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For the elven tutorial area, see Tutorial Field (Connous).


Connous is one of the major regions in Iria that was discovered by Humans and the native home of the Elves. It is located directly east of Rano, on the southern corner. Connous was once a lush forest and a large green prairie, but some major event in the past changed it into a barren sand dune desert forever.


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Mana Tunnel Icon.png Mana Tunnel
Arena Icon.png Arena Entrance
White Circles Maze, Exit-only
Green Circles Landmarks
Blue Circles Bridges
Full-size Map
Connous Map.jpg


Filia, before renewal.

A town inhabited by Elves.

The Elves established their lives in Filia, and the Base Camp for adventurers exploring Connous is also built here. Various structures surround the oasis encircling the Memory Tower.[1]

Filia Icon.png Filia is the only town in Connous and is the ancestral home of the Elves. Located north of Longa Desert, it thrives only due to the existence of a small lake, provided by an oasis in the center of the town.

Marriages between Elves, or a Human and an Elf, are held in the Wedding Hall.

Filia Town


Corn.png Corn Field
Potato.png Potato Field
Egg.png Hen
Wool.png Sheep
Milk.png Cow
Water.png Well
Full-size Map
Filia New.png

Memory Tower

The Memory Tower, before being torn down.

The Memory Tower poses as an iconic and beneficial stone sculpture to Elves in the town of Filia. The Memory Tower, as the name partially implies, stores the Memory of the Elves. Without it, the Elves would revert to their old forgetful forms. It also has the ability to destroy the stored memories. Elven Tuatha de Dananns are allowed to utilize the Memory Tower's database of memory. The Lost Elf cases indicate prolonged isolation or separation will weaken the Tower's influence on them. However, it is known that Milletian Elves and some Tuatha de Danann Elves are able to survive without it.

It is known that Elven Village Chiefs such as Castanea are able to manipulate the powers of the Memory Tower at will.

Despite being stated to only affect Elves, Kelpie, a Human, was also affected by the Memory Tower.

According to Castanea, the power of the Memory Tower is said to lie in Zardine. However, this is never answered as there does not seem to be any evidence of it.

Sometime after the Irinid's Curse was broken, supposedly taking place after Generation 8 and sometime before The Saga: Iria, the Memory Tower lost its effects on the elves. The tower was then discarded as it was no longer needed.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Healer Healer's House
Village Elder of Filia Chief's House
and Grocer
General Shop
Bank Manager Bank
Tailor Clothing Shop
Blacksmith and
Weapons Dealer
Weapon Shop
Arena Keeper Connous Battle Arena
Lost Elf.png
Lost Elf
- Found in the desert via Exploration


The only dungeon you can find here is Longa Desert Ruins, which moves weekly among the sands south of Filia.

Landmarks and Exploration

Like most regions of Iria, you may use L-Rods here. Also exclusive to this area would be the ability to find Lost Elves which must be guided back to Filia. You may also use Land Maker here with certain L-Rods to raise or lower the sand. A player can acquire "the Connous Explorer" Title by visiting all six of the region's Land Marks. For the location of each landmark, refer to the map atop this page.

Wildlife and Monsters

Monster/Animal Location
Arc Lich (Field Boss) Metus (Night)
Black Armadillo Longa Desert
Black Desert Bear Longa Desert
Black Porcupine Longa Desert and Neres Plateau
Black Prison Zombie Metus (Night)
Black Sand Scorpion Longa Desert
Black Kiwi Sandworm Mark
Blue Horn Cobra Rupes Desert
Blue Prison Ghost Metus (Night)
Blue Sand Scorpion Longa Desert
Bomb Steed Metus (Night)
Brown Cave Bat Connous Underground Maze
Brown Desert Bear Longa Desert
Brown-legged Fennec Fox Longa Desert
Brown Porcupine Longa Desert
Brown Prison Ghost Metus (Night)
Brown-tailed Mongoose ~
Cactus Lizard ~
Cave Masked Goblin Connous Underground Maze
Cave Millipede Connous Underground Maze
Connous Lizard Rupes Desert
Dark Red Porcupine Errans Gorge
Desert Hunter Ghost Longa Desert and Connous Underground Maze
Desert Rhino Longa Desert
Desert Warrior Ghost Longa Desert and Connous Underground Maze
Gray Armadillo Longa Desert and Neres Plateau
Gray Horn Cobra Rupes Desert
Gray Prison Zombie Metus (Night)
Gray-tailed Mongoose Lizard Mark
Gray Rock Scorpion Rupes Desert
Green Horn Cobra Rupes Desert
Ifrit ( Raid Boss) Longa Desert and Connous Underground Maze
King Connous Lizard Rupes Desert
Lungfish Longa Desert
Manchurian Black Bear Cub Neres Plateau and Errans Gorge
Manchurian White Bear Neres Plateau and Errans Gorge
Manchurian White Bear Cub Neres Plateau and Errans Gorge
Prison Flying Sword Metus (Night, Summoned by Zombies and spawns on its own Friday)
Red Ant Lion Connous Underground Maze
Red-Brown Desert Bear Longa Desert
Red Horn Cobra Rupes Desert
Red-legged Fennec Fox ~
Red Prison Ghost Metus (Night)
Red Sand Scorpion Longa Desert
Sand Millipede Errans Canyon
Salamander Connous Underground Maze
Venomous Sand Scorpion Rupes Desert and Neres Plateau
Wandering Prison Ghost Outside the gates of Metus
White Ant Lion Connous Underground Maze
White Armadillo Longa Desert and Errans Canyon
White Desert Bear Longa Desert
White Kiwi Southeast of Filia
White Prison Zombie Metus (Night)
White Rock Scorpion Rupes Desert
White Spider Errans Canyon, Lizard Mark and Connous Underground Maze
White-tailed Mongoose ~
Yellow Ant Lion Connous Underground Maze
Yellow Cave Bat Connous Underground Maze
Young Black Armadillo Longa Desert
Young Black Porcupine Longa Desert
Young Brown-legged Fennec Fox Longa Desert
Young Brown-tailed Mongoose Lizard Mark
Young Brown Porcupine Longa Desert
Young Cactus Lizard Rupes Desert
Young Cave Millipede Connous Underground Maze
Young Dark Red Porcupine Errans Canyon
Young Desert Rhino Longa Desert and Rhino Mark
Young Gray Armadillo Longa Desert and Tutorial Field (Connous)
Young Gray-tailed Mongoose ~
Young Lungfish Longa Desert
Young Sand Millipede Errans Canyon
Young White Armadillo Errans Canyon
Young White-tailed Mongoose Lizard Mark

Connous Battle Arena

The Connous Battle Arena is located next to Filia's Mana Tunnel and is special in that it allows the use of two teams rather than Alby Dungeon's free for all or Rabbie Dungeon's Paladin vs Dark Knight. For more information on this arena, visit its page.

Longa Desert

Longa Desert

A place of extreme sandstorms and topographical changes.

Longa Desert occupies most of Connous, and adventurers are met with ceaseless attacks from wild animals and monsters. First-time adventurers undergo rigorous dangers of powerful monster attacks either in the Ant Pit or during their exploration for artifacts.[1]

Covering most of Connous, Longa Desert separates Filia from the rest of the continent. This vast sand dune desert is filled with dry, cracked heat, and lacks vegetation. Explorers have a chance to fall into Connous Underground Maze.

Connous Oasis

Connous Underground Maze

Connous Underground Maze is a vast underground tunnel system with various monsters and special treasures. One may reach here by finding an entrance in Connous's desert via exploration. Leaving this maze will leave you at an oasis in Errans Canyon. For more information on this area, visit its page.

Neres Plateau

Nares Plateau

The first place in Connous where you land when arriving from Rano.

Nares Plateau is located in the west of Connous, and the stark contrast it offers from other desert regions in Connous render Nares Plateau special. Adventurers from Rano will encounter new animals and a change in land topography.[1]

Located here is the altar when trying to create the bridge between Rano and Connous over the Lutra River. In this narrow plateau there are a small handful of monsters, usually spawning in singles.

Errans Gorge

Errans Canyon

Oasis gorge located in the northernmost Connous.

Like in Filia, you will find an oasis in Errans Gorge. If you fall into the Ant Pit and escape the Underground Maze, you will be lead to Errans Gorge where you can take a short break.[1]

Situated in northern Connous and adjacent to the Erran's Mountain Range, it holds the exit to the Connous Underground Maze and a Mana Tunnel. The canyon formation seems to form the ceiling of the underground lake. It suggests that this area of Connous may have been once covered in water.

Errans is the Latin word errāns (meaning wandering).

Rupes Desert

Rupes Desert of Connous

Rocky desert located in northwest Connous.

Rupes Desert does not share any topographical resemblance with the Longa Desert, as the entire surface of Rupes Desert is covered with rocks. Ferocious animals inhabit between the rocky chasms.[1] Rupes Desert is a rocky area home to animals whom can live in dry weather.


The entrance to Metus.
A strange area of darkness on the North cliff of Metus

A gorge concealed by gloomy fog.

In the deep valleys of the Metus gorge, you will find a door that is sealed by a mysterious power. The seal was broken only recently so there is little known about the door, but it is said to be a scary place that appears to be completely different between day and night.[1]

Metus is a gorge in Connous that is directly to the west of Rupes Desert, home to extremely dangerous undead monsters. It has been sealed off by the Irinid. According to a nearby Intelligence Agent, the seal has weakened over time, but hints someone may have been responsible for weakening it. On the path towards Metus, one may encounter Wandering Prison Ghosts, though they are far less dangerous and have a weaker aggro detection range and speed than the ghosts inside.

Monsters appear between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM in-game time, though the Wandering Prison Ghosts are always present. The spawns differ between every real-life day.

Hunting Tips

  • Enemies here are extremely powerful, much harder than the ones in Peaca Dungeon in Uladh.
  • None of the monsters can be tamed here except the Prison Flying Swords.
  • Prison Ghosts are immune to all but one type of attack. Red can only be damaged by melee, blue by magic, and brown by range-type abilities.
  • All Prison Zombies are immune to range and magic attacks.
  • Because of the strength of enemies here, it's recommended to have:
  • Each spawn will be different from the last, usually featuring different enemies from the ones before it.

Arc Lich

  • Spawns in Central Metus Monday, Wednesday,& Friday from 12:00am-6:00am Erinn Time & on Sunday: 8:00pm-6:00am Erinn Time & after all waves of monsters are defeated on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.
  • Immune to all types of attacks, including Demigod attacks, and the Ghost Sword.
  • May only be damaged by explosions from summoned Bomb Steeds.
    • Recommended to bring Bomb Steeds under player control with Control of Darkness, for Taming Wild Animals cannot be used on them.
    • Alternatively, one may lure the Bomb Steed close to the Arc Lich and wait for it to self-destruct.

Shyllien Nature Reserve

North of the Lizard Mark is the Shyllien Nature Reserve. It is said that the ancestors of the Elves used ancient, unstable magic resources known as Shyllien to combat their enemies. Within the area lies various exotic plants and mutated creatures needed for Shyllien Ecology and Magic Craft. However, the mutated creatures are very powerful and aggressive.

According to Dr. Lambert's theory, the appearance of Shyllien Nature Reserve is the result of geographical changes caused by the Irinid's Curse breaking, which supposedly happened after Generation 8 and before The Saga: Iria.

To enter this area, talk to the Teleport Mage. However, this NPC will not be present during the first 5 Episodes (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) of The Saga: Iria.

Unlike other locations of Iria, Shyllien Nature Reserve has background music.