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Iria II: Episode 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice

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The Saga: Iria II

< Iria II: Episode 5 - Dian Cecht Generation 19: The Divine Knights >

Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
If you do not wish to read further, please return to the home page.
Iria II Title.png
Saga Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Episode 6, open the Chapter Info menu, select the "Chapter 5 The Saga" tab, click the Watch button, and select "EP 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice" under "Iria II".
  • You may not play other episodes while playing this episode.
  • Replaying the episode costs 5000 Gold.
  • Warning: Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress.
With Dian out of the way, the ritual continued under Ruairi's guidance. He claimed to want to extract the "God Fragment" from Tarlach to turn him into a normal child, yet the ritual itself could be a sham...


Iria II: Episode 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice is the sixth and final episode of The Saga: Iria II. With the leader of the Cessair defeated, the Milletian, Merlin, and Treasure Hunter continue climbing Nemeton to save Young Tarlach. However, Ruairi plans to use Dian's ritual for his own goals.

NPCs involved in Episode 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice


Merlin.png Name Ritual NPC Cessair's Heart
Treasure Hunter
Young Tarlach

To start the episode, open the Saga menu, select the "Iria II" tab, select "EP 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice" and watch the Episode 6 cinematic.
After the cinematic, a cutscene will occur. You will be teleported to Dian's Chambers of Nemeton and receive a Nemeton Wax Wings, afterwards.


  1. Talk to Merlin in Dian's Chambers. You will enter the Shadow Mission, "The Mind of Tarlach".
    • You will role-play as Ruairi.
      1. Talk to Tarlach.
      2. Talk to Tarlach again. A cutscene will occur.
        • Once the cutscene is finished, the mission will automatically complete and you will be teleported to the Top Floor Altar.
  2. Talk to Merlin by Nemeton's top floor altar.
    • A cutscene will occur and you will enter the Shadow Mission, "Heart's Awakening".
      • You will fight Cessair's Heart. She will use Dual Gun Skills along with the following other skills:
        • Dian's Trap: A multiple AoE attack that will Knockdown the player upon use. After 5 seconds, the attack drops meteor-like magic onto certain points of the map. They are indicated by a purplish-circle on the ground.
        • Gold Dragon Roar Skill: Heart floats into the air, receiving immunity to all damage while she summons the Gold Dragon to cast Meteor on the battlefield. This skill is similar to how the Dragon Support action works.
      • Cessair's Heart is particularly susceptible to Firebolt spam, lacking both Mana Deflector and any skills that outrange it.
      • Upon defeating Cessair's Heart, a cutscene will occur.
  3. You will be rewarded [40,000 EXP, 2,500 Gold]
  4. Talk to the Treasure Hunter by Nemeton's top floor altar.
    • A cutscene will play and you will enter the Shadow Mission, "Run!".
      • You will role-play as the Treasure Hunter.
      1. Cessairs and Cessair Commanders will spawn while Merlin will assist you.
      2. Head towards the yellow pillar of light to initiate the next stage.
      3. Listen to Treasure Hunter's explanation to begin this stage of the mission.
      4. Head towards the six yellow pillars of light located around the Altar. The last location will be marked by a red cross-hair circle.
        • You must outrun the Cessairs without the red circles on the floor catching up, otherwise the mission will fail.
          • The green circles resets the cooldown of all your skills and grant you Way of the Gun duration. While useful, the brief animation may actually slow you down.
        • Cessair Officers (blue robe), Wire Pulling Cessairs (green robe), and Cessair Officers (red robe) will spawn along the way.
        • The blue robed Cessair Officers should be ignored as they do not attack the player.
        • It is best to stay out of range of all the other enemies and go straight for each objective.
        • Despite the game suggesting to use Shooting Rush, it is recommended not to use it, as due to the skill's functions Shooting Rush may frequently result in going the opposite direction. Using Shooting Rush may also lower frame rate.
          • Lag may also cause the player to go in the opposite direction.
        • For players with low frame rate, it is recommended to use the keyboard arrow keys to move around. Using skills and running across green circles is not advised as they may lower frame rate.
  5. Talk to Merlin by Nemeton's top floor again.
  6. You will be rewarded [40,000 EXP, 2,500 Gold]
  7. Complete the quest. [50,000 EXP, 10,000 Gold]


Merlin.png Name Door NPC Cessair's Heart
Young Tarlach

  1. Talk to Ruairi at the World's End.
  2. Talk to Ruairi at the World's End again.
  3. You will be rewarded [70,000 EXP, 5,000 Gold]
  4. Talk to Merlin in Muyu Desert.
    • A cutscene will occur.
  5. Complete the quest. [50,000 EXP; 10,000 Gold; AP 20 Potion]
    • Replaying this episode does not reward another AP Potion.
      • You will also receive an AP 60 Potion if you have completed the prologue and all six episodes.
    • Upon completing the quest, the Nemeton Wax Wings will be removed from your inventory.

The Saga: Iria II

< Iria II: Episode 5 - Dian Cecht Generation 19: The Divine Knights >