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A Dreamy Story

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[Normal] A Dreamy Story
How to Get Quest
Briefing Hmph! I'm annoyed, I recently experienced something strange, but noone believes in me! Please listen to my story!
- Manus
  • Receive a special pass from Manus after hearing his story
  • Drop a pass at the Rabbie Dungeon altar and clear the dungeon
  • Talk to Nerys about Manus.
  • Ask Kristell about the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon.
  • Talk to the Succubus Queen.
    • Only one player may speak to the Succubus Queen per Phantasm Dungeon completion.
    • In parties with multiple players on this quest, the Party Leader is always given preference over other players.
  • Talk to Kristell at the Dunbarton Church.
Additional Information

The Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Pass given expires in 7 Days.

In order to pass the phase "Talk to the Succubus Queen", you must collect at least four Succubus Scriptures. Each time you defeat her, read a scripture to unlock the next dialog option. You are required to talk to her using the new dialog option in order to progress. You will have to repeat this a total of five times -- once to start with and once after each of four scriptures.

Scriptures are tradable, so you can receive them from a friend. Reading the scripture will not consume it.

When speaking to Kristell, selecting the option "Protector of the succubi" will grant you 2 Protective Red Upgrade Stones, whereas selecting the option "Seductive and Deceitful" will grant you 2 Protective Blue Upgrade Stones.