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User:Darkflames9/Optimizing Transformation Mastery

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Hi. I've lurked on this wiki ever since I started playing (more or less when Mabi first came out) but I've never contributed. Well that ends today. After a rather grueling few days ranking Transformation Mastery, I've been inspired (by my ignorance) to try and lay down the most optimal/efficient way of ranking this awful skill. Please let me know if there are more optimal/easy ways of acquiring transformations and I will update this "guide" ASAP. Also, this guide mainly aims to get the skill to rank 1. This guide might get you close, but if you want to get 300 Transformations for the extra 5 str, follow k1nsoo's guide. When I got to R1, I had over 250 transformations already, which is good enough for me.


These two very helpful guides walked me through the dark, dark woods of Transformation Mastery, and I would not have gotten to R1 without them. I don't think it's efficient to write something that someone else already put down, so I will be referring to these guides throughout mine, only chiming in when I think there's an easier method.

So thank you Larsa and k1nsoo for making my life a little bit less hellish.

Introduction (IMPORTANT)

Alright, so you just talked to the hottie Shamala and you got your brand new skill of Rank F Transformation Mastery. What do you do now? I'll tell you what not to do: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT COMPLETE G17 WHICH YOU HAVE JUST STARTED. IF YOU DO, YOUR LIFE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE RANKING THIS GODFORSAKEN SKILL. And if you haven't completed G16 yet, THANK THE LORD BECAUSE YOU NEED THAT TOO. If you unfortunate souls have already completed the above and still have only RF Trans Mastery (like I did...) then I am so sorry, but it's going to be tough. You will either have to obtain these transformations the "legit" way, or find a buddy who hasn't done G16 and tag along with them on some of their quests. Unfortunately, G17 is a solo generation and contains a majority of the Trans hacks. Press F to pay respects. For you lucky Billies who haven't completed these two generations, let's get started.

What You Need

As I said before, it is in your best interest to have an uncompleted G16 and 17. This will save you loads of time. The fighter sidequests Rush of Love help too, but I assume a lot of people have completed it. It is also imperative to reach Master Adventurer talent and get yourself a Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher. Also, plop yourself in the Adventure Talent while you do this. The adventure Talent give you a 50% boost in capture success rate and the dream catcher adds a nice 10% extra. Trust me, you'll need this, and it's a waste of time ranking this skill without these bonuses. If you're really rolling in the dough, you can snag yourself a Shamala Outfit (F) or Shamala Outfit (M) for another 10% bonus, but no one wants to pour millions of gold into one skill. So yeah, Demonic Dream Catcher, Adventure Talent, and those Generations and you're set. Also, for easier training, get yourself the Brionac, you need that skill training ability. Later ranks, your choices of ranking are to either spend hours grinding specific dungeons, or just using Brionac. If I were you, I'd just use the Brionac. Also, when you're out killing monsters, collect red and blue gems for Albey later, as well as mining some castle moonstones for easy access.

Ranking Tips

Every rank gives you around 20 points of training from just spamming transformations. This can let you skip collecting several transformations and straight up rank the skill. I know standing still and spamming a single skill might be boring, but trust me, it's more fun than grinding silly dungeons. Sometimes, it is more cost efficient to skip one particular transformation and collect it later while collecting something else. Also, I would recommend finding a high rank chef buddy (or yourself if you've ranked high enough) to make hundreds of Shrimp Fried Rice for you. Force feed those with 3 stars or more to the Hot Spring monkeys and they will shower you with dungeon pass boxes, and occasionally glowing statues and Snow Crystal which you will need a lot of in later ranks. Also, find a reliable way to get to Tir Na Nog, either by Warp Imp or just doing the whole dungeon thing.

Early Ranks

As we all know, the letter ranks of Mabi skills are piss easy to rank, except for some. (I'm looking at you Magic Craft and Hillwen Engineering) So for ranks F-A, you can basically just follow the two guides I've referenced earlier. I do have a few notes though:

  • Bandit Imp and Bandit Goblin You can use Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle. The mission where you reclaim the Hillwen Mine spawns absolutely tons of them, and you can exit the mission and re enter for more chances.
  • Blade Wyvern You can easily get these during the same Saga mission where you fight monsters in Vales. Same trick applies. Otherwise, snipe them down during a White Dragon Raid.
  • Bandit Human If you haven't done your Fighter Sidequests Rush of Love, the very first mission may spawn a few. Kill them and exit the mission to reattempt.
  • Sahagin Fighter I'd skip this and collect it later, but it's not much of a big deal since they spawn in Rundal normal.
  • Sahagin Warrior Definitely skip this one. Do not waste a Siren pass just for this. You can collect it later.
  • Elsinore Rat Collect it later.

Rank 9

Once again, follow k1nsoo or Larsa's guide for most of these transformations.

  • Ghoul You can collect these using Saga 5 again, but this time the mission where you retake Shyllien.
  • Stone Bison and [[Stone Mimic] When you run Karu Forest Ruins normal for these, run it all the way through and keep a few stone pieces of every animal that drops it, you'll need these for later. Specifically look out for stone venom sacs.

Finally, this rank is where having G17 untouched will finally pay off. You know Hellhound right? Normally something that only spawns as a boss in Math Dungeon? Well you have to collect it. (Technically, you don't have to to rank the skill, but it's an easy collection with G17) Now, I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate the Uladh dungeons. They take way too freaking long, and Math only spawns three Hellhounds per clear. However, on the mission The Identity of the Black Panther during G17, you get 5 Hellhound spawns, and they all have a chance of being collected. If you don't get the collection from one mission, exit the mission and try again. Easiest collection ever. However, DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT COMPLETE THE MISSION. Once you kill all the Hellhounds, exit the mission IMMEDIATELY or you'll be throwing away the blessing that you have. Easy pickings. Also, this rank allows you to skip 3 transformations by spam transforming. You can do that or just collect more monsters since most of these are very easy to collect.

Anyway, I skipped Spiked Worm, Hellhound (I didn't have G17 :c), and Gnoll (You can get these later).

Rank 8

Follow the referenced guides for this one, these collections are pretty straight forward. Once again, you can skip 3 monsters by transform spamming to rank the skill. I skipped Basilisk, Snowfield Spider (collect later), and Shadow Commander. Follow k1nsoo's guide for Shadow Commander if you'd like.

Rank 7

This one you can also follow the guides above. Also, this rank has you use the Stone imp parts you should have saved from Rank 9. This rank lets you skip 4 collections by transforming. I skipped Shadow Ghost, Ghost Cloaker, and Dark Commander but got the commander later because I was farming the Small enchant. (I didn't get it T_T)

  • Snowfield Slayer Easily gotten through various Saga quests, or you could just attend some Black Dragon raids.
  • Ghost Cloaker If you want to get this easily, if you have G16, the final mission of that Generation spawns a lot of them. You can bring some friends to help you mitigate some of the other mobs that spawn while you try to collect the Ghost Cloakers. A Demi Lich will eventually spawn and killing him teleports the party somewhere else. You can still exit the mission if he dies, but you may lose the chance to kill and residual ghost cloakers if Mr. Demi Lich dies too fast.. Kill some ghost cloakers, then exit the mission.
  • Pot-Belly Spider These spawn on floor one of Karu normal so you don't need to use any parts. Save any venom sacs for later use.

Rank 6

For most of the collections, follow the aforementioned guides. This rank lets you skip 5 collections. You will need to use Stone Hound pieces for this rank.

  • Coffin Mimic For this guy, drop 1 gold or something onto Peaca Dungeon and then check the first spawn room. If it does not spawn any mimics, change channel and repeat. Store all your gold in the bank or on a pet, though. The cc penalty for dungeons will slowly drain all your gold in your inventory.
  • Hobgoblin Grenadier Watch out, these guys do a ton of damage. I had explosion resistance, and they could still kill me. I'd recommend killing them with a long range attack, like Kunai Storm or Fireball. Remember to enter and exit Saga 5 for multiple chances at collection.

I skipped Ice Hyena, Specter Fighter, and Bandit Boss Ogre. However, these collections are doable. The Hyena you will collect next rank.

  • Specter Fighter For these guys, do Iria: Episode 2 - Hero's Return: The Trap until the final mission. Clear the first Karu Dungeon. It should be 2 floors and entering the boss room will drop you off into another 5 floor dungeon, with few rooms per floor. The first floor should have a switch room, usually the first room of the floor. If you have a Support puppet that highlights the correct orb, this part will be even easier. Hit as many orbs as you can before the door opens. Sometimes, a bunch of Specter Fighters will spawn. If none spawn, do the CC trick like in Peaca. It's a little tedious, but you can get Specter Fighter without having to clear the 3 floor Castle Dungeons.
  • Bandit Boss Ogre For this guy, Saga comes to the rescue once again. In Iria: Episode 3 - Waking Nightmare: The Chase when you have to do that super annoying sneak minigame, the third time you sneak in, a bandit boss ogre will spawn. Keep killing this ogre and exiting. Be careful to not kill the two snowfield slayers guarding the boss ogre! Only kill the boss ogre! You can use Lullaby to keep them asleep while you kill the Boss ogre and then leave immediately after so you can repeat hunt the ogre.

Rank 5

Okay, this one is probably the hardest rank, and you will most likely need the help of Brionac to get you through it. You can skip only 4 collections by transforming, and for every Brionac usage, you can skip 2 more. Follow the aforementioned guides for the "easy" collections. The hardest collections (in my opinion) for this rank are: Bandit Boss Human, Queen Slate, Specter Warrior, the two Glowing Bosses, Grendel, and Zippy Nipmore. I'll go ahead and say that you should use Brionac at least once for this rank, for your own sanity. This gives us 6 collections we can skip, but we have 7 tough collections. If you want to use Brionac twice, go ahead, but read the guide so you know how to get some of these collections later. In my opinion, the ones you should skip are the glowing bosses, Zippy Nipmore, Grendel, and Specter Warrior, meaning, you need to get the Queen Slate or Bandit Boss Human. This rank will also make use of your Snow Crystal. Many of the mobs here will collect in one run. However, there is one collection that gave me a ton of trouble.

  • New Gremlin I didn't know this when I was ranking this skill, but Alban Knights Training Center spawns a ton of these little buggers on floors 3 and 4. I now wholeheartedly recommend entering the training center on basic and fight your way to get this collection. The multi aggro can be hard to deal with, but I believe you can bring up to 2 buddies to help you out. Be warned that you can only use the center three times per real day.
  • Ice Bison These guys only spawn on the second floor of the Snow Crystal dungeon. Now I may be just unlucky, but for some reasons, these guys only spawned in small amounts. It took me 3 runs of Snow Crystal to collect these guys, which cost a lot of money. In hindsight, I should have just left it and maybe used Brionac. So if you don't get it in one run, consider skipping it, though you're already skipping a lot.
  • Skeleton (Heavy Armor) I'd follow Larsa over k1nsoo here and go to Albey red.
  • Queen Slate To get her, you need to get Glowing Stone Gargoyle Statue which can be pricey. However, if you feed Voight enough 5cm emeralds, he might cough one up. If you're lucky, you can get the collection in 1 run. This should get you to Rank 4.
  • Bandit Boss Human I believe the very first quest of the Fighter sidequests Rush of Love can spawn one. If so, kill only the boss human and then leave the mission so you can reattempt it infinitely. Otherwise, you'll have to do a bunch of commerce.

In the future, you G17 people can easily get Specter Warrior and Grendel, but I'll leave that for a later section. However, if needed, you can collect these in their respective dungeons.

Rank 4

This one has the most amount of monsters to collect. You can skip a whopping 8 collections by just transform spamming, and Brionac lets you skip 4 more. Once again, collect the "easy" ones by following the other 2 guides.

  • Giant Firefly Several will spawn throughout the last mission of G16. As long as you don't go as far as Killing the final boss and talking to the NPCS, you can constantly repeat this mission. I'd recommend killing the fireflies and exiting. If you already completed it, find a buddy who hasn't. However, do not complete G16 just yet, even after you collect the fireflies. There are still a couple collections you can get, though they won't be necessary to reach r1, but it's just easier this way.
  • Cobweb Mummy These are pretty difficult to get since they only spawn in Alby ADV. You might want to skip this one. Unfortunately, the ones that spawn in the Alban Knights Training Center do not count towards the transformation.
  • Sheep Wolf To get these, buy a bunch of MA passes and keep entering and exiting until you get Tir Chonail team on the first round. Lullaby all of them and dispatch all of the npcs except Deian. Keep this boy alive as he will provide you with unlimited Sheep Wolves.
  • Salamander G17 people (who did not move forward from the mission in R9) can run that mission again to have 6 Salamanders spawn. Kill them, leave, and repeat. People without G17 will have to attend an Ifrit raid.
  • Lost Sahagin It's kind of tricky to get these guys. They appear in Barri ADV, so get a pass from the bunches of pass boxes you got from the fat monkey. They're hard to collect because they explode on death, (be careful, they hurt) and their explosions are strong enough so that any other sahagins hit by their explosions also explode. Unfortunately, I do not think that sahagins killed sahagin explosions will count as you killing them, and you can't collect those. Therefore, you need a way to kill them all at once. This is what I did, but it requires strong intermediate magic. When you get to a room with them (hit as many switches as you can in a switch room), lullaby them. Next, equip a staff (or fire wand) in one slot, and your dream catcher in the secondary slot. Then, charge up Fireball. Fire it at something standing near the center of the dungeon room. Immediately switch to your dream catcher, before the fireball hits. If your fireball is strong enough, it will kill them all in one blow. As long as you are holding your dream catcher when the fireball hits, the 10% boost should count.
  • Bomb Steed, Prison Ghost, and Prison Zombie For these, you'll need to wait for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday and go to Metus. You'll need to do the fireball trick as described above, except you don't need to lullaby. Just lose aggro by Crisis Escape or hide, wait for the cd, shoot fireball, equip Dream Catcher, then Crisis Escape again later to lose aggro. Hopefully you can get the Bomb Steed collected quickly. The Prison Zombie you can farm without the Lich being there and weak Prison Ghosts spawn outside.
  • Korsek Raptor These guys can be gotten easily from a Black Dragon raid or various Saga missions. I used Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle. the last mission spawns a few at a time. Kill a couple and get out. Don't kill too many monsters though, or the mission will end, and you'll have to redo the whole saga to that point again.
  • Stone Horse Like k1nsoo said, use your pot belly venom sacs and the horse keeper will spawn as a miniboss. Keep him alive and he will spawn endless horses for you to kill.

With that said, these are the mobs I definitely would skip: Hellcat, Stone Gargoyle, and Skeleton Laghodessa. These are the mobs I recommend skipping: Cobweb Mummy, King Slate (can be collected later saving statues), Snow Zombie, Shrieker, (these 2 you can collect later), Gorgon, Skeleton Ogre (can be collected later saving passes), Salamander if you don't have G17 and you don't want to raid, and Stone Horse (if you didn't find any venom sacks). With all that said, pick up to 8 collections (12 or more with Brionac) to skip and rank this sucker. If you skipped some of the trickier mobs in my list like Bomb steed, I would replace them with the Snow crystal mobs, as snow crystals are expensive, but they can be obtained somewhat easily. Then if needed, collect Skeleton Ogre, then King Slate, then Stone Horse, then Cobweb Mummy.

Rank 3

On this rank you can skip up to 7 collections by transforming, and 3 more with every Brionac. Personally, I'd use the Brionac (I had to use it twice). Follow the above guides for the easy collections. This rank will benefit greatly from G17.

  • Cyclops Time to spam open your Rundal Pass Boxes you get from the fat monkey and hope you get lucky and get a Rundal Boss Trial Pass. This will spawn you several Cyclops to collect, and you have a very good chance of collecting them. If you get a Siren Pass, save that for later.
  • Lycanthrope The same G17 mission we've been staying on, The Identity of the Black Panther, spawns 3 Lycanthropes that should be collectible. Kill them and exit. If not, you should run Albey Dungeon blue for a rather short 1 floor dungeon with Lycanthropes for the boss.
  • Troll You can finally complete this G17 mission. Proceed along G17 until you hit the quest The Spirits of Evil Swarm In. Three trolls spawn in this mission. Kill them and exit.

Now, you G17ers have a little bit of a decision to make, but I'd highly recommend one choice over the other. The mission you should currently be on after collecting Trolls will spawn 1 Arachne. She is needed as a collection in Rank 2. Normally, she spawns in Alby Adv for 1, or Alby Hardmode, which are somewhat lengthy and difficult dungeons to do, especially solo. You can choose to stop your progression of G17 here so you can collect Arachne once when you reach Rank 2. I say once because when you kill that Arachne, the shadow mission should end, and you shouldn't be able to kill her again. There may be a way for you to kill her and immediately exit the mission before it completes, but I have not, and can not test this out. Doing this will make completing Rank 3 of this skill a bit harder, as you'll need to collect some monsters like us normal folk, and possibly use the Brionac more, but it might save you a run or 2 in Alby Advanced. The other Option is to complete this mission so you can collect other Rank 3 monsters easily. I'd only recommend saving Arachne for Rank 2 if you hate clearing dungeons (like me), aren't in a hurry to rank this skill, and don't care about how many times you use Brionac. The rest of this section will give advice for those who proceed with G17 as well as the normies.

  • Hollow Knight G17 people should proceed to the mission Demons Rampaging Cor Village which should be the next quest after the one we just did for the Trolls. Four Hollow Knights spawn here, as well as 3 Cloaker if you skipped this one in Rank 6.
  • Argus In G17, proceed to the next mission The Destruction of Cor Village. During this mission, 6 Argus will spawn. Kill them, exit, and repeat. An Ifrit also spawns here, and he might summon Salamander if you skipped it before. You can also collect this buddy in Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle in the mission where you reclaim Shyllien. Once you kill the two that spawn, leave the mission.
  • Skeleton Hellhound Our buddy the Hellhound has come back from the dead and we need to kill it, specifically 3 or more times. In G17, proceed to the mission Burning With Vengeance where 2 Giant Skeleton Hellhound should spawn. Kill them and exit. Those without G17 have to clear Math ADV to get this T_T.

These are the 9 collections I'd skip. This requires one use of Brionac. They are: Giant Golden Spider, Horrifying Herbert (If you haven't done your fighter quests, maybe those can help you with this?), Glowing Stone Gargoyle (If you get enough statues from Voight, you can do this), Glowing Stone Zombie, Mirror Witch (Collect it later), Glowing Pot-Belly Spider, Ogre Executioner, Stone Horse Keeper, Bug Bear. Pick another one from this list to skip, or more with another Brionac use: Cyclops (If you aren't lucky enough to get a Boss Trial Pass), Skeleton Hellhound (If you don't have G17, I'd skip this), Snow Imp (If you don't skip this one, try to collect the Mirror Witch once in the same run while you're at it), Skeleton Ogre Warrior (Light Armor) (you can collect this next rank to save passes), and Sarracenia (requires Dull Weeding Hoe or Coill Abyss but is doable).

Rank 2

Almost there! On this rank, you can skip 5 collections by transforming and Brionac lets you skip 2 more with each use. Follow the above guides for the "easy" collections.

  • Arachne If you went with the not recommended choice for G17, kill the Arachne that spawns in the mission The Spirits of Evil Swarm In. Pray to Morrighan you can exit the mission and reattempt it. You will end up with anywhere between 0 and 2 collections of her. If you don't get 2 collections, sorry, you'll have to run Alby ADV like the rest of us (or, just skip the old hag).
  • Leprechaun These little suckers only spawn in the last few rooms of The Other Alchemists. In my experience, I had to run the mission several times to collect them. The Basilisk is the boss of this mission, something I recommended you skip from an earlier rank. Since you'll be running to the end of the mission anyway, try and get some Basilisk collections while you collect Leprechauns. If you're unlucky with your leprechaun spawns and lucky with your basilisk collections, you may kill 2 birds with one stone.
  • Dullahan and Hell Steed These guys can be annoying, even at beginner difficulty of Ghost of Partholon You can't knock Dullahan off his horse like you can with Guardian of Ruins so what you have to do is attack him until his horse dies without killing Dullahan. To dodge his axes, you need to time an Evasion skill, but if you're going solo, it might be tough. A little trick you can do is to get hit by the axe once, heal just out of deadly, and then activate mana shield. Since the axe does damage based on your current hp, your mana shield should be taking minimal damage. Anyway, kill as many horses as you can before he eventually dies from your hits.
  • Magic Golem They only spawn in Longa Desert Ruins with a Mysterious Arrow. The boss summons four of these at a time and is invulnerable to all attacks except Archery with Mysterious Arrows. Try to keep this guy distracted in a corner somewhere while he spawns golems for you to kill.
  • Specter Leader Remember how you got the Specter Fighter collection? Same thing applies here, except two of these guys can spawn in a chest room. Open the chest on the first floor of the dungeon and change channel if they don't spawn. Eventually you'll get this guy.
  • Snow Troll, Skeleton Ogre Warrior (Heavy Armor) and Grim Reaper While you do Guardian of Avon, you can collect all of these along with any of the Skeleton Ogres you skipped from earlier ranks.
  • Castle Wall Golem I didn't know this beforehand, but these guys can occasionally spawn on the third floor of Alban Knights Training Center as a miniboss. This means you can have anywhere from 0-4 chances at collecting this sucker. Now, you can only do the dungeon 3 times in a day, and the capture chance is pretty low, but if you're feeling up to it, you no longer have to farm up the theater passes for his mission. If anything, you can come back and get this guy on the road to 300.
  • Goblin Hunter A ton of these guys spawn throughout Barri ADV and normally, you'd have to run that dungeon to collect these dudes. However, I recently learned that a ton of these guys spawn in the Alban Training Center as well. If you can't seem to get a Barri ADV pass, you can just get the collection here.
  • Skeleton Ghost A bunch of these guys spawn in the Alban Center as well. If you don't like running Maiz Prairie Ruins, you can come here instead.

This is what I skipped: "No-Face" Nelson, Head Hyena, Castle Wall Golem, Armored Bear (requires a pretty long dungeon and you need to run it at least twice), and Arachne. You probably won't need Brionac for this rank.

Rank 1

Congratulations! You made it all the way to rank 1!!! Many players might just stop here and call it a day, but there are still some easy collections that you might as well do while you're still on G17.

  • Wendigo You can now run this dungeon to collect any monsters you skipped from earlier ranks. You only need to kill the Wendigo once (unless you fail the collection at 92%... curse you RNGesus) but Mirror Witch needs at least 3 kills. Might as well burn the rest of your Snow Crystal here.
  • Siren and Cyclops If you skipped Cyclops earlier and you get a Rundal Boss Rush Pass, a Siren will spawn during there. You should be able to collect these two at the same time this way. If not, you can also run Siren Dungeon which you can also get from the Pass Box.
  • Giant Headless G17ers can proceed to the mission The Truth where 2 spawn. Kill them and exit. If not, they can easily be collected with Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle when you reclaim Shyllien as 4 will spawn. Kill them there and exit.
  • Succubus I'd recommend Rabbie ADV solo over Rabbie normal as 5 of them spawn in the boss room over 1 per run.
  • Ruins Gargoyle Might as well use up your leftover Mysterious Arrow and collect this guy right?
  • Demi Lich In the same Saga mission from above, Saga 5, 4 little Demi Liches spawn around the fake blue Grim Reaper. Kill them for an easy collection. Thank god for lazy coding.
  • Grendel Okay this guy isn't in Rank 1, but I told you to skip him earlier. Now, you can collect him if you have G17. Proceed to the mission A Ritual Against Demons. At the end of the mission, a giant Grendel will spawn. (Technically it's a Sacrificial Pig, but for our purposes, it's a Grendel. Once you kill that, the mission should end, so that sucks. On the bright side, the Next G17 mission Fickle Fate will spawn another one in the very last mission where you try to escape. It spawns after three Gold Mask Ghost, and three Demonic Poet.
  • Hollow Knight also spawn in the same mission if you skipped them earlier, along with Troll.
  • Specter Warrior I told you to skip these guys in an earlier rank. Well, three of them spawn in the same mission. Kill them and exit for easy pickings.
  • Banshee Finally, near the end of this mission, 4 small Banshees will spawn. They have a high collect rate and you only need 2 collections so this should be quick. And with that, we can finally finish G17! Enjoy your free 50 AP on top of easy peasy collections. I wonder if Devcat designed G17 knowing that we'd get so much from it.
  • Ghast Now this trick can get pretty technical, so I'll tell you first that you can collect Ghasts from Peaca Int or Peaca Abyss. Also, there will be G16 spoilers ahead if anyone actually cares about that so.... You have been warned.


In the final mission of G16, you will fight Lugh Lavada as the final boss. He spawns 3 ghasts each one invulnerable to a type of damage (melee, range, or magic). You can tell your party members to wait outside if you like, or bring them in for assistance. When you enter the room with Lugh, make sure you all step behind Admiral Owen. Lugh should aggro Owen. If not, crisis escape until Owen is aggroed. Lugh shouldn't bother you now. Run up to the ghasts that spawn (they probbly will aggro you) and cast lullaby on them all while Lugh and Owen do their own thing. Now, you'll have to kill the ghasts one by one with a damage type they aren't immune to. You can set party finish to all so you can finish by smacking them with your dream catcher for the bonus. When you kill all the ghasts, Lugh eventually spawns more so repeat what I tell you. Unfortunately, Owen actually does damage, so Lugh will eventually die to him. This means you'll have to exit the mission and redo it up to that point. You should be able to exit and retry the mission even if Lugh dies, as the mission is completed by talking to npcs. To be safe, you may wish to exit when Lugh has like 10% HP left. Eventually, you'll get this annoying collection done.

Back Track Collections

This is where you can back track to collect monsters that would have otherwise been inefficient to do at the rank they became available. Now that you're rank 1, you can do these to try and go for the big 300.

  • Gnoll, Sahagin Fighter and Sahagin Warrior You can collect these while running the Siren dungeon to collect the Siren for quadrupal efficiency.
  • Elsinore Rat and Snowfield Spider I don't know if it's just me, but when I was trying to make Guardian of Avon passes for Rank 2, I got a whole bunch of The New King's Request passes in the process. May as well use a couple and collect these stragglers. However, I still wouldn't recommend going after the Castle Wall Golem because he is only a 25% collect rate which is awful.
  • Queen Slate, King Slate, and Glowing Stone Gargoyle If you skipped these, you can try and complete them all as a set.
  • Ghost and Demi Lich??? In the final mission of G16, a Demi Lich will spawn (there was a much easier way to collect this guy, but if you haven't already, you can get him here. What we really want is what he summons. Hitting him will make him summon a bunch of ghosts you can collect if you didn't do so yet. Just smack him, kill all the ghosts, and wait for him to summon more until you are satisfied.


So there you have it: what I consider the most streamlined and efficient way of ranking Transformation Mastery (assuming you can do G16 and G17). Enjoy your free stats, and good luck on reaching 300 if you're going for that. Remember, you can only skip a total of 20 transformations so choose wisely. I'd recommend following k1nsoo's guide to reach 300 as he goes into more depth. Please message me or comment if you have any questions and or advice for me. This is the first guide from Auror of Mari. I hope you had fun (but you probably didn't).