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Small Glittering Star.png
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The truth seeker / The blissful dreamer / The Caller of Light / Who cherishes childlike innocence / the One whom Caswyn Trusts / The Motivated / The Most Precise / The Virtuous
Grandmaster Glyphwright Icon.png Soll
Guild Guild OfficerIncubus
Home Nearyn
Gender NB
Race Elf100
Age 30
Part-Time Job {{{Part-Time}}}
Repair {{{Repair}}}
Server Ruairi100
Total Level 40k+
Current Arcana Dark Diviner
Current Talent Chain Slasher Magic
Favorite Skill Shyllien Ecology.png100
Transformations Fury of Connous.png100Awakening of Light.png100Nascent Divinity.png100
Demigod Support Neamhain Skill Icon.png
Mainstream Quests
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22 23 24 25
The Saga: Iria
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The Saga: Iria II
P 1 2 3 4 5 6

  • I do a little bit of everything. MML, Wiki contributions, walking ingame database....
  • MabiLore fan
  • Homestead open for chilling anytime for the willing


I'm on the official mabinogi discord. You can also note me in-game.

Mabi stuff

*Has been playing Mabinogi since G17S2 update.

All skills ranked to 1 as of 2022.

  • First skill mastered: Smash
  • First skill advanced to Dan3: Smash
  • First talent mastered: Bard
  • First GM: Music

To-do list

list for myself to keep track of (bolded: priority)

Worked on right now

  • Contribute to Kett's Food revamp and convert to form
  • Review and create resource maps for every in-game location.
  • Uniform NPC pages (in progress. gen npcs require update of Npc infobox.)
    • npc categorization (mainstream npcs)
  • Update + fix the wiki pages's arborescence and remove category redundancy
    • Game System
    • Equipment
    • Weapons
    • Create navboxes for individual systems, separate massive pages /w different functions ex: commerce
  • create actual categories for some that should be categories and not pages

Middle term work

  • Write in updated scripts and missing ones
  • fill out Wiki resources
  • Create more navboxes
  • Baltane Squire quests page
  • Create Keyword responses/Special responses form page for NPCS

Longterm work

  • Update all scripts to use the same format as shown on my script guide userpage
  • Finish Lords and Secret Mission pages
  • Finish dungeon pages
  • Convert missions to not use missiontemplate anymore
  • g19-g25 items (in Progress)
  • g19-25 missing npc / monster pages
  • c6-7 quests fill-in
  • Review all existing scripts and proof for typos and normalize all mentions of player to (Character Name)
  • Add lore info
  • finish order of black moon page / redirects
  • rewrite the lore essays on some NPC pages to be less gen-summary and more tied in to the npc
  • Category Pages:
    • Detail categories dependent on systems
    • Review Monster Families Pages, update monster pictures as needed (In Progress)
    • Missing groups of people
      • Adventurer's Guild, Aliech Scholars' Association

Big ProjectTM

  • Category:New Monster Handling Project
    • Probably needs additionnal properties
    • Semantic drops(?)
    • Need better aggro documentation in general (Divine link etc conditions arent taken in account by wiki)
  • Fill out Monster Passive properties
  • Monster tags -> skills
  • Split Advanced Heavy Stander features and remove it (bad wiki-made skill done at a time where mecanics were less understood, and it conflates multiple things in one)
  • Agression numbers: review with divine link information and modern aggro limits.....
  • Crom Bas Monsters: HP, Def, Prot need to be switched to a calculator-type field, using 10% Dark Erg as a base. Other stats might be involved?
  • Glenn Bearna Monsters: Check if daytime and nighttime mobs share the same data.

To be Done Later

  • Regroup all templates under a category (On Hold)
  • Mag mell/Tech/Glenn/Crom Bas Monsters
  • Monster Families
  • Monster categorization and other related stuff

Equip/Weapon page note brainstorming

  • Templates: StyleWeapon / ClothingPreview / IdlePose
    • create / update StyleDescription (for links to other pages on clothes)
    • Adjust StyleEquip categorization. Weapons =/= Equipment
  • Clothing / Weapon Preview
    • Merge up the gif previews and the cloth preview
    • Uniformize layout
  • Image Galleries
    • create a gallery on the page itself (?)
    • Minority of things
    • ClothingPreview could also be tabbed for racial diffs
  • Classic Spirit Data: to archive(?)
  • Weapon Set Pages
    • streamline presentation

Page list

Sandbox Name Current Purpose
Template Code
Page Tests
User template tests
Sandbox 2 Unofficial skill icons created
Sandbox 3 Empty
Sandbox 4 Monster page wip
Sandbox 5 Tutorial quests
Sandbox 6 Empty
Sandbox 7 Navbox work
Sandbox 8 StyleEquip ref code
Sandbox 9 Template Refs
Sandbox 10 Page tests
Project List
Eternity Project Eternity Project Documentation
Page Revamp Sandbox For messing up with page layouts
Total Newbie Guide Baby Player's First Guide
Character/Milletian Artwork Artworks used for promo + Recurring milletian characters
Model Archive Old models / in-game picture gallery for preservation.
Script writing guide Storyline Scripts guidelines
Inv Management 101 Inventory Rescue Guide for Players With Too Much Junk