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Script - Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess

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For the script prior to the Masterpiece update, see Script - Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess/2022 Archive.
For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess.
For a summary, see Mabinogi Storyline Recap#Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess.
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In the distance, you see a winged woman standing in the middle of some kind of altar.

> On-Screen Text: Can you hear me...?

> On-Screen Text: Ahh...

> On-Screen Text: You can hear my voice...

> On-Screen Text: I know it will be difficult...

> On-Screen Text: Come to this world.

> On-Screen Text: Tir Na Nog is...

> On-Screen Text: about to be destroyed...

(You hear thunder, as the vision fades. You then receive an Owl from Duncan.)

The Snowy Hills of Sidhe Sneachta

You will find the road to Sidhe Sneachta on the way to Alby Dungeon, north of town. An earring was lost while making a snowman. Can you look for it? - Duncan

Oh, you're here. Let's see... Yes, these are the earrings! Thank you.
There's always so much snow in Sidhe Sneachta, I'm sure they were very hard to find.
This was actually a request for someone else. They lost them while building a snowman, and asked if I could find them.

Generation 01 - Sidhe Sneachta MP.png
They saw a strange structure on the way to Sidhe Sneachta, and it made them want to build a snowman...
I hear that structure is connected to another location through magic...
There are so many rumours about that place... They say a Druid who was unable to bear the grief of losing his family transformed into a bear and took up residence there.

Generation 01 - Blue Herb.png
That bear apparently collects herbs... If you ever meet it, you should give it some Mana Herbs.
You can usually find Mana Herbs in dungeons, but if you're too timid for that, you can just buy them. Medicinal herbs used to create artificial mana grow in places where there's no moonlight. Isn't nature mysterious?
I actually have some extra Mana Herbs, so why don't you take these?

Give the Mana Herb to the Bear

If you go to the field north of Sidhe Sneachta, you'll find an unusually-shaped altar. I hear there's a big bear gathering Mana Herbs there. Why don't you go and give it some Mana Herbs as a gift? - Duncan

(Your curiosity piqued, you head over to Sidhe Sneachta again and effectively meet a bear there.)

The enormous bear gazes at you with bright eyes. It sniffs the air and looks around, as if searching for something. Its breath comes in steamy puffs, and it claws the ground from time to time.

(You give it the Mana Herbs you received from Duncan.)

.... Grrrrr...

(The bear appears to be writing something in the snow...)

(....T... a...)

(Tar... la... ch...)

(Having written 'Tarlach' in the snow, the bear turns and looks at you.)


(It sounds like someone's name.)

.... Grrrrr...

(You leave the bear be, and return to Duncan for information.)

Talk to Duncan

Ask Duncan about this Tarlach.

(You tell Chief Duncan about the bear you met in Sidhe Sneachta.)

Tar...lach? Did you say Tarlach? As in, one of the three vanished warriors?

(Duncan looks shocked.)

How strange... Why would a bear write such a thing? Hmm...

Generation 01 - Missing Warriors.png
You know, a long time ago, some people rescued the dark-winged goddess and actually went to that place to bring Tir Na Nog upon this land.
Yes, Tir Na Nog...
But... none of them ever returned. Ever since, we've considered them the lost warriors. Tarlach was one of them... It's been a while since we lost touch with them...
But this is all so strange. Why did that bear write something like that?

The Three Missing Warriors

The three missing warriors... I think Stewart from the Dunbarton Magic School should be able to tell you more. Why don't you go talk to him?

(You head to the Dunbarton School for more information about the missing warriors.)

Three missing Warriors? The ones said to have been to Tir Na Nog?
I see... There was a time when scholars vigorously debated the legitimacy of that legend.
From what I recall, the stories that they'd been to Tir Na Nog circulated via word of mouth, but there were no written accounts of the land itself, or how they got there. In the end, it was dismissed as a mere rumor.
Thus, Tir Na Nog remains firmly in the realm of myths to this very day.
...Speaking personally, however, I beleive in the legend of the three Warriors. Haha... I'm well aware of the line between fact and fiction, though.

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Locket 01.png
Here, I think this may prove helpful. It's a locket-- you know, one of those pendants that you can put a small picture in.

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Locket 02.png
Now, don't be surprised, but despite its humble appearance, it once belonged to Tarlach, a mighty wizard and one of the three missing Warriors.
Indeed, the boy you see depicted in the portrait is Tarlach himself, in his younger days. The pretty girl next to him is likely his older sister, judging from their relative ages.
But that's not the only noteworthy thing about the locket. It's also a Memory Cipher-- a sort of enchanted artifact that allows one to experience scenes from its former owner's past.
Tarlach's lifelong goal was to rescue the Goddess who holds the secrets regarding the advent of Tir Na Nog... His desires and memories still dwell in this locket.
Try placing this on the altar to the Goddess inside the Alby Dungeon.
Place what I gave you on the altar in the Alby Dungeon. I hope you make a safe return once you've viewed the memory.

(You head to Alby Dungeon, and place down the locket.)

> On-Screen Text: You are entering Tarlach's memory using the memorial item.

(You are only able to watch as the memory unfolds before you: Three people, standing before the Altar. The red-haired man speaks to the girl among them.)

Your school sends students to dungeons for... classwork? What kind of teacher would send a little girl alone into a dungeon?

Hey! Don't talk about Mr. Ranald that way! You just don't understand how great he is!

I guess for some girls, it's impossible to find fault with a handsome male instructor, huh?

Perhaps he's hoping to teach his students how to find trustworthy companions for expeditions into dangerous locations...?

It's okay. Everyone from Tir Chonaill is strong-- boys and girls, old people and young people.

Haha! Meeting you, I can believe it! Are you ready to go?

(The trio advance into Alby's caves. They encounter monsters and spiders on the way, but defeat them and keep advancing. After a while, they take a short rest near a campfire.)

There are so many spiders here... and they're big, too!

Eh, they're not THAT big. The one at the end is way bigger.


That's strange, I wonder if it has anything to do with how the wild animals have grown more violent lately...

You've got a point. The path here was crawling with wolves.

Huh? I thought it was always like that.

When I last visited a couple years ago, this was just a quiet little village in the countryside. Are you really from around here?

Hmph! Of course I'm from Tir Chonaill! I just... don't remember it clearly.

Oh, right. I forgot what you'd said about losing your memory.

It's probable your memories have been sealed by a Druid's spell or somesuch. My master was able to do such things. If that's the cae, I doubt it was done with evil intent, so don't worry too much about it for now.

Wow... You're such a considerate guy, Tarlach! Much better than dumb ol' Ruairi!

Who are you callin' dumb?!

*sigh* There are times when I wish I could erase MY memory.

You mean your sister who got killed by the Fomors?

Ruairi! Do you not have even an ounce of sensitivity?

It's okay, Mari. That IS the truth, after all. And that's the reason I'm searching for Tir Na Nog with Ruairi.

Don't you worry. I'm gonna get strong enough to take on ALL the Fomors!


*sigh* Ruairi, I don't think you could be more of a simpleton if you TRIED.

(Tarlach stands up.)

Haha... Enough of that. Let's be off.


(The Trio reach the end of the dungeon, where, as Mari said, a giant red spider dwells. Ruairi deals the final blow.)

Ruairi... I think we need to investigate this place. There are no spiders of such a size in Erinn-- it could only be Fomorian.

Don't you usually find them in dungeons, though?

They've certainly been increasing in number. Do you think it's related to the situation with the goddess?

Wait, what goddess?

A beautiful goddess appeared to me in my dreams last night, and she told me something bad was going down.

That sounds way too much like the start to some lewd fantasy...

Ruairi. Tell me more about what you saw in your dream.

Umm... So, everything was dark, but then I saw this goddess with dark wings. She beckoned me to come to her, saying the world faced a time of peril.

A goddess with black wings? Bidding you to come to Tir Na Nog...?

Tarlach, do you know what he's talking about?

What we call 'dungeons, are actually part of a larger system put in place to shield Erinn from the world of the Fomors. Their maze-like labyrinths supposedly shift and change through the will of the goddess in Tir Na Nog.
But if more Fomors are appearing in Erinn, as seems to be the case now, that would suggest the goddess's power is struggling to keep them contained.
Which is to say, Ruairi's dream may truly have been a message from the goddess.

So you're saying I'm some kind of 'chosen one'? Guess that's even more of a reason to go.

I'll go with you. Perhaps the goddess can even restore my missing memories.

(The memory ends here.)

Are you talking about the goddess Morrighan...? If you want to know more about the deities of Erinn, you should speak with Father Meven.

The Story of the Goddess

You're curious about the Goddess? Come find me at the Tir Chonaill Church. - Meven

(You head to the church and meet Meven, its priest.)

Morrighan...? You speak of the black winged goddess who presides over war and vengeance, yes? If so, take a look at this book when you have time. It should prove helpful.
Ah, don't worry. I'm just giving it to you.
By the way, you came to know of the goddess Morrighan when you used a memory cipher from someone named Tarlach, correct?
...I suppose I probably ought to tell you.
Tarlach is the sole survivor of the three missing warriors. Most people believe him to be long dead, however.
Of course, he's very much alive.
If you'd like to speak with him yourself, head to Sidhe Sneachta after nightfall.

(After taking a look at the book you received, The Goddess Who Turned into Stone, you follow Meven's instructions, and wait for night to come to head over to the Northern fields of Sidhe Sneachta. Except this time, instead of a bear, you find a man.)

It would seem Father Meven told you where to find me.
Haha... Sorry if I surprised you. So, what do you think of Sidhe Sneachta after sundown? As you may have guessed, the bear you met before was me in my other form. Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to thank you for the Mana Herbs you gave me.
I have to maintain a steady diet of Mana Herbs during the day, but my human body has a rather unpleasant reaction to them, so I eat them while I'm a bear.
Anyway, there must be a reason you sought me out. Did you happen to dream about the goddess as well? Did she bid you to journey to Tir Na Nog and rescue her?
If so, I imagine you must be here to ask me about how one can even get to Tir Na Nog...
To be perfectly frank, I suggest you give up. Tir Na Nog is not a place for the living to tread.
Trust me on this.
Only one who doesn't know what Tir Na Nog is like would hope to go there. But if your determination remains undimmed, there's a book I'd like you to read first: 'The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.' You should be able to find it in Dunbarton's bookstore.
I hope reading it is enough to sate your curiosity.
If would also be convenient if you simply forgot that I'm here. But if you do remember, don't tell anyone else, at the very least.

(You head to Dunbarton's bookstore.)

"The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog?"
Oh, no... That book... wasn't very popular, so I returned all of them. Say... Where did you hear about that book?
Let's see... If I order it from the publisher... It'll take about 2 hours in Erinn time. Can you wait? If that's okay with you, I'll order it now. Why don't you come back a little later?

The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog

Go to Aeira at the Dunbarton Bookstore and read about Tir Na Nog. I think that should be good enough to satisfy your curiosity... - Tarlach

Good to see you, (Characer Name). You'll be glad to hear that the book you ordered is here! Since you've been so patient, I'll let you have this one as a freebie. But be sure to come back soon and buy a lot!

(You read the contents of The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.)


Investigate the "paradise" that you read about in The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.

(You take the book to Tarlach in Sidhe Sneachta.)

So you're saying you read the book... and you still want to venture to Tir Na Nog? Good grief...
Honestly, I'd hoped you'd give up on the idea after the book has sated your curiosity, but I suppose there's no quelling the fire that burns within the heart of an adventurer.
Very well. First and foremost, you need to understand that what was written in that book is a fairy tale. The real Tir Na Nog is no paradise, of that I can assure you.
In reality, Tir Na Nog is the land of the Fomors. The goddess may be there, but her feigned innocence does little but lure innocent adventurers like you to their doom.

Generation 01 - Brown Pass.png
...You don't believe me, do you? You will. What I just gave you is a pass the Fomors use to avoid the goddess's barriers when traversing dungeons.
Go to Bangor and offer it up on the altar in the Barri Dungeon and you'll see for yourself what I mean. I'll give you a Red Wings of a Goddess, too, so use it if you want to speed your way there. You can go alone, but I'd say it never hurts to adventure with a friend or two.
But at the risk of repeating myself... don't even think of going to Tir Na Nog. Put the idea as far from your mind as you can.
If you listen to anything I've told you, heed that advice, at least.

(You head to the Bangor mines, and offer the pass Tarlach gave you on the altar. Deep in the dungeon, you stumble upon a black wizard.)

Black Wizard
Fools... This place is forbidden to your kind. How dare you disturb the honored bearer of the Fomor Medal! I see you would defy even the goddess's command.
Those who revel against the gods' will without understanding it are not even fit to crawl upon the earth. I shall erase you from the world so thoroughly that none will remember you.
It is by the will of the goddess Morrighan that I have come, and in her name, I bestow a curse upon all living beings!

(You defeat the wizard, and obtain a Fomor Medal.)

Fomor Medal

You're curious about the Fomor Medal? Come speak to me, the priest of Bangor. I'll tell you more. - Comgan

A Fomor Medal? Never heard of something like that. Mind if I take a look?

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Front.png
Huh... This is actually a priest's medallion.
You usually see things like this on men and women of the clergy, since it represents the foundations upon which our world was made.
My guess is, some priest dropped it and a Fomor found it. I've still got mine, actually, but have you tried asking around with some other members of the church?

(You head over to the Dunbarton, the closest town, and seek its priest, Kristell.)

I'm Kristell, a priestess here. It's a pleasure to meet you.
What you have there is a priest's medal. If you look on the back, you should see an inscription with a date and the owner's name.
Wait, you say you found this in the possession of a Fomor? That's impossible...

(Kristell inspects the back of the medal.)

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Back.png
I-It's nothing. I just remembered something I needed to tend to. Please, excuse me.

(With a lack of answers, you head back to Tir Chonaill and seek Meven.)

A Fomor Medal, you say? Might I have a look?

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Front.png
It appears to be a Priest's medallion though...
...Hmmmmm. You're saying it came from a Fomor, though? It's hard to believe.
...Wait. The texture and the weight... they're ever-so-slightly different from those of the medals bestowed by the Pontiff's Court.

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Back.png
There's something inscribed on the back too... though I can't make out what it says. The lettering certainly does look quite Fomorian...
I don't think there's a human around who could read this. A Fomor might be able... if you can find one. Ranald might be able to point you in the right direction.

The One Who Speaks Fomor

I hear you're looking for someone who knows Fomor. Come by and see me. - Ranald

I heard form Father Meven that you've expressed an interest in the Fomorian language. Did you know that there is an arena in the Alby Dungeon for those who wish to test their skills?
I'll give you some coins that you can use to enter the arena. Place one upon the altar to be taken there. When you arrive, speak with the manager.

(You meet with the manager of the Alby Arena, Goro, who is in fact a goblin.)

Greetings, dapper gentleman. I am Goro. Ah-- there is no need for alarm, I mean you no harm.

Generation 01 - Fomor Medal Back.png
This is a Priest's talisman... or is it? Kekeke... What you have there is a talisman held by high-ranking Fomors. Now, let's see the inscription... Ah, there it is. The markings read, 'Dul Brau Dairam Shadnon.' There can be no doubt-- it IS Fomorian language.
Speaking of which, it's been a while since I've seen the Fomorian script.
I learned the Human language when I was young, so I have forgotten some words in my native tongue, but I, Goro, am still smart enough to read it without any difficulty.
You are a brave one, to find and carry something like this, I respect that. And, since I'm such a nice goblin, I'll even share with you the meaning of the inscription.
Those words, 'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon,' mean 'Goddess, lend me the moonlight.'

(You report your findings to Tarlach.)

...So let me get this straight. Goro told you 'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon' means 'Goddess, lend me the moonlight'?
I mean... I wouldn't say it's entirely wrong, but it's certainly a... different interpretation than I'm familiar with.
I am able to remain in my human form at night because the moonlight from Eweca provides the mana I need.
I would render the phrase 'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon' as 'O goddess, grant me thy power.'
And that translation came straight from the lips of a Fomor wearing one of these medallions, so I have no doubts it's accurate.
Anyway, you know the truth: the Fomors are venturing into Erinn, aided by the power of the goddess herself.
I cannot forgive Morrighan for aiding and abetting the Fomor invasion.

(You head back to the arena to seek answers from Goro.)

Uhh... It means... THAT? Wow.
Just what I would expect of one who came bearing a Fomorian medal. But I hope you'll be understanding-- my native Fomorian is kind of rusty, since I grew up in the human world, kekeke.
Hrm... Let me make up for this embarassment by introducing you to someone who CAN translate the Fomorian language well.
...Sorry, I forgot who it was.
...A-ack! P-please don't yell at me!
I, Goro, do remember at least something! I have heard before that among the Black Roses-- those you humans call succubi...
...There was one who turned her back on her sisters, who now lives in Dunbarton. They say if they ever see her again, they'll plague her 'till the end of her days. Though... I never tried to find her myself. It may just be a rumor, kekeke...
Succubi are Fomors too, so that succubus can surely speak the Fomorian language and will know more about the Fomors, yes? She may not be easy to find, if she doesn't want to be found. Ha... haha...

Dul Brau Dairam Shanon

I hear a traitor succubus is living in Dunbarton. I'm sure she's well-versed in the language of the Fomor. - Goro

(With the clues Tarlach and Goro gave you, you remember someone who had a strange reaction to the book of revenge's fomorian script earlier: Kristell.)

So... how did you interpret it? You think it means the goddess is sending Fomors here? Where did you hear THAT from...? Wait, a mage...? No... a druid, then?
A man named... Tarlach?
Ah... I see. So Tarlach is still alive after all.

(Kristell closes her eyes and smiles.)

'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon' ... In truth, I was the one who shared the meaning of those words with Tarlach.
Indeed... I was originally a Gordisse-- or as you might call us, a Fomor.
I don't look like any Fomor you've seen, do I? That's because I was able to receive the blessings of the gods and become human.
...But I've been speaking too much of myself. My apologies.
It's true that the inscription on that medal speaks of seeking Morrighan's power.
However, it's not the goddess who has been sending the Fomors. I believe Tarlach misunderstood that part. In fact, I would stake my honor as a priestess on that point. The goddess has always been watching over mankind, even as a statue.
That's merely an amulet for Fomors. There's no deeper meaning behind those words, really.
Now... can you tell me where Tarlach is?
...Or do you not trust me? Is it because I told you I was once a Fomor?
I see... Then at least take this.

Generation 01 - Tarlach's Glasses Pouch.png
These glasses are the only item I've ever received from Tarlach. His memories are sealed within.
Go to the Rabbie Dungeon alone and offer them up on the altar there. Then, I'm sure you'll understand. Here... I'll give you a Red Wings of a Goddess to help speed your journey.

(You received Tarlach's Glasses Pouch from Kristell.)

(You offer the memory cipher on Rabbie Dungeon's altar, and are projected into Tarlach's memory. He stands alone at the statue of the goddess, muttering to himself.)

If my hypothesis is correct, each dungeon may have a different entrance and environs, but most share a similar underlying construction in their subterranean chambers.
Based on my assessment of their magical energies, the Goddess Statues were not built primarily for convenience of transport for those who place items upon their altars.
Their true purpose is something more akin to a 'seal,' blocking off certain areas of the dungeon so that adventurers cannot go there.
My guess is that the places the goddess has sealed off may well hold the secret of reaching Tir Na Nog. If the key is to be found anywhere, it's there.
The Fomors must be showing up to find the way to Tir Na Nog as well. If we don't hurry, the goddess's wish may never be fulfilled. The fact that the goddess herself sealed it away proves it's dangerous. ...We'll need to tread with caution.

(Tarlach kneels at the statue, sending a prayer.)

Oh goddess, hear my plea. I seek to venture to those places you have sealed. Grant me your blessing in the task before me.

Steady these trembling hands as I examine your statue, and grant me the wisdom to discover the destination.
Grant me entrance to the place beyond the seal, that I may find honor in rescuing you. Watch over Mari and Ruairi as they accompany me, and may your blessings protect us all.

(Tarlach makes his way around the labyrinthine dungeon, until he reaches the end of the path. When he enters, a pink-haired fomor is singing a song.)

> On-Screen Text: La la... La la... When we meet again, come not with a sword but in peace.

> On-Screen Text: It breaks my heart when I see our faces shining clearly in the light of your blade as here we stand, so far apart.

> On-Screen Text: La la la la... One starry night, t'was no surprise when as I dreamt of you, to my chambers you came and embraced me there.

> On-Screen Text: Deep in my heart, seeds of love you planted have blossomed there. For me, you're the only one...

> On-Screen Text: La la... La la... Promise ever to be true. In your gaze let me bury my fears, and all my tears.

> On-Screen Text: You're the one my soul has longed for, unto you I gladly offer the delights of the Black Rose... Just for you...

(The song finished, the fomor walks up and meets with Tarlach.)

...Were you listening? I wrote this song just for you.

I know well of your beauty, and of your wisdom, but I have no ear for a song written to seduce a human. Please, just leave me be.

...Is that so? Because this is the fifth time you've come here.
If you didn't come to see me like the other adventurers, then... what is it you're looking for?

I'm seeking the path to Tir Na Nog. I'm certain a true passage leading there exists, but it's hidden somewhere within this vast labyrinth.

You really are a strange one. Still... I AM a Fomor, so I can't simply let you go, no matter your reasons. I may lose again, but even if I do, I'll challenge you anew as many times as it takes.

A challenge? Isn't that something adventurers do? But... *sigh* If that's what you want, I suppose there's no sense avoiding it.

This will be the last time. You may have come out on top all those other times, but this time, victory will be mine. But...

...But what?

If I win, please... let me love you.

Look... I know your intentions aren't malicious, but.. I've chosen to follow the path of the druid, so.. I can't.

Even so... I'm going to give it my all.


(Tarlach defeats the succubus. Unable to stand back up, she remains on the floor.)

May I pass now?


I'm sorry. Just as your blade has no intent to kill behind it, neither do I harbor any desire to harm you.

But I really wanted to win. That was the only way you might have accepted my heart...

Love isn't about getting someone to submit to you.

Isn't it? Doesn't every man hope to make women submit to his desire?

The men who came upon you here may have tried to earn your love by besting you in combat, but you shouldn't assume that's what real love is.


A-anyway, I need to go.

(The memory ends here. You return to Kristell.)

You've returned, then. So... are you willing to trust me now?
It's not my intention to hurt Tarlach. I just want to know how he's doing.
You still seem reluctant... In that case, I have a favor I'd like to ask you.
Can you at least tell Tarlach how I'm doing? Tell him I'd really like to see him... and that I have something I want to tell him...
I hope you understand how hard it is for a lady to be this forthright... especially for me, given my past.
So... please, would you do at least this for me?

(You deliver Kristell's message to Tarlach.)

Kristell is in Dunbarton...? And you say she wants to see me again... and asked you to tell her where I am...?
...I am afraid I cannot reciprocate her feelings. However... I believe she may be able to translate this book.

(Tarlach produces an old-looking book.)

Do you think you could ask her... on my behalf?
It is the last favor I will ask of her: to translate what is written herein.

Request to have the Fomor book translated.

Although I've had this book for a long time, I can't read a single line. Please ask Kristell to translate it. - Tarlach

Tarlach asked me to... translate this book for him?
I see... Yes, I can tell that this is his book. Is he still living his life as a Druid, even burdened with the injuries he has? That's so sad...
Still... I can at least do what he requested. Give me about 3 hours, in Erinn time. I should be able to have it translated by then.
You'll hear from me again when the work is complete.

Fomor Book Translated

I finished translating the Fomor book. Come by and I'll give you a copy. - Kristell

...Welcome, (Character Name). Tarlach... isn't with you, is he?
...I see. In truth, I'm not surprised. He's always been like that. He doesn't let anyone into his life.
He said he couldn't accept me because he'd chosen the life of a Druid...
Am I nothing more to him than a handy tool that can speak Fomorian...?
...Would you be willing to return to him empty-handed?
...If he wants it, it's a simple matter of coming to visit me himself. I'll gladly give it to him then. I hope you understand.

(You head back to Sidhe Sneachta and relay the message to Tarlach.)

(Tarlach listens silently as you tell him what Kristell said.)

...I see. However... I'm afraid I can no longer leave this place.
I know her feelings well; that her longing for me burned so deeply she was willing to give up her life as a Fomor. But... I'm afraid I'm not a man worthy of such love or adoration.
Too late did I realize it, and caused her undue hurt.
Would you do a favor for me? A while ago, I asked Father Meven to keep something safe for me. Could you go and fetch it for me?
If you tell him I sent you, he'll know what it's about.

(Character Name)... Welcome.

(You ask Father Meven about what Tarlach entrusted to him.)

Despite being a product of druidic magic, I suppose it was fated to fade eventually. Lassar is the expert on these things, so she took it upon herself to raise them.
If he's looking for that again, I suppose he still hasn't been able to forget her. It's kind of pitiable, really...

Get Meven's item

Meven asked me to hold onto something for you. - Lassar

This is what Father Meven told me to give you.

Generation 01 - Black Rose.png
Beautiful, isn't it? It's a black rose. They have such an over-abundance of red pigmentation that they appear almost black. I'm particularly pleased with this specimen-- it's the nicest I've managed to grow lately.
Anyway, I'm a bit curious why you're looking for such a rare flower. Might you be planning on giving it to your sweetheart? Heehee...

(With the rose in hand, you head back to Tarlach.)

...! That is correct. The black rose is what I was looking for.
But this is different. This is... a new blossom.
Thank you, (Character Name). I didn't think you would go to such lengths for my sake.
Would you be willing to help me out once again? I'd like you to travel to Dunbarton and give this rose to Kristell.
...That should be enough to speak where words fail.

(Back to Dunbarton...)

Hmm? What's this?
Oh, Tarlach...

(Tears well up in Kristell's eyes.)

He still remembers the song of the black rose that I sang for him... Do you think that all this time, Tarlach has been struggling, just like I have?
Thank you, (Character Name), truly.
If not for you, who knows how long I would have lived in the shadow of my own misunderstanding?
Here is the translated book. Take it, along with my apologies for my earlier discourteousness.
By the by, there were some additional notes in the back that didn't seem related to the rest of the book, but I went ahead and translated them anyway, just in case.
I hope it helps.


Try to find a clue in the translated book.

(You read through The Book of Revenge. Once you've absorbed its contents, you take it to Duncan.)

Mores...? That's the author of the book? Hm. I see....
Could It be... Mores Gwydion? The hero who saved the world? No. That's impossible... they probably just share the same name.
Oh... Yes, More Gwydion is someone I know. I saw them a few times when I was young...

Generation 01 - Mores Past.png
He infiltrated deep into a Fomor camp with his allies in the second war that occurred in Mag Tuireadh, and blocked the final magic attack the Fomors were preparing. He sacrificed himself...
If it weren't for him, Erinn might have been completely destroyed at the hands of that wicked mage Jabchiel.
When his allies reported his death, so many people fell into despair... Many people still honor his name.
Lots of parents want their newborn babies to have the same name as the man who saved Erinn...
Wait... Does that mean some child with the same name has already grown old enough to write a book in the language of the Fomor? How time flies...

(Once finished speaking with Duncan, you deliver the book to Tarlach.)

> On-Screen Text: You have given the Book of Revenge to Tarlach.

Mores Gwydion...
He is indeed the author of that book. I was a pupil of his in my younger days, never imagining that he would go on to become the mage who saved the world.
Like everyone else, I thought he had perished, but now it appears he's been alive all this time, working in league with the Fomors...
At any rate, I'll need to read the translated text to know more.

(Tarlach pages through the book.)

Just as I suspected. Though his reasoning is still unclear, he faked his death and is currently aiding the Fomors.
This part is probably what Kristell was referring to, right? It reads...
'If I am to be honest, perhaps it is not that I misplaced the token, but that I wished to be rid of it.'
Hmm... It seems he was distraught after losing something.
The question is, what is it he lost?
Dunbarton's Town Office is well-known for the sizable collection of lost goods it keeps in the hopes of reuniting them with their owners. If what he lost somehow turns up there, we might be able to learn something.

(You follow Tarlach's suggestion, soon speaking with Eavan in Dunbarton.)

...You're just a little late, unfortunately. Sister Kristell came by earlier looking for the very same thing, so I gave it to her.
As a member of the clergy, I'm sure she had a legitimate need. ...It's not urgent, is it?
If you really need it, you may want to stop by the Church and speak with her.

(You go to see Kristell.)

Ah, there you are. I figured you'd be back soon enough. I think this is what you're looking for, yes?

Generation 01 - Broken Ring torque.png
It completely slipped my mind until after you'd left with the book. I figured I might find what the person lost at the Town Office.
This Broken Torque seems to have many memories associated with it. Perhaps try placing it on the altar of the Math Dungeon and seeing what happens. These Red Wings of a Goddess will take you right there, if you prefer not to take the scenic route.

Clear Math Dungeon.

You'll find an item that was lost by the author in the Dunbarton Town Office. It seems like a Memory Cipher, so why don't you try using it in Math Dungeon? - Kristell

(You go to Math Dungeon and offer the Broken Torque. You find yourself walking in the footsteps of a mage cloaked in red. As battles through the dungeon, several spirits surround him. They have no obvious body, but somehow hold together a suit of armor. They don't attack.)

Ghost Armor 1
We've finally found you, Mores. I ask that you come with us peacefully.

Ghost Armor 2
You may yet draw breath, but you're still a dead man walking. Your own kind believes you long deceased. You will never be able to return to the world of man.

Foul things that clad yourselves in human guise... You would dare provoke a wizard's wrath?!

Ghost Armor 1
I am sorry if my words have upset you. But even so, you must realize your life is no longer in your hands.
You live only by the will of the goddess Morrighan.
Jabchiel sacrificed his own life to preserve yours.

Ghost Armor 2
Even if you were to return to the world of man, you would not be able to survive there.
Countless Fomors have sacrificed their lives for you. Consider, at least, the value of your life.

I WILL return to the world of man, and woe be to whomever would stand in my way.
I will show no mercy to any who interfere.

(Mores attacks the Ghost Armors, killing three of them before he is interrupted.)

That's enough, Mores. There's no cause to involve yourself in another meaningless fight.

Begone! Ive given you your warning. I'll show no mercy to any who get in my way-- even if it be the goddess herself!

I see how you suffer; I understand why you long to return...
But know this: if you do, you will surely perish.
Why do you refuse to believe? Your unwillingness to trust us will only bring you more pain.

(Mores finally turns to face the newcomer.)

And just why would I die if I go back?

O troubled wizard... Do you truly wish to see?
Are you ready to face the truth that I shall reveal?

Do not underestimate me, dark lord.

Very well. Witness for yourself the truth.

(The sight of a home, silhouetted against a dark red sky, appears. Crackling flames spill from each window. Screams fill the air.)

Th-this is my house... But...why is it on fire?
Tell me! What happened! Or...was this your doing? Did you think I'd somehow fall into line if you put my home to the torch?

You are quick to accuse, but it is not as you think. Look closer.

(Robed figures are seen, torches in their hands.)

That's... No... Why are these people--humans all--setting my house ablaze...?
No... My dear Shiela! And the baby--where is the baby?
No... Noooo! Stop this!

(The vision abruptly ends. Mores clutches the sides of his head in agony.)

Aaagh... Why? Why...?

It was the humans who wronged you. The nobles heard your comrades' report and acted upon it. This was the result. I am sorry--we tried to stop them...
Because you discerned the true nature of Jabchiel's ultimate spell, you and everyone related to you were murdered. You were fortunate enough to die a hero. Your family had no such luck.
It all took place while you lay unconscious.

(Mores continues to writhe, shaking his head.)

No... Shiela, my love... And our child, too... I'm so sorry. You never deserved this. All because of me...

(The screen flashes white.)

In the realm of man, you are a hero, Mores. A brave soul who sacrificed himself to stop Jabchiel from completing his spell.
Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if such a hero, dead and gone, were to return to the world alive?
The humans would not hesitate to deliver to you a second death, for their own sake.
Your former comrades have become heroes, and they possess power enough to deal with an old wizard without much difficulty.
You have witnessed the truth: the vile nature of mankind. Truth means little and less to them. Only a twisted sense of justice they've convinced themselves is righteousness.
I have long since turned my back on mankind. If it is revenge you seek, follow the will of the goddess Morrighan.
I shall guide you to her.

(Mores stills and walks forward, head bent down.)

...Let's be off, then.

(Mores is lead to another room. Soon, the figure of Morrighan is before his eyes.)

Mores... You poor soul... Your lot was one of great sorrow.

Y- you're...

I am Morrighan, friend to mankind and guardian of warriors. After I was petrified during the first war of Mag Tuireadh, I was brought here.

(Mores looks around.)

Then this place is... Tir Na Nog?

Our present location is of little importance. What matters in this moment is your feelings toward mankind. Your petrayal, your sorrow, your enmity...

Then even you gave up on humans because of their depraved nature...

(The screen blinks red.)

Can you find in your heart forgiveness for those who murdered your family? Were the opportunity for vengeance to arise, would you not seize it?

I would. I will have my vengeace, no matter the cost. Those who did this to me--who killed my family--I will chase them even to the gates of hell and make them pay.

A guardian of warriors I may be, but I preside over war and vengeance as well. And as you said, I have relinquished any hope for mankind.
It is only humans who slay their own brethren out of selfishness and greed. To achieve the order Aton Cimeni wills... To usher everlasting peace into this world...
...Mankind must be destroyed. You understand the necessity of this, do you not?

Oh goddess...
Answer me: what must I do to deliver your vengeance?

(The memory ends.)

Goddess Morrighan

Learn what Mores has been through.

(Quickly, you head back to the Dunbarton church to fill Kristell in on what you saw.)

...How could that happen? I can scarcely believe what I'm hearing. The Goddess would never turn her back on us! There must be some mistake. (Character Name), you know the truth, don't you?
That can't be ture. Please, tell me if there's anything I can do to help.
I would do whatever it takes to prove that Morrighan didn't abandon mankind, if only Tarlach would believe it.
I... I want to help him uncover the truth. Please, convey my feelings on this to Tarlach...

(On your way, you check in with Duncan too.)

...It's difficult to believe that something like that happened to Mores...
So...all this time, he was alive...
Moreover, this is the first time I've heard that the goddess Morrighan has borne such ill will toward humanity...
(Character Name)... Promise me you will speak to no one else of these things. If these truths were to become more widely known, it might incite chaos across the land.
All I can say now is that something must be wrong. I'll search for some answers and see what I can turn up.
...In fact, I'd like to start my line of inquiry with that book that Mores wrote. Do you think you could borrow it from Tarlach?

Get the Book of Revenge back

I'd like to read this Book of Revenge. Would you borrow it from Tarlach on my behalf? - Duncan

The Book of Revenge, Vol. II

You found out that the Book of Revenge, Vol. II was seen somewhere in Ciar Dungeon. After getting the original book written in the language of the Fomor, ask Kristell to translate it.

Receive the Book of Revenge, Vol. II

I finished the Book of Revenve, Vol II. I'll be waiting at Dunbarton Church. - Kristell

Find the Book of Revenge, Vol. III

I heard about the Book of Revenge, Vol. III. Come to the Dunbarton Bookstore immediately. - Aeira

Receive the Book of Revenge, Vol. III

The translation of the Book of Revenge, Vol. III is finished. I will be waiting at the Dunbarton Church. - Kristell

Glas Ghaibhleann's Bones

We can learn about Glas Ghaibleann in an old memory. - Tarlach

Obtain the Magic Powder of Preservation.

Please get the Magic Powder of Preservation fom the Fiodh Dungeon. I will enchant my glasses with it and give them to you. - Tarlach

Clear Rabbie Dungeon.

Thanks to the Magic Powder of Preservation you brought, I can finally create a Memory Cipher with my memories. Just offer these Broken Glasses at the Rabbie Dungeon Altar... I think you might be able to understand me better. - Tarlach

Morrighan's Betrayal

Ask about the acts of the Goddess Morrighan.

Duncan's Call

...There's something I'd like to give you. Please come to my house in Tir Chonaill. Hurry. - Duncan

Duncan's Urgent Call

...There's something about Glas Ghaibleann I'd like to tell you. Please come to my house in Tir Chonaill. Hurry. - Duncan

Tir Na Nog

You can use the Black Fomor Pass to reach Tir Na Nog from Barri Dungeon. Ask me again if you lose the pass. - Kristell

Find the Black Orb.

If you offer a Green Gem at Albey Dungeon Altar, you can go where a Black Orb is sealed. Destroy the pillar in the reward room at the end of the dungeon and bring back the Black Orb. That Black Orb is the key to a place where the power of the Fomor is sealed... It is also the key that will reveal my true identity. - Dougal

Final Dance

Since you rescued the Goddess, I might just take a chance on you. Just offer this pendant inscribed with my pattern in Albey Dungeon. If you can manage to defeat my physical body... I ccan finally return to where I came from. - Dougal