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User:Rydian/Making Gold

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A guide on various gold-making methods.

Gold coins are shiny and involve fire in their creation, qualities which dwarves love.

Basic Tips

  • Pick up gold drops. You might be surprised how much you're leaving on the ground.
    • If you're lazy, get a Doll Bag. When active, the doll will pick up gold drops for you.
      • Get two or three, you can have more than one out at a time.
  • Pick up the more valuable fomor scrolls, even if you're not specifically hunting them, it'll add up.
    • You can check the value of a stack of 10 scrolls at the quest board to the west of Dunbarton.
  • Use equipment with cheaper repairs.
    • Paying 50K+ for repairs at the end of a run is really going to cut into your profits.
  • Make use of daily bonuses to get more/better items.
    • Craft things on a Monday, hunt for monster drops on Wednesday, etc.

Method List

  • Click the name of a method to jump down to the details.
  • "Requirements" refers to the skills/strength/experience needed to effectively use a method.
    • Low means characters with low-ranked skills (with a basic understanding of them) can do it.
    • "Varies" means the method can be attempted on multiple difficulties with varying rewards.
  • "Gold" is a relative measurement of how much gold you can expect to make.
    • Since player prices for items vary from server to server, you may need to experiment to find what works for you.
    • "Varies" means that the method relies heavily on rare drops, or that the reward scales with the selected difficulty.

Method Category Requirements Gold
Adventurer Seals Questing Low Medium
Ancient Hunting Combat Medium Medium (Varies)
Avalon Raids Combat High High (Varies)
Baltane Missions Combat Medium Medium (Varies)
Blacksmithing Life High Medium
Collecting Leather Combat Low Low
Collecting Holy Water Gathering Low Medium
Commerce Life Medium Medium
Divine Powder Gathering High Medium
Dungeon Loot Combat High High (Varies)
Dye Synthesis Life Medium Medium (Varies)
Engineering Guns Life High Medium
Farming Life Low Medium
Gathering Dye Materials Gathering Low Medium
Magic Craft Life High Medium
Rafting Combat Medium Low
Saga Episodes Questing Varies Low (Varies)
Sidhe Finnachaid Combat Medium Low (Varies)
Skeleton Scrolls Combat Varies Low (Varies)
Shadow Missions Combat High High (Varies)


Adventurer Seals

  • Collect Adventurer Seals by completing daily quests (list is on the page).
    • Most of the daily quests that give seals also give some materials (which can be sold) along with 3K gold each.
    • The seals can be spent at a Seal Merchant for a variety of items to resell to players, such as...
      • Exploration Journal Page 3 - Very annoying to get, required to learn Ice Spear.
      • Focused Rainbow Beam Sword - Very powerful weapon for low to mid level players.
      • Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll - Makes expired enchants usable and removes the timer.
      • Royal Knight Armor - Heavy armor with increased stats, special protections, etc.

Ancient Hunting

  • Monsters with The Ancient title have a rare drop table with some valuable items.
    • Ancient monsters are ~10x stronger than normal so be careful.
    • Monsters gain this title by being alive for a long period of time.
      • Go places other players don't for the best chances, such as Iria and various other empty maps.
      • Monsters are instanced per-channel, once you clear an area out change channels to look for more ancients.
      • No ancients will be around for a period shortly following a server maintenance.
    • All ancients have the same drop rates, so fight what's available.
      • If an enemy is "Weakest" to you, it has a reduced drop chance for items in general.
    • Valuable items include the following...

Avalon Raids

  • Taking part in Avalon Raids (fighting Mokkurkalfi or the Sylvan Dragon) rewards useful items.
    • It's recommended to have high combat ability in order to get high contribution points (which affects your rewards).
    • Rewards include valuable enchants, crafting materials for high-end weapons/armor, and cosmetics.

Baltane Missions

  • Running Baltane Missions can earn you various rewards and drops that can be sold to NPCs or players.
    • Run missions with either reward boxes or a reward chest in order to get a reward.
  • Some drops are rare and can sell to players.
    • Demonic (and especially Divine or Celtic) equipment drops can be sold to players.
  • Some drops are good to sell back to NPCs.


  • Shuriken and Chain Blades tend to take rapid damage from their fast, multi-hit attacks.
    • This type of use, in addition to the increased use of weapon-destroying Special Upgrades and Enchants, means players look for replacements.
  • Fleta sells the patterns for the craftable Shuriken and Chain Blades.

Collecting Leather

  • Fine Leather and Finest Leather are relatively rare drops and invaluable in training and production.
    • Kobolds and other monsters can drop leather, however Ingredient Hunting adds a leather drop table to everything you can kill.
      • This includes things like event statues, golems, and crystals. Who wants some nice Shadow Alchemist Leather?
      • The Sulfur Spider inside Shadow Realm mission contains a large number of rapidly-respawning enemies in the first room.

Collecting Holy Water

  • Holy Water lessens durability loss and increases repair success rate, but has a chance to be removed on death, so players want a supply.
    • Part Time Jobs reward more Holy Water the more of them you complete.
      • Being in a life Talent results in a higher amount being rewarded too.


  • When you sell a load of Commerce goods, you get gold equal to your ducat profit.
    • This method should mainly be considered if you have things to speed it up, like a commerce speed Reforge or an Alpaca Robe.

Divine Powder

Dungeon Loot

  • Dungeons in Uladh were updated to make them more difficult, but also add lots of new drops to the end chests.

Dye Synthesis

  • Using Synthesis to make random Fixed Dyes can earn a lot of money over time.
    • The recipe involves two existing dyes, an Unknown Ore Fragment, and a Garbage Herb.
    • Flashing dyes work as a material.
      • Dye jars (which produce flashy dyes) can also be bought from other players.
    • The output dye will be of a random color from the Cloth Palette.
      • You could get a pure white or black worth a million gold, or you could get a poop dye worth poop gold.
        • If you don't think a dye will sell, you can always use it as material to synth another.

Engineering Guns

  • Dual Guns have a similar problem to Shuriken, in that they take rapid durability damage from standard use.


  • Farming lets you raise crops to sell to NPCs for large amounts of gold with little total effort. However...
    • The farming feature requires service in order to use. Premium or VIP works.
    • You need to go back and tend to your crops every so often.
    • It takes multiple real days for crops to grow.
      • Farming plots on alts can help with the last two issues and get you large amounts of gold over time.

Gathering Dye Materials

  • Gathering Unknown Ores and Garbage Herbs to sell can be profitable as people use them to synth dyes.
    • Garbage Herbs can be quickly gathered from the lobby area of the Shyllien Nature Reserve using Shyllien Ecology.
      • This area has no monsters and the highest chance for the Garbage Herbs.
      • Fishing in many areas is an alternative method.
    • Unknown Ores can be gathered from the first floor of the Hillwen Mine using Rare Mineralogy.
      • This area has no monsters and the highest chance for the Unknown Ores.
      • Failing Metallurgy is an alternative way of getting the ores.

Magic Craft

  • Crafting various magical Celtic weapons with Magic Craft can earn you gold if you have the skills and resources.
    • Hermit Staves work as well if you lack the unique crafting materials for the celtic weapons.


Saga Episodes

  • Completing Saga episodes rewards you with a Saga Episode Box.
    • Episodes 7 and 10 are often considered the fastest and easiest to run.
      • Episode 7's combat consists of roleplay missions (so your character stats don't matter).
      • Episode 10's combat scenarios are easier than most, the boss doesn't even take combat stats into account.
    • Each episode's box will give a higher bonus than normal on a specific day of the week.
      • The game checks if it's the right day when you open the box, not when you complete the episode.
        • You can complete the same episode every day for a week and save the boxes, opening them all on the bonus day.
    • In addition to the gold, the weapons and transformation medals can sell as well.

Sidhe Finnachaid

  • Completing the Siddle Flabberghasted dungeon rewards you with Echostones and the ability to upgrade/fragment them.
    • Fragmenting low-ranked stones can reward you with crafting materials like leathers that may sell to other players.
    • There's also a chance for Motif cards to drop after the miniboss.

Skeleton Scrolls

  • Armored skeletons have a much higher Fomor Scroll drop rate than normal skeletons, and the scrolls are valuable.
    • Skeleton: 11.7K for 10 (Common)
    • Red Skeleton: 16.6K for 10 (Less Common)
    • Metal Skeleton: 23.8K for 10 (Uncommon)
  • The red gem version of Albey Dungeon spawns armored skeletons.
    • It was not updated during "A New Dawn For Dungeons", and can be farmed by lower level characters.
  • Rabbie's basic version spawns lots of armored skeletons as well.
    • It also has better rewards from the end chests.

Shadow Missions

  • Shadow Missions have a guaranteed gold reward upon completion (depending on the mission and difficulty).
    • This gold amount is generally higher than what dungeon end chests give, while being faster to run.
    • Battle for Taillteann II is good for rapid gold-earning since it can be soloed very quickly.
    • Defeat Fomor Commander II is slower to run, but has a high base gold reward. Can be better when using a limited number of crystals.
    • Fomor Attack doesn't have the high mission rewards of the other two, but the enemies in it have low HP and drop more gold regularly.
    • Shadow Wizard has a huge number of enemies so it can take a while solo, but there's lots of gold drops and high rewards.
  • Missions can also drop valuable crafting materials for modern equipment.