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Script - Generation 12: Return of the Hero

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For explanations and advice on quest completion, see Generation 12: Return of the Hero.

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(A collapsed Claimh Solas lies on the ground along with several Arat Alchemists. Next to Claimh Solas is a winged figure. The winged figure, a man, turns around.)

Threat of the Homunculus

I need you to investigate a Homunculus experiment. Come see me. - Sinead

(You go to the Reception Room of Rath Royal Castle to talk to Sinead.)

Sinead (Character Name), as the Shadow Hero,I'm sure you recall the Claimh Solas incident. Once the Aliech Regime discovered Homunculus experiments were responsible for it, all Homunculus experiments were completely forbidden.
However, we've gotten intelligence thatHomunculus transmutation have been taking placein the Shadow Realm.
This isn't just about rules being broken.The Pontiff's Court is using this an an excuseto put pressure on the Royal Alchemistsand the whole Aliech Regime.
This situation is very tricky, politically.It requires a delicate touch. You're the only one we trust to handle this, (Character Name).Please, investigate the Homunculus experiments.

(You head to the Stonehenge in Tara to enter the Shadow Realm.)

Shadow Mission: Investigate the Homunculus

As per usual, you begin to take down the enemies. Upon defeating the first group of enemies, however, you hear a voice.)

> On-Screen Message: ???: You can run, but you cannot hide...

(You move on to the next group of enemies. After destroying them, you hear the voice again.)

> On-Screen Message: ???: I am no longer amused...

(You proceed on to defeat the next group of enemies. This time, you hear a different voice.)

> On-Screen Message: (Boy's voice): What... is this sound...?

(You continue on, then encounter a Boy. You decide to talk to him about the experiment.)

Who are you? Huh? Homunculus? What's that? Is your father too busy to play with you, too? Great! Then let's play together!
Wait, who's that over there? Ohhh! You brought friends!

> Prompt: !!!

(A new wave of enemies appears, prompting you to crush them. While you do so, the Boy speaks again.)

> On-Screen Message: Boy: Father...will be sad...

(Having destroyed the enemies, you talk to the Boy again.)

What? You want to meet father? Okay, he should be almost finished by now. Hehe.

> Prompt: Follow the boy.

(The boy begins to run. You follow him, finding that he has led you to the square. You then speak to him once again.)

This way, this way! Father is inside here.

(As the boy enters the square, you hear another voice.)

> On-Screen Message: Corrupted Alchemist: Ah, we have guests. Wonderful. I have some interesting things to show you.

(You enter the square to see what is going on. There, you find several Steam Ovens, several Boys like the one you just met, and some Arat Alchemists.)

(You begin to attack the Arat Alchemists. Upon defeating one, you hear another speak)

> On-Screen Message: Corrupted Alchemist: My lovely children, attack the infiltrator!

(The Boys writhe in pain.)

> On-Screen Message: Corrupted Alchemist: Damn. It failed. Useless things.

(You go over to the Boys to check on them after dealing with their 'father')

Anxious Boy
Ahhhh!! It hurts!! *Sob, sob, sob*

(The Boys collapse. You check on them.)

(Character Name)
(You can no longer hear any breathing...)


(You return to Sinead to report what you witnessed.)

Ah, so the Arat Alchemy Societyis behind the Homunculus experiments.
I've heard rumors that the allegedly deceased Arat Alchemy Society leader, Helvetius, has been sighted. It's only a rumor, but I have Royal Alchemists investigating anyway.
Jenna, the former Temple Knight, was the sole eyewitness to Helvetius's death. We are trying to locate herso we can interrogate her.(Character Name), I will get in touch whenI get more information.

Arat Alchemist Society

We've discovered where Jenna is. Please go see Priest Collen in Taillteann.- Sinead

(You head to Taillteann to speak with Collen)

It's not every day that a country priest like me gets a letter from the Royal Regime. But I have to be careful about anything regarding Jenna.
I'm glad you stopped by, (Character Name). I've been worried about what to do, but I trust you enough to tell you where Jenna is.
Do you want to enter the Shadow Realm to meet Jenna?

> Prompt: Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Arat Alchemy Society

(You enter the Shadow Realm via the Taillteann Stonehenge. As you make it into the town, you encounter multiple enemies. You clear the way and make it to Jenna.)

Collen mentioned you were stopping by. I've been waiting for you. So, you want to know about Helvetius, eh? I don't like to talk about it, but I'll tell you one thing for sure.

Generation 12 - Helvetius 1.png
Helvetius is dead. You see, I'd been chasing the Corrupted Alchemists for a long time. Thought destroying them would avenge the death of my father and childhood...

Generation 12 - Helvetius 2.png
In any case, I saw Helvetius die in a Flame Burst. Saw it with my own eyes. But you know, Collen keeps in touch with the Temple Knights. And they've been saying Helvetius is still alive.
Whatever. A rumor's just a rumor. I don't believe it. But if you want to look into it, go see James at the Emain Macha Cathedral. He may appear to be a regular old priest, but he's actually an investigator sent by the Pontiff's Court.

(With Jenna's advice in mind, you go to the Cathedral in Emain Macha to talk to James.)

The Aliech Regime isn't the only one watching the Arat Alchemy society. Ever since the Claimh Solas incident, the Pontiff's Court's been keeping an eye on them too...
(Character Name), I know you're here to learn the truth about Helvetius, but all I have are a few clues about the Corrupted Alchemists...
Still, you're the Shadow Hero, (Character Name), and I'd like to help you. Here, take this pass. It will let you enter the Arat Alchemy Society's secret lair. I suspect that's where the rumors are originating.

(You receive a Secret Lair Pass from James and head to Peaca Dungeon.)

(Helvetius appears to be working at a Dry Oven. He turns around to face you.)

>On- screen Message: Helvetius...

(You move deeper into the room.)

I apologize for my lack of hospitality toward such an important guest from the Aliech Regime.
*Cough, cough* I am but a weak old man. You wouldn't raise your weapon against me would you?
It was never my intention to attack the Alchemists. To me, all Alchemists are like brothers. It doesn't matter whether they be friend or foe.
I wanted to speak with you, who people call the Shadow Hero.
As you can see, I didn't die. I may spend my days in suffocating agony after the events of that day, but at least I am still alive.
The Aliech Royal Regime let everyone believe I was dead. Who better to frame for crimes he did not commit than a dead man, who can't contradict you?
If you seek to hold me accountable for the Homonculus experiement, then at least let me speak in my own defense.
The Homunculus experiment... was necessary. It was needed to usher in the new era of Alchemy.
They may have branded us the Corrupt Alchemists, but I guarantee that the flourishing of Alchemy this dan and age enjoys would not have existed without the Arat Alchemy Society.

(Helvetius steps closer to you.)

Do not mistake me. I certainly won't be joining hands with the Aliech Royal Regime, but I do not seek war. Please deliver this Personal Letter to the Royal Alchemist Lennox.
He is the senior Royal Alchemist, and I think perhaps he could intervene...

Elder Royal Alchemist Lennox

I heard that you have a letter for me from Helvetius. Please come to my room in the Royal Castle. - Lennox

(You enter Rath Royal Castle and head to the room where Lennox is in to bring him the letter.)

Ah, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lennox, an elder Royal Alchemist. Your accomplishments, Shadow Hero, are known to me. Welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you.

(You hand Helvetius's letter to Lennox.)

What's this?

(Lennox reads the letter carefully, then looks up, thinking.)

Helvetius wants to avoid a war with the Corrupted Alchemists. The Royal Regime feels the same way. The world has enough tribulation without unnecessary warfare.
Before he become an enemy, Helvetius was an old friend of mine. He was such an accomplished alchemist, he was even regarded as one of the four Vates!
Now, I don't know if I'll be able to prevent this war from happening, but I'll do what I can. I'll need some time, though.
Now, as for the reason I summoned you here... (Character Name), we recently caught a Corrupted Alchemist. We wished to question him about the Homunculus experiments that took place in the Shadow Realm, but his lips are shut.
Since you've confronted Helvetius face-to-face before, perhaps you can convince this Corrupt Alchemist to talk? We currently have him quarantined in the Shadow Realm.
Shall I send you to the Shadow Realm right away to meet Jarlath?

> Prompt: Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Obtain Information from Jarlath.

(You enter the Shadow Realm Royal Castle. Very soon, you come across the upper-left room of the castle, where the man Lennox mentioned is. You talk to him.)

You saw Helvetius?! How is he?!

(Jarlath listens eagerly as you explained what happened.)

As the lead alchemist of the Arat Alchemy Society, I am deeply ashamed...

Generation 12 - Helvetius 3.png
If only our Homunculus experiment had succeeded! Helvetius's scar would've healed...
Listen, we're not conducting this research with treasonous intent, as the Royal Regime suspects. We just want to make the world a better place! A place where lives can be saved without the help of religion, superstition, magic, or any of that mumbo jumbo.
We want to save the world solely through the power of human reason! Through logic and knowledge! But things have crumbled into such a big mess. And I saw something that shattered my entire belief system...
My religion was science! And in the blink of an eye, science was crushed. Crushed! Would you believe me, (Character Name), if I told you that a god has resurrected?! A god!

> Prompt: Jarlath's Reminiscences

(Multiple Arat Alchemists work at Steam Ovens within the underground waterway.)

> On-Screen Message: It was just a normal Homunculus experiment with little chance of success.

(Jarlath oversees one of the Steam Ovens.)

> On-Screen Message: But there was an incomplete transmutation. The whole thing could've been disastrous.

(Jarlath kneels down and begins to work on the Steam Oven. Suddenly, he lifts his head. Claimh Solas appears, causing the Arat Alchemists to flee. However, Claimh Solas' sudden collapse knocks out many of the Arat Alchemists.)

> On-Screen Message: But what happened next was no accident...nor was it Alchemy.

(A winged figure appears next to the collapsed Claimh Solas.)

On-Screen Message: Before my very eyes, I saw the return of the hero.

(The winged figure turns around.)

> On-Screen Message: The hero of Mag Tuireadh... Nuadha... Nuadha Airgetlam...

Ah, the king of the gods! He has resurrected! Nuadha has resurrected!


(You return to Lennox with news.)

Generation 12 - Nuadha.png
Nuadha Airgetlam... Resurrected?
So the transmutation of Claimh Solas awakened Nuadha, master of the sword... I see now why the Corrupted Alchemist kept his mouth shut.
(Character Name), I think it best if we keep this knowledge to ourselves.

Mobilizing the Royal Alchemists

So Helvetius is alive! I will gather the Royal Alchemists immediately. - Sinead

(You speak with Sinead.)

Snow that we know Helvetius is alive, the Royal Regime has no choice but to use force. We have already obtained the cooperation of the Royal Alchemists, who will help with the attack.
Yes, some of the more moderate Royal Alchemists advocate negotiation before war. But a line has been crossed. It is too dangerous. The time for amicable compromise has passed!
Every moment we delay is time the Corrupt Alchemists can use to do damage. Shall I send you to the Underground Waterway right away?

> Prompt: Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Investigate the waterway

(You head to the Rath Caatle'sShadow Realm. There, you find Leymore.)

Leymore I hear you met Lennox, the elder Royal Alchemist... I'm ashamed to admit this, but he is my father.

Generation 12 - Lennox and Leymore.png
I cut all ties with him and haven't spoken to him in ages.

Generation 12 - Corrupted Alchemists in Emain Macha 1.png
When I first discovered the truth about the tragedy of Emain Macha, I could not forgive him. I don't care if I am his son!
You know what happened, right? The night of the tragedy of Emain Macha, Corrupted Alchemists brutally murdered all the Druids they could find.
And my father, who was in charge of the Royal Alchemists, stood by and did nothing. He pretended not to see what they did. All to maintain political power over the alchemists.
Hmph. You could say the elite status that alchemists have today are the result of cold-hearted bloodshed.
I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. Let's just say that the tension between us and the Corrupted Alchemists is worse than ever. It's crucial that we do our jobs well.
I got a message saying that a Corrupted Alchemist named Amos was spotted. We'll start by looking for him.

(Together with Leymore, you make your way through the castle's walls. Very soon, you see an alchemist ahead.)

Amos (Chat Bubble)
A Royal Alchemist?!

(Amos raises a metal gate and runs away.)

That alchemist over there! I'm certain it's Alchemist Amos! Okay, here's the plan. I'll head toward the kitchen and cut him off. You chase him and lead him toward me!

(You do as instructed, chasing down Amos)

Amos (Chat Bubble)
How did you get here already...?!

Amos (Chat Bubble)
Huff, huff... Persistent bastards!

(As you chase Amos down, he raises up metal gates to impede you, but Leymore corners him in a room. You quickly reconvene with him.)

Leymore (Chat Bubble)
Amos, your luck has run out. Surrender!

Amos (Chat Bubble)
Ugh... Those blasted Alchemists...

Leymore (Chat Bubble)
Heat Buster? Is this your new Alchemy skill?

Amos (Chat Bubble)
Ha, Royal Alchemists cannot compete! Witness the power of the Arat Alchemist Society!

Leymore (Chat Bubble)
An Underground Waterway Homonculus Experiment?

Amos (Chat Bubble)
Yes, the completion of the Homonculus is not far off.

I was able to retrieve some valuable information from Amos about a skill developed by the Corrupted Alchemists. It's called Heat Buster.
I'll take Amos to the Rath Royal Castle for now. I think we may be able to get more clues about the Corrupted Alchemists.
I have one more request. According to Amos, a large Homunculus experiment took place in this waterway just recently. I suspect it has to do with the transmutation of Claimh Solas. Please go to the end room on the right and investigate.

(You follow Leymore's instructions and head to the room mentiioned, where you find a chest. You open the chest to receive a Secret Note. With the code inscribed to the note, you enter the closet and find yourself in a room with an odd design. You recite the code from the note and the floor reveals a passage. You head down the staircase leading to the underground waterway. You come across three corrupted alchemists.)

Corrupt Alchemist (Chat Bubble)
*gulp* What happened to everyone?

Corrupt Alchemist (Chat Bubble)
Did the experiement fail?

Corrupt Alchemist (Chat Bubble)
Hey! Can anyone hear me?
Please, somebody answer me! Anybody!
Why won't this open?

(Once the Alchemists notice you:)

Corrupt Alchemist (Chat Bubble)
Forget about the guys inside. Run!

(Past the alchemists, you come upon a Statue of the Goddess blocking the way. You have no choice but to leave and report to Sinead.)

How very odd. I have a hunch that the goddess statue blocking your path was an emblem of Goddess Morrighan. During the battle of Mag Tuireadh, she used a similar tactic to seal the path of the Fomors.
But why would she try to stop you, (Character Name)? I don't understand.
In any case, there is only one way to destroy the barrier. Use this Badhbh Cath's Talisman. This was used during the battle of Mag Tuireadh. It contains the blessing of Badhbh Cath, who stood and fought alongside us against the Fomors. It's very rare. Handle it with care.

(You Receive Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Bronze).)

I'll give you the Badhbh Cath's Talisman. Shall I send you to the Underground Waterway right away?

> Prompt: Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Investigate the Waterway 2

(You retrace your steps and return to the Shadow Realm to get to the underground waterway and reach the Goddess Statue again. You then use the talisman you received.)'

(You raise your hand as you use the Talisman. The Goddess Statue then disappears, allowing you to pass into the Boss Room. As you do, you notice a winged man and several winged beings near him. Alert, you take on a fighting stance.)

> On-Screen Message: Do not be afraid.

(You relax and move closer to the man.)

I am Nuadha Airgetlam, master of Claimh Solas.
Milletian, I have been waiting for you.

(You listen to what Nuadha has to say.)

Generation 12 - Nuadha's Death.png
The king of the gods, who was devoured by the darkness of Cromm Cruaich,

Generation 12 - Nuadha's Silver Arm.png
was awakened by the call of Claimh Solas. (Character Name), you are here not to prove the death of the gods but to prove their resurrection.

Generation 12 - Cromm Cruaich.png
The destiny I have chosen for you has destroyed Cromm Cruaich

Generation 12 - Nuadha's Resurrection.png
and repaired the broken Claimh Solas.
My own resurrection resulted from your destiny, (Character Name).
Therefore, I shall grant you the same divine power I have.
This is my act of gratitude to all Milletians, who have achieved so much in Erinn.
(Character Name), you now have the power to become the heart of this world.

Alchemy and Homunculus

I need to give you an explanation about the Homunculus experiment. Please come see me. - Lennox

(You return to Lennox's room in the castle to speak with him.)

The Royal Regime is using the Homunculus experiments as an excuse to eradicate the Corrupted Alchemists. But I have to say, as an alchemist myself, I support the Homunculus research... All politics aside, of course.

Generation 12 - The Four Vates Researching.png
You see, Homunculus research has existed as long as alchemy has. Some have even yielded excellent results. But if those experiments have affected the gods, as Jarlath suggests, then what a breakthrough!

It means, you see, that alchemy has the power not only to affect the physical world...but the celestial world as well!

(A letter arrives for Lennox.)

Hm. King Ethur Mac Cuill is summoning the Royal Alchemists. Things must not be going well... If a full-scale war breaks out, there will be much bloodshed...

Generation 12 - Corrupted Alchemists in Emain Macha 2.png
I refuse to make the same mistakes again! I will do everything in my power to stop this!

Path of a God

If you've decided to walk the path of a God, use the Nuadha's Talisman to come to me. - Nuadha

(You find Nuadha's Talisman delivered to you via an owl. With the message Nuadha also sent in mind, you head back to the underground waterway and meet Nuadha.)

Shadow Mission: Path of a god

So. You've finally decided to become a god, have you? Took you long enough! But there's one problem. Morrighan doesn't approve of Milletians. You've seen the barrier she set up, I'm sure.

Generation 12 - Morrighan.png Nuadha
During the battle of Mag Tuireadh, she used the same magic that was used to annihilate the Fomors...on Milletians. What do you think that means? It means she perceives your kind as a pest to be wiped out, just like the Fomors.
The next time you come across her, she might slash her blade straight through your heart. I don't wish to see you in that kind of danger, (Character Name). No, you need to get Morrighan's support.
But first, convince Neamhain to help you. If you do that, it might not be so difficult to get Goddess Morrighan's support as well. Use Badhbh Cath's Talisman. It will lead you to Neamhain.


Alpin's Proposition

I'm Alpin, Gardener of the Royal Castle. I heard from Sinead that you are looking for a Badhbh Cath's Talisman. - Alpin

(You head to the gardens and meet with Alpin.)

Sinead mentioned you're looking for Badhbh Cath's Talisman. It's not easy to find something that was used way back in the battle of Mag Tuireadh. But luckily, my grandfather served in that battle, so I actually have a Badhbh Cath's Talisman I've been safekeeping.
But despite Sinead's urging, I can't just hand over my grandfather's memento. Perhaps you can do me one favor first. There's a Royal Castle Guard who just...can't stop crying. He helped me out when I was just starting at the castle, and now I want to help him.
He has a fiancee, a Royal Castle Maid. Can you ask her why he's so down?

(You find the maid in question and speak to her.)

You know, I've been wondering about the same thing myself! I'm worried my fiance's had a change of heart. See, we hardly ever fight, but we got into this huge argument the other day... And we haven't seen each other since.
Now that I think about it, perhaps I overreacted... If you see him, could you tell him I'm sorry? And that I feel terrible...and that I love him.

(You seek out the Guard outside of the castle entrance on the left.)

Royal Castle Guard
Ainead said that about me? I'm touched! I feel like I'm going to cry. When people see my girlfriend, they say I must have everything.
Truth is, I have nothing! I want to marry Aineah. I promised her we would get married. But my small military salary can't even pay for a wedding hall. Must I forsake my love for Ainead? Oh, Aineah!!

(You return to Alpin with new information.)

So the guy's been crying his eyes out? That's kind of distressing... You know, I'd like to help him. If he and Aineah, his bride-to-be, have to push their wedding back because of money, perhaps I could supply some.
I can't just hand it to him. That'd be emasculating! So I thought maybe I could collect a donation through the Pontiff's Court and get him the money that way. Can you help? You have to keep the whole thing secret, though.
Go talk to my sister, Lileas. I'm sure she'd be happy to give some money as a donation.

(You head to the Jousting Arena to convince Lileas.)

My brother said I'd give you WHAT?! Sheesh! What a softie! But still, he's my brother. I can't just ignore him... But I can't just give you a handout for free either.
I'll help you if you help me first. See, I've been wondering how I can get some new customers, and I thought to myself "Lileas, it's about marketing. Packaging." So I created this: Lileas's Deluxe Honey Set! It contains Honey Drink, Honey Drink Lite, and Honey Lotion.
Brilliant, ain't it?! But now, I need some folks to go out and advertise my set. That's where you come in. Just go out there and ask people to buy my Deluxe Honey Set!

(You head to town to convince someone to buy the Deluxe Honey Set.)

(You return to Lileas after the successful advertising stunt.)

Hey, you're a pretty good salesperson! Well, a promise is a promise. I never lie. So here you go. Take this as my donation. Yeah, I know, it's all in coins, but don't worry, it's the exact amount. Not a cent more--er, less!

(You go to the Pontiff's Court and offer Lileas's donation to the Offering Box.)

> On-Screen text: You donated the gold you got from Lileas.

Badhbh Cath's Talisman

Thanks to you, the wedding was a success! Now it's my turn to keep my promise to you. - Alpin

(Having given the donation, you return to Alpin to inform him.)

Okay, I will get the Badhbh Cath's Talisman ready, as promised. My grandfather told me that each type of Badhbh Cath's Talisman has a different quality.
This silver winged one is called Neamhain's Talisman. If you use it at the Tara altar, you'll meet Goddess Neamhain.
I think everyone's happier, thanks to you! I'd love to share the happy moments from the wedding with you. Would you like to see?

(You watch the Royal Guard and Aineah's Marriage ceremony.)

Shadow Mission: Goddess of Light

(You go to the Stonehenge in Tara and enter the Shadow Realm with the talisman in hand.)

(You walk into the Royal Castle in the Shadow Realm's courtyard, where Neamhain is standing in the center of.)

Badhbh Cath's Talisman... I had forgotten all about it.
Why have you sought me out, Milletian? What dire occurrence required the use of the Talisman?
If you've come to return the Brionac because you've finally realized it's not fit for a human, it is not too late...

(Neamhain looks down, noticing a new mark on the ground. You take on a combat stance when you notice it. Suddenly, Daols appear from the mark. Neamhain raises her head to see Nuadha flying above.)

(Character Name)

Nuadha, is it really you?

(Nuadha attacks Neamhain from above.)

But why...?

I plan to make the Milletian a God. I realized that after the death of Elatha, you'd be the last to agree to my plan.
So I am using force to convince you where I know words will not.

Nuadha, it was YOU who spoke of the ideals of the Soul Stream.
If for little else but the sake of the Soul Stream, the Milletian must be eliminated.

The ideals of the Soul Stream. Ha! That was but a dream.
Like all dreams, it becomes meaningless when you awaken.

(Nuadha continues to pelt Neamhain with his attacks. You decide to defend Neamhain, however, the hostile Daols stand in your way.)

(You see Neamhain, who is still hurt from Nuadha's attacks.)

> On-Screen Message: The Daols may be too much for you to handle. Go rescue Neamhain.

(You avoid the Doals and run over to Neamhain.)

(As you rush over to Neamhain, Nuadha sends another strike to her. She takes damage, then Nuadha lands, striding over to her. Neamhain looks up at Nuadha. However, he raises his hand and begins to take her powers from her. Neamhain cowers further.)

The light of the Goddess now belongs to me!

(Neamhain looks up at Nuadha again. Before anything worse can happen, you rush over to Neamhain to protect her.)

(Character Name)
Nuadha, stop! Why are you being so cruel?
Why are you taking this so far?!

You still have much to learn, Milletian. To become a god, you must shed all human compassion!

(Nuadha takes off, leaving.)

Doubts about Nuadha

I heard that you want to meet with me. I will be waiting for you. - Lennox

(You decide to talk to Lennox, as he is the only one who knows about Nuadha.)

Sorry to have kept you waiting. The situation with the Corrupted Alchemists is quite dire. Ultimately, I couldn't convince the king to see things my way. Soon, there will be a huge war between the two alchemist factions.
Once again, much blood will be spilt, only this time, it will be human blood, not Fomor blood. I didn't want to repeat the same mistake than the tragedy of Emain Macha, but it's out of my hands now.

(Lennox listens intently as you tell him about Nuadha.)

I simply can't imagine such cruelty coming from Nuadha! He wasn't king of the gods just because he was powerful... He was king because he was dedicated and selfless when he fought for the humans!
He was the heroic god of Mag Tuireadh, who saved Erinn from the Fomors! If he's changed that much, there must be a good reason for it... Perhaps we can find the answer in Nuadha's past.
The only book that contains records of Nuadha's death is called "The Battle of Mag Tuireadh." It was written by a Lymilark monk with a Temple Knight background named Gregorius.
The church of Lymilark has declared the book forbidden, so most copies have been burnt or lost.

Generation 12 - Monk of Lymilark.png
But there's a rumor I've heard from the Pontiff's Court that a manuscript still exists...somewhere. It may be worth investigating.

(You head to the Pontiff's Court to ask Corentin about the book.)

You may be the Shadow Hero, (Character Name), but you must understand that I can't talk about a forbidden book like "The Battle of Mag Tuireadh." You should not, either. At least, not so openly.
Now, the Library of the Pontificate houses all books about Lymilark, including the forbidden ones. It takes quite a few monks to keep that library organized... I've noticed one particular monk stops by often to use the Confessional...
If you want to find out more about the Library of the Pontificate, I suggest you talk to that monk. But keep your curiosity about the prohibited book quiet.

(This segment needs further research. See edit mode to see the comment below.)

(You don a robe and enter the Confessional. You sit down, then wait for someone else to enter.)

Hello, Father. I am a monk of Lymilark. I consider it the greatest blessing and joy of my life. But I have sinned. And today, I wish to confess that sin.
This is harder than I thought it'd be. Oh, Lymilark, grant me the strength to speak my sin out loud!
I work at the Library of the Pontiff's Court, and I have done something forbidden. I was organizing the books in the oldest room of the library, but something felt different that day. I couldn't help it. I opened a forbidden book.
Why would I do such a thing?! I read one book a year, if that. Why would I suddenly open a forbidden book? I must have been possessed by Fomors.

> Prompt: Forgive or Advise orCondemn

> Prompt: Keep quiet about the forbidden book.

Forbidden books used to all be stored in the Library at the Pontif's Court. Now, the forbidden books are being stored separately at the Temple Knights Lair in Rundal.

(You speak to Collen about the Temple Knights Lair.)

I wanted to avoid anything that has to do with the Temple Knights, but after hearing the situation, I agree that Jenna's assistance is required.
Just in case, please take this map of the Temple Knight Lair in Rundal. It is a dangerous place to be lost.
I'll guide you to where Jenna is.

(You obtain Manual: Temple Knight Coat of Arms from Collen.)

> Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Temple Knight Coat of Arms

(You enter the Shadow Realm via the Taillteann Stonehenge. You then talk to Jenna, who is by the Alchemist House in Shadow Realm Taillteann.)

The Temple Knights are exclusive, and their lair in Rundal does not allow any outsiders. To enter the Temple Knights Lair in Rundal, you must have a pass known as the Temple Knight Coat of Arms.
But I no longer have the items to make one. Talk to Collen to get the blacksmith manual and then collect the 6 other materials needed to craft it, and we should be able to make a replica. Obtain the necessary materials by defeating monsters.

(You head deeper into the town to gather the materials from enemies, who have formed groups in six different locations. Once you have defeated them and obtained the Temple Knight Coat of Arms Materials, you return to Jenna.)

Have you collected all the materials already? If you're done organizing them, give them to me. Let me make the Temple Knight Coat of Arms as promised.

> Prompt: Yes orNo

> Prompt: Yes

Oh, right. I think the preparations are just about finished... I'll start making the coat of arms.

(You Receive the Temple Knight Coat of Arms.)


Obtain The Book of Mag Tuireadh

(Now with the coat of arms, you head to Rundal Dungeon. Once there, you offer the coat of arms to the altar and get sent to the Temple Knights Lair alongside Jenna.)

(You and Jenna continue into the dungeon, clearing the rooms of enemies, including Temple Knights, who stand in the way. You make your way through the Temple Knights within the room and proceed to the treasure room, where you find what you need within the chest.)

(You return to Lennox with the book.)

I never thought I'd see "The Battle of Mag Tuireadh" with my own eyes! So this is the truth behind the battle. Now I know why the church tried so hard to hide this book.

Generation 12 - Mag Tuireadh 01.png
Nuadha was the one who led the Tuatha de Dananns in the battle against the Fomors.

Generation 12 - Mag Tuireadh 02.png
Humans were winning for a while, but then Cromm Cruaich appeared and turned the tide of battle. But we still had hope. Nuadha had the Temple Knights' promise to help.

Generation 12 - Mag Tuireadh 03.png
But the weak-willed humans cowered at the sight of the black fog seeping from Cromm Cruaich and betrayed the god instead.

Generation 12 - Mag Tuireadh 04.png
They left Nuadha to die a slow death on the cold land of Mag Tuireadh. If what Gregorius recorded is true, I can understand Nuadha's altered personality. I just hope he doesn't want revenge.

Goddess Morrighan

I think it's best that you speak with Goddess Morrighan about Nuadha. - Lennox

(You decide to speak with Corentin for another Babdh Cath Talisman.)

I received a request from the Aliech Regime-- a request for Badhbh Cath's Talisman. Despite the tensions between the Regime and the Pontiff's Court, providing what aid I can seems to me to be the only moral choice.
Here it is. This talisman was obtained by the Temple Knights. It's sometimes called the Goddess Morrighan talisman.

> Prompt: Enter Mission Now

Shadow Mission: Soul Stream

(The Talisman warps you to the Soul Stream, where Morrighan is waiting for you.)

You! You try to hide your sins, but I know about Nuadha's resurrection. I felt Neamhain's light start to fade. I know you are responsible.
The only one in all Erinn that has the power to destroy the gods is the master of the Brionac: You. No matter how you may try to deny it, (Character Name), I blame you for Neamhain's sacrifice.
Will you deny your greed? Your lust for power? You tried to become a god! However, my goddess barrier was not meant just for you. I wished to punish the greed and arrogance of all Milletians.

> Prompt: ...


All Out Attack!

His majesty just ordered an all out attack. Please join us. - Lennox

The command for a full-scale attack has been issued. The war has begun. A large force of Corrupted Alchemists, led by Helvetius, is preparing to do battle in Taillteann's Shadow Realm.
In acknowledgement of how dire our situation is, allow me to give you a powerful piece of alchemical equipment: the Tower Cylinder. The irony of seeing a weapon developed by alchemists to secure peace used against other alchemists is not lost on me.
All I can hope for now is that the fighting will be over quickly, and with minimal sacrifices. (Character Name), King Ethur Mac Cuill himself has requested your aid in this endeavor. I ask that you help defend the name and honor of our king. Shall I send you to the Shadow Realm right away?

Shadow Mission: All Out Attack!

(Once in the Shadow Realm of Taillteann, you find Leymore and Jenna waiting outside of the city. You speak with them.)

I am not here because of hatred of vengeance. Today, I hold a weapon in my hand to confront my past.

> Prompt: Head over to the front line with Jenna

Get going now.

The Royal Court has ordered an attack! The Corrupted Alchemist forces led by Helvetius are powerful. We must stay on our guard.

> Prompt: Go with Leymore to help

Let's get going.

(You, Leymore, and Jenna head deeper into town, where you notice multiple Royal Alchemists battling Arat Alchemists. You head into the square.)

(The three of you rush into the square, where a battle is about to take place. Lennox notices you, Leymore, and Jenna, and walks over to you.)

You're here. I am in desperate need of your help.

(Leymore stares at his father.)

I am simply here to fulfill my responsibility as a Royal Alchemist.
I still disagree with your use of Alchemy.

(Lennox looks over to his son.)

Are you still trying to convince me, Leymore?

(Before the tension heightens, Cai runs over and interrupts the two.)

Why so serious? This is no time to be fighting amongst ourselves.
Let's do something about those creepy Alchemists.

(Cai charges his Cylinder, while Leymore does the same.)

(A battle between the Royal Alchemists and the Arat Alchemist Society begins. You assist the Royal Alchemists by fighting off the Corrupted Alchemists.)

(After defeating a bunch of Arat Alchemists, Helvetius appears with reinforcements.)

> On-Screen Message: Helvetius: So... We meet again, Lennox.

(Soon, you knock out Helvetius and the remaining Arat Alchemists.)

(The Royal Alchemists fire at the Arat Alchemists using their Tower Cylinders. Helvetius watches as his comrades fall, then turns to face Lennox.)

Give up, my friend. You have no chance of winning.

Friend? It be called that. By you.
At least now, I know that hell won't be boring, with you along... friend.

(With a gesture, Helvetius makes all the surrounding Steam Ovens unstable. Some of them explode, killing Helvetius in the process, and fire spreads in the area. Lennox observes his death, and then notices that Jenna is caught in the fire. A nearby Steam Oven about to explode puts her in danger. Running over to her, he utilizes Barrier Spikes to shield her from the explosion. In doing so, he made himself vulnerable, and gets caught up in other Steam Ovens's explosion. Lennox collapses.)


(Leymore rushes over to Lennox, then kneels beside him. Jenna, who was spared, stands by him.)

I always thought that you would one day understand me.
But I was mistaken. I should have tried to make you understand instead of just waiting around...
I may be asking too late... but can you forgive me... Leymore?

(With these last few words, Lennox passes away.)


Nuadha's Trap

Morrighan is in danger. Please use the Holy Water of Falias, which contains the memory of Morrighan, at the Taillteann altar! - Eabha

(You receive a vision of a boy who looks strikingly familiar to Eabha. He appears to be in another realm.)

> On-Screen Message: (Character Name), your worries have come to pass...

> On-Screen Message: Morrighan is in danger.

(You head to the Taillteann Stonehenge and offer the Holy Water of Falias to the altar. You are then whisked into Morrighan's memory.)

Shadow Mission: Goddess's Memory

(You see Morrighan facing off with Nuadha.)

I suspected the Milletian would tell the Goddess about me.
It may be that Milletians are destined to remain faithful to the Goddess...

So you were using the Milletian as a tool.
Nuadha, what are you truly after?

Power! A power greater than even the Gods. The eternal power of an absolute God!

The power of Aton Cimeni, the absolute God... So... You hope to sit upon the holy throne of Falias?
That's madness! Do you not remember how our home, Falias, was destroyed in the first place?
No one knows what could happen! The holy throne of Falias may give you the ultimate power you seek or it may cause a great disaster!
Nuadha, king of the Gods. You are already powerful! There is no reason to take such a risk!

In the darkness of Cromm Cruaich, I came face to face with death. You cannot fathom it...
At the pit of despair, I understood what death was.
A god CAN die, Morrighan. But I will not let it happen to me. That is why I seek the absolute power of Aton Cimeni.

(Nuadha takes flight, summoning his Daols to assist him.)

I will not let that happen. A Badhbh Cath, as a Goddess of Falias, has the duty to defend the holy throne of Falias! It seems that I, Morrighan, the Goddess of War, am now needed.

(A light shines, surrounding Morrighan. When it clears, Morrighan's white eyes are wide open. She raises her arm as she prepares for battle.)

(You watch the memory and witness Morrighan fighting off against Nuadha. She chooses to deal with the Daols first. After the Daols are defeated, the memory ends.)

Morrighan Caught in a Trap

The key to opening the gates of Falias is the Brionac. Open the way to Falias and protect the Goddess. - Falias Gatekeeper

(The boy from your previous vision appears again.)

> On-Screen Message: I will wait for you in Falias.

> On-Screen Message: The power to reach the city of the Gods

> On-Screen Message: is already within you, (Character Name).

(A vision of the Brionac is relayed to you.)

> On-Screen Message: The key is the Brionac, the sword of the Gods.

> On-Screen Message: When the fragments from Falias take their rightful places

> On-Screen Message: the gate to Falias shall open.

(You utilize the Brionac to create a portal to Falias. When the portal appears, you step through it and find yourself within Falias. The gatekeeper awaits you.)

Shadow Mission: Goddess in Danger

You did not betray my trust. I knew someone like you, (Character Name), wouldn't simply stand aside and do nothing when you saw a goddess in danger.
I am the gatekeeper of Falias, forgotten city of the gods. I care not what you call me. You cannot comprehend me anyway. Just call me Eabha, a name you are familiar with.
Falias is the beginning of the universe. It was here well before life began in Erinn.
In the Town Square of Falias, where the tomb of the gods is, there are seven Stonehenge pillars brimming with Falias's erg. Nuadha is using them to restrain Morrighan.
The Stonehenge pillars must be destroyed to free her, but we need a plan. The slab of stone in the center of the Town Square indicates the flow of Erg. Destroy the Stonehenge pillar the slab points to.
When the pillar collapses, the slab will lose light, but that does not mean the Erg of Falias has been destroyed. Counting clockwise from the north gate that connects to the holy throne of Falias, destroy pillar number (number).
Then, activate the altar at the top of the stairs. Falias's Erg and Nuadha's barrier will be completely destroyed.

(You run deeper into the city to get to the Town Square.)

(In midair, Nuadha strikes at Morrighan, causing her to lose her balance for a moment. You run towards the city and notice this. You also grab the attention of the Nuadha.)

You would give up godhood just to rescue the Goddess?!

(Character Name)
Hmph. If being a God means being like you, I choose to remain human.

(You go deeper in the Town Square.)

(As you do so, you observe the two gods fighting nearby. You then notice the lithograph in the center of the square, where one section is glowing.)

> On-Screen Message: Disable the barrier by destroying Stonehenge as described by the center slab.

(Following the direction the section is pointing to, you find a Stonehenge pillar and attack it. The structure shatters.)

> On-Screen Message: The Stonehenge pillar has been toppled.

> On-Screen Message: Investigate a different Stonehenge pillar.

(You repeat the same process several times, returning to the lithograph and following the next glowing structure, then destroying the indicated Stonehenge pillars.)

> On-Screen Message: The Stonehenge pillar has been toppled.

(Once the lithograph sections cease their glowing, you head to the altar on the raised platform.)

> On-Screen Message: Use the north altar to destroy Nuadha's barrier.

(You touch the structure at the altar. The structure shifts and folds before a long pillar pokes out from the center.)


The Four Vates

I received the sad news about Lennox and Helvetius. Seeing my old friends depart this world makes me reminisce about the past. - Dorren

(Once again, you receive another vision of the Falias Gatekeeper.)

> On-Screen Message: The power of the Brionac has been transferred to Nuadha. The incomplete light of the Caliburn

> On-Screen Message: can neither open the gates to Falias nor awaken the abilities of Badhbh received from Morrighan.

> On-Screen Message: From the beginning, "Brionac" was another name for Falias.

> On-Screen Message: The aura of Falias is required to restore the lost Brionac.

> On-Screen Message: The fragments of Falias scattered throughout Erinn are known as the treasures of the Gods.

> On-Screen Message: Please collect these fragments and refill the power of the Brionac that has disappeared.

(You head to Dorren to speak with her.)

I've lived by the creed that there is nothing in life that you should fear.
Yes, the sudden death of old friends has caused me grief, but there's no need to let that turn into fear.
I'll tell you the story of how they died. It was during a time of political turmoil following the abdication of Lugh Lavada.

The Four Vates, including Dorren and Lennox
There were 4 young Vates summoned by the Royal Regime.
That was the start of it all.

Generation 12 - Sick child.png
We gathered inside the Rath Royal Castle and were met by a child. The child was dying.
We weren't allowed to ask or even show curiosity about who the child was or what had happened to him.

The first Homunculus
We were ordered by the Regime to save the boy by any method possible, and we performed a miracle that even the Druids had not ever imagined.
It was Alchemy that made it possible.
Yes. The child was turned into a Homunculus. That's how the first Homunculus was created, and it spurred a new era in Alchemy.
For a while, we were under the delusion that we had indeed become gods. What we didn't know then was that this would be our first and last Homunculus.
Since that time, there has not been even one case of a successful Homunculus experiment, and any information about the first Homunculus has been completely suppressed by the Royal Regime.
Eabha and I are the last ones who remember that first Homunculus experiment.

Dorren with Eabha, the first Homunculus.
I realize that all this may be shocking, but that child is the Homunculus created by the alchemists known as the 4 Vates.
There's also this to consider:
Eabha, like the resurrection of Nuadha, may have been a result of something outside the domain of human beings.
That said, I have no explanation about the other Eabha you met at the City of the Gods. At heart, I am an Alchemist. I have until now based my world view on science and reason, and I will continue to do so.
For me, the fragments of Falias that you are searching for exist only in stories and myths I heard as a child.
So, you might have better luck learning about them if you seek out the legends and speak with a Druid. They're the ones who deal in magical fare.

(With the information from Dorren, you head to the Druid's House to talk to Berched.)

Oh? How is Dorren anyway? After not one, but two, of her friends passed away, I was worried she'd be depressed. But she seems to be holding up well.

Falias, the City of the Gods.
Anyway, the fragments of Falias that you are searching for are probably the eight treasures said to have originated from the City of the Gods.
When Falias was destroyed, the gods chose Erinn as their new home. They brought with them items that contained the holiness of Falias.
While many consider those items mere myth, they do indeed exist! The Druids have studied them extensively. Here, take this. It's called the Ark of Falias. It will help you collect the treasure of the gods. It will not be easy, but remember there are people who will help you.

(You receive The Ark of Falias from Berched.)

Fragments of Falias

When the fragments of Falias are gathered, the Brionac will regain its power. - Falias Gatekeeper

Obtain the Goblet of Truth : Lezzaro and the Treasures of the Gods

(You receive a message owl from Cai with information about the Gods' treasures you are seeking.)

I looked into the treasures of the Gods that you were looking for. I think Lezarro may be able to offer you some help. - Cai

(You speak with Lezarro outside of the gates of Rath Royal Castle.)

Royal Alchemist Cai told me about your situation. Now, I pride myself on my knowledge of antiques and ancient artifacts, but I know little about the treasures of the gods.
His majesty commanded that we support you hoever we can, as thanks for your help against the Corrupted Alchemists. So please, take this Goblet of Truth. It has been kept by the Royal Regime since the time of Manannan mac Lir.
I got it from Krug, King of the Giants, when I visited Physis on a diplomatic mission. Also, I am attempted to contact the Elves in Connous through my daughter Andras. I hope to have more news for you soon.

(You take the Goblet of Truth and insert it into the Ark of Falias.)

Obtain Uaithne: Andras's Clue

Father asked me to help you. According to Hagel in Connous, you should be able to find another treasure of the Gods inside the underground maze in Connous.

(You speak to Andras at the Taillteann Headquarters for more information.)

At my father's request, I contacted the Elves of Connous regarding the treasures of the gods. Hagel provided me with some interesting information.
Information about Uaithne, a treasure of the Gods, located deep inside the underground maze in Connous Underground, is being shared through the Memory Tower.
I received a key from Hagel that can open the treasure box which stores the Uaithne. I will give it to you. I'm sure it will help you. Well then, shall I send you to the Ant Cave?

> Prompt: Go to the Ant Cave or I am not ready yet

> Go to the Ant Cave

(You find yourself sent to the the staircase at the end of the Connous Underground Maze with the Connous Treasure Chest Key given to you by Andras.)

(You venture into the maze, eventually finding an area full of treasure chests. You open one of them and find the Uaithne.)

(You take the Uaithne and place it into the Ark of Falias.)

Obtain the Magic Wand: Belita of the Royal Geological Society

The Royal Geological Society referred me to someone named Belita. She seems to have some clues about a treasure of the Gods... You better head to Zardine. - Leymore

(You head to the Calida Exploration Camp in Zardine to talk to Belita.)

How annoying. This why I hate that the Geological Society is part of the Royal Regime. Every time I get a request, I have to put aside my work and do someone else's bidding.
In any case, I understand that Legatus, the Blue Dragon, is in possession of the Magic Wand. At least that's what I heard from Arenen.

(You go to Lake Calida to see Legatus.)

Restoring the power of the Brionac and opening the gates to Falias... Are you really prepared for such a monumental task?

(He studies the expression on your face.)

Ah, I can see that you are. Then you shall have my assistance. I will give you the fragment of Falias in my possession. I will also tell you where you can get another.
Deep in the southern oceans of Iria lies a fragment known as Wave Sweeper. Take this Falias Bait Tin, which you need to retrieve it.
Well then, I'll send you south right away.

> Prompt: Go South

(You find yourself in Rano, near Myrddin. You place the Magic Wand in the Ark of Falias.)

Obtain the Wave Sweeper

I am Myrddin, First Officer of the Petra Marine Transportation Corp. I heard that you were looking for the treasures of the Gods. Please come see me. I'm located at the Southern tip of Iria.

(You speak to Myrddin to board the Fishing Boat. You then use the fishing rod and bait given to you by Legatus to obtain the next treasure. Very soon, you fish up the Wave Sweeper.)

(You insert the Wave Sweeper into the Ark of Falias.)

Obtain the Magic Breastplate

Young man, I heard that you were looking for the Remnants of the Gods. Come see me when you get the chance. - Kousai

(At Kousai's request, you visit him in Cor Village.)

We refer to the Fragment of Falias, that you are searching for, as the Remnant of the Gods.
At the end of your journey, you will discover another truth. In the land ofthe Gods, you will experience the merging of perception and reality.
I will give you the Magic Breastplate, which has been in the care of my tribe. I've asked Voight to have it readied for you, so go see him.

(You speak with Voight.)

You've seriously wandered all around Erinn for this cheap-looking breastplate? Eh, must be a religious thing. An atheist like me wouldn't understand.
I've restored it, just like the old man wanted. You know, this reminded me of something I saw a while ago. It was when I was being chased by bounty hunters. I almost got caught and killed in Rano, but I somehow wiggled out of trouble.
I ended up staying with Alexina for a while. She's not really my type, but she did show me around Courcle and give me a place to hide... Yeah, guess she ain't so bad.
Regrettably, I had to... take... a few of her items of value when I left. That's when I saw something similar to this. It looked cheap, though, so I left it behind.

(You take the Magic Breastplate and place it in the Ark of Falias.)

Obtain Failinis: Voight's Memory

If I recall correctly, Alexina had one of those treasure of the gods things. - Voight

(With Voight's advice in mind, you head out to see Alexina at the Qilla Base Camp.)

Life holds many surprises. How is Voight, anyway? Didn't think I'd ever hear his name again...

(You see a flicker of pain in Alexina's eyes.)

So yup, I have what you're looking for... The Failinis, I once wrote a dissertation about it. And about the rest of the treasures of the gods, too. There's another treasure in the Underground Maze of Solea called the Magic Club. Heard about it from Atrata in Connous.
According to her, the Magic Club is in a treasure box that requires a special key, which happened to have been passed down to me from the Giants in Physis. Go on, take it. I hope it help you.
Well then, I'll send you to the tunnel right away.

> Prompt: Go to the Tunnel Entrance

(You Receive Failinis, that you place in the Ark of Falias, as well as a Solea Treasure Chest Key)

(You find yourself in Nubes Mountains, near the entrance of Solea.)

Obtain the Magic Club: Finding the Seventh Treasure

Use the Solea Treasure Box Key to obtain the Magic Club inside the underground maze. - Alexina

(You travel through the cave, you eventually find a room containing treasure chests. You open one of the chests and find the Magic Club.)

(You take the Magic Club and insert it into the Ark of Falias.)

Golden Apple

I've discovered where the last treasure of the Gods, the Golden Apple, is located. But there is a problem... Go see Karpfen, the leader of the Giant Expeditionary Force. - Jenna

(You go to Taillteann and speak to Karpfen at the Giant Headquarters.)

I heard about the Golden Apple from a human female named Jenna. It's a dangerous item that absorbs the Erg of monsters in the Shadow Realm.
Things there have gotten...complicated. The Fomors were quiet after Cichol disappeared, but now they're causing a ruckus. It's as if they sense something. Anyway, grab some people to help you, okay?

Shadow Mission: Golden Apple

The last remanining treasure of the gods? It's in Taillteann. - Karpfen

(You head to the Stonehenge in Taillteann to enter the Shadow Realm.)

> Mission Information: The Gold Apple tree grows by being nourished by the Erg of monsters.

You make your way to the Town Square, where an odd tree is growing. You feed it with the erg of the animals surrounding it, until the tree bears fruit: Golden apples. You retrieve one from the tree.

(You take the Golden Apple and place it into the Ark of Falias.)

Fragments of Falias

The Fragments of Falias have finally been gathered. It is now time for the Sword of the Gods to revive. - Morrighan

(With all the fragments of Falias collected, you redeem the reward from the Ark of Falias and receive the Falias Slab.)

(You head to Ceo Island and enter Aer's hideout.)

(Morrighan stands before the pool where Aer normally hovers above. She then summons you, Leymore, Cai, and Jenna.)

When the fragments of Falias were gathered and the dark sun cast its shadow...
the Brionac was completed. Use the light of the Goddess to shine the path to the holy throne of Falias.

(The Brionac appears, surrounding by a pulsating light that causes the setting to rumble. You and the others observe it. On the other hand, Morrighan raises her arm, then begins to lose her balance.)

> On-Screen Message: Morrighan!

(Cai and Leymore rush to Morrighan's side. You move to do the same, but Jenna stops you.)

(Character Name), leave Morrighan to us and hurry.
Don't forget that as the master of the Brionac, you are the only person who can stop Nuadha.

(You take the Brionac and stride off.)

Final Chapter

The light of Caliburn has been restored. You have the power to stop Nuadha. - Falias Gatekeeper

(You create a portal to Falias via the Brionac. Once the portal is created, you pass through to reach the City of the Gods.)

Shadow Mission: Final Chapter

You are the only one who can stop Nuadha, who is absorbing the power of the Absolute God from the Holy Throne of Falias. - Falias Gatekeeper

> Mission Information: Awaken the power of Morrighan and Stop Nuadha.

(Now in Falias, you decide to talk to the Falias Gatekeeper.)

Falias Gatekeeper I will now open the path that will lead to the center of Falias. When the curtain of light is unveiled, you will be able to exit the Town Square.
The gate to the Falias holy throne, where Nuadha can be found, is currently sealed.
Use the power of Shock on the center slab of the Town Square, then destroy the seal that is blocking the gate. I have some Crystals and a Cylinder for you. Use them as needed.

(You head to the Town Square where the lithograph stands and cast Shock on yourself.)

> On-Screen Message: The power of Shock is causing the giant slab to glow.

(You head into the direction the slab points towards, finding the Stonehenge pillar and an Aonbharrs there. You defeat the Aonbharr guarding the Stonehenge pillar and pick up the Falias Stonehenge Fragment it drops. You then repair the Stonehenge. You repeat this progress, following the direction the slab points to each time, then restore the following Stonehenge pillars.)

(Once the all stonehenge pillars are restored, you head to the altar north of the lithograph and pass through to get to the holy throne of Falias.)

(Nuadha sits upon the holy throne of Falias. You enter the scene, Brionac in both hands and prepared to battle with him. Nuadha steps off the throne.)

I will give you credit for. restoring the power of the Brionac in such a short time.
But the tragedy brought about by such foolish attachments. will ultimately be your responsibility.

(Nuadha takes flight, prepared to face against you.)

(You and Nuadha begin to battle. You avoid his attack, however once he start to use Light of Sword, you make use of the feather from Morrighan.)

(You activate Awakening of Light, feeling a new power surge through you.)

> On-Screen Message: Obtain Morrighan's Power.

(Daols now appear near Nuadha. In your demi-god state, you temporarily avoid Nuadha and weaken the Daols using the Brionac as well as Shadow Spirit. Once they have been severely weakened, you defeat them.)

(Power surges through Nuadha. He strikes at the ground with his prothestic arm, creating a great shockwave. The shockwave causes you to be pushed back slightly. Suddenly, Morrighan appears in a flash with the wave of her arm.)

Nuadha, I hold you responsible for Neamhain's fate.
In the name of Badhbh Cath I swear that I will break your wings.

Muahaha, is this the might of Morrighan, the Goddess of Revenge?
Unfortunately for you, I have already received the eternal power that comes from the holy throne of Falias!
There is no hope for you.
Soon, your desire for revenge will turn to cold despair.

(Nuadha takes flight, prepared to fight you and Morrighan.)

(Together with Morrighan, you attack Nuadha. When he takes flight, you and Morrighan time your Wings of Rage skill to bring him down. Very soon, you both come to overwhelm Nuadha.)

(Nuadha lands on the ground, exhausted, but with power still surging through him. Morrighan looks at you.)

Nuadha has only been temporarily weakened. It's currently impossible to destroy him since he possesses the light of Falias.
But we must somehow prevent Nuadha from interfering in Erinn. Confining Nuadha in Falias is the only option.
Destroy the pillars of Falias to seal off the entrance to the Holy Throne of Falias.

(Morrighan raises her hand and creates a portal. You go though it, and emerge in the Town Square of Falias.)

(You head towards a Stonehenge pillar and destroy it.)

(Nuadha attempts to pass through the portal where the altar stands, however he is sucked back into it, confining him to Falias. You watch the scene unfold, then Morrighan appears nearby. You relax.)

When the light from the Soul Stream first led to Erinn, perhaps it marked the beginning of a new era.
You could have chosen to become a God yet you didn't give up on the human race.
Maybe this enduring, persistent stubborness is the power said to be held by Milletians.
The prophecy that told of a Hero that would come from Falias was ultimately referring to you.
(Character Name), you will now return to Erinn as a hero.
You are now also responsible for leading Erinn to Tir Na Nog, the eternal paradise.
Nuadha's goals may have been prevented, but the opening of Falias will bring much change.
I will send you to Neamhain. Use the power of the Milletians to rekindle the light of the Goddess.

(Morrighan sends you away in whisk of black feathers.)

(Sometime later, the Town Square of Falias begins to rumble. Black mist surrounds the area, from which Cichol materializes next to the lithograph.)

> On-Screen Message: It's been a long time... Nuadha.

(Cichol remains in the square as a large red circle surrounded by black mist surrounds him.)