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An overview of Physis.

Description and Geography

Map of Physis.

Physis is the snowfield north of Rano. It is home to the Giants and many tundra animals. Vales, in central Physis, is the hometown of the giants.

It is a vast, harsh land for life, and cold weather permanently blankets the field in snow and ice. Reus River courses through it.

The Mammoth, Yeti and White Dragon Raids occur in this region.

Stepping on all landmarks will reward "The Explorer of Physis" Title.


  • The Whirlpool Mark, among the hills and melting snow north of Sella Beach;
  • The Reindeer Mark in Sella Beach;
  • The Fruited Tree Mark east of Vales;
  • The Winged Horse Mark in Lunae Valley;
  • The Flightless Bird Mark, which is in fact a Penguin, in Eastern Barba Basin.


Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Berry Shrub Any Tree
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Any Tree
Broken Log.png Broken Log Hitting Log Trees as a Giant character Log Trees only
Resource Obtained From Location
Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal Ice Crystal Deposit Near the river in Lunae Valley

Fishing List

  • You may only fish in Reus River. See this page for more information.


  • None


  • None



Areas Connected

Exploration and Artifacts


  • Physis means "nature" in ancient Greek. This word was mainly used by philosophers.
  • Reus is the Dutch word for giant.
  • Barba Basin used to be mostly flat land before the Physis renewal of G18. As a result, some monsters's paths were broken due to this.
  • To the north of the Penguin Mark lies an odd hole in the mountains.
  • Silva Forest, despite having been mentioned as early as Generation 7, only actually was released with the Physis renewal of G18.
  • Similarily to Rano, concept artwork depicts ruins in Physis that are never actually seen in the game.



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