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Noitar Arat

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For the Noitar Arat Keyword responses, see Noitar Arat Keyword.
Erg is the energy radiating from Palala, Erinn's sun, right? The Erg of Darkness is the energy radiating from the dark sun of Noitar Arat, and this darkness is what makes Alchemy possible.




Noitar Arat is a world of complete darkness. It is synomym with the foundations of Alchemy and is closely tied to the Shadow Realm. Its star, the Black Sun, is the source of what is called Dark Erg, or dark energy.


It is quite possible that the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh was the start of everything. Nuadha's spirit sword, Claimh Solas, stained the Mag Tuireadh field with the blood of the Fomors. But no one expected the blood of the Fomors would affect Findias' destiny, that which was engraved on Claimh Solas.


—Berched, Generation 9

During the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, Claimh Solas was bloodied by the Fomors and became corrupted. The Sword of Nuadha thus became the key to opening the door to Noitar Arat. Cromm Cruaich swallowed it, the threat was eliminated for the time being.


  • Noitar Arat was once erroneously translated as Luitalata on the Wiki.
  • Noitar Arat may have multiple meanings, as the term has been used in different ways through the storyline chapters.
  • Arat Crystals and Arat Berries share its namesake. Any links between the three are unknown.
  • The Shadow Spirit skill may have ties into Noitar Arat.
  • Glas Ghaibhleann seems to have an ability similar to that of Claimh Solas, which is to create a gateway between worlds upon death, but in Glas's case, it does not seem to link directly to Noitar Arat, at least in name.