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Skill Immune Monsters

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This is a list of monsters that are immune and untargetable to Poison Attack(?), Swallow(?), Frozen Blast, Puppet's Snare, Shadow Cloak, Shadow Bind, Ice Breath, Petrifying Roar, Restful Wind, Sleepy Dust, Yui Strike, and Ice Bomb. These enemies are also targetable but unfreezeable by Ice Spear, even if they lack Mana Deflector. The skill Berserk grants the above immunities except for immunity to Restful Wind and Sleepy Dust. The list does not include Event Monsters.



This section lists monsters immune and untargetable to all the aforementioned skills.

*Immune to the freezing effects of Ice Dragon's Ice Storm and Scooter's Burnout.

Yui Strike