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For the pet version of the Elements, see Fynn Pet Elements.
You may have been looking for Reforged Elements, if so see here.
You may have been looking for Elemental Masteries.
For the Technique that requires Elemental enchantments, see Elemental Attunement.

The three elements of Magic.
The four elements of Alchemy.



Elementals come in three elements:

  • Players can imbue their equipment with elementals. These have a 100% success rate, and are considered a Rank B Enchant.
    • Each element placed on equipment makes the player take on that elemental property by 11.1%. This applies to monsters too, however, monsters are usually never 100% of a certain element. If a monster or player is neutral, elementals will not apply any protection.
    • Only one element can be applied to each piece of equipment.
    • A piece of equipment can also have an elemental enchantment regardless of other non-elemental enchantments.
    • It takes several items with the same element enchanted to have any visible effect on attacks and elemental defense.
    • The amount each element affects damage is different depending on how many elements and which elements are involved.
  • Different types of monsters have different elemental ratings. Their ratings will determine protection against your element.
  • To remove an element from an item, the player must use an Elemental Remover.
    • Beware that the Elemental Remover will not give you back your elemental.
    • Elemental Removers are only needed if you wish the item to be neutral. Otherwise, you may use a different elemental to override the previous one.
  • All equipment without elementals are considered neutral, regardless of visibility.
  • Wearing elemental equipment will increase damage received from and dealt against the other two elements(In PvP [1v1] all elementals are null).
  • Contrary to popular belief, the attacker's elemental equipment does not boost magic damage and possibly alchemical damage.
    • Other forms of combat do receive an elemental boost, however.
  • There are also Elemental Reforges that only increases damage dealt to other elements and decreases damage dealt to the same element.
    • Unlike elementals, they do not provide any protection.
  • Elemental enchants are required for the Technique Elemental Attunement to function:
    • Ice elemental-enchanted weapons will occasionally slow the enemy.
    • Fire elemental-enchanted weapons will occasionally bleed the enemy for a percent of the player's total maximum damage.
    • Lightning elemental-enchanted weapons will occasionally empower the player's weapon, reducing their weapon knockdown gauge thus allowing more hits before knockdown.

Element's Maximum Power Vs. Another Element (Estimate)

Ice to Fire = 200% Damage
Ice to Lightning = 150% Damage
(100%) Ice (Magic) to (100%) Ice = 0% Damage
Fire to Ice = 200% Damage
Fire to Lightning = 150% Damage
(100%) Fire (Magic) to (100%) Fire= 0% Damage
Lightning to Ice = 150% Damage
Lightning to Fire = 150% Damage
(100%) Lightning (Magic) to (100%) Lightning = 0% Damage

  • To calculate this yourself on incomplete number of elements or element combinations, remember that same elementals decrease damage, extra elementals do not count, and opposite elementals increase damage. Remember to use the maximum power multiplier to get damage%.
  • For damage calculation purposes max power of 150% is +0.5 multiplier, 200% is +1.0 multiplier and 0% is -1.0 multiplier on protection.
  • Example:
             Ice (2) + Lightning (4) vs. Fire (5) + Lightning (1) + Ice (2)
[Group]      Ice (2) on Ice (2) = -22.2% dmg
       Ice (2) on Lightning (1) =  +5.55% dmg (same as Ice (1) -> Lightning (1))
            Ice (2) on Fire (5) = +22.2% dmg  (same as Ice (2) -> Fire (2))
      Lightning (4) on Fire (5) = +22.2% dmg  (same as Lightning (4) -> Fire (4))
 Lightning (4) on Lightning (1) = -11.1% dmg  (same as Lightning (1) -> Lightning (1))
       Total = -33.3% + 49.95%  = +16.65% elemental dmg


Although having everything enchanted with the same element can make your attacks extremely effective vs. the opposite element, it makes your attacks ineffective vs the same element. Thus it is recommended to have different elemental weapon and armor sets based on what you will be fighting.


  • According to Lassar during Classes and Training, Poison is not classified as an Element because it is made up of different elemental variables.


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