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Lorraine's Strange Dream Event

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Banner for the Lorraine's Strange Dream Event.
May 21st, 2014 ~ June 10th, 2014


Poor Lorraine can't sleep - every single night she's dreaming of innocent people in perilous circumstances. Mari, Ruairi...have you heard these names before? What can you do to help cure Lorraine's insomnia and unravel this mystery? [1]

Event Dates: Wednesday, May 21 - Tuesday, June 10 (3 weeks)

Event Details:

  • Speak to Lorraine in Dunbarton for a Daily Quest concerning the strange dreams she's been having.
  • Progress through all six dream event missions (Mari, Tarlach, Ruairi, Jenna, Cai, and Marlow).
    • Completing each dream will earn you Gold or EXP.

Event Rewards:

  • 5 AP
  • Skill Training Seal (10)
  • Strange Dreamer Title (given only once)


  • Log in during the event period to receive the quest Lorraine's Strange Dreams.
    • The event quest will reset at
      7:00am PST
  • During the event, talk to Lorraine, who is located in Dunbarton near Lorna, to participate in the event.
    • All characters created for one account may participate in the event.
  • Each mission is a role play mission. You will role play as Mari, Tarlach, Ruairi, Jenna, Cai, and Marlowe in each mission.
    • You will be accompanied by an NPC resembling your own character and race.
      • The NPC has very high defense but very low attack so it will only deal and take 1 damage. Magic and Alchemy seems to be an exception to this.
  • The goal of each mission is to defeat waves of enemies and the boss.

Role Play Details


  • All dream sequences are treated as Shadow Missions.
    • There is no Time Limit.
  • All NPCs you role play share the following items in their inventory:
  • The NPC that accompanies you will warp to your location if you are too far away from them.
  • The mission will not fail should the NPC that resembles you get knocked unconscious.
  • If at any point you become knocked unconscious, you may not revive.
    • You can retry the mission if this happens.
  • You must manually leave the mission if you succeed or fail.
  • There will be a considerable amount of text said by your player during the beginning of each mission, which may hinder your ability to see your skills, particularly with Mari's and Jenna's missions. You can turn off chat with Ctrl + N

Strange Dream Dungeon 1 (Mari RP)

  • This Shadow Mission takes place in Alby Dungeon's Boss Room.
  • The NPC accompanying you is equipped with Weeding Hoe and Pickaxe.
  • This version of Mari does not possess Arrow Revolver.
  • There are 4 switches in the room.
  • Refrain from using Ranged Attack when attacking the Golem.
  • Defeating the Boss will clear the mission.

Strange Dream Dungeon 2 (Tarlach RP)

  • This Shadow Mission takes place in Barri Dungeon's Boss Room.
  • The NPC accompanying you is equipped with War Sword and Round Shield.
  • There are 4 switches in the room.
    • Switches may spawn Imps.
    • 1 Switch holds the boss, 5x Ogre Warriors.
    • Hitting the boss switch does not despawn the other mobs.
  • Firebolt does well to hold back the Ogre Warriors.
    • Let the NPC draw their aggro, then use a 5-Charge Firebolt to deal at large amount of damage to an ogre. Charge Firebolt and fire it at the orge you attacked.
  • Defeating the Boss will clear the mission.

Strange Dream Dungeon 3 (Ruairi RP)

  • This Shadow Mission takes place in Baol Dungeon's Boss Room.
  • The NPC accompanying you is equipped with Trinity Staff.
    • The NPC can cast Thunder or Ice Spear without the need of wands or elemental charging for the staff.
  • The spawn pattern for this dream is: 4x Light Gargoyles → 4x Heavy GargoylesGlas Ghaibhleann
    • All monsters spawn partially wounded, between 5 to 7~%.
    • The monsters can easily kill you with the injury rate that they deal to you, if you are not careful.
  • Ruairi's Smash skill is generally sufficient to kill the enemies in one usage; use it repeatedly for an easier time.
    • Smashing a monster just after the NPC's Ice Spear animation for that monster completes is very effective.
  • Glas Ghaibhleann summons Light Gargoyles, which drops Seal Scrolls and Firewood.
    • However, you can not make a Campfire in the area in order to utilize the Seal Scrolls.
    • The mission clears once Glas Ghaibhleann is defeated. Rushing to it and repeatedly Smashing it before it can recover can allow a quick enough victory such that defeating the Gargoyles is unnecessary.

Strange Dream Dungeon 4 (Jenna RP)

  • This Shadow Mission takes place in Shadow Taillteann.
  • The NPC accompanying you is equipped with Volcano Cylinder.
    • Warning: The NPC can cause splash damage to certain players with their Alchemy. The cause of this is unknown.
  • Four Orbs are located on the mini-map.
  • Difficulty is comparable to Basic Difficulty.
  • Each switch comprises of various Shadow Warriors, Shadow Alchemists, Shadow Lancers, and Shadow Archers.
    • The lancers and archers tend to deal very little damage, with the warriors being a bit more dangerous, and the alchemists being the most major threat.
      • For this reason, it is advised to take out the Alchemists first.
  • You may want to heal the NPC with Jenna's Healing skill between orbs.
  • Claimh Solas is in his basic form.
    • If the NPC approaches Claimh Solas, the boss will generally spam its AoE slam attack. If you stand back and use Magnum Shot, you can avoid taking damage.

Strange Dream Dungeon 5 (Cai RP)

  • This Shadow Mission takes place in Shadow Tara Rath's Hanging Garden.
  • The NPC accompanying you is equipped with Hobnail Knuckle.
    • The NPC ignores all Fighter chain skill requirements.
  • Warning: Using the Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 min) can cause displacement in the Uroboros's attacks, allowing the Urobori to damage you regardless of position.
  • The spawn pattern for this dream is: 3x Python Soldiers + 3x Python Shamans → 3x Python Soldiers + 3x Python Shamans → 4x Uroboros
    • Uroboros's Body HP is higher than its head HP.
      • 2 to 3 Water Cannons at a single charge is efficient for quick damage.
    • Uroboros's Body can be easily be taken down while Auto Attacking with Bare Hands.
  • Life Drain drains HP straight from the head of the Uroboros.
    • Having Low HP will be beneficial to increase the amount of HP drained.
    • The Knockback Damage will hurt the Body.
    • Life Drain on the Uroboros will restore much less HP to Cai than expected of Rank 4 Life Drain, between 18 and 30 HP.
      • This is extremely advantageous as it allows repeated use of Life Drain without taking much damage.
      • Try to stay around 50 HP for the duration of the battle. Doing so will allow you to defeat an Uroboros in only two Life Drains and to withstand a couple of stray hits if needed.
  • It is effective to run back and forth to attack two Uroboros at a time:
    • One should be defeated through taking down Uroboros's body, then using Smash once or twice to finish it off.
    • The other should only be attacked through Life Drain, since although Uroboros's body will be intact, draining the head to 0 HP will still defeat it.

Strange Dream Dungeon 6 (Marlowe RP)


How to Get Quest

Log in during the Lorraine's Strange Dreams

Briefing I've been having strange dreams every day. What's happening to me? Please, I need your help.
  • Watch the 1st Dream (40,000 EXP).
  • Watch the 2nd Dream (20,000 Gold).
  • Watch the 3rd Dream (160,000 EXP)
  • Watch the 4th Dream (30,000 Gold).
  • Watch the 5th Dream (320,000 EXP).
  • Watch the 6th Dream (40,000 Gold).