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Premium Service

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The new Mabinogi Premium Service for North America

Inventory Plus Service

A great place to start. The Inventory Plus Service offers players more space to carry goods and more ways to sell them!

As of May 1st, 2013, all accounts receive Inventory Plus Service for free.

  • Bonus Bank Slots: Keep more stuff in bank, available when you need it!
  • Item Transfer: Share items between different characters on the same account.
  • Personal Shop: Set up your own personal storefront to buy and sell gear with other players.
  • Item Bags: Characters can buy Item Bags to carry more stuff.

Premium Service

Premium Service enriches your fantasy life with awesome enhancements like experience bonuses, guild creation tools, and free items!

Costs 1,090 NX for one day, 10,900 NX for 30 days, and 27,700 NX for 90 days.

  • Guild creation and management tools: Allows players to create and manage a Guild.
  • Housing: Allows you to rent a house.
  • Experience bonuses: Adds a 10% bonus to Combat Experience, removes Camping Penalty, and removes the experience loss from reviving in town.
  • Proficiency bonus: Multiplies proficiency gain by 2.5.
  • Access to additional Gestures: Allows the player to use Premium Gestures.
  • Birthday presents from Nao: Players receive an accessory from Nao on the day the character was created.
    • The accessory may come with enchants that are: constellation-related (Human), plant-related (Elf), or weather-related (Giant).
  • Daily Advanced Play Items: A daily random item giveaway for each character. See the list below for the rewards available.
  • Taillteann Farm Rentals: Allows players to lease a plot of farmland in Taillteann.
  • Inventory: Allows access to the VIP Inventory Tab

VIP Service

Are you ready to live like a VIP? Mabinogi VIP Service enhances your fantasy life with exclusive missions, premium features, and free items so you can make the most of your time in Erinn.

Costs 1,490 NX for one day, 14,900 NX for 30 days, and 37,900 NX for 90 days.

  • Premium Service: Includes everything in the Premium Service package.
  • Unlimited Continent Warp: The 12th hour refresh restriction on the Continent Warp Action are lifted, allowing the player to use it as many times as they wish.
  • VIP-exclusive Shadow Missions: Two additional daily Shadow Missions available to VIP members that offer double EXP.
    • Players who perform these missions without VIP Service will receive the regular amount.
    • Note: VIP shadow missions only offer an experience multiplier for completion, you do not receive a daily quest for VIP shadow missions
  • Free Access to Style Tab: Allows access to the Style Tab.
  • Increased Item Durability: Durability of items decay 25% slower.

Daily Advanced Play Items

Daily Advanced Play Items selection wheel