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The Three Lost Warriors

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The Three Lost Warriors, sometimes referred to as The Three Lost Heroes or Three Missing Warriors, is a recurring story about a group of three people who left for Tir Na Nog but never returned.

Basic Information

There once was a group of three warriors that had received a message from the Goddess. The three of them set off for Tir Na Nog, a legendary paradise. However, they never returned...

Several years ago, Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi befriended each other at Tir Chonaill in which the trio would later be known as the Three Lost Warriors. Ruairi later informed his comrades of Morrighan requesting him to come to Tir Na Nog and rescue her, prompting them to do so. However, the three had vanished upon entering Tir Na Nog.

In present day, the memories of the group of three is lost with time, only to be resurfaced by the Milletian approximately four years after their disappearance, who encounters all three missing Warriors over the course of their time on Erinn. However, even after they reunite they go their separate ways and vanish once again.

By the time they resurface again, the warriors slowly reunite with one another. However, two of the three have gained ambitious goals that revolve around betraying the Milletian.


  • Mari: The female archer and the youngest of the three. She was killed in her journey to Tir Na Nog, but was resurrected by Morrighan and reborn into Nao, who guides Milletians to Erinn to complete what the three had begun.
  • Tarlach: The male magician. He researched a way to enter Tir Na Nog, and was successful. However, after the incident, he sealed himself in Sidhe Sneachta, and when confronted, he tries to dissuade anyone from finding Tir Na Nog, not wanting others to suffer from what lies within. However, upon learning the truth, he begs the Milletian to save Morrighan. Once the issues in Tir Na Nog were resolved, Tarlach seemingly became but a mere memory again; during this time he discovered that the Gods were the true problems behind Erinn and plotted to sever their connection to Erinn, but this plan would require Tarlach to betray the Milletian, something he deems necessary.
  • Ruairi: The male swordsman with a complex future and seemingly the most naive of the three. He received the message from Morrighan to rescue her, but during his journey he was ambushed by Cichol disguised as Morrighan and was "rescued" by Morgant and was looked after by Triona, but this was a plot to bring Ruairi over to the side of the Fomors. Originally a kind person who looked after others, after he discovered the people he cherished (Rian and Triona) were killed, his naivety led him to his descent to darkness and accused the Milletian of being the sole cause behind his problems. He is later convinced by his reunited friends that the Fomors are simply using him, but even so he joins Tarlach's plot in eliminating the Gods and betray the Milletian, believing that it would bring Triona back.

Mainstream Storyline