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A Rabbie run with a friend
Brightbow in his natural element


Note: Since time of writing, Brightbow has become the secondary file

Brightbow.jpg Field Location Everywhere
Race Elf
Age ?→ Talk Title The Explorer of Rano
Profession Cuisine & Performing Arts CP >~500
Life ~88 (68) Mana ~86(76)
Stamina ~73 Damage ~30-55
Defense 6 Protection 0.00%
Strength ~19 (34) Intelligence ~76 (56)
Dexterity ~87 (72) Will ~38 (48)
Luck ~17 (32) Critical 28.3%
Hits 2 (Bow) Speed Elf
Attacks Not Unless Provoked Element N/A
Drops Misc
Additional Information He one day hopes to surpass the level of his colleagues, even with his limited playtime, as well as reach his full elf status, by acquiring Falcon Transformation
Brightbow's Birthday party
The Mabinogi Music Sensations Event

Life & Combat Skills June 3rd - Don't laugh

~ All credit & thanks to Kaillera for the Template

Rank N F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Combat Mastery X X
Sharp Mind X X
Critical Hit X X X
Smash X X
Defense X X
Counter X X X X X
Windmill X X X X X X X X X
Final Hit \
Magic Mastery X
Healing X X
Party Healing \
Meditation X X
Icebolt X X
Firebolt X X
Lightning Bolt X X X
Thunder \
Ice Spear \
Fireball \
Ranged Attack X X X X X X
Mirage Missile X X X X X X X X
Support Shot X X
Magnum Shot X X X
Arrow Revolver \
Rank P F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Production Mastery X X X
Weaving X
Tailoring ?
Potion Making X
Musical Knowledge
Playing Instrument X X
Handicraft X
Fishing \
Cooking X X
Enchanting X
First Aid X X
Rest X X
Campfire X X

Community & more

Brightbow - The Descendant of the Elves

Play times
Weekends 3 p.m - 8 p.m
Filia, Dunbarton, & Tir
General Goals
Falcon, & Adv Magic
Current Priority
Looking for Christian Guild
O n Semhain, during the early stages of the month of February (by human terms), the spirited elf, to be known as Brightbow from then on, first entered the word of Mabinogi. From the start, he was noted to be dedicated and persevering, flying through the training ground, with honours, you could say. He quickly became acquainted with the town leader, and the other service peoples around town, while proudly wearing 'the Descendant of the Elves' title, and flying through his beginner quests. Soon, with some help from his friends, he was free of the not-so-coveted Eiry, and stared his area of independence with a brand new leather longbow in his hand.
U nfortunately, Brightbow, taking advantage of his new independent life, soon broke his bow for the first time, during a Ciar dungeon run. Unaware of the dangers, he stopped at Ferghus' place, having trust in the servicemen & women of Erin. Well, let's just say Fergus soon became the one person in Erin lacking Brightbow's trust. It was around this time that Brightbow, reaching the first step of his elven potential, learned the skill Mirage Missile. Ever since, Mirage Missile has moved to the far left end of his hot key bar, triumphantly taking the spot of F1, as well as becoming his priority in levelling, skill-wise.
T hese days, Brightbow, due to his dedication and persistance, is usually seen farming Longa Ruins Dungeon in an effort to advance Mirage Missile, or in more difficult dungeons, with his friend, who will remain unnamed due to his many alter-egos. Unfortunately, busy weekdays limit Brightbow's performance time to only the weekends, forcing him to prolong the completion of his goals. Sadly, the aforementioned curse has delayed him in his effort to become a Falcon, forcing his friend to wait for him, and denying himself the oppurtunity to reach his full elven potential. But thankfully, because of his perfectionist nature, he will always be striving forward.
S o the next time you see Brightbow, why don't you buddy him? Tell him that you read his biography, and he'll be sure to expect money from you encourage you and give you support. Just be sure to introduce yourself, so he doesn't confuse you for a friend who's being annoying and stalking him (spoon909), give him the polite buddy fee welcoming tax, and I'm sure he'll try his best to live up to your expectations.

~ A servant of God → (a.k.a Morrighan)

Other Characters

NEW!Primary File
Play times
Weekends 3 p.m - 8 p.m
Filia / Courcle & Dunbarton
General Goals
G2 Scenario (Paladin)
Current Priority
Skill Ranking
Biological Brother
Play times
Weekends 3 p.m - 8 p.m
General Goals
To surpass me
Current Priority
Reaching Independence
Tribolt.jpg Picture to be updated
Combined Effort File
Play times
Whenever one of the triforce is available
Filia & Tir
General Goals
To excel in Magical Abilities
Current Priority
Firebolt Rank 9

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Pictures to be Removed

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Preferred ... Brightbow
Dungeon (Farming) Longa Desert Ruins
Dungeon (Leisure) Ciar (Beginner)
Town Dunbarton
Weapon (ranged) Leather Long Bow
Weapon (melee) Hooked Cutlass | Gladius
Preferred ... Criticalxhit
Dungeon (Farming) Longa Desert Ruins (Topaz)
Dungeon (Leisure) Ciar Normal (Basic w/others)
Town Dunbarton
Weapon (Main) Gladius' (Dual wield)
Weapon (Aux.) Bastard Sword + Kite Shield

The Triforce

The Triforce is a group of three closely connected characters that have worked together in thier efforts to train tribolt, the prototype elven magician. Also on the file is Triforce, which serves as storage and a secondary base of operation for the Triforce


To be updated, and blank spaces are space savers :)
Thanks to Kaillera and ladywinter for templates & ideas
Note: I'm not generally supposed to play Mabinogi, or browse the internet on weekdays, so contributions usually are applied on weekends, if I notice something during play. '_~ /b -Now that school has started, play time time is minimal Unrelated: Giving out lockerz invites - if you don't know what i'm talking about check it out