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For page stats and info.


Guild GuildMasterIcon.png Nope
Nope Emblem.png
Family Tree All the TaterTots c:
Married to Queenleona
Taonakku, Redgreen,
pladen300, Redzero,
Enri, Greenblue
Gender Female
Race Human
Server Mari.png
Locations Commerce Dunbarton Icon.png Commerce Commonwealth of Belvast Icon.png
Weapons of Choice Weapons of Choice.png
Colours of Choice


Light of Palala.png
3000/3000 Complete
Hunting Diary.png
275/275 Complete
Transformation Diary.png
320/320 Monsters Complete
107/403 NPCs
Fishing Journal.png
33/33 Complete
Star.png With 118/165 Stars
Cooking Journal.png
270/383 In progress
Taming Journal.png
105/105 Complete
Star.png With 519/525 Stars


Eeveette Finnighan Abadear Lochnessy

Macethur Wasshi Catstronaut Pieteu

Snake Mini-Gem.png Trickster Mini-Gem.png Kupa Figure.png Rainbow Drop.png

Negisaurus Blacktreacle Mardybum Bonekeko Eoraptor Mushou Taodragon

Zaphiera Spangleshala Dwagonair Groundctrl lmelda Sircairill Paigiepie

Anomally Grycenchos Aerostardust Saveabreast Frozoned Foolyscooty Barbiemobile

Teleiya Phillytedes Grovania Kanjira Saintjingles Ivandoe Blaannid

Nitrocumulus Malchiour Kouignamann Whimumbo Srgtpepper Cheinpo Thatchh

Chaispice Joukul Aurigah Sugarspots Leopleurodan Graow Kidakagash

lmhotep Mastertat Lilindsey Avakitten Zeyyr Korililian Thunderkat24

Enrilovely Mistermcfuzz Lissykitty Tuxolomeow Ophelimeow Brown Explorer Cat Kanneyo

Alohakaldeth Babylarryjr Darvycuddles Canapa Gnossx3 Paraseu Lusidessa

Baoh Redgreenbloo Littlepladen Lilwesley Cadetspooky Creamycutie Downtoearth

Dunbyimp Tanalmp Impnanog Gurggleimp