the Guild Battle title is earned if your Guild wins the Guild Battle.