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Skill Reset213:33, 30 July 2018
Grandmaster unique effects006:46, 26 March 2018
Chain Blade Talent/Talent EXP214:44, 13 January 2018
"life skill" talents and Holy Arts302:11, 4 December 2016
Hidden Talent Titles011:15, 12 January 2016
Gatherng exp312:53, 27 May 2015
Talent page102:40, 24 May 2015
Template include limit1219:41, 10 May 2015
Adventurer affecting Treasure Hunter Skills1212:39, 14 September 2014
Rebirthing into an Ace/Hero talent820:30, 11 September 2014
Grandmaster Quests past Reset Time017:33, 25 August 2014
File:Mabinogi Talent Choices.png001:37, 25 June 2014
Just want to make sure.109:28, 18 April 2014
Small note about character cards and Hero Talents...314:10, 24 November 2013
Hero Talent Skills421:19, 20 November 2013
Ace or Hero114:55, 16 November 2013
Hero Talent Skills1500:38, 14 October 2013
Are there any new Hidden Talent Titles?318:20, 21 September 2013
Skill EXP Tables1500:14, 19 September 2013
Vate1418:50, 6 August 2013
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Skill Reset

If I were to use any of the skill reset capsules (Perfect, Talent, or All) on a talent that is Grandmaster, do I have to redo all the Grandmaster quests and buy the Gold Certificate again to re-obtain Grandmaster status?

Tabari (talk)13:42, 25 July 2018

No, once you re-rank enough skills for the talent to hit Master it will go back to Grandmaster immediately.

Rydian (talk)04:43, 26 July 2018

Thank you, that's good to know.

Tabari (talk)13:33, 30 July 2018

Grandmaster unique effects

I cant seem to find the unique effects of each GM talent referenced anywhere in the wiki. If no further comments I'll include the unique effects under new bullet on the description of each talent. Example tailoring talent has no indication of "Chance of left over materials when using tailoring or weaving"

Chaoticoracle225 (talk)06:46, 26 March 2018

Chain Blade Talent/Talent EXP

Hello, has anyone kept a track of the Talent EXP provided by the new Chain Blade skills?

I'm farming AP through the Rainbow weeks right now, but I'd like to plan out the min amount of AP needed for Master Chain Slasher without resetting.

Vnp3 (talk)16:50, 11 January 2018

I don't have numbers ready, but you pretty much need like all but two skills at R1 (and the last at like R5), there's not much leeway at all.

Rydian (talk)21:57, 11 January 2018

Thank you.

Vnp3 (talk)14:44, 13 January 2018

"life skill" talents and Holy Arts

Since Holy Arts is in the Life section of talents does that mean it receives all the bonuses a life-based talent would get, such as gathering exp?

Squirel (talk)07:14, 25 May 2015

No. It is not a "true" life talent. I have no idea why Devcat categorized Holy Arts into life, and there's only 1 life skill in Holy Arts (First Aid).

Incompetent Bunny Mikaya ' ^ ' (talk)07:40, 25 May 2015

Seems to me that First Aid would fit better in the Medicine Talent.

Lionheart (talk)02:11, 4 December 2016

Because DevCAT is dumb, the categorization is pretty dumb if it ends up being severely misleading like this.

Might as well put a footnote saying that Holy Arts doesn't have life talent benefits despite being listed under as such.

Infodude575 (talk)09:40, 25 May 2015

Hidden Talent Titles

.̶.̶.̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶l̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶H̶i̶d̶d̶e̶n̶ ̶T̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶T̶i̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶p̶a̶g̶e̶.̶ ̶ ̶I̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶q̶u̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶p̶f̶u̶l̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶m̶s̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶m̶o̶v̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶1̶2̶:̶4̶1̶,̶ ̶3̶0̶ ̶S̶e̶p̶t̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶4̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶K̶i̶y̶o̶u̶r̶a̶.̶.̶?̶

Welp, looks like it's just a link now. Perhaps that can be brought up to the top of the page, as a "Did you mean Talent Titles?" sort of link, like most pages have for similar pages.

Duffie (talk)11:10, 12 January 2016

Gatherng exp

Hi, I'm just wondering if using a life skill based talent would give exp when gathering using rare mineralogy or shyllien ecology, and if so how much?

Squirel (talk)14:28, 26 May 2015

There's no Talent that these skills are assigned to, sadly. Currently there's no way to get x2 Mineralogy or Ecology training without using a Life 2x EXP Potion or gathering from the dangerous Large Crystals surrounded by all the Golems or Sasquatches. You could buy Skill Training Seals from the Seal Merchant on Sundays, wait for a x2 Life Skills Event or just slowly work at it xD;

Elide (talk)11:43, 27 May 2015

I believe he means getting character exp, not getting double training. I don't know the answer to that question, though.

Blargel (talk)12:05, 27 May 2015

Oh - whoops. Well, I'm pretty sure you don't get any character exp when gathering in Hilwen or Shyllien, even with a Life skills talent. So if you want character exp, go milk cows or gather rare herbs (just not in Shyllien) xD

Elide (talk)12:53, 27 May 2015

Talent page

Everything is broken. Please fix. Favorite page on wiki.

Shuhan (talk)23:27, 23 May 2015

Broken or outdated? What's broken?


Template include limit

So it appears the hero talent boxes aren't showing up due to template inclusion limits. What can we do about this?

Your friendly Server Status Script admin, Xcelled19422:48, 9 May 2015
  1. Shorten/simplify pages that are being included.
  2. Raise the inclusion limit.
MRTFlippy (talk)22:52, 9 May 2015

Shortening/simplifying the page is probably the most reasonable choice, since it makes no sense to have the page be > 2 MB.

MRTFlippy (talk)22:54, 9 May 2015

Yes, but how should they be shortened? What information is going to be cut out?

Your friendly Server Status Script admin, Xcelled19423:00, 9 May 2015

If done effectively, no information needs to be cut. Just use less junk code. Look at individual subpages and see which are using up the most space. Shorten those. Etc. Cmon, you can do this, Xcelled.

MRTFlippy (talk)23:03, 9 May 2015

I could do it, yes. But I'm consulting with other editors instead of making a large unilateral change. Maybe someone wants to use this opportunity to reformat the tables? I don't know, but I value other's input.

Your friendly Server Status Script admin, Xcelled19423:19, 9 May 2015

Is it really necessary for all the talent tables to show up on that one page? Why not just split this page into multiple subpages?

Infodude575 (talk)10:51, 10 May 2015

I also think the best solution is to just make the Talent page link to separate pages for each talent. Generalized information about talents can stay on the Talent page while the massive tables can be on the individual pages. This is also something Kadalyn suggested. A benefit of this change (or at least I think it's a benefit) is that the tabbed tables are no longer required. Tabs hide information to save room, but we can use as much room as we want on the new pages without making it look as cluttered as if all the tables were shown on the current Talent page.

Blargel (talk)11:03, 10 May 2015

I'm going to agree with the above, simply because it's like the easiest and simplest route.

We don't need no fire.

Sakura502 (talk)11:05, 10 May 2015

That seems fine, but maybe we can keep all the hero talents on one page still?

Kapra - (Talk)11:43, 10 May 2015

Hero talents can stay on their own area. Milletian talents can stay on their own area. Just have this page redirect to them.

Infodude575 (talk)11:55, 10 May 2015

I'm just going to nod "yes" and pretend I understand what's going on. As far as Hero tables...ugh. that place is a mess as it is, and outdated since free creation disabled hero talents.

Main Page > Small detailed page > insert table on said small page

Lazy Bunny Mikaya ' ^ ' (talk)12:30, 10 May 2015

If anyone wanted to know the number of templates that are on this's around 90.

And that number doesn't include the templates found inside those I'd around 150~

Lazy Bunny Mikaya ' ^ ' (talk)19:40, 10 May 2015

Adventurer affecting Treasure Hunter Skills

Considering how Ace skills are affected by respective normal talents, I'm guessing its Adventurer that's affecting Treasure Hunter?

Infodude575 (talk)19:00, 11 September 2014




Infodude575 (talk)19:31, 11 September 2014


Yeaaah, I'm with mika on this one...

Yinato (talk)19:38, 11 September 2014

>.> What's with that face? Is it that hard to give a straight yes or no answer?

Infodude575 (talk)19:46, 11 September 2014

You'd be able to answer a lot of your own questions if you read the event/news pages/in-game text in detail.

Yinato (talk)20:24, 11 September 2014

Well I already pointed this out to you in the IRC, but in case anyone else looks at this discussion with a similar question (which I hope no one does while the 2x skill exp event is going);

Currently there's an event that gives 2x exp training for talents related to treasure hunter (dual gun, mercantile, and adventurer), as well as a separate bonus for treasure hunter skills itself. If the treasure hunter skills received training from dual gun, mercantile, or adventurer, then you'd be getting 4x exp without having the corresponding talent as your active talent.

Yinato (talk)20:21, 11 September 2014

Not necessarily. There has been overlap before during anime summer, and we did not get 4x training without being the talent. Holy Arts and Soul Star, for example, did not give 4x training when they were both in effect. Anyway, yes, adventurer talent trains all 3 treasure hunter skills. Adventurer talent people currently get 4x training on the treasure hunter skills, and people without adventurer or treasure hunter talent get 2x. When a treasure hunter skill is trained with the adventurer talent it says "specialized skill bonus x2; adventure talent exp x2." So, I think it's safe to say.

Meru (talk)08:41, 12 September 2014

Um picture proof, Meru? Just to clear up the conflicting reports.

Infodude575 (talk)11:33, 12 September 2014

Here's one from my friend.

Meru (talk)12:02, 12 September 2014
When a treasure hunter skill is trained with the adventurer talent it says "specialized skill bonus x2; adventure talent exp x2."


Apparently not for everyone. I've been asking around and there are a few other people who have adventure talent and aren't getting 4x (myself included)

Yinato (talk)13:58, 12 September 2014

Just rebirthed into adventurer myself. Started getting 4x instead of just 2x. Better picture for better proof since my friends pic didn't have character info up. Pretty strange then I guess. Edit: Just had a thought. Did you change to adventurer talent before or after the patch? If you rebirthed before, maybe you got an old version of adventurer talent that doesn't contribute.

Meru (talk)14:18, 12 September 2014

I rebirthed after the patch. It seems to be on a per-character basis though. I rebirthed a second alt to adventurer and was getting 4x, but rebirthed the first alt (daily rbs) and it still wasn't getting 4x.

Yinato (talk)12:39, 14 September 2014

Rebirthing into an Ace/Hero talent

Do you have to pay Pon to keep the Ace talent you are in, same when rebirthing into it if you were in a normal talent but used an Ace/Hero card on that character previously?

Frahaleah (talk)12:33, 27 November 2013

Until people can free rebirth at age idea.

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)13:44, 27 November 2013

So update after 10 weeks on my Soul cannot rebirth back into the Hero Talents without a card. GOD FFFFFF-asfasfawfafds...excuse me while I go sleep on this.

Is there any update/change on this? I'd like to rebirth into druid, but I don't want to have to pay 39 pons every day (under 1k total level rebirth thing) to keep it...

Nanoiir of Ruairi (talk)15:52, 7 September 2014

You cannot retain any Hero talent without paying up the pons every time you rebirth.

Edited by author.
Last edit: 16:55, 7 September 2014

Eugh Nexon wai, that's so tragic. Why is it not just pons if you change it. :T

Nanoiir of Ruairi (talk)16:55, 7 September 2014

Why exactly do you want to rb to druid?

If you're rbing to druid just for the skill training bonus in 3 talents, then you're just wasting money. Since you're under 1k, you can have all of your skills reset for free. So instead of rbing to druid and then rbing daily, you could rb to magic/holy arts/medicine talent, get a skill that get's 2x training to r1, derank it, and then train another skill until you r1 everything you want under that talent (you're going to want ~600 AP)

However, if you just want to rb to druid for the skills, then you only need to rb once to get the skills. But honestly, if you're under 1k total, then you likely won't have the stats, gear, funds or AP to use those skills to their fullest.

Yinato (talk)05:41, 8 September 2014

I'm lv624 atm, and I'm being lazy about the daily rb's honestly. I've got around 15-20m in funds I can use, based on Ruairi market prices. I HAVE been ranking many skills to 1 and deranking them to save the skills levels/training for later. But atm I'm sticking with Magic, specifically lightning-based/healing atm. I'll branch out as I get higher in level. I have a (+23 MA, s5, 81-INT-Artisan) Hermit staff that I'm using for a all around magic weapon, and around 500 int @ lv50 w/o the staff equipped. Planning on wasting money on reforges for MA/cast speed reforge once I can afford that easily, though. I don't think those stats are bad at all for my level honestly, but correct me if I'm wrong.

I wanted to RB druid for the skills, but then stay as that talent for the training. But if it's 39 pons every time then I'll just do it once for the skills, and possibly revisit it later for the training.

Nanoiir of Ruairi (talk)19:56, 11 September 2014

They're not bad for your level, but you won't be doing stellar damage in higher-difficulty missions/dungeons. Most mages are running around with at least 1k int without gear, but you don't have to worry about that since you're under 1k.

Yinato (talk)20:29, 11 September 2014

Grandmaster Quests past Reset Time

Say I accept a set of Grandmaster quests, then complete them all after the reset time. Will Lezzaro then give me a new set of quests or do I have to wait for reset again?

Infodude575 (talk)17:33, 25 August 2014

File:Mabinogi Talent Choices.png

File:Mabinogi Talent Choices.png is now outdated as they changed the Talent UI. So, what will we do? Will we change it to fit the new UI, despite there being no single tab that includes every talent? If the answer to the previous question is no, what if they add a new talent? Will we separate it into two images like it is ingame to also show this new talent's icon?

Kapra - (Talk)01:37, 25 June 2014

Just want to make sure.

Fully training a skill at rank 1, doesn't add any talent exp, right?

Nise Panda (talk)06:29, 18 April 2014

Nope, it doesn't.

Blargel (talk)09:28, 18 April 2014

Small note about character cards and Hero Talents...

As far as I've read, the wiki writes that any character card used to create a new character will allow the newly created character to take a Hero Talent for their first talent. However, this is false. The Assistant Cards obtained through allying with the Elves or Giants as a human do not allow you to take a Hero Talent, they automatically throw you over to pick a normal Talent instead.

To be fair, not everyone has a freely available Assistant Card or only just created assistant character to try it out.

It's fairly likely that the Assistant Cards are the only ones like that, since the character card you get to create the first character still allows a Hero Talent.

SolAndLuna (talk)09:16, 24 November 2013

Old unused LE character cards probably also do not provide hero talents.

Kapra - (Talk)13:54, 24 November 2013


Infodude575 (talk)14:01, 24 November 2013

Limited Edition, sold for a temporary amount of time (not including Memorial).

Kapra - (Talk)14:10, 24 November 2013

Hero Talent Skills

Edited by author.
Last edit: 15:21, 16 November 2013

During the initial KR Live (not test) release of the Druid skills, we were unable to get 2x training on Spellwalk, Snapcast, or Meteor Strike from any talent but Druid (we did not receive it from Mage, Cleric, nor Pharmacist). Apparently in NA, you can get 2x in those skills with both Druid and Mage, but supposedly not Cleric and Pharmacist. In addition, we tested it on KR Live again today and you can get 2x from regular Mage talent. That being said, I have two hypotheses:

  • A: It is intended (making Hero Talents seem really useless in my opinion).
  • B: It is unintended and an abusable glitch.

Keep in mind that when you go to the Mage section of the Talent Window, you do not see the Druid skills. You however, also do not see Potion Lore or Shockwave. If you guys decide this is an abusable glitch, please delete this thread and never speak a word of it again.

Kapra - (Talk)15:05, 16 November 2013

Nope, its C, Era of the Mage.

Infodude575 (talk)15:20, 16 November 2013

Incorrect, if it was that event I'd only get 2x. I get that event + 2x, making it 4x.

Kapra - (Talk)15:21, 16 November 2013

Its intended in KR? So I guess Hero Talents ARE useless then.

Then, does:

  • Diva get affected by Music?
  • Vate get affected by Battle/Construct Alchemy?
  • Master Chef get affected by Cooking?
  • Treasure Hunter get affected by Adventurer?
Infodude575 (talk)20:52, 20 November 2013

I know Diva is effected by Music and Vate is effected by Battle Alchemy, not sure about the rest. We can only guess this is intended. Hidden talent skills aren't mentioned either so.

Kapra - (Talk)21:19, 20 November 2013

Ace or Hero

Both terms seem to be used. What's the difference? Are they synonymous? If so, which do we use?

Ace is the cards, Hero is the talents. Aces is also the update name. From what I gathered.

Kapra - (Talk)14:55, 16 November 2013

Hero Talent Skills

Just putting this out there before anybody tries to tear their brains out later figuring this out, Hero Talent Skills do not give talent experience to any talent, and are only trained by the hero talent. They are the exact opposite of Hidden Skills which are trained by three normal talents and give experience to all three. However, note that Magic Weapon Mastery and Guard Cylinder Mastery are not Hero Skills, so those two do give talent experience only to Mage and Combat Alchemy respectively.

Pyro - (Talk)17:24, 13 October 2013

So...Hero Talent like say for my case, Vate, will receive training bonuses to the respective talent skills of the three involved, but will not receive the training bonus the specific skills for Vate (Hydra, Golden and w/e else)

まそっぷ ! (talk)17:37, 13 October 2013

Vate will train Combat Alchemy Skills, Combat Skills, Construction Alchemy skills, and Hydra/Elemental/Golden.

Construct Alchemy and Combat won't train Hydra/Elemental/Golden. Both Vate and Combat Alchemy will train Guard Cylinder Mastery but Combat Alchemy won't train Hydra/Elemental Golden, only Vate does that.

Pyro - (Talk)17:40, 13 October 2013 essentially, the new skills for Vate can only receive the training bonus if Vate is the active talent. Welp, time to store money.

まそっぷ ! (talk)19:41, 13 October 2013

Yep, exact opposite of Hidden skills. Only trained by the hero talent, and does not give talent experience to any talent.

Pyro - (Talk)20:24, 13 October 2013

Is it hard to train those skills without the 2x bonus? Its not grindy like Fighter, Bard, Puppeteer, and Gunner is it?

Infodude575 (talk)20:31, 13 October 2013

Rank 1 Hydra (From Mabinogi Gameabout)

  • "스킬을 성공시킨다" . +0.01, 수련횟수 8,000번 [ 80% ]
  • "한번에 8명 이상의 강한 적에게 효과를 입힌다" . +0.03, 수련횟수 4,000번 [ 120% ]
  • "한번에 7명 이상의 매우 강한 적에게 효과를 입힌다" . +0.08, 수련횟수 2,000번 [ 160% ]
  • "한번에 3명 이상의 보스급 적에게 효과를 입힌다". +0.1, 수련횟수 1,000번 [ 100% ]

yeah...totally. Hydra breaks 1000 training counts at Rank 4, as well as Elemental Wave. Golden Time (along with Elemental Wave) has one requirement through out, breaking 1000 counts at Rank 3.

Too lazy to look up the rest. Oh we have it already...meh.

まそっぷ ! (talk)20:41, 13 October 2013

Yes, some skills like Encore and Emergency Escape are ridiculously annoying to first of all get, and second of all train.

  • Snap Cast is randomly obtained from using certain magic skills.
    • Training may or may not be seen as spammy.
  • Encore is randomly obtained from playing instrument and maybe singing.
    • Encore is spam-training.
  • Elemental Wave is randomly obtained from using Chain Cylinder. (Note that it has nothing to do with Chain Cylinder, and Chain Cylinder is also a randomly obtained skill.)
    • Elemental Wave is spam-training.
  • Golden Time is randomly obtained from using Elemental Wave (so it's a randomly obtained skill from using a randomly obtained skill from using another randomly obtained skill).
    • Golden Time is spam-training.
  • Festival Food is randomly obtained from cooking.
    • Training is okay.
  • Emergency Escape is randomly obtained from using Evasion. (Evasion isn't even in any of the three talents. . .)
    • Emergency Escape is VERY spammy-training. If you train the skill nonstop, using the skill immediately as cooldown finishes and do not take break, it will take 69 and a half hours to get this skill to r1 (almost as long for master title which is crappy anyways). In addition, you have to use the skill with at least 1 aggro on you and multiple aggros are not multiple training, and monsters are not quick to re-aggro you after you de-trans.

So yes, they REALLY want you to spend NX on these talents to skip the obtain methods and train the skills more easily. Also note I only mentioned the randomly obtained skills, some other skills are also really annoying to train like Meteor Strike.

Pyro - (Talk)21:47, 13 October 2013
If you train the skill nonstop, using the skill immediately as cooldown finishes and do not take break, it will take 69 and a half hours to get this skill to r1



I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at that amount of time...Non-stop...oh god that long? Bwahahha...ha.....ha....okay so remind me again, how much is a card?

まそっぷ ! (talk)22:42, 13 October 2013

A Zero card should cost about 1k nx more than a basic card if we don't get the rebirth update. If we do get the rebirth update, the card will be the same price but won't be usable for rebirth and we'll instead use 39 pons (if it is consistent with KR's prices) which is about 3.9k nx if it were possible to buy pons in bundles of 1s. Though, a Zero, Hero, and Elite Hero character all start with rF of the hero skills, which doesn't really make sense to me. Wouldn't they want to capitalize on selling new characters that come with like r9 Emergency Escape?

And to be honest, I feel like they're running out of ideas. For example, for Druid and Vate, they had plenty of ideas so they had a fourth skill which they had to keep out of the hero talent, in both cases a mastery skill. However, in Diva's case, Singing is more or less an active mastery skill like Playing Instrument is, they probably couldn't think of a fourth singing skill so they left Singing in the hero talent rather than the music talent. In Master Chef's case, Food Mastery is obviously a mastery, same case. On the other hand, Emergency Escape has nothing to do with making money, adventure, doing exploration, or guns. And on top of that, Exploration Mastery is obviously a mastery, so treasure hunter was really lacking.

Pyro - (Talk)23:51, 13 October 2013

Rebirth update?

Infodude575 (talk)00:00, 14 October 2013

Along with the Dream Update in KR, they made it so you can rebirth weekly regardless of age, and cards are no longer used for rebirth. (So they removed basic cards, and you have to pay 1k extra nx for a zero card to make a new character but it's worth it.) In addition, they also changed beginner benefits. They raised the beginner lvl to 1000, added a bunch of new quests items, shadow mission privilages starting lvl 50, etc. Along with the preexisting benefits of being able to reset skills at duncan and rebrith every 24 hours.

  • So if you're under total 1k, rebirth once a day.
  • Over lvl 1k, rebirth every 7 days.

This is an nerf in that you have to wait 7 days to rebirth now, you can't pay nx to rebirth every 6 days like you do now, but it's still better to wait an extra day and not have to pay. The 39 pon thing was added as compensation to this so unlikely we'd get the 39 pon thing if we don't get this.

Around the same time, JP also had a rebirth update where they kept card rebirthing and everything, but you now can rebirth every three weeks regardless of age. This is a buff in that free players rebirth to age 10 and get extra aging AP while still triweekly RBing, but it's a nerf in that you can't 2+1 rebirth anymore (two rebirths in three weeks).

In my opinion, unlikely we'd get either, though hopefuly we get KR's version and in my opinion, our version is better than JP's. And if we do get either, I doubt it would be generation-bound.

Pyro - (Talk)00:10, 14 October 2013

What about free rebirthing in their cases? I don't pay for cards.

Infodude575 (talk)00:27, 14 October 2013

Don't pay for cards or pons, don't get Hero talents. Only exception is the free card you start your account with, first ever talent can be a Hero talent, but you will only start with some of the hero skills, not all (a free diva starts with Singing and Encore but not Phantasmal Chorus) and you have to pay to maintain that talent if you rebirth. And if you choose a non-hero talent for your first talent oh well no hero talent for you without paying.

Pyro - (Talk)00:38, 14 October 2013

...meh slightly disappointed :s

まそっぷ ! (talk)00:02, 14 October 2013

Holy... (insert variety of censored words)

I got past Fighter, Puppeteer, and Gunner, and most of Bard... I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity from this!

Mikaya, it costs about 39 pons to rebirth into them.

Infodude575 (talk)22:57, 13 October 2013

Are there any new Hidden Talent Titles?

According the the Mabinogi-Saga micro-site:

"The Gunslinger Talent is also bringing 16 new Talent Titles, 8 new Master Titles, new tutorials, and new Grand master Quests to Erinn."

We don't appear to have any new talent titles that have gunslinger involved listed on the wiki. Do they even exist?

Ricebowl123 (talk)17:21, 21 September 2013

They probably do; it's just no one has bothered looking into it yet, probably.


Nope. They lied. Unless by "16 new Talent Titles" they meant "novice gunslinger, green gunslinger, so on..." Lololol. THEY DID.


LOL so that's what they meant.. xD

Ricebowl123 (talk)18:20, 21 September 2013

Skill EXP Tables

Since skill exps turn out to be additive values, should we have the tables as they are right now? or the accumulated exp?

I will need an answer on this before I continue with this page because it'll be a lot of work to change it after I finish.

I personally prefer the accumulated EXP so if I wanted to calculate my exp, I could just look at table and rank rather than have to add all the previous values to find the exp for just that rank and repeat...


Why not move the race parameter to the left of the skill icons then make two parameters per skill icon? One for individual and one for total.

Pyro - (Talk)17:31, 29 October 2012

Because even just the current tables were a hell of a lot of work. Feel free to do that after I've finished the current tables.


Very well, I'll see what I can do later. How about just accumulated for now then?

Pyro - (Talk)17:34, 29 October 2012

Example Images
So since the tables are sortable now (nice touch by the way), multiple spans would be questionable so just to test what would happen I put an identical second span to rest (top table) then hit the sort button for on of the parameters and it apparently reverted to one rowspan and cloned itself (middle table). So instead I suggest adding in parenthesis the increase since last rank (bottom table) and add a note at the top something along the lines of "The parentheses indicates increase since last rank, whereas outside is total accumulation." Although, this would add a bit of empty space to the skill icon parameter, we could always undo or change the 30px limitation on the skill icons to fill up the space. (Or we could leave the skill icon at 30 and add the name of the skill under it, but I'm not voting for anything.)

Pyro - (Talk)17:48, 2 November 2012

I like the parenthesis idea. About the whitespace, I'd prefer it if we just left it alone, and leave it at 30px; it's not much more whitespace created, although I don't really care about it.


Parenthesis seems so much better than making a whole nother chart.

Infodude575 (talk)23:26, 2 November 2012

Okay, I'll get started on it maybe tomorrow. But before I do, considering the width of the parameters on most screen resolutions it would automatically create a second line with just a space rather than a <br/> tag in between the accumulated and added values, should I add a <br/> tag anyways or just leave it out?

Pyro - (Talk)23:30, 2 November 2012

Hum, dee dum, what's taking so long?

Infodude575 (talk)23:37, 13 November 2012

My comp can only turn on in safe mode at the minute and I've been spending my time trying to diagnose and fix that problem.

Pyro - (Talk)16:05, 14 November 2012

I apologize I've been taking so long. I fixed my computer issue but am still busy. (Especially around the holidays. . .) But I started on it and will slowly finish adding it all in.

Pyro - (Talk)05:24, 24 December 2012

Kevin, I don't get you. Why would you agree with the idea and then decide to take it out?

Infodude575 (talk)23:41, 18 September 2013


  1. We needed to reduce the page size to be able to transclude the hero tables.
  2. Whoever started it never finished it, even after all that time.

Or did you miss the whole "hero tables aren't transcluding" thing?


. . .I completely forgot about this. . .

Pyro - (Talk)00:14, 19 September 2013

At long last, the fourth Vate's identity is revealed: us?

Infodude575 (talk)11:17, 20 June 2013


Remember back in Generation 12, "Four Vates" who saved Eabha from dying. Dorren, Lennox, Helvetius; the fourth one's unknown.

Infodude575 (talk)12:24, 20 June 2013

Oh. Then I have no clue what you're talking about; I don't pay attention to the storyline.


You suck then.

Infodude575 (talk)13:02, 20 June 2013

^What Infodude said.

And yes, I do assume this is the fourth vate mentioned in G12, though I wish it turned out Berched was also an alchemist and he was the fourth vate. =\ This vate's name is Professor J.

Pyro - (Talk)13:15, 20 June 2013

What does Vate mean irl and who's Prof J outside of Mabi, if one exists?

Infodude575 (talk)14:27, 20 June 2013

In Spanish, it means seer or prophet. other than that, it's probably a word devcat took and gave them the name on the spot or it just sounded awesome at the time of development.

if it matters, it also means a poet/bard in Italian o-o...though if you want to go and urbanize it...go with horrendous/hideous.

まそっぷ ! (talk)14:45, 20 June 2013

Guess it could mean seer or prophet since they did save a kid's life through a "miracle".

Heck, Alchemy can be pretty much viewed as a miracle...

Infodude575 (talk)21:06, 20 June 2013

Well Merlin is based on mythical mage who fought against druids (hence him BEING a druid makes no sense. . .) and Boann the Diva is named after some goddess. Professor J probably has a counterpart too but we probably won't know unless they say what the J stands for.

Pyro - (Talk)14:38, 20 June 2013

o-o Merlin was considered both a mage and/or a druid considering on which story of merlin you heard

まそっぷ ! (talk)14:52, 20 June 2013

The only J I know is Onose Jun, a japanese rock artist who goes by "J." maybe he's going by the name J for a reason?

まそっぷ ! (talk)14:55, 20 June 2013

Well duh they were the wrong SORT of druid :P

Galabear (talk)14:59, 6 August 2013

I don't quite understand your point. There aren't multiple kinds of druids in mythology nor mabi.

Pyro - (Talk)15:54, 6 August 2013
  • sigh* Was making a joke. It's like religion, yes I'm a Christian and he;s a Christian but he's the WRONG SORT of Christian, also he has that nice house and I want it :P

EDIT: Actually I'm sure there probably was a lot of hating of the other druids there always is in religion. EDIT2:Please don't make this into a religious debate. I was trying to make a joke.

Galabear (talk)18:48, 6 August 2013
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