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Rua's Sidequest

If you speak to Rua at the Emain Macha pub, Bean Rua, you can begin a fetch sidequest by talking to her by selecting "Gift" and then choosing "Fancy Clothing" (last option on the right). Keywords are given for each individual item, and are removed after giving her that item.

  • You may only gift her one item per shift. In other words, you cannot show up at when she appears and give her one gift, then give her another gift after midnight.
  • The rewards for finishing her quest are free access to her house, with the ability to speak to her NPC whenever she's not in the bar but without access to horoscope and counseling, a dress you can give to Nao to wear and the Clothes given by Rua Keyword which provides the option for Nao to wear it, and the Journal Achievement Complete! Rua's Gift Quest. When Rua gives the dress to the player, she incorrectly states that the player can wear the dress.
  • Most items can be purchased from NPCs, the only exception being the Apple. The total cost of the sidequest, if all necessary materials are purchased from NPCs, is 545,950 to 550,800 gold (depending on which NPCs items are purchased from).
    • On Wednesdays, NPCs have a 5% Shop discount, including the daily 10% shop discount for Elf-allied Humans or Giant-allied Humans, this can be taken advantage of with a total of 15% discount.
    • Many of these items can be dropped from monsters in Shadow Missions or also bought from other players cheap, to save money as well.
  • An additional 1,000 gold is needed for a Ticket to Bean Rua to enter the pub; since there are 21 items total, 21,000 gold is needed. An alternative way to bypass the ticket usage is to use a Warp Imp.
  • Rua does not accept Fomorian Weapons. For example, a Fomor Dagger would not be able to replace a Normal Dagger.
  • Rua does not accept items which have been made personal by application of an enchant.

Quest Item List

# Item Found Cost (gold)
1 Apple Goblins, Raccoons, Fishing, or apple trees 0
2 Chocolate Glenis, or Cooking (Mixing) 100
3 The Story of a White Doe Arzhela 200
4 Gateau Au Chocolat Fraser 1,050
5 Red Sunrise Cooking (Mixing), Wanst, Barry 2,880 - 3,200
6 Dagger Blacksmithing, Ferghus, Nerys, Elen, Meles, Taunes 1,350 - 1,500
7 Ella's Strap Boots Simon, Effie 36,000
8 Belt Buckle Boots Simon (Shop or gift rubies), Effie 12,000
9 Short Sword Blacksmithing, Ferghus, Elen, Osla, Nicca, Meles, Taunes 1,800 - 2,000
10 Blue Rose Bouquet Delen (Wednesdays Only) 43,000
11 Longsword Blacksmithing, Nerys, Elen, Osla, Nicca, Meles, Taunes 2,700 - 3,000
12 Guardian Gloves Simon, Effie, Lepus, Tailoring 8,200
13 Bastard Sword Blacksmithing, Elen, Nerys 5,400 - 6,000
14 Fluted Gauntlet Nerys, Elen, Osla 30,500 - 32,000
15 Standard Gloves Nerys, Simon, Elen, Effie, Nicca 9,400 - 9,800
16 Round Shield Blacksmithing, Fishing, Ferghus, Nerys, Elen, Osla, Nicca 11,300 - 12,000
17 Cloth Mail Ferghus, Elen, Tailoring 50,000 - 51,000
18 Crossbow Nerys, Osla, Meles 9,250
19 Wave-print Side-slit Tunic Malcolm, Fishing 76,000
20 Belted Casual Wear Simon, Lepus 11,000
21 Brigandine Osla 243,000
Total Cost 545,950 - 550,800