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Lorraine's Nightmare Event (2012)

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For similar events, see Hillwen's Nightmare Event.
August 23rd, 2012 ~ September 11th, 2012 [1]
Lorraine's Nightmare Event (2012) Advertisement


Halloween is months away, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a spooky event right now! Enter the nightmares of Lorraine and fight for your life in the Zombie Event. Party up and pick your class then use your allowance of gold to buy the perfect skills and equipment for the job. Be sure to invest the gold you earn after each round to become the ultimate zombie slayer! After the zombie rampage has cleared, you'll discover Lorraine's Dream Gift Box. Check out the frighteningly awesome prizes you can get:

Sparkling Star Umbrella
Panda Umbrella
Broken Umbrella
Imp Sky War Sword
Purple Falcata
Reading Chair
Living Room Chair
School Chair
Champion Knuckle
Bracer Knuckle

What are you waiting for? Jump online now and banish zombies until September 6, 2012![2]


  • Log in everyday to receive the quest The Eight Nightmares Of Lorraine.
    • The quest resets every day at 7:00am PDT100.
    • You may only partake in the event while you have this quest.
  • Lorraine will be located northwest of Dunbarton's square (right next to Lorna) for the duration of the event.
  • Gather four to six players into a party and talk to Lorraine to begin the mission. You will enter a desolate version of the outside area of Abb Neagh Castle, where you will RP as yourself, similar to the Advancement Test Hall.
    • In this instance, you only retain your equipment, excluding weapons, and your stats will be significantly lowered. You will not have your title nor guild name, nor what ever was in your inventory prior to entering available to you. In exchange for your items, you will be given five Lorna's Goldboxes or Pan's Goldboxes, 20 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Bandages, 5 Firewood, and 3 Ice Mines.
      • All equipment are replaced with a stock version for the duration of the role-play quest.
  • Two NPCs, Marcellus and Lorraine, will be at the area where the party enters the nightmare.
    • At the beginning, talk to Marcellus to choose what style of fighting you want to use throughout the battle. After choosing your destiny, he can be used to buy stats (in increments of 10 for stats and 50 for max HP, MP, and Stamina) and skill ranks with the Gold you receive from defeating the monsters.
    • Lorraine will have a store where you can buy potions, alchemy crystals, and various consumables (arrows, javelins, ice mines, firewood, etc.) with Gold.
      • The NPCs can be damaged, moved, and killed (via Ice Mine by planting it and shooting it, or other). However, they will spawn soon after in the place where they have last stood. Their shops will not be affected, and will remain in combat mode for the duration of the Nightmare round.
  • After approximately one minute after all classes have been chosen, undead monsters will begin to spawn. The objective is to protect the castle, which has 50 HP, from being damaged. There will be eight waves and three different bosses with one minute breaks in between each round.
    • Monsters will run directly for the castle entrance and only stop to hit a player once after being provoked.
    • Unlike normal zombies, all types of ghastly zombies have human running speed.
    • For each monster that reaches the castle, one point of HP will be taken off the building. In the case of a boss monster (Ghastly Lich) reaching the castle, 5 points of damage are dealt.
  • Each round apparently has a time limit before automatically failing.
  • For each successive round, the EXP and Gold reward is increased. However, players will not receive a notice about how much Gold was received.



  • Giants should take advantage of Stomp to huddle zombies together and dispose of/stall other members.
  • Giants using Wind Guard + Mana Shield near the Ghastly Master Lich can successfully serve as distractions for fellow party members to charge powerful skills.
  • Those who decide to go with the Warrior/Fighter Destiny will find Windmill quite useful.
  • Warriors should try to get their Health Points up, as it will assist your team during rounds 7-8, when the Volatile zombies appear
  • Warrior builds should make sure to rank Combat Mastery listed in the "Basic Skills" section. Unlike other skills, it starts at rank F.
  • If the Mage/Bard Destiny is chosen, Thunder, Fireball, and Ice Spear are highly recommended. However, Ice Spear's usefulness declines in the later rounds due to the Ghastly Snow Zombies, whom are immune to ice-based magic.
    • It is advised that one Mage use Thunder to stun the running front mobs while the second Mage uses Fireball as Fireball has a wide range of damage. Thunder will give the second Mage enough time for the Fireball to be cast. This is very useful for later rounds when there are Ghastly Volatile Zombies, and Fireball gives those in the way enough time to clear the area.
      • Merely buying MP potions is more cost efficient and effective than ranking Meditation.
  • Alchemist build types can take advantage of Flame Burst in order to bunch up the zombies into groups. This not only slows them down a great deal but gives other players a chance to land powerful AoE attacks on large numbers.
  • Alchemist must first and foremost rank Shock to 1. Both Alchemist must agree to alternate to increase efficiency.
    • It is suggested that Alchemists also raise their HP at the same time so that they may stand the explosions of Ghastly Volatile Zombies while they are using Shock without dying. Raising any stats costs 4,000 gold each time, so sharing gold is strongly advised.
  • Another strategy would be to have Alchemist take turns using shock on a Giant(Warrior), who uses Stomp to catch any zombie that runs away, use this method as far away from castle as possible. (around the fork where the 2 zombie spawn lanes meet)
    • Make sure that the shocked person stays near the intersection for efficently
    • Alchemist and Giants(Warriors) are highly recommended to have high HP as mentioned before
    • At the same time have 2 Mages alternate using Fireball on the gathered up groups, preferably when the Alchemist and Giant has gathered up a large mob, or shock has ran out
    • Alchemist are also advised to rank Critical Hit.
    • This method can be completed with 5 people, an extra warrior can kill the monsters that make it past your Alchemists and Giant.
    • Note: Using Thunder will not allow you to kill all the mobs. Using Ice Spear is not useful as the zombies eventually become immune and it only makes them split up.
    • Note: Potions are necessary, use them rather than ranking up skills, eg. Respite, Enduring Melody, Healing, Meditation. Mages MUST have them, while Alchemist and Giants get HP and SP.
      • It may be a wiser option to get Potions rather than ranking up skills.
  • Caution: While you are given Firewood to make a campfire and Barrier Spikes Crystals can be bought, beware. The mobs usually split in different directions and go around the campfire or barriers, making it that much harder to maintain control and defeat the monsters, as they will then be spread apart in small groups.
    • This also can apply to the Windmill skill if it is not up to par. The mobs are focused on the Castle, and will continue to move without stopping to aggro you.
  • It seems, for now, that there may be times when Barrier Spikes serve as a sort of unexpected spawning point for zombies. Place them at your own discretion.
  • Take note that Ice Mines and Ice Spear do not freeze the zombies in place. Despite their graphically frozen status, they are still moving towards the castle.
  • If you have excess gold, sharing with another player may be a wise investment.
  • Some (if not, all) zombies are immune to the slowing down effect of Life Drain.
  • When dealing with the Ghastly Master Lich, if possible, let it pass. It is not worth facing something that can easily wipe the party for a 5 HP reduction on the Castle.
  • It is possible to glitch the Ghastly Arc Lich and cause it to be unattackable, this is due to the glitch involving monsters with Teleportation. However, Rank 1 Rain Casting will not fix the glitch.
    • Killing his one or entire wave of Bomb Steeds will cause him to warp to a new place (presumably in the direction he would have teleported before glitching) and spawn another wave of them.
    • The Ghastly Arc Lich is also vulnerable to a Mage's Ice Spear and Ice Mines. You may place down Ice Mines around your area to make a protection barrier against the Arc Lich. Although it does 1 damage, it will serve you well in giving you time to use potions, revive party members, to use Skills, or to cast magic for Mages.
    • It is highly recommended to lure the Bomb Steeds away from the Ghastly Arc Lich.
    • The use of Mirage Missile against the Ghastly Arc Lich can be quite helpful.


The Eight Nightmares Of Lorraine
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event period.

Briefing Every night, I have 8 nightmares... Please, help me!
  1. Save Lorraine's dream.
  2. Save Lorraine's dream again.
  3. Save Lorraine's dream once more.
Additional Information
  • You only need to survive at least one round and then talk to Lorraine to complete one section of the quest.
  • The quest log will reset every 12:00am PDT100.










  • Giants who were in the quest had Rock Throwing. Since the nature of the quest was a role play the action does not carry over to the actual character.