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User:Larsa/The Mabinogi Transformation Mastery Training

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IMPORTAINT: I have been getting notes regarding my guide on the Transformation Mastery skill on my human character Larsa. While I still go on that character on rare occasions I urge people to contact my giant Dialgaprimal instead since he is my main now. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Ok I know a lot of people are hyped about the Transformation Mastery skill and the Transformation Diary and are probably wondering what would be the best place to find these little critters that you have to get. This is just to help people out with what is probably best to take advantage of and which monsters to leave behind (provided that you aren't trying to go for a perfect completion of the Transformation Journal). Also before we get into this I want to say that you are probably going to want to rely on Brionac's Skill Training as it will help in some of the most annoying situations, plus it only costs .25 of durability for each use, just remember to have at least 30% of the training complete before you go and waste any Shock Crystal's or Demigod EXP. In addition its best to get the +1.5x catch rate from the Adventurer or Treasure Hunter talents so you won't have to deal with those pretty low rates. So lets get started.

Rank F

Most of the mobs here are pretty easy to find but I'll just list the best places to find them.

  • Fox: Should be easy to find and locate North of Tir Chonail
  • Raccoon: There's a bunch of them around Dugald Aisle's Logging Camp
  • Armadillo: These little guys are all over the area surrounding Filia
  • Rat: I say best place to catch these guys is in the fields south of Dunbarton
  • Kiwi: The Green Kiwi's in Cor should suffice, one of my preferred methods is just to use 5 Charges of Icebolt, Counter, then 2 more charges of Icebolt.

Rank E

This is where some you have to run though some dungeons but I'll still provide the best methods.

Rank D

Starts to expand a little bit more so traveling now becomes mandatory, so make use of some of the free transformations and the Moon Gates when they are open!

  • Kobold: These can be found plenty in Math Dungeon (most preferred) or in Reighinalt
  • Plateau Wild Boar: These can pretty much be seen in a pack near the Abb Neagh path from Dunbarton.
  • Shadow Fighter: These guys can mostly be found in Defeat the Shadow Warrior or Dorren's Request Shadow Missions. There are other missions where they appear, but these are the most convenient.
  • Bandit Imp: These little guys are very tedious since there are only 2 ways of coming across them. The most preferred method is to get one of the low-paying items in commerce and camp around for Newbie Imps.
  • Bear: These fuzz balls can be found in Dugald Aisle or around Dunbarton.
  • Physis Fox: Very common like the normal fox. Can be found to around the area of Vales.
  • Wild Boar: These are a little tricky, since the only place where these guys spawn is inside Fiodh's Intermediate Dungeon, and I don't recommend it since the pass is hard enough to come by.
  • Imp: These little clowns can be found a lot on Barri Dungeon
  • Gremlin: Another tricky one, you can find a lot of them in Barri Basic if you have the time to look for the pass or you can just do Fiodh or Coill.

Rank C

Same process as Rank D, so lets get right down to it.

Rank B

Wheeeee where almost there to rank A, but dont get your hopes up because this is just half of the battle as the rates of collecting these monsters dwindle.

  • Porcupine: Look around the area south west of the Filia Mana Tunnel, there should be a few wandering around there (after you defeat one 2 spawn in its place so I recommend this for quick captures).
  • Mongoose: Generally found back in the area of Qilla so it should be no trouble.
  • Shadow Shire and Crag Cow: I honestly have to say the best place to get these is in Dorren's Request since there's an infinite spawn amount (Be sure to hit the orb on the far right!)
  • Bone Fighter: Plenty of Tara Shadow Missions give out these fellows but I would say that Shadow Cast City or Expedition (most preferred) would suffice.
  • Bandit Giant: Again just follow the same method with the other bandits.
  • Ice Sprite: These guys can be found a lot in Coill Dungeon, however some people prefer to just take the single spawn back at Ceo so either or would work.
  • Water Buffalo: Took a while to figure this one out but these are actually the Black-haired Buffalo that appear along the Suytu River near Cor.
  • Grumbill and Shadow Wizard (F): The Shadow Wizard mission in Taillteann is probably your best bet to get these 2 down in one shot. You can also find the shadow wizard in Dorren's Request.
  • Sahagin Fighter: These guys can only be found in Rundal Siren Dungeon back in Emain Macha, so unless you are capable of handling these dungeons on your own don't attempt to try to capture them.
  • Zombie: Don't get these confused with the Zombie Soldier's from Their Method (those are in their own rank), the only way to complete these is to go to Tir Na Nog and kill the pack of Zombies in the Graveyard.

Rank A

Yay were almost half way there to Rank 1. How exciting is it to be able to transform into almost everything? Well we still got a long way to go!

  • Shadow Warrior: Same as Shadow Fighter/Lancer. Most preferred method is back in the Shadow Wizard Shadow Mission, a lot of them spawn there so you should be able to get this in a single run. They do spawn at Dorren's Request, though not many are there.
  • Bone Lancer: Same Method as the Bone Fighter.
  • Elsinore Rat: I prefer going through The New King's Request Theater Mission in Avon since more of them spawn there than in the Guardian of Avon Mission.
  • Arat Deer: These only appear in one mission and thats The Stones of Sliab Cuilin. You might have to run this mission 2 or more times.
  • Fennec Fox: Generally found near the south east Mana Tunnel in the Muyu Desert.
  • Stripeless Hyena: Look in the ruins underneath the word 'desert' in Muyu Desert on the map.
  • Fire Sprite: Same thing as the Ice Sprite, either Coill Dungeon or Ceo
  • Snake: These usually spawn in large groups at the beginning of Fiodh Dungeon so keep doing that.
  • Poisonous Snake: Found near the Beach of Scathach, look more towards the outer trading post and be careful of other overpowered critters.
  • Corrupt Alchemist: There are two missions that these guys appear. The Other Alchemist's or Sulfur Spider in Tara, shouldn't take that long though.
  • Zombie Soldier: Now you can go and do Their Method, its the only place where these guys appear, but it should be doable in a single run.
  • Sahagin Warrior: Same as the Fighters, Rundal Siren Dungeon or skip.
  • Warg: These guys are found near the Whirlpool Mark back in Physis.

Rank 9

Look at you, getting all the way to rank 9, but now this is where the real battle starts as now the ranks call for you to capture some boss monsters! This is where Brionac's Instant training starts to kick in if you are willing to use it.

  • Stone Mimic and Stone Bison: These can be found in Karu Forest Dungeon, the Bisons you might have to run a second time since the 3rd floor they spawn in is slightly short. Alternatively, throw a bison part into Karu which you can get from the Dubious Bisons or feed Hot Spring Monkeys Chocolate Milk which can be bought from Fraser.
  • Pot Warrior: Yep we have to go to the Housing Channel!! Most preferred way of getting these guys is through Dugald Castle Dungeon.
  • Werewolf: Fiodh Dungeon is the best place to find these guys, just be careful when fighting them if your a pure melee fighter.
  • Spiked Worm: This is either a do or skip (I myself skipped obviously), since the only place where these guys can be found as I know is in Barri Advanced Dungeon, and that pass is more trouble to find. I rather not go through the trouble of trying to find the pass.
  • Ghoul: Yep we have to go through Peaca Dungeon now!!! *BZZZT* WRONG! Thankfully there is another method to get the Ghoul rather then just running a normal Peaca (even though they did remove the party restrictions on the dungeon). Another way to find these guys is in the Theater Mission Warden of the Gods, G16 Semi/Final, or the Demons Rampaging Cor Village quest from the Nightmare Sidequest and is definitely preferred over Peaca. Due to the The Saga: Iria update, they spawn in various missions. However the one that seems readily available and much easy to do is the first mission in Episode 2.
  • Skeleton Wolf: Rundal Dungeon or Rabbie will do to get these things out of the way.
  • Ant Lion: You have to look around the Solea Underground for these guys it doesn't take that long, however unless you don't want to get lost in there then I wouldn't do it.
  • Fighter Slate: Maiz Dungeon is the only place where these guys spawn, so unless your skilled enough to take that dungeon on your own then don't try it because the mulit-aggro from that place will mess you up good.
  • Hellhound: Yeaaaa this I definitely don't recommend trying since Math Dungeon and G1 Final are the only place they spawn (Boss Room) and there's only 3 of them that spawn. So unless your feeling really lucky or have the time to do it, you can just skip this. Alternatively, do The Identity of the Black Panther quest from the Shamala Sidequest as five spawn in a wave.
  • Alligator: These are found all over the Marshes of Pantay. Shouldn't be too hard to take them out.
  • Snowfield Bear: Best place I can think of is near the river that connects both Physis and Courcle, there's plenty of them around there.
  • Spider Wasp: Yet another problem, these guys only appear in the Alby Advanced Dungeon, and that place is pretty killer to those who are very unprepared for it, to add on to that, the pass is very hard to come by so I don't recommend doing this one.
  • Gnoll: Another slight problem, these dobermans only appear in the Rundal Basic or Siren Dungeon, again like the Sahagins don't try this unless you have time and skill to take those dungeons on alone.
  • Desert Ghost Fanatic: Low spawn rate a bit far down southeast of the Scorpion Mark in Connous. Mostly found in central area of Longa Desert, or around the Longa Watchtower.

Rank 8

Thought Rank 9 was bad just get a load of rank 8, this one will test your patience.

  • Dingo: These guys appear way north of Vales past the Foxes, so it shouldn't be that hard to find.
  • Cave Rat: Instead of going to Fiodh Advanced, many spawn at center of the path in Scathach Caverns.
  • Capybara and Ixion: The Capybara can be found around the Calida Exploration Camp in Zardine, they're pretty weak so they should be easy enough to collect. The Ixion however is located in the volcanic region, due east of Pera Volcano, and they can be pretty lethal to those who are unprepared.
  • Bush Boar: Spawns all over the east side of Karu Forest.
  • Stone Zombie: Another Stone monster to collect, these however are on the 4th floor of Karu Forest Dungeon, it should be simple and easy like normal zombies. Or, throw a stone zombie piece into the dungeon.
  • Short Horn Gnu: These are found in between the Flower Mark and Quilla, should be simple and easy to defeat.
  • Desert Rhino and |Desert Ghost Warrior: Both are found in 2 different parts of Connous. The Desert Rhino can be round near and around the Rhinoceros Mark, the Desert Ghost Warriors are found north of the word Longa of Longa Desert. The Rhino is slightly tough but the warriors should be easy to take care of in a similar manner to Goblins.
  • Beetle: Just a simple Longa Desert Ruin run should be enough to encounter these flying bugs.
  • Shadow Commander: I went the extra mile just to get this but its on everyone's own judgement whether to do this one or not. This mob only appears as a boss monster in several missions, however the one I did that took the least amount of time was the Mobilizing the Expeditionary Force back in Tara, the mission is simple short and easy to complete, however because there's only 1 and the chances of capture are deadly low, it may take a long while to capture this big guy (took me roughly 1-3 hours).
  • Basilisk: Just like the Shadow Commander only that this one appears in one Shadow Mission and its dreadfully long, expect this one to take longer than the Shadow Commander if you do attempt to try and capture this. They appear as the boss in the Other Alchemist.
  • Snowfield Spider: New Kings Request is the only place where they appear, so use any left over play pages you got from trying to get the Elsinore Rats.
  • Maned Hyena: In Cenae Meadows, there will be a field of Short Mane Hyenas close to the mountain ridge south from 'S' on the map.
  • Phantom Mask: Return back to Dugald Castle Dungeon. Good news is they should be in large numbers so you should be able to complete this one in a single run.
  • Tarantula and Jungle Millipede: On the west side of Herba Jungle the millipedes will be just a bit south from the Jungle Tree Crest, and the Tarantulas will be southwest from the mark closer to the mountain ridge on the map.

Rank 7

Whoooo Rank 7 is where the real fun beings, so are you ready?!

  • Shadow Wizard (M): Best place to get these annoying guys out of the way is through the Fomor Attack Mission in Tara. They appear in groups of 4 sometimes so be careful of that deadly Multi-aggro.
  • Shadow Ghost and Dark Commander: Reason why I'm putting these two together is because you can take them out with one mission, and that's Lingering Darkness. The orbs in this mission may produce a single Shadow Ghost so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, just be careful of the multi-aggro from the other mobs that might spawn. Also the Dark Commander is the boss of this mission so if lucky enough you can possibly get a capture count off of this mission.
  • Python Shaman and Python Soldier: Both appear in the Ghost of Partholon mission. Both are simple to take care of however its advised to be cautious of the Shamans multi-aggro and the Blinkers that may spawn in this mission.
  • Desert Spider and Striped Hyena: Both hang around the Sheep Mark back in Muyu Desert.
  • Pot Belly Spider and Stone Imp: Both hang around Karu Forest Dungeon. The Pot Spiders should be easy enough to handle since plenty of them spawn in the 1st floor, however the Stone Imps on the other hand may give some problems as there are only about 2-3 that spawn in a single room, so you might have to do this dungeon a 2nd time for the Imp. Otherwise, enter their respective dungeons.
  • Sand Millipede: This one is pretty simple and easy to find, you can find them near the Lizard Mark to the east of Filia.
  • Sulfur Spider: Only 2 missions spawn these abominations and that's either Provocation or The Sulfur Spider inside Shadow Realm (which is the most preferred), it shouldn't be that hard on basic difficulty, however there's still the multi-aggo to worry about so be on the watch for that.
  • Spike Laghodessa: Slight Problem, these can only be found in Barri Basic, Ciar Basic, Rabbie Basic, Albey Normal, Albey Red, and Albey Blue. So unless you are lucky with these passes/gems, go ahead and try to capture them if you want.
  • Pawn: Oh man these things are just so much fun...Instead of Dugald you have to go to Cuilin Castle Dungeon, the problem here is that you have to deal with the multi-aggro for them other chess pieces and they can hit pretty hard. So unless you can hit hard back and know how to handle a 3 way multi-aggro, good lucky trying to capture these guys.
  • Long Horn Gnu: These big guys appear north or east of the Flower Mark in Rano, shouldn't be too hard to miss them either since they are in large numbers so it doable.
  • Mummy Servant: Nother problem here, these things only appear in the special arrow dungeons of Longa Dungeon and that dungeon can be pretty killer if unprepared. I rather not do it but unless you feel it necessary to then go ahead.
  • Hobgoblin Warrior: Yea only the warrior Hobgoblins will count here, the Exorcists and the Rangers wont count to this, so just look around Lappa for any.
  • Ghost Cloaker: Another problem. These things only appear in Peaca Basic dungeon, and that pass drops from mobs in Math Adv, Rundal Adv, and the end chest of Sen Mag Castle Dungeon. I highly don't recommend this one since there are only 4 mobs per room in this dungeon, the difficulty, as well as the rarity of the pass itself.
  • Golem: This one is actually more simpler then most think, there are 2 other options then just spamming Ciar Dungeon, Ceo is full of golems and I suggest going there to get the counts there, another alternative is the Other Alchemist Shadow Mission however the counts will only go for every Stone Golem you defeat and since there arent that many its not preferred.
  • Snowfield Slayer:This one is a bit more easy than you would think. These guys so far spawn in three different places. G18 E3 Missions, the Proceed with the ritual! mission in E4, and spawn along with the White Dragon. To take the easy way the best bet is to fight these guys in the G18 missions rather than deal with them all bunched up with the White Dragon.

Rank 6

Wow, come this far already, well no turning back now I suppose! Ready to get some more mobs in that journal?! (Because of the difficulty of the collection at this point I strongly suggest relying on Brionac's Auto Training)

  • Masked Goblin and Stone Hound: A simple Karu Forest Dungeon run should suffice to get them in the journal.
  • Aonbharr: Problem already!! These things only appear in Falias and there is only one way to get there and that's to have a Falias Fragment ready along with Shock or Demigod. I dont recommend doing this because there are so many other methods of actually completing the training requirements, also this brid can aggro the heck out of you and would pretty much just annoy you. Alternatively, Saga's Episode 10 has Aonbharrs.
  • Blind Crab: These are simple, they mostly appear around the entrance to Zardine and are pretty weak, so this one is defiantly a must.
  • Cave Millipede: This one may cause some slight problems as these guys can only be found in the Connous Underground aka Ant Hell, and since the area is massively large people might have some problems trying to locate the little critters that are around this place. However I do strongly suggest that you take the chance and put in the effort of trying to find them.
  • Llama: These are pretty simple and easy to find in the Nubes Mountains, there's a plentiful amount of them here so you can hunt away until you collect it in the journal.
  • Forest Mushroom Spider: These can be found around the area of the Snake Mark in Karu Forest, pretty simple to knock out, just be cautious of their venom.
  • Goblin Keeper: Gotta go back into the Solea Underground for this one, there should be a map on this site to guide your way to them so follow it. Also to note these can be treated as normal goblins.
  • Dragonfly and Cobra: The Giant Dragonflies and Cobras are around the Marshes where you got your Alligator, so it should be enough to help get this done. They can be a little unpredictable so use slight caution.
  • Coffin Mimic and Cloaker: This could be a small problem, these call for you to go into Peaca Dungeon to complete, now there is a chance that 3-6 Coffin Mimics will appear in the first room, however there is also another chance that the room will be full of Ghouls and Cloakers, I suggest that if you are willing to risk it I say go for it(As stated before the party restriction on the dungeon has been lifted so you may attempt this as many times as it takes to get the entry). However another alternative for the Cloaker is to go through the effort of getting the Scary Library Pass, join a G16 Semi/Final, or do Demons Rampaging Cor Village quest from the Nightmare Sidequest.
  • Hobgoblin Grenadier: You can go into Episode 5 of Saga: Iria as they spawn during the To Vales This Time Quest. Just be sure that you are far away to survive their explosions or using a Explosion Resistant set.
  • Specter Fighter: This is another slight problem, the Specter Fighter is part of a Boss that appears at the end of any Castle Dungeon but you have to have another person with you (going in alone will just trigger the Incubus to appear), also there's only 3 of them that appear in the whole boss room. Its the same predicament with the Hell hound so I don't suggest doing it unless you feel committed to it.
  • Lion: These also count for the Lioness that appear with the lions back in the Cenae Meadows, there's plenty of them where they spawn so this shouldn't take too long, however they can pack quite the bite so don't let your guard down.
  • Bandit Boss Ogre: BIG PROBLEM!!! These guys only appear while you are in the middle of Commerce, and there's not even a guaranteed chance that they will spawn while in the middle of it. I suggest staying away from this due to the nature of the Commerce penalty on your damage output as well as having your ducats being in danger. However, if you really want to take the risk, pack up with low profit items just enough for rookie spawns.
  • Bandersnatch and Ice Hyena: The Bandersnatch is simple enough, just a good Par Ruins Dungeon should do, the Ice Hyena on the other hand is a problem, they only spawn in the Snow Crystal dungeon and that thing is extremely rare and only drops from the end chest of the Dungeon. I would just skip it just to save the stress.
  • Scorpion: I would look around the central region of the Longa Desert for these guys, if not look around the Rupes Desert or Raspa Volcano, just be careful of their venom!
  • Cactus Lizard: The Cactus Lizard can be found around the Sun Mark in Rano, however there are those brown/red tinted ones that you have to watch out for since they seem to be way stronger than the usual variety.

Rank 5

You've beaten them down this far, lets see if you have what it takes to make it all the way!! THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT SO BE PREPARED FOR A LONG TRAINING!!

  • Snowfield Ostrich: These things wander around Physis but you can find them easily buy waiting around the Whirlpool Mark, or just finding their stopping spots.
  • Phantom Tableware and Candle Spider: These things appear in both Sen Mag and Abb Neagh Castle Dungeons, so either or it shouldnt be too much of a hassle to collect. (Alternatively if both of those castles are not constructed Cuilin Castle Dungeon does have variations of these mobs that count).
  • Sand Mimic: These things appear in Longa Dungeon so it shouldn't be too hard to handle.
  • Reindeer: These things appear Sella Beach and the Barba Basin back in Physis, they are pretty bulky so dont limit yourself.
  • Ice Mimic, Ice Bison and Ice Bear: The Ice Mimic can be found in the normal version of the Par Dungeon, however the Ice Bison and Ice Bear can call for some problems. They both can only be found in the Par Snow Crystal Dungeon cept this time you have no choice but to try to get them, so grind that dungeon for the crystal and then run it. (IF you are strong enough you can solo this dungeon no problem with out the aid of a Giant. Unless of course you are also wanting to take out the Ice Witch for the Ice Travel quest).
  • Chon Chon: Problem...again!! These pesky....things...only appear in Barri Advanced, once again you can either skip or knock yourself out by trying you hand at getting the pass.
  • Buffalo: These things are easily found along the Reus River in Physis, they're not that tough but no need to get careless.
  • Bandit Boss Human: Same as with the Bandit Boss Ogre
  • Bishop: We have to return back to Cuilin for this one, yet again, they appear in roughly groups of 3-4 so you might beable to do it in a single run. Just be careful of that aggro.
  • Armored Skeleton: These things can be found in Rabbie Basic, Advanced, or Albey Red Gem, however Albey is more preferred if you can get your hands on the gem.
  • Queen Slate: Problem, the Queen Slate appears only in the Gargoyle Glowing Statue of the Maiz Dungeon, that place is just full of death traps its not even funny. You can try you hand at getting the statue together, or buying it from someone, but I prefer to look at the rest of the list before you think about doing anything careless.
  • Specter Warrior: Same as before from the Specter Fighter, same situation. Alternatively, do Fickle Fate quest from the Nightmare Sidequest as three spawn in a wave.
  • Ornata Spider: Now there are 2 places where you can get the completion for this, those White-striped Desert Spider's back in the Muyu Desert or the Red-eyed Ornata Spider's at the Beach of Scathach. Preferably the ones in the Muyu Desert since they aren't as deadly. There is a patch of them located roughly north of the Bird Mark Mana Tunnel and then slightly east next to a mount location for Ostrich (NPC). There are also some located between the Dragon Bone Tomb and the Sheep Mark.
  • Glowing Stone Hound and Glowing Stone Imp: This just keeps getting better and better, these things are only found in their ENTIRE GLOWING STATUE dungeons at the boss room, the rate of capture goes up surprisingly, however it doesn't help that you have to go through the dungeon roughly 5 times EACH just to collect them both, which is not worth it really...I would try to save up on the expenses of what will come before you think about trying anything with these two. You can also try your luck by feeding Hot Spring Monkeys the Steamed Rice that some NPCs sell.
  • Spider Fighter and Grendel: These appear in Alby Advanced dungeon, the spider fighters are more or less less of a threat however the Grendel is another thing another thing to take note is that the capture rate for these two is lower then anything else in this rank. I wouldn't take the risk of having to run this dungeon 2-4 times for the Grendel but there just doesn't seem to be any other way around it.
  • Wight: Nother problem arises, these things only appear in Peaca dungeon, worst part is they only appear on the 2nd floor of the dungeon, I wouldn't take the chance of getting horribly mauled by Ghouls, Cloakers, and Ghosts in this dungeon, so I would stay away from this.
  • New Gremlin: Problem Problem Problem...These things appear as a boss in the Barri Advanced dungeon...not only that but there are only 5 of them with a capture rate so low it really makes one cry. I would try to do this with a party rather then just solo the boss, considering that they all work in unison to create an Ensemble Effect that can just really mess with you.
  • "Zippy" Nipmore: Yep...we have to capture a Bandit Boss, however you have to capture him 5 times. Sure the rate is increased by a whole lot but its not really that good for comfort considering the rate of actually running into the Bandit in his own Homestead. Unless you really want to take your time then you should try it out and see if Lady Luck is on your side.
  • Wild Troll: Trololol. Sorry force of habit...Ok so these things appear deep in the Beach of Scathach, near the Witch's Cave Entrance.

Its simple enough though they do hit hard and are pretty bulky so try to keep on your toes.

Rank 4

Hope everyone is finding this guide to be of some use, because this is where things start to get interesting.

  • Mountain Sheep: You can find these near the Mana Tunnel over at the Nubes Mountains. Theres quite a bunch so this shouldnt take too long.
  • Forest Lizard: Roughly these guys spawn near the center of the Karu Forest back in Rano, they can be aggressive and posses heavy stander so stay steady.
  • Prison Ghost, Prison Zombie and Bomb Steed: This is where it gets interesting, these guys appear in the Metus area back in Connous (only at night time), these are very aggressive with everything else in the area so I advise that if you try this that you know what to expect in Metus and how to handle it. (Also stay away from this area on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays since the Arc Lich will spawn there and just ruin your day, however the problem is the Bomb Steeds only appear along with it so this may be more difficult to get). Due to the Saga update, Wandering Prison Ghosts can be found outside of Metus and are much weaker than the ones that spawn inside, as such it is highly advised to get the entry from these.
  • Anteater, Volcano Horned Wild Boar, and Piked Horn Deer: You find these guys around Zardine, the Anteaters are in the Sulfur Pits though there are a few in the area where the Ice Wyvern's fly around. The Horned Wild Boars are a bit south of Calida Exploration Camp, close to the Capybaras. The Deer are on the west side of the Calida Lake.
  • Stone Mask, Python, and Guardian Horse of Ruins: Easy and simple, these you can easily encounter in large groups back in the Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon. The Guardian Horse however only spawns at the Boss room, so expect that one to take a long while. After killing the horse, be patient and wait for it to respawn.
  • Chandelier Spider and Horse Sprite: Pretty easy to do, a single Dugald Castle run should be enough to get the counts you need. Though the Horse Sprites do explode and will deal a lot of damage when they do so be careful.
  • Sickle Laghodessa: Ciar Basic, is where they mostly spawn, however if you can get to Albey Dungeon you can easily meet them there.
  • Lynx: These felines can be found around the area outside of Cor or in the Nubes Mountains.
  • Candle Warrior: These you have to run back to Sen Mag Castle Dungeon to meet, they appear in large numbers so it shouldn't take long.
  • Gorgon: Due to the dungeon revamp, its best to purchase a Barri Basic Formor Pass from the Reasercher NPC at Poulnabrone Rock and running that until you get the entries.
  • Stone Horse: Another interesting situation, these appear as a boss in Karu Dungeon (groups of 5) and as a mini boss in some of the artifact dungeons (groups of 2). I think your better off doing the whole dungeon and going to the boss room however, though this can be frustratingly annoying.
  • Shrieker and Snow Zombie: : Another couple of mobs that appears only in the Par Snow Crystal dungeon, you can do these if you want, however the Snow Zombies can be a bit of a hassle on the 2nd floor if you can't get through their Defense.
  • Forest Golem: These can be found inside the Other Alchemist's Shadow Mission, there's quite a bunch of them in this mission so you can do it in about 1-2 runs.
  • Connous Lizard: These only appear in the Rupes Desert back in Connous, they are pretty spread out so it might take a while before you collect them.
  • Sheep Wolf: Another interesting predicament, and there are two ways to go about this one. Either wait for them to appear along with the Mini Bear as part of a Field Boss that spawns in Osna Sail, or to go to Avon and participate in the Erinn Martial Arts Competition and fight against team Tir Chonaill where Deian spawns them as summons. The best possible method is to get Deian to spawn them since he can supply with unlimited amounts of Sheep Wolves. Take out the rest of the team first leaving Deian for last, and keep defeating all the Sheeps and occasional Sheep Wolves that he summons to make him summon more.
  • Lost Sahagin: These can be encountered back in the Barri Advanced dungeon, however there are some that appear in the Rabbie Arena, the ones in the arena also work (given that you aren't a giant or elf since they cannot enter the arena. Also you must be either in Dark Knight form or non-transformed to be able to attack them)
  • Skeleton Laghodessa: Pretty darn interesting, these appear only in the Rabbie Advanced dungeon and this pass is pretty hard to come by as well. Not only that these things can be pretty deadly for anyone who isn't prepared for their high damage output. I would stay away from this, however if you are daring you can give it a try.
  • King Slate: Same situation with the Queen Slate, these only appear in the Maiz Gargoyle Dungeon, they can be encountered as a rare spawn through L-Rod Exploration however the chances of running into them are pretty low.
  • Hobgoblin Exorcist: Same situation with the Hobgoblin Warriors, though the ones from rafting would be a lot better since you can nab some EXPL EXP.
  • Ghost Servant: Appears in the Longa Mysterious Arrow Dungeon, they are pretty difficult to handle so I dont really recommend doing this dungeon just for the entry.
  • Stone Gargoyle: Pretty interesting, this appears as a Boss in the Maiz Dungeon, its pretty much similar situation on catching with the Basilisk so expect this to take long. The best way to collect this is to drop one of the Gargoyle Statue Pieces and run the dungeon, 3 of them will spawn at the boss room, however the dungeon's are pretty lengthy and difficult for those not ready.
  • Feral Boar, Giant Hornet, Sea Troll, and River Sahagin Fighter: The Feral Boars appear near the Scathach Camp, they are pretty aggressive and bulky so be cautious. The Giant Hornets spawn in clusters near the large tree just a bit further from the Feral Boars, but are also pretty aggressive and tricky. The Sea Trolls can be found along the south side of Scathach near the fishing spot, and in the Witch Cave (they are pretty similar to the Wild Trolls so be careful). The River Sahagins can be found in the north eastern corner of Scathach and deep in the Witch Cave, they are pretty tricky so be careful when facing off against them.
  • Cobweb Mummy: Appears in the Alby Advanced dungeon, they can be pretty annoying and deadly with AI's roughly similar to Ghosts however they don't posses those annoying Advanced Magics, though I would still stay away from this unless you are skilled enough to handle them on your own.
  • Salamander: Pretty interesting enough, these appear in the Connous underground (in small numbers) and spawn along with the Ifrit Field Boss. However I recommend doing the ones that appear in the underground despite it taking a long while.
  • Giant Firefly, Hellcat, and Ghost: These guys are spawns in the Peaca Dungeon, however the Giant Firefly (Mini Boss) and Hellcats (Boss Room) only appear in the Basic dungeon. The Ghosts only appear at the end of each floor of the dungeon as well. Because of the difficulty and the spawns, I would steer clear of these mobs. Not only are these ridiculously hard, but are also just killer on most people who aren't ready for something like this. However another alternative to the ghosts is to get the Scary Library Pass and the Giant Fireflies can be found in G16 Final, however its still not recommended for those who aren't skilled enough. The Fireflies in Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon also count to the collection, but again that isn't advised to do due to the difficulty.
  • Skeleton Ogre: These appear in large groups in the Guardian of Avon Theater Mission, you might have to do this a couple of times to get the entry however.
  • Korsek Raptor: Now this is the fun part. These guys, so far, spawn with the Black Dragon Field Boss and in various missions in Generation 18 . So far as it looks the ones in the G18 mission seem to be more easy to take out rather than having to deal with that damage reduction that the Black Dragon does. However because of the low rate, It might take multiple tries in the mission to get the Raptors. Now for the Filed Boss that is an easy alternative since they have an infinite spawn as long as the Black Dragon is still out, but the Multi Aggro from the Dragon and the other Raptors might give you alot of hard time. So the Mission seems to be the best way to go with this one.

Rank 3

Wow...made it this far huh? Well things get a little less difficult but still more harder then before so get ready!! Also the counts go down to 3 per mob, however the catch rates get lower!!!

  • Nubes Wild Dog: Just as the name implies these hounds can only be found in the Nubes Mountains. There's quite a few like the Llamas so it shouldn't take long.
  • Snow Imp: Another mob that commonly appear in the Par Snow Crystal Dungeon, thy can be found in the normal version however they appear as a rare spawn so the best method to quickly getting the completion would be the Snow Crystal (if you have one).
  • Sarracenia: These as far as I know only appear in the Alby Magic Bean dungeon as the boss. The pass is pretty easy to get if you have a Dull Weeding Hoe however for those who dont know how to get into the dungeon: Magic Bean Dungeon Pass. They can also be encountered in Coill Abyss in the 3rd room.
  • Armored Hound: These are also found in the Longa Arrow Dungeons, there's quite a large number of them so its possible to collect the entry in a single run.
  • Skeleton Hellhound: (More information needed due to the Dungeon Revamp)
  • Desert Bear: Easy and simple, they appear in large numbers near the Fish Mark back in Connous. However they cant be handled like normal bears since they are kinda bulky.
  • Pack Elephant: These are located in different areas in Courcle area, however the most recommended area is the place between the Swamp and the Meadow. However they are bulky so it will take a while to take them out.
  • Skeleton Ghost: Pretty simple enough, they appear quite commonly in the Maiz Dungeon so it should atleast take roughly 2 runs to get the entry.
  • Saturos: They appear in the Solea Undergound, however they appear in small numbers and can be pretty tricky along with the Goblins that spawn down there with it.
  • Stone Horse Keeper: Appears as the boss of Karu Normal Dungeon and as a mini boss in some of the Karu Artifact dungeons. Either way this one will take quite a while to complete.
  • Manchurian Bear: These appear in 3 different groups around Rano however I recommend the ones that are outside the area of the Karu Forest, just north of the Mana Tunnel on the south east side of the Muyu Desert.
  • Troll: I would put these in the same list with the Skeleton Hellhounds; however, they also appear in the Reighinalt area (however only 1 appears). I still think that running the Math Advanced dungeon for these guys is much better. A couple of them can be found in Math Basic, as well.
  • Volcano Lizard, Stag Beetle, and Black Panther: These mobs appear near the Raspa Volcano, roughly near where the herd of Black Leopards appear. The Black Panther appears as a Field Boss, however they spawn every time it gets close to night time so it shouldn't take that long to get the entry.
  • Horn Cobra: Appears in the Rupes Desert area back in Connous, simple and easy, however just be careful of the venom.
  • Skeleton Armor Ogre: Same as before, run a few Guardian of Avon missions and this will be behind you.
  • Lycanthrope: Slight difficulty on this one. These pretty much appear only as a boss monster in Rabbie Basic (Party), Alby Int (for 2) and at the end of the Albey (Blue) Dungeon, I strongly suggest doing the one for Albey since the Blue gem needed to enter the dungeon is pretty common.
  • Ogre Executioner: Kinda difficult if you ask me, these appear as a mini boss in Sen Mag, and Cuilin Castle Dungeon (spawns of 2) so it might take a while to get the entry.
  • Rook: The last of the chess pieces you need, these appear in the Cuilin Castle Dungeon, they appear roughtly in groups of 1-3 (depending on the spawn pattern), they're very bulky and will need some hard hitting attacks to defeat.
  • Glowing Pot-Belly Spider and Glowing Stone Zombie: Another Glowing mobs to handle...just like the previous ones these one needs their own entire glowing statue in order to complete. Thankfully its 3 each instead of 5, but it will still take a long while to get these entries.
  • Mirror Witch: Now this one is going to be a real pain. The Mirror Witch only appears if you defeat the Wendigo with the Ice Pole (requires a Giant to use). Not only is this a pain just because of the requirements to meet her but because there's only one of her, this entry would take some time to complete.
  • Feral Brown Wolf: Like the Feral Boar these appear on the opposite side of them near the Scathach Camp. They are strong and posses the 3 Standers so these will be tricky to handle.
  • Lizard Witch: Appears in the Longa Mysterious Arrow Dungeon, they appear roughly in large numbers so it should be doable in a single run. However this dungeon is pretty difficult so I wouldn't recommend trying it alone.
  • Cyclops: This guy appears at the end of Rundal Dungeon. Run the Boss Rush mode for quick entry. Or you can get them during G14's Kind Hearted Videk quest.
  • Argus: Interesting as these guys appear somewhat commonly in Rundal Advanced and in Fiodh Int (for 4), and Baol Dungeon. However this will take a long while to complete, in the long run I think the best way to get this entry is just doing a Rundal Advanced. Alternatively, do The Destruction of Cor Village quest from the Nightmare Sidequest as six spawn in a wave.
  • Bug Bear: These appear in the Ciar Advanced dungeon, they are pretty tricky to handle and since the dungeon itself is pretty difficult these are also one of those cases where it might take the longest time to get the completion for.
  • Ogre Warrior: Appears as the boss of the Barri Dungeon, they appear in groups of 5 each run and the dungeon is pretty easy (like a Ciar Normal) so it shouldn't take that dreadfully long.
  • Cave Sahagin Warrior: Appears inside the Witch's Cave back at the Beach of Scathach, there's a large number of them so it shouldn't take that long.
  • Hollow Knight: Similar situation with the Wights, however these appear in 2 places. The 2nd and 3rd floor of Peaca Dungeon and inside the Scary Library. Either way this one is going to be pretty difficult to collect. Alternatively, do Demons Rampaging Cor Village or Fickle Fate quest from the Nightmare Sidequest as four and two spawn in a wave later and early on, respectively.
  • Glowing Stone Gargoyle: Again with the other glowing mobs however this one will definitely take the longest time. These appear as the boss inside the Maiz Glowing Gargoyle Dungeon, and since the dungeon is pretty difficult and long I wouldn't try it if I was an average player.
  • Ruins Guardian: This is the boss of the Longa Ruins Dungeon, so this will also take a long while to complete.
  • Giant Golden Spider: Appears only in Alby Advanced and Advanced for 3. They only spawn in incredibly small numbers, which coupled with their incredibly low success rate makes them hell.
  • "Horrifying" Herbert: Another Bandit Boss that needs to be collected, however expect this one to take longer than Zippy since the rate drops dramatically.

Rank 2

The list is shorter here however it doesn't mean that the road is over yet!!!

  • Skeleton Full Armor Ogre: Another one of the skele ogres that require you to run the Guardian of Avon mission to complete. Might take a while to do however.
  • Leprechaun: These greedy little guys appear in the end of the Other Alchemist Mission back in Tara, they are a little tricky and may spawn with a Blinker or two so don't get cocky.
  • Cave Masked Goblin: Back at the Connous Underground is where these guys appear, they appear in a large variety so it shouldn't take too long.
  • Snow Troll: These appear in three Theater Missions; Guardian of Avon, New Kings Request, and Fortinbras's Expedition. However for safety sake GoA and NK should do, even though their Multi Aggro is still way too killer.
  • Hell Steed and Dullahan: This is another one of those annoying bosses, the Hell Steed spawns with the Dullahan and the Dullahan is one annoying boss when hes on that evil horse. His axe attack makes him pretty annoying along with all those Blinkers flying around. Unless you can handle this on your own, don't even think about trying this. For the Hell Steed requirement, keep killing it and wait for the Dullahan to respawn it. By the way, they appear in Ghost of Partholon.
  • Keep Hound, Wolf Sprite and Specter Leader: The Hounds and the Sprite appear in both Sen Mag and Dugald Castle Dungeon and shouldnt take too long to complete. However the Specter Leader on the other hand may be a different problem since there is only one, and like all the others needs at least someone to tag along with you for him to spawn. However Specter Leaders do also appear on the 1st floor of the Karu Mysterious Underground Dungeon during Episode 2 of the Saga.
  • Big-Horned Deer: These appear under where the Ice Wyverns like to hang out in the Zardine region.
  • Goblin Hunter: Appears as a regular spawn in the Barri Advanced dungeon.
  • Skeleton Squad: These things appear in Rabbie Advanced dungeon, worst part is they explode and do some pretty heavy damage when they do.
  • Pirate Skeleton: Regular spawns in Rundal Dungeon, shouldn't take too long to get the entry.
  • Magic Golem: Appears as the Boss in the Longa Arrow Dungeons. Problem is these need the specific arrows to be taken down. You can also use Life Drain's drain portion or Dischord's debuff portion to reduce the Golem's HP. Hydra Transmutation can also be used to lower its HP, but be warned that if the Golem dies from the skill it will not count toward your collection.
  • Snow Golem and Sulfur Golem: They appear in the Other Alchemist Mission as well, but since they only appear half way it might take a while. Sulfur Golems can also be found at Zardine's Sulfur Pits.
  • Castle Wall Golem: The boss of the New Kings Request Theater Mission. Since there is only one, this will take quite some time to even collect in the journal. However its best to just run a basic mission just to save the stress of going through the harder difficulty ones.
  • Balrog: These big beasts appear on that narrow like bridge that connects between the Raspa and Pera Volcano. They have Heavy and Natural Stander so these will take quite some time to kill off. Not to mention they are pretty hard hitters.
  • Head Hyena: Another Field Boss, these appear near the center of Muyu Desert, problem is they are immune to melee attacks. I suggest staying away from this annoying melee invulnerable mob unless your other attacks are sufficient enough to kill it.
  • Arachne: The boss of Alby Advanced (for one) and The Spirits of Evil Swarm In Nightmare Sidequest. She's somewhat similar to Banshee just without the one weapon weakness, but can be quite the hassle.
  • Armored Bear: The boss of Fiodh Advanced Dungeon, Its pretty darn tough and since the dungeon is pretty long I would suggest staying away from this unless you can handle it on your own.
  • Crystal Golem: Appears in large numbers along the Black Sands of the Beach of Scathach. However they are strong and have high defenses. I would steer clear from these unless you can handle them 1 on 1.
  • "No-Face" Nelson: Another Bandit Boss, same issue with the last ones however his rate of capture goes up unlike the last time.
  • Incubus: The boss of all the Castle Dungeons (solo) he is a pretty hard hitter and know how to use Ice Spear so unless you can handle a bulky demon like him try to steer clear of crossing him.
  • Grim Reaper: the boss of the Guardian of Avon Theater Mission. He hits pretty hard and can be a pain due to that curse that he puts on you when you get hit, but you only need to capture him twice and the rate is pretty darn nice so if you do capture him that is something to be proud of.

Rank 1

After countless heated battles the final rank is here at last, but are you willing to take it all the way to become THE MASTER OF TRANSFORMATIONS!!??

  • Prairie Dragon: This is one of those Field Boss mobs that appear in the norther part of Rano. Because its a dragon obviously this is not going to be a task that you should want to face alone.
  • Giant Alligator: The Field Boss that appears at the end of the waterfall of the Irai Falls, its not to be messed with and will pretty much kill a lot of people unless you attack in a group.
  • Desert Dragon: The Field Boss that appears near the Sheep Mark in the Muyu Desert. Expect this one to be the most annoying one of all to try and catch because once this guy is out, every single person is going to want it.
  • Wendigo: The boss of the Par Snow Crystal Dungeon. Shouldn't be too hard to take out for those who are already skilled enough to handle the dungeon on their own.
  • Succubus: The boss of the Rabbie Normal (Solo), Basic (Solo), and Advanced (Different variations) dungeons. However the normal run should be enough to get the counts that you need.
  • Sparkling Stone Bison: This one could cause some grief. This appears as the boss of the Karu Sparkling Diamond dungeon, one that is usually used to help Giants get their Wind Guard skill. The entire Glowing Stone Bison also counts.
  • Ruins Gargoyle: Appears in the Longa Mysterious Arrow Dungeon. There's quite a few, however the capture rate is pretty darn low so expect a long painful run. Alternatively, they're frequently summoned in Crumena on the Rampage in Iria II: Episode 2 - The Missing.
  • Siren: The boss of Rundal Siren Dungeon and Boss Rush... Most people should be able to handle this song seducing temptress, just watch out for that thunder!
  • Giant Headless: This appears as a Boss in the Coil Dungeon as well as a regular spawn in Baol Dungeon, either way this one will definitely take you a really long time to complete, an easier way is to do The Identity of the Black Panther quest from Shamala as it has a Giant Headless. Also spawns in groups of 2-3 in the Karu Mysterious Underground Dungeon during Episode 2 of the Saga.
  • Ghast: Just when you thought your nightmares in Peaca were were so WRONG!!! These annoying fat demon spawns on the past the 3rd floor of the Peaca Intermediate dungeon and accompany Lugh during the G16 Finale. Not only is that dungeon exceedingly hard these things will just wreck everything that they will see.
  • Amethyst Golem: These appear on the Black Sands at the Beach of Scathach, just like the Crystal Golems these pack quite the punch.
  • Demi Lich, Banshee, and Master Lich: All three of these mobs are the Bosses of Peaca Normal (Demi Lich), Peaca Basic (Banshee), and Peaca Intermediate (Master Lich). These can be hellish as the Demi Lich and Banshee are only weak to one thing...the Ghost Swords. The Master Lich is the most annoying thing ever with his Advanced Heavy Stander and vast amounts of skills that will just decimate everyone. I strongly suggest that you bring people with you if you wish to attempt the Master Lich. Or, hope they spawn in Grandmaster Missions as Demi Lich and Banshee have no weaknesses there, take out the Demi Lich in G16 Finale, or deal with Lich in Demons Rampaging Cor Village and Banshee in Fickle Fate from the Nightmare Sidequest.
  • Arc Lich: Here's where the real party is. The Arc Lich is the Field boss of the Metus area for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Night time only). And the worst part is, everything only does 1 dmg to him (Aside from the Bomb Steeds, Mirage Arrow, Life Drain, Dischord's damage over time, Wings of Rage, Devil's Cry, Meteor Strike's flames, Hydra Transmutation, and Celestial Spike). This is truly the ultimate test of will and determination.
  • Red Dragon: The field boss spawn in the Zardine region near the Raspa Volcano, just similar to the Desert and Prairie dragon expect a lot of people that want to transform into this beast. Otherwise, go kill Crumena of G8 finale, run the Shadow Mission Red Dragon of the Shadow Realm, or do Crumena on the Rampage in Iria II: Episode 2 - The Missing.
  • Turtle: These seemingly cute little critters appear in the Lord Mission Secret of Scathach Caverns, they may look harmless but they will really mess you up like there was no tomorrow.
  • Merrow: The boss of the Secret of Scathach Caverns mission. Just because she's slow doesn't mean she cant drown you with her lethal attacks. Note that the blue Merrow does not count.
  • White Dragon: Field Boss that appears in Physis. This one is perhaps the most difficult out of all the dragons, as tons of people will attack and/or compete for it and only one person out of them all will get the finishing kill. To make matters worse, the dragon's minions and lag will severely hamper your attempts. Just equip a fast weapon (such as daggers, dual wielded if human) then put up auto attack to maximize your chances of getting the finish.