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User:LexisMikaya/The Story So Far

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This page is a copy of Mabinogi Storyline Recap and will be undergoing some rather heavy editing...There are many discrepancies and will retell the story (not word for word, Play the storyline to find out :P) and will, hopefully, recapture the storyline's main plot only...For me, I feel as though this will be a giant fanfiction of myself and maybe throw in a love interest...whoo hoo...

Once everything is filled in, it will be super-condensed to Mabinogi World Wiki Standards and will replace the Recap page.

...the one in the middle can't be...
That can't be Mari D: She's shorter >.<
That splatter means something died on the receiving end of that attack...
...why so dark?
I swear that is not Mari...


Editor's Notes (Mikaya)

  • Yes, I did make up some things on the spot. I wanted to give a feel for the atmosphere (if I can) as best I could.
    • While we're at it, yes, I did exaggerate events.
  • As far as story lines that require a choice, such as Generations 15 and 16, I will go with the most canonical choice, or the choice that makes the most sense.
  • Yes, I did try my best to capture the storyline as best I could.
  • The Past has no particular order as far as timeline making...I just put it there because I feel it fits there. If you want to make a timeline...have fun with that.
    • Thanks to Infodude575, it turns out there is a rather crude timeline...
  • I'm only doing mainstream storylines only. IF the side quest somehow meshes with the current storyline, I will include it.
  • This will be a hard project for me alone because it is something I feel like doing, and I often refer to the in-game text, something that requires multiple playthroughs, if not rewatching cutscenes via the Crystal Ball in Dunbarton's School Library.
  • This page may get updated to something that's around...once a week.
  • See something wrong/inaccurate...? More than likely it's "Continuity Error." No if, ands, or buts about it...stupid devcat...
    • Many of these have to do with inconsistencies with regarding C1 and C3 (C2 is Iria chapters...which only covers elves and giants only.)
    • For a list of Continuity Errors, see this thread. You are welcome to add to it.
  • The story is based on a Human's Point of View! I'm sorry if you wanted to see an Elf's or even Giant's PoV but Human start in the most beneficial place...and well, they experienced it first.
  • Every small little detail will be paraphrased! Expect long and drawn out paragraphs!

Timeline and Time Span

Credits to Infodude575 for bringing this to my attention.

Mabinogi has a rather unusual story, and one of the few with a canonical timeline outlined in the game. The following is a rather crude timeline based on Shakespeare's Journal. As the oldest known Milletian, Shakespeare has outlined his entire life in this Journal. Some pages are missing and faded with time, or may have been purposely torn out. The whereabouts of the missing pages, if any, are unknown.

Outline of Shakespeare's Journal

  • Before Beginning: William Shakespeare accidentally wanders into the Soul Stream after his unfortunate accident at sea in 1585.
  • Page 1: Shakespeare's time in the Soul Stream.
  • Page 2: Shakespeare meets Bella. This is day 1 of his time on Erinn.
  • Page 6: Three years have passed since his time in Erinn. He learns how to play a Flute, albeit terribly.
  • Page 7: Shakespeare dies at the hands of Fomors. From there, he awakes in the Soul Stream once more, experiencing his first Rebirth.
  • Page 8: Upon returning to the site of his "death," he finds his journal and writes more.
  • Pages 16 and 17: Three months have passed since his last rebirth. Cichol attacks Shakespeare, but is interrupted by Morrighan; Cichol escapes with Bella.
  • Page 24: The Plague wipes out the Parthalonian race.
  • Page 31: An unknown battle.
  • Pages 43~60: Shakespeare is working for money and doing whatever he can. He is also attacked by Fomors in an unknown region of Erinn known as "Neved." He loses friends and comrades alike, something he's put up with since his time in Erinn.
  • Page 85: Battle of Mag Tuireadh.
  • Page 90: The Goddess Morrighan has turned to stone and vanishes.
  • Page 94: The Milletian reads the Journal in Present Day Erinn. This was a vision of the future.
  • Page 101: The events of The Origin of Moon Gates occurring.
  • Page 105: Shakespeare fails to save Mores's family.
  • Page 107: Shakespeare meets Nao. The Three Lost Warriors, by this time, have vanished.
  • Page 124: The day before the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.
  • Page 133: His time during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.


Ruairi was 19 come time of his disappearance. He awakes in Math dungeon what would be, a few years later. In Generation 3's Dark Knight he is age 23. This puts him in a 4 year coma. I really doubt much time has passed between G2 and G3. He leaves in G8 on an unknown journey for approximately 5 years. Since at some point he went to see Tarlach with about the same appearance, I'd say it's around a year or so. He appears again as Age 28 come time he raided the shaman village for a shaman. However, judging from his appearence between that time and G3, it would have to had happen during the 5 years he was away. By now that would put him about in his early to mid 30s...hmm...

Using Ruairi's age as a guide, the whole story of Erinn takes place within 5 to 8 years. Considering the drastic change between his RP in the Shaman Village to his appearance now, it is likely that more time has passed since.


He is ? around the time of his disappearance. Tarlach now resides in Sidhe Snetcha at about age 18 if not somewhere around in his early 20s. And in his RP in G18 he's still age 18 when he tries to convince ruairi. In his other RP he's 18 as well...what in the name of the goddess is going on?

Milletian's Sense of Time

Milletians age rather quickly, and their sense of time is rather faster than regular humans, or Tuatha de Danaans. It may be possible that a year for Tuatha de Danaans could be 10 years for Milletian's or even more. This is further proven through Tarlach's Record, which is a book based on his observations on Milletians.

The Past

World's Beginning

Erinn, a mysterious world inhabited by various creatures, beings, and most importantly, Milletians. Before as it is seen as it is now, the world was first created by hands of Aton Cimeni the Great, an omnipotent overseer god. Using the Caliburn, he created and shaped the world, providing land, water, skies, and most importantly living creatures.

Creation of the Soul Stream

Who put that hole in my sky?

A mysterious "hole in the sky" was found by two friends from Erinn. Curious, excited, and intrigued, they had entered the hole to see what awaited them, and created a gateway between the hole and Erinn, which was named the Soul Stream. However, an uninvited traveler accidentally set foot and awoke in the Soul Stream: William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Beginnings

Shakespeare in my game? I'd say he looks rather dazzling :D

Upon awakening into this mysterious gateway, Shakespeare saw nothing insight, until creatures mysteriously appeared before him and attack him. Using his bare hands and instinct, he defended himself against the ghastly creatures and rose victorious against them. However, the fight had drained him of his energy and he passes out. He hears a mysterious voice, calling his race the Milletians. Waking up, he finds himself in the middle of the wilderness, finding another person, Bella, who had tended to Shakespeare's wounds and cared for him. After a brief introduction, the two of them quickly became friends.

The two of them stayed together for three years, until suddenly, the two was attacked by horrific creatures. Shakespeare, acting on impulse, defends himself and Bella. However, the threat was too large for him to handle, and Shakespeare is killed, with his last sight on Bella. He find himself in the middle of nowhere, then realizes that he did not die, but rather rebirthed, becoming young once more and finds himself in the middle of the Soul Stream.

Within three months, spending the time training, becoming stronger, and fending for himself, he returns to the sight of where he had "died," hoping to find traces of Bella. To no avail, he found nothing left, except an abandoned campsite. One day, during a dark and stormy night, the God Cichol, now intrigued with the "outsider," stands before him and summons the body of his friend, Bella. With a blind rage, Shakespeare demands him to release her. Shakespeare rushes at Cichol, but he summons demonic minions and demands Shakespeare leave. Doing anything for Bella, he fights the demonic creatures, making his way to Cichol. However, he is stopped by Morrighan, who attempts to seal Cichol to Avon, a prison for Gods and Goddesses who violated the laws of the Gods. Shakespeare stops Morrighan, for Cichol has Bella, but gives the evil God an opportunity to escape with his captive. Shakespeare looks at Morrghan as she states that it will be Shakespeare who shall rule Avon, leaving shortly after.

Partholons and Caliburn

All hail the mighty light, Caliburn

Before being inhabited by the Tuatha de Danaans and Milletians, it was inhabited by a race called the Partholons. The Partholons were a great human race and empire that once lived in Avon, a happy kingdom lively with the crowd of merchants, children roaming the streets, and villagers doing their daily business. The Partholon ruler was bestowed upon the Caliburn by Aton Cimeni, the creator of Erinn and the whole world, and he and his people constructed a scared altar for the Caliburn, and named it after the living relic. One day, the Kingdom was attacked by Fomors, evil creatures, and the Caliburn was taken from them. Partholon demanded that the Caliburn be returned at once, and sends his armies to scower the world for it. Eventually, the kingdom was infected by a plague brought upon by the Gods, causing all but one person to die, but Shakespeare manages to save the Partholon children, who will then become the Tuatha de Danann. This lone survivor swore revenge on all of the Gods, and devoted his life to finding the Caliburn in the name of the Partholon Kingdom.

Battle of Mag Tuireadh

During the time that the Tuatha de Danann rose and ruled Erinn in place of their ancestors, a great battle took place between Fomors and Humans. Nuadha fought bravely in this battle alongside with the humans, but when he lost an arm in the battle, the humans resented him. After gaining a prosthetic arm, Nuadha returned to battle, but met his match against a fearsome dragon; Nuadha asked for help from the humans, however the humans, afraid, ran away and left him to die; since then, Nuadha resented humans and shed his own emotions and became heartless and closed minded in his last moments on the battlefield. Golems were summoned by the Tuatha de Danann to assist them in the great war and won, at the cost of many lives and sealed the remaining Golems in Ceo Island, as they became out of control.

The Tragedy of Emain Macha

A great tragedy has occurred in Emain Macha, destroying nearly the entire city; Fomors have raided the city and killed countless townpeople. The Royal Paladins of Emain Macha stood their ground, but could not fend them off. Hundreds of lives were lost as the city burned to the ground. During this time, a brave solider by the name of Redire stood his ground against the Dark Lord and perished at his hand in Coill Dungeon, while fending the Fomors away, but unintentionally struck the current lord Rian where he later died from his wounds. During the Tragedy, a mass genocide of Druids occurs during the midst of the Fomor raids. It is later revealed that the tragedy was not caused by Fomors, but rather a corrupt faction of alchemists that was the cause of the entire tragedy. During this time the Temple Knights fought against the alchemists and since then, declared all alchemists, regardless of their alliance, as their enemies.

Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh

After sometime after the first battle, the second battle arose quickly, as the final line was about to be breached. Fallon and his forces were in the midst of this great battle, as they were taking back the Caliburn from the hands of the Fomors. Shakespeare, now a soldier of Royal Regime of Tara, assists in the battle. As the battle rages on, Lugh Lavada, the famed Knight of Light, assists Fallon's men and finishes off the remaining Fomors on Fallon's end. Meanwhile in the front lines, Shakespeare assists his troops and finishes the remaining Fomors in his area. Once cleared, his fellow soldiers rejoiced in victory, but their cheers are for naught as they are quickly struck down by newly summoned forces, only to be revealed that it was Cichol's doing. Shakespeare, once again blinded with rage, demanded the whereabouts of Bella; Cichol ignores him and calls him foolish, warning him that Morrighan is using him as a pawn in her game, as a puppet: everything he has been doing has been for nothing. Shakespeare denies that and Cichol disappears, stating that the future promised to him is a lie.

The Three Lost Warriors

There once was a group of three who ventured into Tir Na Nog and never returned...ever...

Years prior to the present day world of Erinn, there once was a group of three aspiring adventurers: they were Tarlach, Mari, and Ruairi. The three were sent on a reconnaissance mission to Alby Dungeon as an assignment for Mari; Tarlach and Ruairi volunteered to help the young adventurer and assisted her with her assignment. As the three ventured inside, they find that the Fomors were becoming much more aggressive and Ruairi remarks that the Goddess Morrighan called to him in his dreams and tells to them go to Tir Na Nog. Intrigued, Tarlach agrees and goes with him. Mari, now becoming attached to the others, joins them and the trio embarks on a Journey to the Paradise that is, Tir Na Nog.

Tarlach begins to do some research, which eventually leads him to Rabbie Dungeon. As he makes his way to the end, he comes across a Succubus named Kristell. He attacks the Succubus and then asks for information regarding Tir Na Nog. With the continuous efforts of Tarlach, the trio find themselves deep in Tir Na Nog, inside the depths of Albey Dungeon. The three of them make their way through then finds that someone was waiting for them near the end: the Dark Lord, Morgant. Tarlach and Ruairi tries to stop the Dark Lord, but could not to no avail; Mari then fires arrows at the Dark Lord, and puts a stop to him. Before Morgant disappears, he tells the three of them their future, each of them with a fate that can not be undone: one will give up everything, one will get what he or she wants but cannot handle it, and one will suffer from physical and mental agony forever. Not heeding his words, the three of them venture inside the final room, finding an incomplete Glas Ghaibhleann and a treasure chest containing the plans of the Fomors. Tarlach examines the book and exclaims that his mentor, Mores, can help them decipher the language. Suddenly, Mores then appears before the three; Tarlach questions why his master is here in Tir Na Nog. Mores, feeling regretful, summons minions, including the Dark Lord, and commands them to take the three hostage. Tarlach and Ruairi protects Mari; at this point, Mores learns that his daughter is with the two, and commands them to stop. The Goddess Morrighan then appears and tells them to continue their onslaught, much to everyone's shock and horror. Mari was killed in action as the the other two become fatally wounded by the attackers. Tarlach awakes in Rabbie Dungeon, his mana now cut from his body, and is tended by Succubus Kristell. Ruairi is struck into a coma and eventually wakes up in Math Dungeon, being treated by a young girl named Triona. Mari resurrects into Nao, however she still regrets her past life and the choices she made.

The Iria Chronicles

Disclaimer: Much research is required, and logs containing the Elf/Giant Transformation quests is needed to further verify anything within this section.

Iria's Creation

Little is known about its creation other than a relic known as the Heart of Courcle was used to fashion the lands of Iria and created its landscape.

Iria's Rulers

Little is known about Iria other than it was once ruled by Dragons long ago. Once every few thousand years, a Dragon Conductor Ceremony is held for the Golden Dragon, Adniel. However, the fate of Iria solely lies on the Conductor of the Golden Dragon. A man named Cessair was conducted and it plunged Iria into an era known as "The Moonlight of Death."

Elf-Giant Wars

As the Irinid created Iria, she created two races to live in peace, Elves and Giants. To this day, the elves and Giants that remain are descendants of the ones that live during this era. The two became greedy and seek power, which eventually lead to the Irinid's divine punishment. The apparent cause of the war was the struggle for power and for a mysterious relic, the Heart of Courcle.

The Irinid's Intervention on the Dragons

The Irinid descended upon the land and banished the Dragons to Zardine, where many suffered upon its barren lands. The Irinid then cursed the land of Iria, leaving mysterious marks scattered across the Iria continent, and taking the Heart of Courcle with her.[1]

Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess

A new Milletian arrives on the scene. Only just starting their journey, they receive a message from a trapped Goddess. Determined, they attempt to find the Goddess and a story of a lost trio unfolds before them, as the begin to learn the plans of the Fomors and what awaits them. A story of epic proportions begins to develop and the Milletian takes their sword and embarks on a journey that will be told for generations...

Present Day Erinn

The world of Erinn is now a different place as it was in the past. The world is now lively with people all over the world, as well as villages and towns bustling with life. The world is inhabited by many Humans, both Milletian and Tuatha de Danann (Decedents of Parthalonians). The two live in peace, albeit some people having prejudiced among Milletians, while others are openly accepting. All new Milletains arrive in a small town, Tir Chonaill. Here is where all Milletians start to set out on their own adventures, carving their own path into the world. The land is still under attack of Fomors, but not of those from the past. There are many ancient relics and the world is full of wonder that have been left behind from past events and battles. The entire land of Uladh is under the control of Ethur Mac Cuill the Second, excluding the town of Tir Chonaill, which is headed by chiefs. The current Chief is Duncan.

Embarking on a New Journey

This is the site where Milletians begin their life.

The Milletian begins their life on Erinn by simply roaming the town of Tir Chonaill. Here, they take on their own destiny, forging their own path into the world of Erinn and do whatever they see fit. They begin by taking requests from the locals, where they eventually learn the fundamentals of combat. Their level of learning was rather slow, taking time with new skills they learn as well as mastering their known skills. Eventually, they become to find their own understanding to their potential and begin working on new skills that would better benefit themselves in combat. As they continued their daily routine, they receive a premonition. The vision was of a goddess, seeking help and asks the Milletian to free herself from a seal that binds her. Becoming curious of what was going on, they go to see Duncan, the chief of Tir Chonaill. Duncan asks the Milletian to find an earring someone lost in the Snowman's Tomb. the Milletian, doing whatever it takes, embarks to Sidhe Sneachta, in search of the snowman with a missing earring lodge into the snowman.

The Mysterious Snowman's Tomb

I'd hate to lose my earrings here...look at all of them...staring you down like a pack of wolves...

Heading the northern part of Tir Chonaill, the Milletian travels to the mysterious gateway. Upon examining the gateway, the Milletian can't help but wonder what's on the other side. Feeling adventurous, they enter the gate way and travels to the other side. The Milletian finds themselves in place that is cold and filled with snow. They have enter Sidhe Sneachta. The Milletian looks around, exploring the place of ice and snow. They eventually find a bunch of snowmen in a clearing of the forest. The Milletian remembers that they must find an earring someone lost while building snowmen. Examining each snowmen carefully, they eventually find a snowman with an unusual amount of teeth compared to the others. Upon closer examination, they find an earring lodge in the snowman. Feeling confident, they turn around and head back to Duncan to return the Earring.

A Bear in a Lost World

This bear looks way too friendly...

After exiting Sidhe Sneachta, they head back to Chief Duncan, with the earring in hand. Duncan takes the earring and thanks them for taking the request. He then explains to the Milletian that beyond Sidhe Sneachta is another gate. This gate has a powerful magical force behind that not anyone can enter. Supposedly, beyond the gate lies a druid who lost his family, and due to the druid's losses, sorrow overcame him and he became a bear. The bear in question supposedly has a taste for Mana Herbs. Duncan explains that Mana Herbs can be found deep in dungeons, remarking that nature is a mysterious in itself. He offers the Milletian with some spare Mana Herbs and sends them on their way. The Milletian takes a small break to warm up from their last trip before returning to Sidhe Sneachta. After warming up and feeling ready, they return to the gate way to Sidhe Sneachta, and enter once more.

Remembering Duncan's words, they explore the area of Sidhe Sneachta more. After passing the numerous snowmen, they find another gateway similar to the one they entered in. Assured that this is gateway Duncan mentioned, the Milletian enters it. Upon reaching the other side, they find a rather small path. Feeling the cold getting to them, the Milletian beings to walk along the path, eventually finding a mysterious altar. The Milletian was surprised to find such a thing at the forest end. Upon looking down at the base of the altar, there is a Brown Bear. The Milletian walks up to the Bear cautiously, with weapons in hand. As they approach, the bear shows no signs of hostility. Feeling safe, but still cautious, they approach the bear, putting their weapons away. The bear stares back at the Milletian as the Milletian looks into the Bear's eyes. The Milletian begins to feels a bit uneasy at first, but then realizes the Bear is not a foe, but a friend. The Bear sniffs around and then sniffs the Milletian. The Bear senses that the Milletian has Mana Herbs on them and gives a small grunt. The Milletian looks at the Bear and questions it, only to realize that they are talking to an animal rather than a person. Duncan's words echoed back in the Milletian's head and remembers that the Bear likes Mana Herbs. Taking Duncan's words to heart, they take out some Mana Herbs and gives them to the Bear. The Bear takes the Mana Herbs and eats them. As a thank you gift, the Bear takes its front paw and draws something in the snow. The Milletian looks at the Bear, then looks at the ground. The Bear writes a word, starting with "Tar." The Milletian looked on as the Bear wrote "Tarla." The Milletian looks confounded as the Bear continues to write. The word "Tarlach" is clearly written in snow and the Milletian looks up at the Bear. The Milletian thought to themselves that "Tarlach" is a name of a person. Trying to keep it into their head, they return to Tir Chonaill, to consult Duncan that the bear "communicated" with them by writing in the snow.

The Three Lost Warriors and Tarlach

The Milletian returns from Sidhe Sneachta, beaten from the cold. They head towards Chief Duncan to tell him that the Bear beyond Sidhe Sneachta communicated with them. As Chief Duncan heard the name "Tarlach," he was rather surprised. To assure that he heard the name right, he asked the Milletian once more. Rather shocked, he found strange that a Bear wrote that. Duncan explains that Tarlach is the name of one of the Three Lost Warriors. The Three Lost Warriors was a small group of three that went to Tir Na Nog to rescue a Black-Winged Goddess and bring the world of Tir Na Nog into Erinn. However, none of them returned from the journey and later became known as the legend of the Three Lost Warriors. Duncan was still confounded that a Bear wrote that. The Milletian asks if they can find more information regarding the Three Lost Warriors. Duncan refers them to Stewart in Dunbarton, a city that is south of Tir Chonaill.

To Dunbarton, To Meet Stewert

The Milletian prepares themselves for a long trek head south they would pass Dugald Aisle, and from there Dunbarton would be past the Logging Camp and they would eventually find that large castle that is, Dunbarton. The Milletian runs there by foot, taking any risks and facing any dangers they would on the way to Dunbarton.

Dunbarton, The Center of Uladh

This is the site that everyone gathers to socialize, sell their goods, and play music...even if they are terrible at it.

Dunbarton is reknowned as the center of Uladh, connecting most of the towns together. To the south of Dunbarton, lies the region of Gairech. Further south would be the mining town of Bangor. To the west is Osna Sail, further down that path is Emain Macha. To the northwest is Abb Neagh. By continuing that direction, one would eventually go to Taillteann. To the east is Port Cobh, a town dedicated to transporting good across the ocean, and a place where fisherman gather.

Dunbarton is an extremely large town, always bustling with life. One can find that it is also a social town, since many people can be seen chatting in the streets of Dunbarton as well as the square. Many shops are usually set up in the square, people looking for money on either cheap goods, or something expensive for rather elusive equipment. As the Milletian draws closer to the square, they find many people gathering, either talking, playing music, advertising their goods, or just sitting around. Excited, the Milletian goes to see the life around the bustling square of Dunbarton. After some sight seeing, they ask around the locals and eventually find themselves at the Dunbarton School. Walking up the steps and opening the door, they find a large libary. The Milletian looks around, finding weird books on the shelves and eventually walks into the classroom, eventually finding Stewart, the teacher of the classroom.

Stewart, The Clumsy Magic Scholar

I hope you're not doing what I think you're doing with those herbs...

The Milletian walks in the classroom to find Stewart alone, fiddling around with herb mixtures. The Milletian walks up to the teacher, and asks if they were Stewart. As the Milletian draws near, they could smell the scent of various herbs. Stewart looks up and smiles, assuring that he is the man that they are looking for. The Milletian asks about the legend of the Three Lost Warriors. Stewart looks up at the Milletian and begins to explain that story was passed through oral storytelling and because of that, there have been many discrepancies through each retelling. He even goes as far to say that there was even a time that other great scholars questioned the validity of the story due to it being circulated so often. As a direct result of their research, they have concluded that the story was just a rumor and should be disregarded. The Milletian was a bit disappointed to hear that, but ask what does Stewart about how do they feel about the legend. He believes that the legend is true. Stewart rummages through his things and gives the Milletian a locket. The Milletian examines the locket and finds a photo of a young boy with a older woman. Stewart explains that the locket in their hands was a memento that belonged to Tarlach. He then explains that the boy in the picture was Tarlach when he was young and the woman, judging from the looks, is more than likely his sister. The Milletian looks on as they close the locket back up and examine it intently. Stewart mentions that the locket they are holding can help the Milletian re-experience what took place during the time of the Three Lost Warriors, and see everything from Tarlach's perspective. The item holds strong memories and that it had somehow absorbed the memories, placing them in the locket. Because of this, the item serves as a way to re-experience the past. By offering it to the Dungeon Altar in Alby Dungeon in Tir Chonaill, the Milletian will be able to see the events unfold, being able to uncover the past of the Three Lost Warriors.

The Past: Tarlach's Memories, and the Three Lost Warrior's First Journey

The Milletian heads to Alby Dungeon and offers the Locket received from Stewart in Dunbarton to the Dungeon Altar. A magical force begins to take the Milletian into the past, where they experience the first meeting of Three Lost Warriors, and watch through the eyes of Tarlach as the events unfold before them.

The Milletian looks around to find they are not themselves, but seeing everything as it was back then during Tarlach's time. They see a red-haired brute, Ruairi, and a young girl with pink hair, Mari. Ruairi is surprised that the school in Tir Chonaill sent only a young girl to investigate Alby Dungeon. Mari looks at Ruairi and pouts, stating that Ranald is an awesome teacher, something he would not understand. Ruairi just smirks and comments that girls can't help themselves when they are around young, handsome male instructors[2]. Tarlach, however, finds that it might be a good thing to teach young girls how to look out for others in times of great duress. Mari is confidant and states at that all the people in Tir Chonaill are capable of taking care of themselves. Ruairi laughs and can easily confirm Mari's claims just by looking at her. The three then set off into the depths of Alby Dungeon, to help with Mari's assignment.

As the three venture deep inside Alby Dungeon, Tarlach decides that the three should take a break in one of the empty rooms of the dungeon. The three set up a campfire to keep themselves warm in the inside the cold dungeon. Ruairi complains of the spiders inside Alby Dungeon, remarking their large numbers and size. Mari looks are Ruairi and tells him to wait until they encounter the one deeper inside. Rauiri is shocked to hear about the spider. Tarlach remarks that the spiders inside the dungeon are quite unusual, which may hold some connection with recent wild animal activity around Erinn. Ruairi remembers seeing an unusually large pack of wolves on the way to Alby Dungeon, almost endless. Mari looks at the two and is surprised to hear that the strange activity is not normal. Ruairi recalls that Tir Chonaill was much more peaceful a few years back, nothing more but a quiet countryside. He then looks at Mari and asks if she really was from Tir Chonaill. Mari does not recall much, but assures that she is from Tir Chonaill. Ruairi apologizes for the fact that Mari lost her memory and simply forgot. Tarlach assumes that her memory could be sealed with Druid's magic. Tarlach believes that his master could be capable of such a thing and assures Mari that it may not have been done with evil intentions. Mari warms up to Tarlach, only to call Ruairi a jerk. Rauiri is then disappointed to hear that he is a "jerko." Tarlach sometimes wishes he had temporal memory loss at times. Ruairi looks at Tarlach and assumes that it may have to do with his sister being killed by Fomors. Mari looks at Ruairi with a mildly angry look, scolding him. Tarlach calms Mari down and says that it was the truth. It is also the reason that Tarlach is currently traveling with Ruairi to find Tir Na Nog. Ruairi exclaims that he will train harder and someday rid the world of all Fomors. Tarlach is mildly amused at Ruairi's comment, while Mari calls him a brute. Tarlach gets up and tells the two that it was time to head out. Mari and Ruairi agree and resume to traversing Alby Dungeon, going to the heart of dungeon.

Once the three reach the final room, a fierce battle happens between the enormous spider and the Three Warriors. Rauiri deals the final blow. Tarlach examines the spider and finds that the Fomor's may be behind the actions of the spiders inside the dungeon. Mari questions Tarlach, finding it normal to see such spiders inside the dungeon. Ruairi looks at the defeated spider, knowing that the numbers are definitely increasing. He then wonders if it had to do with the Goddess. Mari looks at Rauiri, questioning what does the Goddess have to do with anything they are doing. Ruairi turns around and explains that a Goddess appeared in his dreams. Mari jokingly asks if it was a romantic dream. Tarlach becomes intrigued and asks for more information. Ruairi explains that a Black-Winged Goddess appeared before him, warning him on an impeding doom and that he must seek the Goddess herself. Tarlach immediately assumes that it may have to do with Tir Na Nog. Mari looks at Tarlach, puzzled by the whole situation. Tarlach explains that Dungeons were created in order to ward off Fomors from invading Erinn. They were intricately designed through the powers of the Goddess, who resides in Tir Na Nog. He then explains that if the number of Fomors inside the dungeon is increasing, then something may have happened to the Goddess, and Ruairi's dreams may have not been a dream, but a premonition of things to come. Ruairi laughs, calling himself "the chosen one," and better get going. Mari wants to follow Ruairi, hoping that the Goddess may help recover her memories. The three of them head out of the dungeon and return to report to Ranald about Mari's assignment inside Alby.

The Story of the Goddess

The Milletian awakes in Alby Dungeon, looks around. They then look at their hands and body, to find they are no longer experiencing the memories of Tarlach. With their newfound information, they go to see Duncan, who may have information about the Goddess they overheard about in Tarlach's memories.

The Milletian walks up to Duncan, who greets them as they approach. The Milletian asks about the Goddess. Duncan looks at the Milletian, and refers them to Meven. Duncan explains that if anyone knows more about the Goddess, it would be Priest Meven. Duncan directs them to the direction of the Church, and points out a small chapel off to the distance.

The Mage in Solitude, Tarlach

[To be filled in...]

Tir Na Nog...Paradise?

[To be filled in...]

Enter, the Black Wizard

[To be filled in...]

A Priest Medal...held by Fomors?

[To be filled in...]

Understanding Fomor Language

[To be filled in...]

The Meaning behind "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon"

[To be filled in...]

Fomors Turning Good? the Priestess Kristell's True Past

[To be filled in...]

Kristell and Tarlach

[To be filled in...]

Sign of Friendship? The Black Rose?

[To be filled in...]

The Great Druid Mores

[To be filled in...]

Mores' Memories

[To be filled in...]

The Goddess Evil!?

[To be filled in...]

The Book of Revenge, now a Trilogy!

[To be filled in...]

Whereabouts of Volume II of the Book of Revenge

[To be filled in...]

The Book of Revenge Vol. II

[To be filled in...]

Whereabouts of Volume III of the Book of Revenge

[To be filled in...]

The Book of Revenge Volume III

[To be filled in...]

Glas Ghaibhleann? An ancient threat revived!?

[To be filled in...]

Tarlach's Glasses

[To be filled in...]

The Three Lost Warrior's Final Moments

[To be filled in...]

Tarlach's Burden

[To be filled in...]

Mari's Past

[To be filled in...]

Identity of the Fake Goddess Reveal!?

[To be filled in...]

Enter Cichol, God of Fomors

[To be filled in...]

The Road to Tir Na Nog

[To be filled in...]

Tir Na Nog, The Alternative Plane of Existence

[To be filled in...]

Searching for the Black Orb

[To be filled in...]

The Goddess Pendent

[To be filled in...]

Final Battle! Glas Ghaibhleann!

[To be filled in...]

Generation 2: Paladin

After the events of freeing the Goddess from her cage, the Goddess Morrighan tells the Milletian to seek the Path of Light in order to thwart the evils of the Fomors. Determined, the Milletian sets off on the path to become a Paladin, a Knight of Light. As their path towards becoming a Knight of Light continues, a dark force pulls their strings, eventually leading up to the revival of an ancient evil...

Seeking the Path of Light

After defeating Glas Ghaibhleann and toppling the ancient evil that was reconstructed, the land of Erinn now calls the Milletian a hero for saving the Goddess and receives an honorary title for such a deed. The land of Erinn rejoices over the victory of the Milletian against Glas Ghaibhleann and their name echoes throughout the land. However, the Milletian receives a message from the Goddess. They were to seek the path of light and become a knight of light. The Milletian learns of this and find that there is a Paladin Training Camp in Emain Macha. Determined to find the path of the Paladin, they set off for Emain Macha.

The Paladin Training Courses

[To be filled in...]

Ruairi, The Troubled Warrior

Ruairi has dreams of Mari and Tarlach, and how the three of them reached Tir Na Nog. After being struck down by the Dark Lord, he suddenly wakes up from his coma. He looks around to find that he was under the care of a young girl. The young red-haired girl looks at Ruairi and surprised to see him awake. Ruairi looks around and asks for the whereabouts of Mari and Tarlach, getting up rashly. He then clenches his sides and realizes he was injured, sitting back down. The young girl explains that Ruairi was in a coma for several years and was saved by Morgant. Ruairi's consciousness was slipping as he was under the care of the two. Morgant used magic to preserve Ruairi's consciousness, and if it was not for the magic he would have surely perished in Tir Na Nog during the ambush lead by Mores. Ruairi looks around to find he was in a dungeon and asks for the young girl's name. She reveals her name as Triona and Ruairi questioned what she was, remarking surely she is not a Fomor.

After some time, Triona returns with food she made for Ruairi to eat. Ruairi declines, saying how can he eat food made by Fomors. Triona did not mind, but made it for Ruairi to eat. Ruairi turns down Triona's offer and tells her to leave him alone, minding their own business. Triona becomes frightened and sad and tells Ruairi not to get angry. She was worried about Ruairi and his condition and thought he would at least eat. Ruairi stated one point he wanted to make clear: He was human and she is a fomor. Triona, now ashamed at herself, acknowledges what Ruairi said and apologizes. Ruairi quotes something he was once told from a friend:

Humans and Fomors...
Although they can show kindness to each other, it is impossible for them to see eye to eye.


Triona looks up at Ruairi and asks if he believed in that. Triona sighs and says all she wanted to do was to help. Ruairi says he has no business with the area he's in and once he thanks Morgant for taking care of him, he will leave and be on his way. Triona looks up at Ruairi, asking if he hated her because she was a Fomor. She then goes on to say that she does not know where to belong, as both Humans and Fomors hate her. Heartbroken, she thought Ruairi would appreciate the care she put out for Ruairi as he was in a coma and understand. To her dismay, she did not think she would be treated like the others had treated her in the past.

Morgant's Return

Triona notifies Ruairi that Morgant has arrived. Morgant instructs Triona to wait outside the room as he confronts Ruairi. Ruairi turns around and immediately recognizes who Morgant really is. Acting on impulse, Ruairi attacks Morgant, threatening to kill him. Morgant counters his assault and tells Ruairi to not give Morgant the ultimate disgrace of fighting someone that is not capable of defending himself. Ruairi demands to know why would someone working for Morrighan (Who was actually Cichol. Ruairi has no knowledge of who it really was. Keep this in mind.) keep him alive. Morgant simply replies that he likes his attitude and moves straight to the point. Ruairi, once again, demands to know the answer of why he is still alive. Morgant looks at Ruairi and simply answers that Ruairi was quite different form other humans, which peaked his interest. The action that caused his interest in him was the fact Ruairi tried to save Mari with his own life. He also is aware that Ruairi is of royal decent, stating that he could have been lord of Emain Macha, but instead, gave it to his younger brother, Rian. Ruairi looks at Morgant with a suspicious stare, asking if he has been doing background checks on people such as himself. Morgant changes the subject, asking how he feels about people around him. Triona peeks into the room as Morgant and Ruairi have their talk. Morgant asks if he is aware that Rian is now the Lord of Emain Macha. Ruairi is not surprised to hear such a thing, since it has been quite some time since his disappearance. He then realizes that his father was lord at the time when he left and wonders if he is still alive. Morgant simply says "...Humans can't live forever...Humans can't help but destroy each other and bring themselves down..." Ruairi looks at Morgant and asks the meaning behind those words. Morgant says that his father was murdered and Rian took his rightful place on the throne. Enraged, Ruairi demands to know his father's murderer. Morgant says it was a Druid by the name of Esras, the Prime Minister of Emain Macha. Ruairi is now in disbelief. Morgant says that he simply misjudged her, and it is something that happens all the time. Humans always seemed to change and Ruairi of all people should know that. He then stats that Esras now hold Emain Macha in her hands and is using Rian as a puppet, controlling him as she pleases. Ruairi falls to the ground, asking himself how did everything go wrong. Morgant says it simply something called human nature; the more power a human possesses, the more they would want, and Esras is no exception. Ruairi is now in denial of everything and Morgant thinks highly of him because of it. Ruairi tells him to shut up and once again attacks Morgant. Morgant thwarts his attack, as he applaud his courage, but he can tell Ruairi is still weak. Morgant suggests he should rest and will return later. If Ruairi decides to leave, he can not guarantee his safety outside the walls of the dungeon. Ruairi sits down and reminisce about his last memories of Rian before embarking of his journey.

After some time has passed, he gets up immediately as Triona looks over him. Ruairi looks back at Triona and appreciates everything she has done for him. Triona, afraid for Ruairi's safety, wants to follow him. Tirona says even if he does leave, he does not know the way out of the dungeon. Ruairi declines Triona's offer and tells her what Morgant said to him applies to her too. Ruairi can not guarantee her safety as he can barely take care of himself as of now. Ruairi leaves and Triona follows, calling out to Ruairi as he leaves. Triona leads the way out as Ruairi continues to explore the dungeon maze. Eventually the two come near the end. Ruairi tells Triona that she can turn back and return. Triona looks at Ruairi, and asks if she will ever see him again. Ruairi does not turn back to look at Triona and wonders why she would want to be so close to him, and he was not the person Triona thought he may be. He thanks Triona and Morgant for everything and he must be one his way. Triona looks at Ruairi, turns around, and walks away quietly. Ruairi mutters "I'm sorry" to himself and makes his way out of the Dungeon.

Confrontation with Ruairi

The Milletian and the Paladins-in-Training appear at Math Dungeon and begin their mission to subdue the doppelganger reported to have been found in Math Dungeon. They begin to investigate the dungeon and take out any Fomorian forces found there. Eventually, one of the Paladin Trainees finds Triona, calling out to the others to subdue her. The group begins to rush at the young girl. Scared, Triona runs and eventually runs into a dead end. Triona begs for mercy as she does not want to fight. Showing no mercy and disrgarding her pleas, the group of Trainees and the Milletian, rush at Triona, fatally injuring her in the process. Ruairi senses danger and worries for Triona. He turns back and runs around the dungeon. As Ruairi runs back to Triona, the trainees looks at the "fomor" and attempts to carry her out of the dungeon. Ruairi returns, seeing an unconscious Triona. The Trainees look at Ruairi, mistaking him as the doppelganger of the Lord of Emain Macha. Ruairi seems confused as he was called a doppelganger. The Trainees and the Milletian rush at Ruairi and attack at full force.

After a harsh bout, Ruairi looks at the fallen Trainees and the Milletian. He shows mercy and spares them, telling them to back where they came. Suddenly, Rian, Esras, and Craig appear on the scene to check on the progress of the trainees. Ruairi is surprised to see his brother for the first time in years. Rian shows no response as Ruairi calls out his name. Esras looks at the trainees and demands to know why they have stopped pursuing the doppelganger. She revitalizes them and Ruairi calls out Esras's name. Esras looks at Ruairi and suspects him of being the doppelganger. Ruairi, now misunderstood of what is going on, keeps calling out to Esras, saying he is not a doppelganger. Esras gives the command to finish Ruairi off. Ruairi looks at Esras as the Paladins-in-Training approach him. Ruairi then prepares himself and fends off the attackers. Esras then gets a hold of Triona, and threatens Ruairi. Ruairi tells Esras to let her go, doing as Esras pleases. Esras attacks Triona, despite Ruairi's words and Esras commands all the trainees to attack Ruairi. Morgant teleports in the nick of time and fends off all the Trainees. Morgant looks at Ruairi and states he has now seen the true nature of Esras. Morgant wants Ruairi to come with him, along with Triona, the strength to combat the paladins at a later time. The choice was Ruairi's to make. Esras bribes the trainees to capture Ruairi and the group. Morgant teleports the group out as the trainees approach.

Aftermath of Ruairi's Encounter

The Paladin Trainees resume their training as the Milletian informs that they will be leaving the Paladin Training program. Craig asks if it had to do with the incident at Math Dungeon and understands the Milletian looks down, feeling that this is not the right way to seek the Path of Light. Craig acknowledges the Milletian's decision, and will welcome them back with open arms if they decide to return. The Milletian walks away, and thinks about what they should do. Eventually, the Goddess Morrighan sends them a vision, and tells them that they must find about Lugh, who was a Knight of Light. She tells them that Morgant is now growing more powerful and they must hurry and find the Path of Light in order to combat the evils ahead. Heeding Morrighan's words, the Milletian begins to run around Emain Macha, searching for answers regarding Lugh.

Seeking Price, the Traveling Merchant

The Milletian eventually runs into Nele, a bard who is rather lax and travels where he pleases. He tells the Milletian the story of Lugh Lavada, a hero among heroes. Lugh, with his legendary Brionac, was considered to be invincible, surpassing even Nuadha himself. If it was not for his efforts, Erinn would not be what it is today. Nele says the Lugh vanished without a trace. Although he may be gone, his presence can be felt throughout the knightly orders of Erinn. He lets out a sigh and places his Mandolin down. He states there was another paladin, by the name of Redire. Redire was one of the greatest knights of Emain Macha. He died heroically during the Tragedy of Emain Macha. Nele regrets that he had only just heard about Redire when he first set foot in Emain Macha. He calls someone by the name of Price was supposedly good friends with Redire. He suggests that they visit him for more information regarding Redire and Lugh. The Milletian sets off to find Price, a traveling merchant who always is on the move.

The Milletian eventually finds Price. He looks at the Milletian and is surprised they wanted to know more about Price. Price was looking for Redire himself oddly enough. He is happy that people look up to Redire. He heard that the the Milletian was looking for Lugh, the Knight of Light. Price remarks that Redire could match up to Lugh, but it was such nonsense. He pats the Milletian's shoulders and says that Redire may be great and all, but unfortunately he was no Knight of Light. If they must find a Knight of Light, they must seek Lugh. Redire may be a great knight of Emain Macha, but he is no Lugh in any way possible. Lugh's feats in the Battle of Mag Tuireadh have echoed through the land and wield a weapon that could annihilate the gods. Price says that Redire was killed by the Dark Lord in a battle and he was a human being and nothing more. He finds himself having a headache over the whole Redire issue and wonders if anyone else knows how Redire perished. He sighs and looks at the Milletian.

Ruairi and Morgant

Ruairi places Triona on the ground gently as Morgant asks if Ruairi remembers when he wanted to become a Paladin. Ruairi does not answer. Morgant says that Ruairi was not convinced about the Paladins. Ruairi looks at Morgant and wonders how he knows he even said such a thing. Morgant says he only knows his past. Ruairi thinks back about his talk with Mari. Ruairi quit the paladin training program because of all the hype about justice and power. Ruairi feels it was not right for him and left. Mari calls him a quitter and Ruairi says that it is something she would not understand. Morgant looks at Ruairi as he reminiscences and says that righteousness and justice is something set solely on human standards. It is simply standards set by the person who first explained it to them. Not only is it selfish, but irresponsible as well. Ruairi asks Morgant what he means by that. Morgant replies that it is dangerous for humans to have more power than they can handle. It brings not only tragedy themself and people around them. Ruairi is surprised to know that Morgant knows of his inner struggle. Morgant says he wishes to connect the world of Erinn with the outside world, showing humans for how idiotic it is to believe that the universe revolves around them. Ruairi question Morgant, saying that justice for Humans and justice for Fomors are one and the same. Ruairi does not want to be persuaded by Fomorian ideology. Morgant says that people do not fulfill their greed by manipulating justice. A Dark Knight's duty is to train themselves using wisdom of the creator's knowledge and stop human's arrogance and tyranny. It is a sin to confuse stupidity as a voice of reason. Morgant reveals that he is not a Fomor but a Human. Ruairi questions Morgant about who he really was. Morgant wants to destroy the world with its irrational ideas and restart it from scratch.

Redire's Demise

The Milletian goes to see Craig about Redire's Demise. He looks at the Milletian and tells them what they heard. Craig, now disgusted, looks at the Milletian and says they are making excuses to quit Paladin Training. He puts them at fault for not being an able student. Craig was Redire's right hand man and swears that he did not die a pitiful death. Craig claims that the skill surpass the Dark Lord and he sacrificed himself for Emain Macha. Craig looks at the Milletian sternly, to make such a claim is to disgrace the order of Paladins. He wanted to set one thing straight. Ever since the Tragedy of Emain Macha had passed, he trained himself to fight against any Dark Knight that stood in his way. It was the duty of Paladins, agents of light, to combat Dark Knights. Craig, enraged, tells them to think before they speak, or dire consequences will follow.

The Milletian returns to Price and tells them what Craig said. Price looks at the Milletian. Redire was superior to the Dark Lord and the Order of Paladins was formed to combat Dark Knights. Price smirks and then simply says that it must be true, considering he did not do any prior research. Price gives the Milletian some advice and tells them to find their own path, not follow the path someone else took. He give the Milletian a note to give to Aeira, the Dunbarton Bookstore Manager. Price was observing the Milletian and finds that they are too easily swayed by others. He tells them that that should observe the difference between their good and what people deem is good.

Good Deeds

The Milletian pays a visit to Dunbarton's Bookstore, with Price's Memo in hand. They give the note to Aeira, who says she does not have a copy in stock. She will make a back order and have an owl deliver it to the Milletian. The Milleti nods and waits for the Owl to deliver the book.

Blessings From an Ancient Spirit, Aer

[To be filled in...]

Ideal Looks? Finding the Ideal Person

[To be filled in...]

Crafting the Mythril Armor

[To be filled in...]

Tying up Esras's Loose Ends

[To be filled in...]

The True Paladin Awakens! Final Battle Against Tabhartas and Esras!

[To be filled in...]

Generation 3: Dark Knight

A dark force rises from the depths, calling upon an ancient Dragon. Ruairi, determined to put a stop to the Milletian, chooses the Path of Darkness. The Goddess Statues all over Uladh are losing their power to ward Fomors and must be repaired in order to stop the Fomor forces. The Milletian must stop the revival of an ancient Dragon or the world of Erinn may cease to exist...

Message from the Goddess

[To be filled in...]

Another World of Bangor, The Desolate Mining Town

[To be filled in...]

Goddess of Destruction? The Search For Rumors About Macha

[To be filled in...]

Goddess Statues in Danger! Willow's Request

[To be filled in...]

Goddess Statues in Danger! Comgan's Request

[To be filled in...]

Goddess Statues in Danger! Kristell's Request

[To be filled in...]

Goddess Statues in Danger! Meven's Request

[To be filled in...]

"Dorca Feadhain?" Meaning Behind "Dorca Feadain"

[To be filled in...]

I Must See Nao Now! Tarlach's Request

[To be filled in...]

Lia Fail? James's Request

[To be filled in...]

The Guise of the Fomors! The Anti-Fomor Robe

[To be filled in...]

Infiltration into the Depths! Enter Baol Dungeon

[To be filled in...]

Light Versus Darkness! Cromm Cruaich Awakens!

Generation 3 Sequel - The Dark Knight's Armor

A mysterious voice calls to the Milletian. The voice seeks an owner to a dark power and the Milletian investigates the voice. Soon they find themselves in possession of the Dark Knight Armor and embarks on a quest to remove the armor from their possession and must keep themselves away from the temptation of power...or will they end up embracing it?

Darkness Approaches! Tarlach's Request

Tarlach sends an owl with a pass attached to it and a note. The note reads: "I heard that the Dark Knight Armor can be found in Ciar Dungeon, the place you can reach with the pass I gave you. Can you please get it for me? I am confident that you will be able to secure one for me. Of course, I will reward you for your work. ~Tarlach" The Milletian, looking into the issue for Tarlach, goes into the depths of Ciar Dungeon, using the pass Tarlach gave them. After reaching the deepest part of Ciar Dungeon, they find the Dark Knight Armor Body Piece, only to find that it is in terrible condition and not even wearable by anyone. The Milletian brings it back to Tarlach.

Tarlach examines the armor, thanking the Milletian for bringing it to them. Tarlach explain that even though the armor is in bad shape, it is said to have regenerative properties and grows back its own armor pieces. He examines it much more closely and finds the piece to be a bit smaller than expected. The Milletian will need to find at least one other piece to start up its regenerative process. Tarlach will reward the Milletian as promised, and asks them to find more pieces of the armor. The Milletian looks at Tarlach questionably, and Tarlach figures the Milletian wants to know why. According to a record on Dark Knights, the Dark Knight Armor can convey some sort of message, and Tarlach wants to confirm it. He feels that the message found in the Dark Knight Armor may lead him to Ruairi.

Finding the Dark Knight Armor Fragments

The Curse of Darkness and the Second Piece

The Milletian returns to Tir Chonaill and begins to ask the locals about any information regarding the Dark Knight Armor, and its fragments. Eventually they head inside the inn to talk to the owner, Piaras. Piaras looks at the Milletian, calling them curious. Holding onto any piece of the Dark Knight Armor is ominous. Piaras tells the Milletian that the Dark Knight Armor is made of a special material laden with magical powers that enhances the powers of Fomors. The Milletian listens on and then asks where did Piaras obtain such information. He rummages through some shelves and pulls a book titled "Dark Knights and the Armor of Blackness." Piaras gives it to them for free and tells them to read when they have spare time. The Milletian looks over the book and reads about a young man whose master was consumed by the armor, and eventually took power of darkness and vanished. Feeling that the Fomors may have something to do with it, the Milletian decides to pay a visit to Goro, the Arena Manager in Alby Dungeon.

The Milletian enters the lobby of the Alby Arena and ask Goro, the Talking Goblin, about the Curse of the Darkness found in the armor. They explain what they read in the book given to them by Piaras. Goro is surprised to hear such a thing. He hands them the piece of the Dark Knight Armor, afraid that holding onto such an item would curse them, just as it cursed the person in the story. Goro explains that he had obtained the item from a person that was at the Dragon Excavation Site. Goro had thought it was a good luck charm, however he did hear strange voices and the piece of the Dark Knight Armor might have been the source. As he speaks, he hands them the piece of the armor, feeling it would be safe in the Milletian's hands, rather than someone else's. Goro suggests that they visit the man at the excavation site, Seumas, and check up on him, as he may be in grave danger.

The Third Piece and Restoration of the Power of Evil

It's just a rock...a very pointy rock.

The Milletian goes to the Dragon's Ruin in Gairech to speak with Seumas about the whereabouts of the Dark Knight Armor and check up on him on the behalf of Goro. Seumas looks at the Milletian and looks for the piece of the Dark Knight Armor. The Milletian explains that it is a dangerous object. Seumas is aware that it is very dangerous and has heard about the curse on it. However, the piece he had found has lost the power of evil, and therefore, is not dangerous in its current state. He then shows them the fragment as it is now, stating it was fossilized with time and is nothing more than a harmless rock. The Milletian explains that they have been collecting the Dark Knight Armor for Tarlach's research. Seumas directs them to Stewart in Dunbarton. The fossilized armor must be restored in order to restore its powers and restoring the armor.

The Milletian heads towards Dunbarton to visit Stewart at the Dunbarton School. Stewart is surprised to hear the Milletian wants to restore the powers of a fossilized piece of the Dark Knight Armor. Stewart gives his personal opinion, and advice, that this is something that should not be done. The Power of Evil can seduce even the strongest person in the world of Erinn. He feels that the fossil should be left as is. In fact, it was the Power of Evil that impaired his eyesight. Stewart declines on restoring the power of the Dark Knight Armor fossil, even though he understands more than most people should. It is the last thing he would do and he would not want to re-experience the incident that impaired his eyesight to begin with. Stewart directs them to Lassar. Lassar saved Stewart from the firm grasp the Darkness had on him once and has a feeling that she may be able to fulfill their request. He hands them a potion and tells them to visit Lassar. Stewart then warns the Milletian that the Armor of Darkness is dangerous object and prays for their safety.

Aren't you shiny from something dull and pointy...look at those spikes.

The Milletian goes to Tir Chonaill's Magic School to visit Lassar in accordance to Stewart. The Milletian tells Lassar Stewart's story and explains that they are obtaining pieces of the Dark Knight Armor. Lassar understands the situation and feels for Stewart, saying that people that had such an experience would not want to experience it again. Lassar gladly helps the Milletian. Lassar warns the Milletian that by collecting the pieces of the Dark Knight Armor, they are putting themselves in danger. If they hold onto to it for a prolonged period of time, the power of the Fomors may start acting on the Milletian. Lassar explains it will take more than just the potion given to them by Stewart. The Milletian is to gather around 3 Mana Herbs, along with the potion, to restore the powers laden inside the fossil. After gathering several herbs, Lassar begins to restore the fossil. Judging from the way it looks, it appears to be some sort of headgear. Lassar took the liberty to do some research as the Milletian went out to find herbs. Lassar now fears for the Milletian's safety. The Dark Knight Armor has been known to implant messages and thoughts into people's heads and the Armor itself has a mind of its own. As a precaution, Lassar tells them to avoid making any contact with the armor, as there has been instances where the Armor has stuck to its owner and consumed them. Lassar highly advises the Milletian to destroy the Armor after they have found out what they wanted.

The Fourth Piece and Strange Sensations

The Milletian begins to roam around Uladh in search for the next piece. A mysterious voice echoed in their heads, telling them to go to Rabbie Dungeon. At first, the Milletian thought they were hearing things, and glace at the armor in their possession. As they stare at it, they can feel something changing. Every time they look at the armor, it changes little by little. Disregarding it, they continue to search for the remaining pieces. Eventually, the voice in their head begins to grow louder and louder, telling them to go to Rabbie Dungeon. The Milletian suddenly feels the urge to go to Rabbie Dungeon and begins to search the depths of Rabbie Dungeon, feeling that another piece of the Dark Knight Armor may be there.

As they enter the dungeon, the voice echoes that the Succubus that lies in the depths of Rabbie is protecting "its brother." The Milletian shakes their head, surely hearing things and shows a bit of concern of whether or not what they hear is true. They continue on inside Rabbie Dungeon, exploring the area in hopes to find the fourth piece. As they approach the end, they see the Black Succubus. The Armor tells them that it was the Succubus protecting its "brother" and tells them to kill the Succubus. The Succubus drops Priest's Black Medal. The armor tells them to pick up the Medal. As the Milletian looks at the Medal, a dark glow and eerie power can be felt. The Milletian examines it carefully, and feels that it may be best to bring this to a priest. They head to Dunbarton, in hopes of finding out what this black medal is and why does it resemble a priest's medal.

Now in black! It's one of a kind and obviously suspicious...

The Milletian talks to Kristell, who immediately notices the Black Medal. The Milletian shows Kristell the Medal, while explaining they found it off of the Succubus in Rabbie Dungeon. Kristell find it unusual that it was black compared to all of the other medals. Kristell feels that the Medal is different from the standard preist's medals and states that it could be an item with a hidden identity. Kristell feels that there is a power coming from the medal. The Milletian takes a deep breath, and tells them that they are gathering the Dark Knight Armor pieces. Kristell looks at the Milletian, and back at the medal once more. Kristell feels that the Milletian might think that the medal is a piece of the Dark Knight Armor. She then request the Milletian gather a Teardrop of The Spirit, which will be used on the medal to reveal what it truly is. As the Milletian finishes their conversation with Kristell, the Armor communicates with the Milletian once again, telling them to touch the medal. The Milletian ignores the voice, and begins to search for the Teardrop of the Spirit.

It's...a lot more round compared to the other Dark Knight Armor Pieces...

After receiving one from other Milletians with a Spirit Weapon, they return to Kristell. The two of them are curious to see what comes out of the medal as the Teardrop of the Spirit was poured on it. Kristell begins to chant a spell as she closes her eyes and proceeds to using the Teardrop of the Spirit on the black medal. Kristell looks to see what happened and it appears that the Milletian was right. The medal had transformed into a piece of the Dark Knight Armor, resembling some sort of shoulder piece. Kristell believes that someone transformed the Armor piece so that it would not be easily found. Kirstell attempts to warn the Milletian and suddenly remembers a story regard the Dark Knight Armor. Kristell is aware of their deeds in Baol Dungeon thanks to a letter written by Tarlach. As the Milletian was searching for the Teardrop, Kristell encountered a rather strange story concerning Baol Dungeon. The story was said that remnants of a large battle inside Baol Dungeon may have been transferred to Albey Dungeon and the remnants of Baol Dungeon may just be the thing they are looking for. Kristell speculates that a piece of the Dark Knight Armor may lie in Albey Dungeon of Another World. She makes a pass that would hopefully lead them to the Dark Knight Armor inside Albey.

The Fifth Piece and The Black Wizard

The Milletian heads into Albey Dungeon in Tir Na Nog, offering the pass given to them from Kristell. They can hear the strange voice in their head echoing as they explore the deepest part of Albey Dungeon to where the supposed fragments of Baol dungeon lay. Upon arrival at the dungeon entrance, the voice tells them that they are almost there, followed by a sinister laugh. As they continue to explore the rememants of Baol inside Albey Dungeon, the voice in the Milletian's head begins to sound louder, saying only one fragment remains. Once they reached the deepest part of Albey, the voice in their head gives them a praise, saying that they are doing very will in gathering all the pieces, and they are much closer to earning great power. Clearing out the final room, they find the final fragment of the armor in a dark-colored chest. An evil aura emits from the chest as they open it up to find the final piece.

You expect me to believe this is what it looks like when the icon looks NOTHING like this? Also why did the Black Wizard approach Gilmore with a bunch of these anyways? Also Black Fur? more like Feather...

As they pick it up and look at it, the Black Wizard enters the room. He approaches the Milletian slowly and remarks that he has been waiting for them. The Milletian turns around and arms themselves, getting into a combative stance. The Black Wizard tells them he has also heard the voice of the Armor of Darkness and is here to simply take it back. The Black Wizard looks at the Milletian and tells them that the Armor in their possession has already taken full form. According to the Black Wizard, the Dark Knight Armor is rather abundant. The Black Wizard then makes a proposal. Instead of taking back the armor, they may keep it and wear it. Suddenly, a dark force comes from the box that held the final piece and the Armor of Darkness calls to them, telling them that they shall become one soon. The Milletian looks surprised, then looks back at the Black Wizard. The Wizard exclaimed that the Armor of Darkness has mutually accepted the Milletian as its new master. The Black Wizard tells them to wear the armor and destroy the servants of the Goddess, the Paladin. As they slay Paladins, they will continue to grow stronger. The Milletian begins to think about what the Goddess has done for them and the powers they have received because of her and to defy the Goddess that helped them would be an insult to their own morales. The Black Wizard notices the predicament they must be in and tells them to thoroughly think it through. Instead of forcing them, the Black wizard gives them an Amulet and tells them to offer it to Barri Dungeon. The Black Wizard then tells them to come back and make the choice after experiencing the power of a Dark Knight and what they could do with it. The Wizard tells the Milletian that Dougal will know what to do if they decide to find the Black Wizard again. The Milletian does not need to bring the Armor of Darkness, as the Wizard keeps plenty with him. The Black Wizard leaves them with the choice of what to do, and leaves.

Returning to Tarlach

The Milletian returns to Tir Chonaill with the nearly completed Armor of Darkness in hand.

[To be filled][3]

Experience TRUE POWER! Dark Knight Exhibition!

Contemplating about what to do, the Milletian fiddles with the amulet. Remembering the Black Wizard's words, they decide to experience the power of a Dark Knight and head to Barri Dungeon. They offered the amulet given to them by the Black Wizard and find themselves seeing Ruairi's trials during his course of becoming a Dark Knight to control Morgant's Army of Darkness.[4]

To Destroy...or not to Destroy...

[To be filled in...]

Generation 4 - Pioneers of Iria

A new continent is discovered. A land barren of man, and ancient relics spread across the entire continent. This continent is called Rano. The Milletian takes a boat to this foreign land, in hopes of finding new adventures in this ancient continent...

The Land Across The Vast Ocean

Across the great ocean lies a large continent untouched by man. This region is full or ancient ruins and artifacts, and even some hidden through the use of ancient magic. Through the land has scattered landmarks, each of them etched into an image. These landmarks have been there for thousands of years and have yet to fade with time. some research indicates that the marks left behind are supernatural, something only a deity is capable of. In this land, there is a large prairie, a great desert, and a enormous forest. This land is known as Iria, the region across the vast ocean and a story that has yet to be uncovered about the land's ancient secrets.

Upon arrival of the small port, there is an exhibition settlement know as Port Qilla. A small batch of researchers were sent by the Alich Kingdom in order to uncover the hidden secrets that may lie the mysterious continent of Iria.

To the north of Qilla is the Nubes Mountians. These mountains span across the western side of Rano. There is a cave structure called Solea. Solea is a maze structure that acts as an underground pathway to Physis, the region inhabited by Giants. Solea also leads to the hidden mark of Rano, the Star Mark, as well as the Solea Beach. Here, one can gaze out into the ocean as the mysterious Star Mark is etched into the ground.

Farther north of Qilla is the Maiz Prairie. Various Gnus and Mongooses can be found here. There are 2 marks etched into the land. the Flower Mark, and the Human Mark. These marks can be seen high up in the sky, and their origins are unknown.

[More to be filled in...]

Discovering the Art of the Twin Swords

[To be filled in...]

Generation 5: Elves of the Desert

Upon discovering a region to the east, a world barren of wildlife is found. This desert area is home to the Elves, a race that excels in Archery. The Milletian explores this new region of Iria, called Connous, and hopes to find new adventures in this barren wasteland.

A Land of Desolation and Walking Spirits

[Geography research in progress...]

Meeting the Elves

After exploring the Sands of Connous, the eventually find a establishment in the northern part of Connous. The Milletian walks on the outskirts of a city filled with pointy-eared people. As they look on, they see guards surrounding the city, patrolling for enemy forces, if any. The Milletian acts casual and looks around the great city of Connous. They learn that the city they are in is called Filia. They later found out that the people living here are called Elves. The Milletian also learns that Elves excel in ranged combat, while lacking a physical body that would withstand melee. Eventually, the Milletian would find themselves in front of the chief of Filia, Castanea.

Castanea looks on and realize that the Milletian was a human from the other continent. Castanea welcomes them to Filia, home of the Elves. They also learn very quickly that the Elves have painful memories of another race antagonizing them. The other race is called Giants. Due to the recent amount of activity concerning humans visiting Filia, Castanea asks if they were a friend, or a foe. The Milletian chooses not to answer. Castanea, however, still fills them in, albeit briefly, and asks once more for the Milletian's support for the Elves and help fight the Giants. Doing so would make them enemies to Giants, but they would gain benefits for being allies with the Elves. The Milletian declines once more. Castanea understands it can be a tough decision and if they wish to change their mind, they can come back any time. The Milletian leaves Filia, hoping to find new adventures out in the world of Connous.

Generation 6: The Giant

A land was discovered up north of Rano, the area blanketed in snow and ice. This land was Physis, home of the mighty Giants. The Giants are a ferice race, excelling in Combat and Melee. The Milletian travels to the land of snow and ice, in hopes to find new adventures in this frozen wasteland.

The Land of Frost and Power

[Geography research in progress...]

Meeting the Giants

After exploring the vast land of snow, the Milletian find themselves in a place where people are, literally, larger than life. Almost two times the size, the Milletian looks on as large people wander the grounds of this unusually large town. Talking to the locals reveals that the people inhabiting the town are Giants, and the city they are in is Vales, home of all Giants. The Milletian can't help but feel small as they talk to the locals. The Giants always have to bend down, or even sit, just to be able to meet eye to eye. Eventually, the Milletian makes their way to Krug, King of Vales, and head chief of all that goes on in Vales.

Krug hears the Milletian. Looking around, he sees no one insight. Upon looking down, they find the small Milletian. He bends down and looks at the Milletian. The Milletian looks at Krug as he welcomes them to Physis and Vales. Then, almost immediately, he begins to tell the story of how the Giants are in conflict with the Elves. Having a feeling that the Milletian may have heard the story before, moves straight to the point. Krug points out that the Giants and the "cockroach Elves" are in a tense relationship. The tension is so bad that it may be possible that another Giant-Elven War may break out. He asks, for the future of his people, for the Milletian to lend their support to the giants. By supporting the Giants, they will become enemies to all Elves, but they will gain benefits from the Giants. The Giants will look after the Milletian as family is they decide to join. As with their previous engagement with Castanea, they decline. Krug, understanding that it is a harsh decision, tells them that they may come back at anytime, in case they do feel the need to support the Giants. The Milletian then begins to set off outside of Vales, hoping to find new adventures in the frozen world of Physis.

Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid

A region was found between Rano, Connous, and Physis. Courcle is a land were many swamps could be found and there is an village that has lived in the center of Courcle for centuries. The Milletian embarks on a journey and discovers the conflict between the Elves and Giants, and a secret of the elves unfolds before them...

Courcle, the Center of Iria

The Milletian decides to explore the newly discovered land of Courcle. There, they find it is filled with exotic creatures and come across areas of humid forests. They eventually find an old village, Cor. Cor is filled with inhabitants native to the land of Iria. As with the other regions of Iria, many land marks are etched into the land. The Milletian explores the vast region, finding it is rather unique, and used as a bridge between the three regions of Connous, Physis, and Rano.

Courcle has 2 rivers running through it. The first one runs in from Physis's Reus River. Reus splits into the ocean and the other half moves through Courcle. The might river runs through Courcle, splitting near the Lappa region to for the Erkey Falls. From there, it becomes the second river, Lutra, which separates Rano and Courcle respectively.

Courcle is a very tropical place, often humid from the moisture in the air. In the middle of Courcle is the Herba Jungle and Cor Village. The Herba Jungle is a large jungle with various lynxes and plants. A mysterious mark can be found etched into a shape of a Jungle Tree.

To the east is the Cenae Meadows. Fierce creatures can be found here in the large savanna. Lions can be found in large groups along with Elephants. One can also find Zebras and other various horses. Hyenas and Tarantulas can be found in the vast savanna. In the western part of the meadow, towards the Suytu River, are hippos. One may ride a hippo into Cor Village and back safely. Along the river side, Buffalo may be found in groups. It is home of the Mountain Crest mark, which is located to the east, hidden behind plateaus. Cenae Meadows is also the final frontier before heading into Connous. A bridge is hidden with magic. If one uses L-Rods, they may find the hidden bridge. The bridge will stay for quite sometime, however it will eventually disappear and must be found again.

To the south is the Marshes of Pantay. This swampy area is home to Dragonflies, Alligators, various venomous snakes, and Hippos. The swamps are rather deep than they appear and can come up to the neck of an average Milletian. It is often sticky and many do not tread here. Various organic light structures can be found scattered through the swamp. It is also home of the Dragonfly Mark, near the dock by the Sutyu River. If one heads further south, between the marshes and the Cenae Meadows, one may find a small pathway over the Lutra River. Using L-Rods, one may find a hidden bridge that connects Courcle to Rano. As witht eh bridge to Connous, it will disappear after time has passed and must be found again.

Further west is the region of Lappa. It was once a peaceful village, of which many of the inhabitants of Cor Village originated from. One day, Hobgoblins raided the village by storm, forcing all of the inhabitants to forcibly move from Lappa. Some stayed behind to defend the Villagers escaping. What is left now is ruins of the old village, and may villages still remember the raid that took place that day. Hobgoblins have taken over the place as their new home. Lappa is also home of the Dragon mark.

To the north is La Terra Highlands. The mountians are large and vast, and one may find various goats and mountain dogs. La Terra is the final frontier before heading into Physis. By heading northward, one may find various Ice Crystals and the Reus River, the boundary between Physis and Courcle. Using an Ice Crystal and magic, one can fashion a temporary bridge, which with erode over time by the waters from the Reus River.

Rafting: A Shortcut Back Down

After heading northwards, the Milletian find themselves at a dock in the northern mountains of La Terra Highlands. A Cor Native is found stationed there. The Milletian walks up to him and asks what it is about. The Native explains that they can take the Sutyu River and ride it down back to Cor Village. On the way, various Hobgoblins will try and stop the Milletian. They will be rewarded, depending on how many of the Hobgoblins then fended off while approaching the the next docking point. The Milletian thinks about it, and thought it would be fun to take a raft down stream. The Villager then assembles a crude raft and tells the Milletian to wait as the raft is being assembled. Soon after, a crude raft is made, barely hanging on to the anchor post. The Milletian looks at the Villager, who assures it is 100% safe. He also warns them of a fork in the river further down. The Milletian jumps on the raft, and begins to set of downstream, back to Cor Village.

Rafting Gone Wrong

At the fork in the Sutyu River, the Milletian looks on and thinks. Feeling bold, they decide to take the southern path. The Milletian grips the paddle firmly, and uses all their strength to steer the small raft to the south, head towards a rather dangerous path. The Milletian finds the current to be a bit rough than usual, but hopes it'll be fine. As they continue to go south, the current begins to get stronger. The Milletian looks on at the path ahead and sees a waterfall, Erkey Falls. They begin to panic, attempting to dock at the docking point in Lappa. Unfortunately, the Milletian is thrown overboard into the waterfall, crashing the raft and lay unconscious in the bed of the falls.

The Ancient Jungle Ruins

After crashing the raft and falling over the Erkey falls, they awake to find themselves in a strange area of Courcle. They see a riverbed of sorts, somewhat shallow, and ancient mysterious ruins. The Milletian is intrigued by this strange area. As the look off into the distance, there are 3 ancient shrines. The Milletian approaches the ruins and examines them. In front of each shrine is a strange pillar. Each pillar is etched with a symbol of an element. One is etched with Lightning, another with an etching of what appears to be the Sun, and the last one is of a large snowflake. The Milletian examines each one closely, noticing that each pillar is missing a fragment. There was an indentation and a blank slot on each Pillar. Feeling that the answer must lie in Courcle, The Milletian sets off to find the three ancient fragments and place them in the mysterious pillars that are in the Jungle Ruins. However, they must find a way out of the bottom of Erkey Falls. The Milletian looks around and searches for a way out. Eventually, they come across a collapsed mana tunnel. The Milletian finds that the Mana Tunnel is in bad shape, but can still be used to move out of the isolated area. The Milletian stares back at the ruins, feeling that unlocking its secrets may yield to some kind of clue for the adventure that lies ahead.

Lost Memories of The Ancients

After obtaining information and unearthing the Ancient Fragments, the Milletian returns to the Ancient Ruins found in the Erkey Falls. The Milletian examines the Ancient Altars that lie before each Shrine. Taking the Fragments, the Milletian inserts the fragments and each of the altars reacts to the ancient magic hidden within.

The Ancient Memories of Courcle

Inserting the Ancient Lightning Fragment, the altar changed positions to represent lightning. The door to the shrine opens as a raging lightning storm opens the way to the top of the Ancient Shrine of Lightning. The Milletian bravely enters the altar. The Milletian feels a strange sensation, as if the Shrine itself was talking to them. They see images flash in their heads, as the altar tells them their tale.

Long ago, fires from the sky scorched Courcle, burning the entire land ablaze. The Syutu River was dried up due to the immense flames. The Great Irinid showed up upon Courcle warded the "Rain of Death" using the "Rain of Life."


The Ancient Memories of The Elves

Inserting the Ancient Sun Fragment, the altar changed positions to represent the Sun. The door to the shrine opens as the Sun came out and shined upon the altar, opening the way to the top of the Ancient Shrine of the Sun. The Milletian bravely enters the altar. The Milletian feels a strange sensation, as if the Shrine itself was talking to them. They see images flash in their heads, as the altar tells them their tale.

The wings of a Great Dragon eclipsed the sun. The Prairies of Connous that was once paradise lost its verdure, shrouding the land in complete darkness.


The Ancient Memories of The Giants

Inserting the Ancient Snow Fragment, the altar changed positions to represent Ice. The door to the shrine opens as a sudden snow storm quietly blanketed the altar, opening the way to the top of the Ancient Shrine of Snow. The Milletian bravely enters the altar. The Milletian feels a strange sensation, as if the Shrine itself was talking to them. They see images flash in their heads, as the altar tells them their tale.

The land of what was once Courcle was scorched to a crisp, leaving no survivors. A mysterious person digs into the ground with their hands until their fingers bled. All the person could hear was a Dragon's Roar echoing in the darkness they left behind.


The Time Has Come

The land is released from its burning shackles, gushing out lifeless soil. I know...and I foresee the fate of this dark land.


Fire showered the land from the sky. Scorching flames burning the jungle and drying up the Syutu River. Now...Time is...running out.


Fear of the Unknown

The Milletian, shaken up from what they had experienced, returns to Cor Village and visits the chief, Kousai. Kousai explains the them that the Milletian is agitated, not because of the mysterious ruins beyond the jungle, or the unforgettable fathomless illusions, but because of their fears and anxiety relentlessly chasing them. Kousai tells them to seek the Heart of Courcle, the mirror of the Iria Continent, which reflects the memory of the past, present and future. At one time, the relic was in Courcle before it magically vanished. He then tells the Milletian that the events happening to them is not mere coincidence, but signs of their destiny. Kousai says that everything will happen in due time and that their destiny was just beginning. To help them relax, Kousai makes some tea using some Lipai Roots and hands it to them.

Restless Ruwai

The Milletian drinks the tea from earlier to easy their mind. Eventually, they receive word that Tupai wanted to see the Milletian for an urgent matter. Looking into the commotion, the Milletian goes to see Tupai and his pet otter, Ruwai.

Some time ago, Tupai and Ruwai went to do some exploration around the Erkey Falls. Ruwai suddenly had an idea and went to see Voight to borrow some L-Rods, with Tupai's help as a translator. Ruwai manages to borrow the L-Rods from Voight and seemed excited. Ruwai explains that where he was going was a place full of sand, more specifically, Connous. Tupai wanted to come with but Ruwai told him it was best to stay in Cor, as the sand may cause eye irritation. Tupai agrees with Ruwai and waited. Ruwai came back after going out for a few nights but seemed different. Tupai notices that Ruwai was upset and hope that the Milletian can do him a favor. Tupai suggests to the Milletian to fish up a Rainbow Trout and give it to Ruwai, as he has as soft spot for Rainbow Trout. Tupai hopes that it will cheer the sad otter up and hopefully gather information on what happened to Ruwai during his time in Connous.

Journal of a Furry Traveler

Upon receiving the crude Journal from Ruwai, the Milletian opens it. There are many pawprints, starting off to what appears calm. The Milletian could not comprehend its contents, but continues on. As the Milletian "reads on," the pages begins to look in rather terrible condition. The paw prints goes from calm looking to a bit rough. The Milletian notices it begins to smears as the pages go on. A bit scared[5], the Milletian "reads on." Coming to the last couple of pages, the paw prints were done in a rather hurried fashion, even tearing the page. The prints are also a bit deformed from the hurried printing, with claws digging into several other pages. The Milletian looks at Ruwai and figured that whatever he saw must have scared him to death. The Milletian decides that the best thing to do is to go to Connous, and use the Journal as a memorial item and try to delve into Ruwai's memories embedded into the journal.

Ruwai finds himself inside Longa Desert Ruins. Making his way through, Ruwai stumbles upon the Heart of Courcle and an ancient ritual taking place beneath the depths of Connous. The following chant takes place:

The ice mirror is broken, piercing and freezing the Heart of Courcle. The time has come. Throbbing Heart of Courcle speaks the fate of this dark land.


—Desert Preist Fanatics

After defeating the Desert Fanatics, the Heart of Courcle calls to Ruwai, telling him to come closer and listen to the voice of fate. Suddenly, a group of Desert Ghost Fanatics attempt to subdue Ruwai. Castanea appears from nowhere and wards off Ruwai's attackers. Castanea looks at Ruwai and speaks to him, saying that he should not have come here and tragic events has just begun. Castanea hopes that Ruwai will forget what he saw and experienced. Ruwai is puzzled that he was even understood. Castanea does not explain and tells Ruwai to escape while he can.

Voight's Curiosity

Voight calls out to the Milletian and sends word that he may have unearthed something regarding the Heart of Courcle. The Milletian goes to see Voight about the matter. Voight explains that someone came to him one day and asked for a restoration of an artifact. The stranger was identified as a male wearing a rather thick robe. However, the artifact was too severely damaged to be restored properly, but Voight eventually found a way. The artifact was strange, as it was some sort of stylobate, as if it was a part of a column of some sort and kept revealing a new secret as Voight continued to restore it. Voight then speculated that it may have to do with the "Heart of Courcle" that has recently been getting attention. Voight continued to say that the mysterious stranger was an Elf, considering the way the stranger moved around as he left. One night, he "borrowed" Waboka's horse and set off to Connous, more specifically, Filia. He asked the locals if they ever heard of the Heart of Courcle. The responses he received were rather startling:

......Well, I'm sorry, but I've never heard of it before...


Every Elf he had spoken to said something eerily similar. Voight does not believe their responses one bit and asks the Milletian to investigate for them, as they may be more trusted than he is to the Elves. Voight speculates that the Elves may have to do with the disappearance of the Heart of Courcle. Voight is also aware that strange forces are at work in Iria. The Milletian agrees and goes to Filia to investigate what is going on.

Seeking Information from the Elves

The following is only applied due to being Elf-allied and is provided to put some insight into the storyline.

At Voight's request, the Milletian goes to Filia and investigate what is going on. As the Milletian asks the locals, they receive similar responses as Voight did when he asked about the Heart of Courcle. Oddly enough, all the elves have some sort of strange headache when asked about the Heart of Courcle and apparently never heard of it. Meles even took a repair order, however she had no memory of receive the order, yet it was recorded in her very own handwriting in the ledger she keeps. With the information on hand, the Milletian returns to Cor and gives Voight the information. Voight is not surprised and realizes the venture was more trouble than it is worth. Something fishy is going on and drops the subject. He does acknowledge that Iria has been quite strange with the recent news of the Heart of Courcle showing up suddenly as a hot topic.

The Mirror of Memories

Taunes received word that someone has broken the seal and awakened the souls of the Irai Ruins. Curious, he sends word to the Milletian and requests they have a talk. Upon arrival, Taunes cuts to the chase. His eyesight is growing fainter day by day and he will one day become blind. He is not afraid of being blind but has a simple request. Taunes wants to see Atrata so that he will remember the way she looked before his eye sight goes out. The Milletian is puzzled by the request due to Taunes wanting to see an Elf before his eyesight fails him. Taunes attempts to explain that if everyone has a burden of life to endure, then perhaps everyone suffers different burdens of love. Taunes feels that he may no long remember Atrata's love without seeing her. Taunes is aware of the Elves meddling with memories and Atrata may be influenced by the Memory Tower that withholds memories. Taunes gives the Ice Crystal of Memory to the Miletian and tells them that the Mirror of Memory may help restore the memory of Elves, just as it does with Giants. The Milletian accepts and head into Par to find the Mirror of Memory.

The Milletian enlists the help of a Giant, as they have heard rumors of the Wendigo's only weakness is an Ice Pole.After reaching the final room, the Milletian is greeted with the Mirror Witch and a Wendigo. The Wendigo puts up a fierce battle, however Icicles rained down the battlefield as it stomps the ground. An Ice Pole drops, which prompts the Milletian to command the assisting Giant to grab the pole and impale the Wendigo with it. The Mirror Witch, angered by the death of the Wendigo, attempts to fight the duo and intends to make Par their resting place.

After an icy battle, the Mirror Witch is pushed back into a corner. She calls the Giants "greedy Descendants of the Irinid" and is aware that the Milletian has came for the Mirror of Memory. She laughs and hands them a broken Mirror of Memory. She questions if the Milletian can handle the scars of the ruthless memory that will be reflected upon the mirror. The Mirror Witch continues to laugh and says if the Milletian was brave enough, then perhaps the gates of the "Blazing Land" would not have opened so easily. She then vanishes in an icy mist and the Milletian leaves to give the Mirror to Taunes.

Restoration of Atrata's Memories

The Milletian returns, with the broken Mirror or Memory in hand. Taunes examines the Mirror to find it slightly cracked. It can be restored with careful hands. He thanks the Milletian and explains the the Mirror restores the lost memory of the person that looks into it. The Mirror shatters if the person looking into the Mirror is afraid of facing their past. The Milletian goes to see Voight, as he is skilled in artifact restoration.

The Milletian hands the Mirror to Voight, who is surprised to see such a thing. Out of his countless times of artifact restoration, not once has he encountered a mirror that required restoration. He then joke around that if the Mirror does indeed restore memories, then perhaps it may come in handy when he becomes too drunk and passes out. Vioght hands the mirror back, knowing that the Milletian needs it more than he does. With the Mirror fully restored, the Milletian heads into Filia, hoping that the Mirror of Memory will restore some of Atrata's memories on behalf of Taunes.

Atrata is nervous about looking into the mirror as everything was so sudden. The Milletian cheers Atrata up as she begins too look into the Mirror of Memory. The reflection showed that she was traversing a dungeon with the Wind Bell in hand. She eventually comes across an injured Tauns. The Mirror breaks, showing signs that Atrata is too nervous to face her own past. Atrata does not recall anything from what she saw, but did notice that she has the exact same Wind Bell. Atrata remarks that the Wind Bell makes a beautiful sound as if the stars in the night sky were brushing against each other[6]. She feels that the Wind Bell may hold answers to her lost memories, and hands the Milletian the Wind Bell.

Help From an Unexpected Friend

The Milletian heads into Longa Dungeon with the Wind Bell to uncover Atrata's lost memories. Using the Bell, the Milletian finds themselves looking through Atrata's eyes, only to find that she needs to find the only one person she remembers.

Atrata makes her way to Taunes, who is injured badly. Atrata looks down at an injured Taunes and asks if she kept him waiting. Taunes, whose eyesight is failing at the time, recongizes Atrata's voice instantly. Atrata gives the Tikka Sap Potion, an extremely potent healing potion, to Taunes and tells him to rest easy as the potion does its thing. Atrata sits by Taunes' side, monitoring his condition as he heals. As time goes on, Taunes talks to Atrata, stating that even though his eyes are blurry, the painful screams and agony of his comrades echoed through his ears. The sounds of Atrata's Wind Bell wakes Taunes up from his hellish nightmares of the battlefield. Atrata simply tells Taunes to forget everything. Atrata says that Giants are always depressed because they never forget anything like the Elves do. Every moment of an Elf's life feels like new since they can forget anything when necessary. The memories from the Wind Bell fades and the Milletian returns to Atrata.

Atrata looks at the Milletian and realizes that she was just thought it was great to be able to forget anything that happened in the past since there were so many tomorrows to remember. However, she has changed her mind, despite how bothersome it is to forget your own past. The Milletian explains what her lost memories were about and her true feelings about Taunes; Atrata was in love with him, despite what was going on between the two races.

Generation 8: Dragon

A region north of Physis is found. It was once inhabited by Dragons, a fierce race that once ruled the Land of Iria. A Dragon uprising occurs, and the fate of the world once again lies on the Milletian's shoulders.

The Return of Cromm Cruaich

After the days of the great flood, there was a Conduction Ceremony.
The one who was chosen as the Gold Dragon's Conductor was Cessair, who was from a noble family.

Cessair's Darkness swallowed up the Gold Dragon
and the dragon brought upon an era of eternal darkness with the name, 'Moonlight of Death'.

However, the seemingly endless days of darkness
finally ended with the appearance of the Irinid.
And with that, the era of the dragons was over.

After a few thousand years passed
fate has planned for another Conduction Ceremony.

I, Cromm Cruaich, am guiding the dragon's contractor to Iria
in preparation for the Conduction Ceremony.

...His name is Ruairi...

He was sitting at the valley of despair,
the most miserable Human of them all.


Krug's Expeditionary Team

Krug gain word that someone uncovered the secret of the Irai Ruins found in Erkey Falls in Courcle. He then sends an order calling out to all Human, Giant-Allied Humans, and Giants. Krug believes that the ownership of the ruins rightfully belongs to the Giants. He suspects that the Elves have also gained word of the Irai Ruins and have made preparations in the case that there is conflict. Krug plans to form an expedition team and wants Taunes to lead the newly created team. Krug is aware of Taunes' relationship with the Milletian and requests that they should invite him to lead the expedition team. The Milletian goes to see Taunes about the matter.

Taunes looks over at the Milletian. The Milletian explains Krug's plans to take an expedition team and claim the Irai ruins before the Elves intercept them and claim it first. Taunes downright refuses, explaining there is no point to start another meaningless war. In addition to his bad eyesight, he doubts that he will make a good leader. The Milletian nods and returns to Krug to deliver his response.

Upon hearing the response given to him from Taunes, Krug is furious. He mutters something about Kirine being right all along and makes plans to punish Taunes for disobeying the order of the king.

Long Lost Brother? Effie's Request

Effie sends word to the Milletian about something concerns her brother. The Milletian goes to Qilla Base Camp to see what Effie was concerned about it. Effie has received word that someone resembling her brother, Kelpie, was spotted in Zardine by some explorers. She asks the Milletian to go to Zardine and find her littler brother. In return, Effie will give the Milletian something that will aid in their exploration of Zardine. The Milletian agrees and goes to Zardine's Calida Exploration Camp to see if anyone named Kelpie resides there.

Upon arrival, the Milletian finds the man named Kelpie. Kelpie is a bit confused and suffers from amnesia. All he remembers is his name, but has no memory of having a sister named Kelpie. He thanks the Milletian and goes back to work. The Milletian returns to Effie to deliver the news.

Effie looks at the Milletian as they explain there was a man named Kelpie at the Calida Exploration Camp. She thanks the Milletian, as she is now given some form of hope that it could very well be the same person. However, Effie is dishearten at the fact that Kelpie does not recall anything. Handing the Milletian some sketching paper, she requests that the Milletian draw the person named Kelpie to see if there was any resemblance to her own brother. The Milletian goes back to Calida Exploration Camp and skteches Kelpie.

Upon returning with the sketch, the Milletian hands it to Effie. She takes one look at the sketch and the name named Kelpie is in fact her little brother. She becomes worried as to why Kelpie does not recall anything. Effie asks if the Milletian knows of the Mirror of Memory. She has heard rumors that it can restore memories and requests the Milletian to find the Mirror of Memory. Effie hopes that the Mirror of Memory can be used to, at the very least, restore Kelpie's memory of his sister. The Milletian accepts and goes to Filia, as the person who had it last was Atrata.

Atrata's Memories

Atrata sends word to the Milletian that they were seeking the Mirror of Memory. Upon arrival, Atrata states that she was able to recover several memories using the Mirror of Memory. She was about to remember her one and only love, Taunes. However, in the process she did recover other memories that were difficult to recall. Each time she regained memories, she was struck with a fearful premonition. She gives the Milletian a letter to give to Taunes. While the Milletian delivers the letter, Atrata will prepare the Mirror of Memory for them. The Milletian becomes curious as to what kind of memories she remembers from using the mirror and asks.

Atrata once helped an injured giant named Taunes, who was resting in Longa Desert Ruins. Eventually. Atrata arrived and tended to him and the two waited as Tuanes recovered. Eventually, Atrata remembered the moment all to well, and the feeling overcoming her was love. She also remembers a terrible time when Filia condemned Atrata for having "Black Hair." There once was a superstitious legend of tragic event events that occurred when a Black-Haired Elf was born in Filia, which usually resulted in a ritual sacrifice of Black-Hair Elves to prevent it from happening. The ill omen was to date back to the times that the Moonlight of Death and the Great Flood had already occurred. It was believed that it was part of the Curse of the Irinid that plagued the land. Fortunately, Castanea held off on the ritual, and says the following:

Sheep with fur yet to be sheared and baby lambs...
It's not time yet.

I guess I'll realize then that I need that child...


Castanea intervening on the ritual killing of Black-Haired Elves.

The Mirror Witch's Unicorn

The Milletian goes to Vales to deliver Atrata's letter. Taunes wishes to see Atrata once more, however due to not particpating in Krug's expidition, he is now under house arrest and cannot leave. He cannot escape and requires help if he intends to escape and see Atrata once more. Taunes has heard about the Mirror Witch's Unicorn, a legendary horse that is said to exceed the speed of sound. If Taunes can obtain the horse and use it to outrun the guards that would chase him, he would be able to see Atrata again. Taunes gives the Milletian some Unicorn Powder that would lead them to the Unicorn. He asks the Milletian to tame the Unicorn and bring it back to him. He then provides a taming cane and some homemade bait. The Milletian takes the items and heads into the Par Ruins, using the Unicorn Powder as an item to get into the resting place of the Mirror Witch's Unicorn.

Once inside, the Milletian makes their way into the final room. The Milletian takes the Taming Cane and Bait from earlier and attempts to lure the Unicorn. After using careful movements, the Milletian eventually befriends the Unicorn and takes the Unicorn to Silva Forest.[7] They return to Taunes to tell him that they have successfully lured the Unicorn and moved it to Silva Forest, where it awaits. Taunes is surprised that the Milletian was about to tame the beast and will head there. He then thanks the Milletian and tells them that they should see Atrata.

The Milletian returns to Atrata. Atrata informs that it was broken from last time and that it will need to be restored. The Milletian goes to see Voight, as he restored it last time.

Re-Restoring the Mirror of Memory

The Milletian returns to Voight in Cor Village. Vioght examines the mirror only to find it was in a worse condition than it was before. Voight explains that it is beyond his skill this time around and perhaps his friend and mentor, Arenen, could do it. However, Voight does not want to be mentioned as the person who sent them, as Arenen was upset with him for no given reason. Voight explains that he is currently up in Zardine, at the Calida Exploration Camp. The Milletian goes to see Arenen in hopes of restoring the Mirror.

Arenen introduces himself as the Milletian approaches. The Milletian explains that they wish to restore the broken Mirror of Memory and shows it to them. Arenen is rather surprised to where they heard about Arenen's skills as a restorer of artifacts. The Milletian keeps Voight's word and avoids the subject. After looking at the Mirror, he becomes intrigued and is willing to charge them in exchange for his services. Instead of gold, he decides that if the Milletian gathers some Sulfur Ore, he will restore it for them. Arenen states that Sulfur Ores have gone up in price recently and is too expensive as is. The Milletian agrees to gather the Sulfur Ore and exchange it for Arenen's artifact restoration services.

After suffocating on the air of the Sulfur Pits, the Milletian manages to gather Sulfur Ores. The Milletian returns to the Calida Exploration Camp at delivers them to Arenen. Arenen uses his skills as a restorer and manages to restore the Mirror of Memory. The Milletian then takes the Mirror to Kelpie, who was willing to look into the Mirror of Memory and recover some of his memories. Looking into the Mirror, he realizes who his sister is and is excited to meet her someday. He also recalls a friend named "Phaselus." Kelpie happen to have some of his belongings. Kelpie explains that when he first arrived in Zardine, he does not recall anything, nor did he have any belongings that helped remember who he was. He then shows the Milletian Phaselus' Letter and hands it to them, hoping that they may find some answers. He then hands them the Mirror of Memory showing Kelpie's memories. Kelpie asks if they would like to see the memories reflected and the Milletian says yes.

Kelpie's Memories

Looking into the Mirror of Memory, the Milletian sees the reflected memories of Kelpie. Kelpie had just left for a new Continent that was discovered across the Moyer Ocean and prepares for a long journey. His journey eventually takes him to Connous. There, Kelpie assists an elf named Phaselus and proceeds to take him back to Filia, the village of the Elves. Phaselus is grateful to have met Kelpie and the two became friends instantly. However, suddenly Phaselus is in trouble and suddenly goes under a transmogrification that causes Phaselus to go into severe pain. The Mirror stops reflecting the memories there and the Milletian looks at the Letter. Know the letter's origin, they head to Longa Desert Ruins, in hopes to uncovering what happened to Kelpie and Phaselus during their time in Filia.

Offering the letter, the Milletian sees the events that takes place through Kelpie's eyes. Very briefly, Phaselus can be seen with Castanea and a group of Desert Fanatics. Castanea signals the group as the Desert Fanatics close in on the helpless elf. Castanea looks at Phaselus, saying he knows too much and must be taken care of. Kelpie runs inside the room and calls out to Phaselus. Castanea looks behind her to find the young Kelpie with sword in hand. Phaselus suddenly does not remember anything and questions what is going on. Kelpie calls out to him and then asks Castanea what was going on. Kelpie asks why would Castanea attack their own kind. Castanea shrugs slightly, then tells Kelpie a tale:

There is an old legend that goes like this.
Once there was a village with a strange disease going around that would affect people to suddenly lose their memory.
Soon, the disease spread throughout the entire town
and the town residents would even forget the name of common everyday items.

While this was happening, there was this young man who had yet to contract the disease.
He went around putting labels on every item, trying to minimize the damage done by the disease.
He would write labels such as 'This is a tree.', 'This is a sheep. Please shear the sheep.'
'This is a chicken. It can lay eggs.' and so on.

The young man placed a very large sign at the town entrance.
On it he wrote, 'God exists.'


—Castanea confronting Kelpie

Castanea goes on to say that everything that happens in a person's life is doomed to disappear, like a bubble bursting in an instant; One day everything comes to an end and disappears. Castanea does not see this as a big deal and what Phaselus has done was brought upon by himself. Phaselus suddenly goes under a transformation and becomes a monstrosity. Castanea says that the transformation is the fate of all Elves, the fate of a Desert Ghost. She then goes on saying that the Irinid did not leave behind any blessings, but rather a curse; A disease that transmogrifies Elves into Desert Ghosts. Castanea loves the Elven race and was willing to do anything to protect it. As a result she wipes the memories of the dark truth from all Elves to relive them of despair, to sacrifice the past in order to make way for the hope of tomorrow. Castanea then proceeds to wipe his memory, as Kelpie now knows too much and it was for his own good. With the memories from Phaselus' Letter fading, the Milletian returns with the fate of Phaselus and what happened to Kelpie inside Longa Desert Ruins.

Mysterious Phenomenon in Zardine

The Milletian returns to Zardine to tell Kelpie the news of Phaselus. Kelpie is angry and Castanea, but feels that if she could wipe memories, then perhaps Castanea can restore them as well. Kelpie asks the Milletian to see Castanea and see if she can restore Kelpie's memories. The Milletian agrees and goes to see Castanea.

The Milletian visits Castanea and does not deny what the Milletian told of Kelpie's Memories and what she has done. Castanea regrets that she can not restore memories, but rather manipulate them using the Memory Tower, a relic left behind by the Irinid. She feels that the answers they seek lies in Zardine. The Milletian return to Zardine, hoping to find answers.

The Milletian goes to see Belita, head of the Exploration team stationed in Zardine. The Milletian asks her about Zardine regarding anything strange. Belita brings up that to know anything about Zardine, they must first familiarize themselves with the Legend of the Gold Dragon. She also brings up that legends are merely legends and there is little to no truth in some legends. According to the Legend of the Gold Dragon, the Golden Dragon is born and destroyed once every few thousand years. The legend is supposedly interpreted in symbolic terms rather than a physical phenomenon. During the birth of the Gold Dragon, a ceremony known as the "Conduction Ceremony" takes place, in which the Dragon becomes an existential being. The chosen person will become its Conductor, and depending on the nature of the person will either bring about peace across Erinn, or its destruction. Judging from the recent events, Belita determines that it is nearly time for a new Conduction Ceremony, as the Red and Blue Dragon factions have been acting unusual with each other. While the exact timing of the Ceremony is unknown, strange events have started to pop up all around Zardine. Belita wishes to look into what is going on in Zardine and hoping to find clues as to when the Ceremony will be held. Belita asks the Milletian to gather Flint, and the Milletian agrees to do so.

After mining the red hot areas of Zardine Volcanos, the Milletian gathers enough Flint to hopefully uncover any clues. They bring the Flint back to Belita. Belita examines the Flint carefully. She notices that the Flint is rather unusual in its structure, but feels that it was not enough evidence to prove anything. Belita has notice that the animals inhabiting Zardine have become quite restless lately, becoming unsettled in their natural environment. She wishes to examine the animals more carefully to figure what is wrong. The Milletian agrees to tame a few animals and lure them back to Belita.

After taming a few anteaters and Volcano Boars, Belita examines them. Judging from the nature of the animals, the entire Zardine ecosystem has been entirely affected by the Conduction Ceremony. She begins to set up plans to hopefully pinpoint where the Conduction Ceremony will occur. However, the Wyverns flying around have been acting rather aggressive. Belita asks the Milletian to take down the Wyverns flying about as the expedition teams get ready to launch their Hot-Air Balloons in hopes to gather information. The Milletian agrees and goes to prepare for taking down the Wyverns.

After fending off the Wyverns and dwindling down their numbers, the Milletian returns to Belita. Belita informs that the exploration was successful and there are only a few possible areas that the Conduction Ceremony may be held. Belita gives the Milletian Hot-Air Balloon Kit in order for the two to split off in different areas and cover more ground. The Milletian sets up the Hot-Air Balloon and begins to ascend into the skys. Belita see them off as they fly westward.

Crumena, The Leader of the Red Dragons

As the Milletian flys near Raspa Volcano, they notice an unusual number of Fire Wyverns grouped around the volcano. One of the Fire Wyverns sees the Milletian and the rest follow suit, attempting to take both the Hot-Air Balloon and the Milletian down. Suddenly, a large Red Dragon swoops down from the skys and attacks the Fire Wyverns, fending them off. The Red Dragon lands and the Milletian follows it. The Red Dragon was patrolling the area when he saw the Wyverns attack the Milletian. It was glad that everyone was safe thanks to the Divine Protection of Adniel. It then introduces itself as Crumena, leader of the Red Dragons. Crumena warns the Milletian of evil dragons that threatened the safety of the world, as they are endangering all of Erinn. Wyverns are usually sensitive creatures, however they have become quite agitated as of late, as if they were reacting to some omen. To Crumena, it is evident that the resurrection of Adniel is near. By fate, Adniel will connect with a being of Erinn and will become its Conductor through the Conduction Ceremony. However, a group of Dragons is attempting to thwart Adniel's Conduction Ceremony. The person who is the Conductor of Adniel will influence the future of Erinn. Althrough Crumena was able to help the Milltian, it may be possible that the Milletian will have to do the same. Crumena then leaves, hoping the the divine protection of Adniel will protect them. The Milletian returns to the Exploration Camp to meet up with Belita and explain the situation.

Irinid Bolts, a Weapon against Dragons

The Milletian returns to the Exploration Camp and reports their status and on-goings of Zardine's Volcanic region. They explain that they were ambushed by Fire Wyverns and Crumena saved them from certain death. Belita says that they were lucky to have met Crumena, as she was also helped by him during her time in Zardine. Belita warns the Milletian the dangers of Zardine and that they should carry "Irinid Bolts" to protect them. During the Ancient Irinid War, Dragons were sacrificed by Irinid's magic. The remains of the magic resides in the fossils of dead dragons. The Milletian is required to make the bolts themselves, but Belita will assist in extracting the magic that resided in the fossils. The Milletian goes to find fossils and delicately restore them in a state that allows the extraction of Irinid's magic.

The Milletian returns with several fossils and attempts to restore each one. Eventually, they restored one of the fossils in very delicate state. Belita examines each one and is impressed at the state of the fossils. She proceeds to extract the Irinid's magic into a crystal. Until then, she asks the Milletian to find a Ruby. Rubies can be used as a container to keep the Irinid's magic intacted. After finding a Ruby, the Milletian is given the completed crystal containing the Irinid's magic. To turn it into a weapon, Belita explains that the crystal must be combined using the crystal, a Ballista Bolt, and several Sulfur Ores and handcraft the Irinid Bolt. Once completed, Belita will prepare a specially made Balloon for the Bolt to be used.

Dragon Uprising in Zardine!

Belita receives word that Crumena was under attacked, and may have to do with saving the Milletian. With little time left to help the Red Dragon Leader, the Belita sets up a Hot-Air Balloon with the Irinid Bolts equipped. The Milletian quickly rushes to Raspa Volcano to aid Crumena.

Upon arrival, Crumena is fighting against Cromm Cruaich. The two become enraged with each other and begins to attack. The Milletian sees the conflict from afar and begins to prepare the Irinid Bolt to fire at Cromm. As the Milletian see the opening, they fire the Irinid Bolt, straight into Cromm. Cromm, now in pain, loses his footing against the volcano edge. Crumena takes the chance to ram the Blue Dragon into the lava pit below. Cromm falls into the lava, screaming in pain and anguish. Crumena laughs as everything was going according to plan for him. The Red Dragon taunts Cromm as he slowly perishes in the smoldering lava pit below. The Milletian looks at Crumena and soon realizes that they were used for his own doing. The Milletian realizes that they may have set Ruairi to his doom, along with Cromm. Crumena exclaims that their foolishness has not changed since the days of the Irinid. Crumena then flies off, stating that there is no hope left.

Legatus, the Noble Dragon

Legatus, Calida's Dragon, receives word of what has taken place and calls out to the Milletian. The Milletian goes to see the Blue Dragon in hopes to figure what is going. Legatus explains that he is aware of the events that happened at the Lava Fall and that the Milletian should not blame themselves. Legatus does not understand how the Milletian is heavily involved in anything regarding the fate of the Dragon Race, but feels that destiny may have played a role in their arrival. Legatus explains that Iria was once ruled by Dragons, which explains the many Dragon fossils and remains found throughout Iria. However, due to the arrogance of Dragons, the Dragons lost the Irinid War and were banished to Zardine. Dragons were then sealed away in Zardine, forced to reside in th barren lands due to the magic of the Irinid's barrier. The Red Dragons find the way of life feeble and disgraceful, and with the lost of the war, Red Dragons were forced to a path of shame and lost the power to rule Dragons. With Adniel's Conduction Ceremony drawing near, the Red Dragons now have the opportunity to rise back into power. Their first move was to eliminate Cromm Cruaich. Cromm was, not only leader of the Blue Dragons, but was the Dragon of Zardine. Cromm's role was lead Ruairi to Iria in order to prepare him for Adniel's Conduction Ceremony. However, before Cromm Cruaich fully perished, he managed to protect Ruairi from certain death. Legatus feels Ruairi's presence and immediately tells the Milletian to go to Ruairi and turn things around before all is lost in Erinn. Legatus also tells them that the Lava Fall is the hottest place in Zardine, and if they wish to proceed without being burned alive, they are to seek the Snow Crystal from Physis. The Milletian acknowledges this and goes to find the Snow Crystal.

Ruairi's Return

After obtaining the Snow Crystal of Physis, the Milletian makes their to the Lava Fall. With the Snow Crystal, the blazing areas of the Lava Fall were now cooler and safer to traverse. The Milletian looks around the base of the Lava Fall, to find an unconscious Ruairi. Ruairi awakes and see the Milletian. Ruairi recalls the following words:

...The shackles on the burning have been broken and lifeless soil is seeping through. I know...and I see...the fate of this dark land.



Ruairi looks at the Milletian and asks himself how long has he had the same dream. The Milletian tells Ruairi that he is their only hope and must act as the Conductor for the Golden Dragon. Ruairi declines and informs them that his job as Dragon Conductor ends here in Zardine. He then looks at the Milletian and explains that Erinn's fate has always been tied to them, and will always be intertwined. Ruairi also states that his job was to bring the actual Conductor here to Zardine and explains that if the Golden Dragon Conductor does not have a voluntary will, then the fate of the Conductor alone cannot change the world. Ruairi repeats that the burning shackles are broken and the world will soon be in darkness. Perhaps the two are embracing a future that never was, and hope may never been seen or heard about again. Ruairi then walks off and leaves the Lava Fall.

The Milletian returns to the camp to inform Belita about Ruairi's status. Belita is a bit surprised, but at the same time, feels that he would probably survived anyways. She then asks for the whereabouts of Ruairi until the Milletian suddenly hears a voice calling to them.

It Is Time...

The Conductor of Adniel. Can you hear my voice?

...It is time...



The Milletian goes to see Legatus, who also heard Adniel's call. Legatus takes is as a sign that fate of Iria has not been set in stone. Legatus informs the Milletian that Crumena's plans may have already found a conductor worth of the Red Dragon ambitions. Should the Red Dragons carries out the Conduction Ceremony as planned, then Zardine will be redefined under Red Dragon rule, which may cause Iria to plunge back into the "Moonlight of Death."[8] This would also remove any and all traces the Irinid left behind. Legatus looks at the Milletian and asks if they are ready to take the Conduction Ceremony and take Iria's fate into their hands. He then carries them to Renes, the location of the Dragon Conduction Ceremony.

Crumena, The Incarnation of Thunder and Fire!

The Milletian storms into Renes, only to be greeted by Crumena. Crumena asks if they have come to interrupt the ceremony and become Adniel's new conductor. Crumena then laughs at the Milletian's arrogance. Crumena reveals his plan, and states that only Atrata is the rightful Conductor of Adniel. Atrata's dark past will fuel the shadows that will engulf the light of Adniel, which would plunge Iria into a new era of Dragons and the "Moonlight of Death." The Milletian stands firm and states that Adniel's True Conductor can not be done forcibly and must be conducted under a voluntary will. The Milletian then says that there was no way Atrata agreed to such an ordeal. Crumena laughs and claims that Atrata herself agreed and laughs at the idea of sacrifice. Crumena also says that to end the Curse of the Elves100 is to have the resurrection of Red Dragons to begin the Moonlight of Death. Only then that the Curse of the Irinid will be eradicated by the new world order. Crumena begins his assault, ensuring that the last thing the Milletian dreams of is being Adniel's Conductor.

A raging battle of Fire and Thunder rages as the Milletian attempts to take down the fierce Crumena. The Milletian eventually pierces through the flames of the Red Dragon and manages to hold their own just long enough. Crumena then whips his tail against the Milletian, pushing them back. Crumena is surprised for such a small "bug" putting up a good fight. However, in doing so, Crumena backs against a cliff. Crumena laughs in relief as he almost ended up like Cromm Cruaich at the Lava Fall. Taunes rushes into Renes and calls out for Atrata. Atrata is surprised to hear Taunes voice as she gets up. Crumena praises Taunes for getting hold of the Mirror Witches Unicorn, but then mocks Taunes and the Milletian, followed by breathing an intense wall of flames. The intensity of the flames blinds Taunes in a worse condition than before. Crumena is aware of Taunes's blindness due to his movements. Atrata tells Crumena to back off. Crumena laughs as Atrata chose love over saving her people, the Elves. Crumena was aware of Atrata's birth into the world long before she was born, and simply became a bystander until the time is right. Atrata calls out to Taunes once more, asking if he remembers the sound of the Wind Bell she carries. She then tells him to swing Vastion100 in the direction of the Wind Bell's sound. Atrata then throws the Wind Bell with all her might, landing close by Crumena. Taunes hears the sound, and rushes towards Crumena, using a mighty swing to slay the Red Dragon in a single blow. Crumena lets out a outcry of pain, falling down against the ground, defeated.

The End of Crumena's Plans

Atrata rushes towards Taunes and gives him a hug.[9] The Milletian smiles as the two are reunited once more. Legatus flys into Renes and drops Ruairi off. Ruairi looks at the Milletian and watches as the egg of Adniel hatching. Everyone watches as Adniel comes down to greet everyone, but then pays his attention to the Milletian.

Adniel's Conductor

Adniel looks at the Milletian and tells them to listen. The small light of the Milletian, which was once remembered as the First Flame, will now be remembered as the Eternal Flame of Renes through the Conduction Ceremony. The Irinid return is undoubtedly soon. Adniel then takes off and transports the Milletian back at the Caldia Exploration Camp.

Journey into the Unknown

Ruairi walks towards the docks of Port Qilla looks on at the vast ocean. Ruairi tells Carasek his destination and leaves Iria behind him, into a journey that would take him far beyond what is known.

Generation 9: Alchemist

An ancient altar appears in a city of conflict and resolution. Taillteann is home to expeditionary force, which is comprised of Humans, Elves, and Giants. The Elves and Giants get along to some extent, but at the same time, their conflicts still cross with each other. The Milletian explores the town and learns about Alchemy, a method that turns elements into crystals and utilizes them for combat. The Milletian then explores the Shadow Realm, a realm parallel to the real world. The Milletian helps the Exploration Forces and another plot unfolds before them...

Calling All Heros! Fallon's Summons!

Fallon sends word that all heroes are to be summoned and report to Taillteann as soon as possible. He prepares letters and sends them out to every one in the world of Erinn. The Milletian receives the letter and opens it. With determination, the Milletian sets their next destination to Taillteann, the town of Alchemits.

A New Town, New Adventures

[Area analysis in progress]

The Milletian visits the town and notices something quite peculiar. Elves and Giants in the same town, not fighting each other, but rather helping. With the Milletian's past experiences with the two warring races, it was quite a shock.

-Granat Dialouge needed-

The Milletian visits Karpfen, who is the Giant leader of the Expeditionary forces. Karpfen welcomes the Milletian and introduces herself. The Milletian asks about Fallon's summons. Karpfen explains that by receiving the Summons, they must be participating as a part of the Expeditionary Force. She then looks forward to joining them in the battlefield. The Milletian nods and continues to explore Taillteann.

The Milltian visits Brenda at the clothing shop in Taillteann. Brenda happily welcomes them to her shop. The Milletian asks about Fallon. Brenda exclaims that everyone in Taillteann knows of Fallon, and perhaps all of Erinn does too. She then points to the statue of Lugh Lavada across the shop. Brenda explains that Fallon fought along side Lugh Lavada during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh against the Fomors and saved Erinn. Brenda is very impressed that someone like Fallon summoned the Milletian. The Milletian then leaves heading towards the local Church, becoming familiar with the town of Taillteann.

Priest Collen greets the Milletian as they walk up to the church. The Milletian asks about Fallon-- (uhh...accendtailly Spaced over it e-e;;). Collen explains that Taillteann is heavily affected under the political status of Tara than any other city due to the town being so close to Tara. With the growth of Alchemy and the support of the Aliech's Royal Regime, the conflict between the Pontiff's Court and Royal Regime is susceptible to reoccur in Taillteann. Collen suppose that he himself should keep a safe distance from the Royal Regime, as he is a priest. His opinion is that all political judgments at its current state of affairs should be made with prudence and caution. The Milletian leaves Collen, and heads up to the Alchemy House, where alchemy research is constantly happening.

The Milletian walks up tot he Alchemy house and is greeted by Dorren. Dorren welcomes them to Taillteann. Dorren is an assistant of the Royal Guard and represents King Ethur Mac Cuill II's Aliech's Royal Regime. Since the discovery of the Shadow Realm, active organizations such as the Giant and Elf Expentionary Forces have been taking over the peacful town of Alchemy. Dorren will not stand for it. Even if Taillteann was a prominent area for military defense for Tara in the past, she believes that Taillteann should serve as a city of Alchemy, not a place of war. The Milletian asks about Fallon. Dorren believe that Fallon is not in Taillteann as of right now. From what she heard, Fallon was with the Expeditionary Forces, leading them into the Shadow Realm on a mission. Dorren then tells them to disregard it and that they should visit Andras. Dorren then asks to keep what she told them a secret between the two. The Milletian nods and heads over to Headquarters.

The Milletian heads to Taillteann's Headquarters and hands over their letter to Andras. Andras looks and explains that she has been waiting for them. Andras introduces herself as the General of the Tara Royal Guards. Because of the recent discovery of the Shadow Realm, a compromise was created to keep the Giants and Elves from fighting each other as the two races help the Humans in exploration of the Shadow Realm. Andras is in charge of the Headquarters as Fallon is out on any mission. She then explains that Fallon was a hero who led the Humans to victory during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. The battle itself was the final push to force the Fomors out of Erinn. The Fomors had lost Balor of the Evil Eye[10] and the Fomors decided to make a final push towards Tara. However, Fallon intercepted the unit and defended Tara with only a small detachment of soldiers. Andras then hands them the "Mag Tuireadh Medal," a memorial item that contains the final moments of the battle. The Milletian takes the medal and Andras says that the medal can used at the Stonehenge altar found northwest of Taillteann.

The Past: Re-experiencing Fallon's Triumph!

[To be filled in...]

Andras's Test

[To be filled in...]

Two Alchemist in the Shadow Realm

[To be filled in...]

Delivering Supplies

[To be filled in...]

Glash Ghaibhleann!? Here!?!!!

[To be filled in...]

Fallon's Request

[To be filled in...]

Back to the Battlefield

[To be filled in...]

A Mysterious Woman Appears! Enter Jenna

[To be filled in...]

The Temple Knights? Secret Organization uncovered!

[To be filled in...]

Meeting the Shadow Walker, Elatha

[To be filled in...]

The Fomor's Counterattack!? Retaliation!

[To be filled in...]

Memory of the Shadow Walker

[To be filled in...]

Secret Experiments? Investigation in the Shadow Realm

[To be filled in...]

Noitar Arat?

[To be filled in...]

Jenna and Leymore's Past

[To be filled in...]

Heart of Courcle? Ancient Relic Uncovered!

[To be filled in...]

Confrontation with Glas Ghaibhleann!

[To be filled in...]

Tiamat, A Powerful Shadow Alchemist

[To be filled in...]

Cai's Interception

[To be filled in...]

Collen's Request

[To be filled in...]

Pact with the Golden Dragon, Adniel

[To be filled in...]

Finding the Entrance to Noitar Arat

[To be filled in...]

Freeing Cai

[To be filled in...]

Climh Solas Rises!

[To be filled in...]

Cai's Sacrifice

[To be filled in...]

Generation 10: Goddess of Light

After the events of Claimh Solas, the Milletian is now dubbed the Shadow Hero for saving the world from the threats of the Shadow Realm. However, a new threat arises as the ancient relic, the Caliburn, has suddenly appeared and gone rampant. The Milletian is summoned by the Royal Guards of Tara and the past of a Goddess is revealed and makes a dramatic return. The fate of the world lies with the Shadow Hero, who must stop the Caliburn from destroying the Soul Stream, unleashing hell on Erinn...

Generation 11: Sword of the Gods

After saving the Soul Stream, the Milletian returns and must find an enthusiastic librarian and bookseller by the name of Buchanan. As the story unfolds, the Milletian learns more about the ancient Partholon Race, as well as Caliburn. The Sword of the Gods has begun to form and make its return after a long period of time. The Milletian must recover the Caliburn before the hands of the Fomors obtain it once more...

Generation 12: Return of the Hero

A god has suddenly returned and is on a quest to reclaim his godhood. The Shadow Hero has obtained the Caliburn, now the Sword of the Gods, and meets with Nuadha, who promises them the power of a god. The Milletian accepts his request and begin to do his bidding. The land of the Gods, Falias, is revealed. Eventually, Nuadha then goes too far, and the Milletian must stop the mad Nuadha before he claims the throne of Falias.

Generation 13: Hamlet

Sometime has passed since Nuadha was sealed forever in Falias. The Milletian returns to the town of new beginnings and embarks on a journey to an ancient land known as Avon. There, the Milletian participates in a play of Hamlet, a script left by the mysterious Shakespeare. The Milletian was summoned by the Goddess Morrighan and they must find and stop Shakespeare.

Generation 14: Romeo and Juliet

After the events of Hamlet, Shakespeare has left another script. This time it was Romeo and Juliet. Participating in the play, Shakespeare once again appears before the Milletian. The Milletian must complete the play and stop a Guardian of Avon from capturing Shakespeare.

Generation 15: Merchant of Venice

The past of Shakespeare is revealed. The Milletian receives various pages from Marlowe in Avon and learns about Shakespeare. The Milletian embarks on a journey to Belvast, in which they passive participate in Shakespeare plans while unaware of what was going on. The Milletian must unravel the conflict of Portia, Bassanio, and Antonio, and find Shakespeare before things get out of hand...

Generation 16: Macbeth

After the events of Antonio's escape, the Milletian is summoned to Belvast by Admiral Owen. The Milletian eventually learns of a great war that will occur, along with the sudden return of Lugh Lavada. Lugh usurps the throne from the heir, Eirawen, and plots against the mad Lugh. The Milletian must stop Lugh before he rids the world of all living beings...

Generation 17: Shamala and Nightmare

An ancient evil arises in the village of Cor. A shaman suddenly appears and dangerous demons suddenly attack the village. The Milletian must put a stop to the attacks, however, a dark force is at work that is beyond what the Milletian has faced in the past...

Disclaimer: A lot of speculation on how Transformation works can be found in the beginning parts of this section. I'm calling collections as "Souls" for example.

Part 1: Shamala

A mysterious woman appears in Corcucle, who knows strange and ancient magic. At the same time, a Black Panther threatens Cor Village. What does the mysterious woman want, and just what is the Black Panther doing roaming Courcle? All that appears may not be what it seems...


[Oops I uhh...skimmed it...FFFFFFFFFFff--]

Learning Transformations

As the Milletian feels a surging power from Shamala's chant, they suddenly feel the spirit of the animals and gain the ancient magic of Transformation. Puzzled with their newfound skills, they look at the mysterious Shamala. Shamala frowns, after casting them aside. She stares and sees that the Milletian has no idea how to use their newfound skill, almost angry. She continues to look at the Milletian, feeling that her time is wasted. Shamala then points at a nearby Kiwi. She then tells them to catch it, collecting its soul and then see if they feel the soul of the Kiwi resonating with their own. Shamala then turns her back at them, saying they should stop pestering her. Feeling their presence, she tells them to get lost, while watching them very closely.

After killing several Kiwis, the Milletian feels the spirit of the Kiwi resonating, eventually feeling the power from the Kiwis and returns to Shamala. Shamala looks and stares stright into the Milletian's eyes, patting them up and down abruptly.[11] She then looks back at them and feels they have collected the Kiwi's essence. Shamala then finds that the Milletian does not have a Dream Catcher of any sort. She turns away from them and suddenly tosses a strange looking staff with a net in it at the Milletian. The Milletian exams it closely as they are told it was good enough for them, making some strange gesture as the Milletian looks at Shamala. She instructs them on how to transform using the Dream Catcher and advises them that it can only be done with the Dream Catcher in hand. Shamala stares at the Milletian as they attempt to transform.

After seeing the transformation into the kiwi was successful, Shamala looks away slightly with a red face and tells them to leave Cor immediately, muttering something afterwards.

The Mysterious Black Panther

The Milletian receives a message from Kousai, who fears for the safety of the Village of Cor. Kousai explains to them that a mysterious Black Panther has been recently spotted in Courcle the last few days. It appears to hunt animals nearby. Kousai fears that it may begin to hunt the nearby livestock and his people if it continues to roam unchecked. Kousai then explains that it appears at night, and only at night. Kousai has even sent out for others, only to find that they declined out of fear. The Milletian agrees to help investigate and spends the night in Cor Village, awaiting for darkness of the night to come.

Under the cloak of the night, the milletian finds that the Panther has not been spotted yet. Nearby animals have started to roam the outskirts of Cor Village. As they patrol the outskirts, they eventually come across a large Black Panther. The Black Panther gives a ferocious growl as it spots the Milletian patrolling around. The Pather rushes the Milletian down and the Milletian frantically tries to fend it off. After a rising victorious, the Panther then runs off, dropping something. The Milletian exams the strange object under the moonlight, only to find it was lingerie of what appears to be of Cor origin. Feeling that it may be a clue, the Milletian grabs the lingerie, placing it in another bag.[12]

The Milletian and The Case of The Mysterious Underwear

The Milletian returns to Cor Village, underwear in hand, and begins to ask the various natives. Eventually they go to Waboka. The Milletian shows them the underwear in the bag. Waboka's face immediately turns red, matching blush from his face with his face paint. Waboka questions why did the Milletian bring such a thing. As the Milletian pressures on, Waboka continues denying his perverted side, until eventually caving into the Milletian's pressure.[13] Waboka only mentions that it belongs to one of the tribeswomen and then walks away from the sheer embarrassment of the situation. The Milletian pursues their investigation.

The Milletian's search eventually leads them to Tupai. The Milletian approaches the young villager and shows them the lingerie. Tupai is confused to as why the Milletian even has such a thing. Weirded out, he comes up with an idea. He suggests that his pet otter, Ruwai, might be able to pick up the scent and calls him over to the Milletian. The Milletian places the lingerie near Ruwai's nose, only to find that the stench was so powerful, he passes out in the process. Tupai looks at the passed out Ruwai, remarking that it may have not been the best idea. He then suggest perhaps Kousai might be able to do something about the mysterious lingerie.

Taking Tupai's advice, the Milletian goes to Kousai. The Milletian shows the Chief of Cor Village the mysterious lingerie, who then is surprised to see the Milletian with such a thing. However, Kousai quickly changes the subject to the Black Panther, who has suddenly been spotted again. The Village is now filled with fear at night whenever the Panther shows up. Kousai then takes the lingerie, saying it could be evidence.[14] The Milletian accepts and spends another night in Cor, waiting for the darkest hour to begin their search.

The Second Encounter

The Milletian patrols the outskirts of Cor Village just like before. However, the animals seems strange this time around. The Milletian finds the animals were native to Uladh. The Milletian dispatches them, and stronger ones were found as they continue to dispatch the roaming creatures. Eventually, the Black Panther jumps out from the shadows and appears before them, now more ferocious than ever. Prepare, the Milletian attempts to put down the Black Panther. After a fierce battle, the Black Panther is engulfed in a sharp bright light. The Milletian covers their eyes and then looks back it as the light fades, only to find that Black Panther has grown. The Milletian, now determined more than ever, returns to the scene and attempts to put down the Panther once and for all.

After another fierce bout between the King Black Panther and the Milletian, the panther falls with the Milletian rising victorious. The Milletian looks on and sees a strong light emitting from the large downed Panther. A figure of a woman and voice can be heard. "Looks like you caught me..." said a familiar voice. The Milletian looks back as the light fades, finding a rough figure of Shamala in the Black Panther's place. The Milletian is surprised to see Shamala. Shamala says she has much work to be done, despite the Milletian stopping her in her tracks for the night. She then leaves, and the Milletian ponders as to why Shamala is causing a ruckus at night. Wary from the battle, they return to Cor to sleep and will attempt to confront Shamala later.

The Black Panther Revealed

The following morning, the Milletian goes to Shamala, who seemed a bit stressed from the night before. The Milletian asks why is Shamala attacking the animals around Cor Village. Shamala explains that she is purifying the animals from evil spirits, something they will not understand. Shamala becomes frustrated and tells the Milletian to leave her be and stay out of her way. The Milletian feels something is afoot, and spends the night in Cor Village until Shamala leaves the Village.

Assisting Shamala and Her Burden

As night falls, Shamala leaves Cor Village quietly. The Milletian follows her quietly, until they stumbled into her. Shamala looks at the Milletian, and tells them that they will not stand in her way again. Suddenly, Shamala hears something from afar and instructs the Milletian to be quiet. The Milletian follows Shamala closely, only to find a large Boar. Shamala feels more corrupted souls near by and begins to hunt them down, the Milletian following closely.

As they continue to dispatch the monsters and purifying their corrupted souls, Shamala feels the threat becoming larger and transforms into the Black Panther. Shamala begins to rush down the enemies, with the Milletian following, watching Shamala as she begins to take out the possessed monsters. The two eventually encounter a possessed Elephant, which eventually pulled the Elephant Demon out. As the two battle against the Demonic Elephant Spirit, the two emerged victorious. Shamala remarks that the Milletian is better than she thought, however, she must carry out her duty to keep the spiritual balance in check. She then disappears into the night.

Shamala's Disappearance

As several days past in the Village of Cor during their stay, the Milletian finds Shamala has not returned in the last few days. Feeling worried, they go to Kousai. The Milletian asks if the Black Panther has been spotted in the last few days. Kousai mentions that it has been spotted often as of late, and feels the Milletian let it get away. Kousai asks if they would capture it again for the safety of the village.[15] The Milletian agrees once more and waits for nightfall.

Snake Invasions

Alternative title[16]

As the night grows darker, the Milletian sets off to the outskirts, searching for Shamala. Suddenly, they feel a cold chill and hears nearby rustling. The Milletian goes to investigate the rustling, only to be ambushed by snakes. As they fend off the numerous amount of snakes and similar creatures, the Milletian is bit by one, and becomes incapacitated. Shamala roams around in her Black Panther form and finds the Milletian, fending off the other snakes and looks at the Milletian. Feeling the cold grip of death slowly consuming the Milletian, she reverts to her human form and begins to administer first aid. She sucks the poison out of the Milletian's bite mark from the snake and spits it out.[17] She then tends to the Milletian, who quickly recovers. Suddenly, the two are ambushed by more snakes and cobras. The Milletian gets up and assists Shamala, who then turns into a Black Panther. As the two battle the hoard of slithering reptiles, the two eventually come across an Ascended Python.

After a ferocious battle between the Milletian, Shamala, and the Ascended Python, the two emerged victorious. However, Shamala can not rest until all the spirits are purified. The Milletian did not meet Shamala's initial expectations and gives them a mysterious Spirit Ewer of the Lion, feeling that it may be more useful to them than to her.

Shamala in Danger

Kousai sends word to the Milletian to immediately meet with them. The Milletian goes to see the Chief to find that he has found that the lingerie from earlier was in fact a clue.[18] According to Kousai, one of the tribemen saw someone in similar garb transform into the Black Panther. Kousai gives off a grave look and tells the Milletian that the situation can not go as is and must now intervene. The Milletian goes to see Shamala, who is in fear. Shamala feels that she may perish tonight, with her eyes filled with an uncharacteristic foreboding. Shamala senses that something big is coming, and must fulfill her duty at all costs, even if it means risking her own life. She then looks at the Milletian with sad eyes, and instructs them not to follow her, regardless of what happens. The Milletian knows that great danger may befall Shamala with a terrible fate, and follows her shortly after.

The Milletian sees Shamala in the hands of the possessed Hobgolins. Using the Spirit Ewer from earlier, they transform into a fierce Giant Lion and rush to her Shamala's rescue. After defeating the hoards of Hobgoblins and large Armored Bears, the effects of the Spirit Ewer expires and reverts the Milletian back to normal. They then examine Shamala, who is in need of medical attention. Using various herbs, the Milletian creates a potion and pours some into Shamala's mouth. She awakens to find that the Milletian saved her, albeit the potion tasting terrible. Waboka intervenes and points at Shamala, claiming it was her who transformed into the black Panther. Shamala aplogizes as the tribe gathers around with torches in hand. The Milletian is pushed out of the way by Shamala as she transformed into the Black Panther once more. The tribe captures her, her fate unknown.

Part 2: Nightmare

Shamala has vanished and stranger forces are now at work. Demons and monsters are now running rampant through Courcle, and another mysterious woman crosses paths with the Milletian. Just what is the meaning behind the events happening in Courcle? Is it a precursor of a greater threat, or is it the beginning of the end?

Shamala's Nightmare and Disappearance

Shamala awakes one night from an ill omen in her dreams. She felt like she was suffocating by some dark and evil magic while held captive in an ancient desert ruin. She then collapses in her nightmare and is left for dead. Startled by her nightmare, she vanishes from Cor Village to seek answers regarding her strange nightmare.

The Milletian looks around Cor Village to find that Shamala has not returned to the village. Worried, they head to Kousai to ask for the whereabouts of Shamala. Kousai shows some remorse, alling her a witch and shrugs. Kousai cares not for Shamala since she has not caused any troubles as of late, using it as a justification of not detaining her. He then informs that if the Milletian wishes to find Shamala, perhaps they should consult Tupai's otter, Ruwai, to use his keen sense of smell to track her. The Milletian then goes to see Tupai and Ruwai.

The Milletian asks Tupai to ask Ruwai to track Shamala. Ruwai blinks at the Milletian, makes a face, and scampers away. Ruwai does not like Shamala's scent from an earlier incident, and wants nothing to do with her. Tupai suggests that Waboka might be a better choice since he is quite good with the ladies according to him.

Demon Night I

Taking Tupai's advice, the Milletian heads to Waboka's house. They then ask Waboka if he has seen Shamala lately. Waboka is irritated and it seems the entire village consults Waboka for advice on women, as well as tracking them down.[19] The Milletian gets to the point and says Shamala has disappeared and has not returned since. Waboka is surprised and becomes a bit flustered, stating that it was because of Shamala that Cor Village has been suffering attacks from demons at night. Waboka spends most of his nights fighting off the demonic creatures while getting little rest. Tonight the demons will strike again and Waboka asks if the Milletian will join them. The Milletian agrees and spends the night in Cor Village, waiting til nightfall to strike.

As nightfall approaches, Waboka explains that the demons come in large numbers, and it is up to them to stop them in the dead of night. The two approach a spot in the outskirts of Cor Village to where the demons appear and attack the oncoming creatures. After battle after battle with the demonic hoards, the Milletian and Waboka manage to fend them off for the night. Feeling that the two have done enough, Waboka and the Milletian head back to Cor Village to turn in for the night.

Demon Night II

The Demons become stronger with each passing night, becoming larger in numbers and strength. Waboka continues to battle them each night, whether alone or in a group. He will continue fending off the demons every night, even if he has perishes. Waboka continues to blame Shamala for causing all the trouble that has been occurring in Cor Village. He then asks for the Milletian if they want to assist in another attack on the Demons. The Milletian accepts and once again spends the night in Cor Village.

The Demons are now much larger than usual, becoming more fierce. Waboka carefully escorts the Milletian and ambushes the hoard of Demons just like the night before. As the each battle becomes more intense than the last, Waboka vows to never give up, no matter how bad the circumstances were. The two finally cleared the Demons and Waboka worries that if things go on as is, Cor Village may be doomed. As a pride of a Cor Warrior, he will not give in to the Demons and will defend Cor Village with his dying breath if needed. The two return to Cor Village to turn in for the night.

Demon Night III

The Demons, once again, invade Cor Village in the most devastating attack yet. With Waboka growing much more wary with each passing night, he sends word to the Milletian in order to assist him with fending off the Demons for the safety of Cor and its villagers. The Milletian accepts and waits til nightfall to fend the Demonic hoard off.

The entire village of Cor gives it their all, evacuating the villagers that can not fight to safety. With the aid of Kousai, Kusina, Tupai, and Ruwai, Waboka gathers everyone to the square of Cor Village and prepares for a final bout with the demons. The Demons begin to attack the villagers defending the their homeland. Many are injured and the final assault begins. Large amounts of Demons appear of all sides, the Milletian and the Cor Natives fight their hardest, each wave become stronger than the last. In the end, Cor Village was successfully defend. However, a mysterious man in a black robe appears before the Villagers, silent and menacing. The man has no name and simply walked in, giving off an aura of evil power. He begins to summon Demons to defend himself and the Milletian alone faces the mysterious figure in a showdown of willpower. After a long and drawn out battle, the mysterious figure mutters two words:



—Unknown Man, Generation 17 Part 2: Nightmare

The Milletian approaches the strange man, only to find themselves feeling gloomy as the air fills with a dark force unlike anything they ever felt.

Shamala's Escape

Shamala was revealed to have been captured by the Mysterious Figure from before, under a spell that invokes a red eye. Shamala awakes to find herself lost in a subterranean maze. She thwarts her attackers and looks for a way to escape the underground maze of demons. As she makes her way out, Demons appear before her, attempting to spot any means of escape. Shamala overpowers the demons and keeps moving.

As Shamala escapes and makes her way to back to Cor Village, she recieves a vision of a young girl with red hair stoping Shamala and casts a spell to knock her unconscious.

The Girl with Red Hair

The Milletian awakes to find themselves under the care of a young girl with red hair. She was also attack by demons. The Demons devastated the village of Cor, and the young girl lost her father during the attack. The girl was on an exploration trip with her father in the last three month, until suddenly the two were ambushed, her father killed in the process. She then places the blame immediately on Shamala, who lured the demons back to Cor. She swears vengeance on Shamala for her father's death and will make her pay. She then attempts to find Shamala and quickly introduces herself as Millia. Worried for the girl's well being, they rush off to find her.

Demons can be found impeding the Milletian's path as they attempt to find Millia. They eventually find Millia in danger, and quickly rush to her rescue. More demons approach the two as they make their way back into the village. Millia is angry and does whatever it takes to become stronger and avenge her father's death, going through rigorous training if necessary. She walks away, limping slightly, as she does not want the Milletian to interfere.

Millia's Training

The Milletian does not see Millia in sight for quite some time. Feeling that something may have happened to Millia, they go to see Waboka, who seems to have a knack for finding women anywhere. Waboka is once again annoyed over the fact that everyone goes to him when ever someone is finding a female within the village. Waboka reluctantly agrees and states that Millia was outside the village, training by herself. Waboka was "too busy" and hopes the Milletian finds her in time. The Milletian goes outside of Cor Village, in hopes of finding Millia.

The Milletian finds Millia on the outskirts of Cor Village. They notice that Millia is quite anxious and decides to assist Milla in her training session. Millia become overwhelmed by the monsters as the Milletian continues to assist her. She pants, gasping for air and looks the Milletian. Millia then become flustered and leaves, saying she will find Shamala herself. The Milletian notices that she barely keeps herself upright as she walks away.

Millia's Vengeance Towards Shamala

The Milletian returns to the Village of Cor, looking for Millia if she was okay. Milla states that she is just worn out and weak right now, but will become stronger as time passes. Milla intends to make Shamala pay the consequences for her father's death and will see to her quest all the way to the end. The Milletian attempts to explain that Shamala was only trying to keep the Demons away from Cor and that it was not her fault for the death of her father. Millia, enraged, looks at the Milletian straight in the eyes, and tells them to say it again right in her face. The Millia is intimidated and does not explain once more. Millia was there when Shamala tried to purfy the spirits and saw her transform into the Black Panther. She mistakes this as Shamala consorting with the Demons and feels if that the Milletian is just lying, or perhaps "hexed" by Shamala. Millia remarks once more that Shamala will pay for what has happened to her father and will see to it that Shamala will suffer. Waboka walks in and overhears the conversation, listening on as the two argue between each other.

Ritual Preperations

The Village of Cor has begun preparing for a large ritual. Kousai sends word to the Milletian and tells them to meet him. Kousai feels that the events of Cor Village's destruction from the demons was partially his fault for not commencing a demon-warding ritual sooner. To make up for his neglect, Kousai decides to proceed and make preparations for the demon-warding ritual. He asks the Milletian to assist in anyway possible, and the Milletian accepts.

They approach Kusina. Kusina requests that the Milletian gathers garlic, as demons appearently hate garlic. The Milletian goes off to gather garlic for Kusina. The Milletian returns with 20 cloves of garlic and Kusina is happy. She then takes a deep breath, stating that it smells wonderful, and offers the Milletian to smell it. Kusina remembers that Tupai is in need of some help and that the Milletian should see what he needs.

The Milletian vists Tupai. Tupai states that a large centerpiece is needed for the ritual to take place. He suggests that a large boar might just do the trick and requests that the Milletian should find the biggest one possible. As the Milletian leaves for the outskirts of Cor Village to find a large Boar, they see Millia and offers to her to go boar hunting with them. Millia looks at the Milletian, ponders the offer and reluctantly joins, hoping that she will become stronger.

Boar Hunting

The Milletian and Millia set off to the outskirts of Cor Village, hoping to find some large boar. The Milletian quietly escorts Millia to a spot where many boar gather. Millia jumps in and rushes at the boar in an attempt to kill it quickly. The Milletian goes after her and assists in finding the largest boar possible. Millia becomes bored of hunting boar as time goes on. Eventually, the two come across a strange, yet gargantuan boar. After a fierce battle with the oversize boar, Millia feels like she is getting stronger, however she is winded from the boar hunting. Millia then hoists the pig over her shoulder and trudges it back to town[20].

Waboka's Misunderstanding

Millia and the Milletian return with the large boar in hand. The Milletian feels eyes glaring as the two return to the village of Cor. The Milletian treads cautiously as Milla drags the boar. The two bring it to Tupai, who informs that someone was looking for the two of them. The Milletian looks around to find that Villagers ambush them, claiming they were in cahoots with Shamala. Waboka leads the charge of the attackers. Kusina is a bit shocked at the situation, but nevertheless, shows no remorse or sympathy towards the two. Millia suggests to at least knock them unconscious since it was a misunderstanding. The Villagers close in on the two as the battle rages on. The two become overwhelmed and is captured for the demon-warding ritual.

The two, now under captivity, overhear a conversation between Tupai and Waboka. Tupai asks what is Waboka going to do with the two. Waboka says that the two will be offered during the demon-warding ritual and will rid the village of the demons that have been attacking Cor Village. The Milletian struggles and Waboka states it is useless to escape. Suddenly, a gust of cold air blows in and a mysterious figure appears. Waboka is startled and is knocked unconscious by the Unknown man. Tupai looks and sees the events unfold. The Unknown Man knocks Tupai unconscious. The Milletian looks back to see the Unknown Man. He then teleports both Millia and the Milletian to a subterranean maze, filled with demons.

Escaping the Unknown Trap

The Milletian wakes up to find themselves in a dark cave. A single Ghoul guards the two and notices nothing. The Milletian takes this time to slowly get up and roundhouse kicks the Ghoul into submission. The Milletian then breaks free of the ties that bound their hands and wakes Millia up. Millia is startled, slowly regaining consciousness. The two of them then make their out of the maze, killing any demons that stood in their way.

As they two approach the exit, the Unknown Man stops the two and summons Elizabeth, a Banshee-like creature. The large apparition appears before the two and attempts to stop both the Milletian and Millia from escaping the underground labyrinth. After an intense battle, the Unknown man appears before them, stating that soon, the two will face an inescapable, fickle fate.

Prelude to the Sagas

Various images can be seen in this short teaser. The first slide is "The Return of the Heroes." Ruairi is seen, in his black robe, about to cut the head of Shamala. The next slide is "Genocide." The Unknown Man casts ancient magic on a random Milletian. The words "The Milletians will soon be wiped from this land." after the Milletian collapses. The next slide is "Love." Ruairi can be seen on the ground with Shamala about to give him a kiss. The final slide has the words "And...Fickle Fate..." followed by a scene with Millia casting a spell as a Dark Knight Ruairi rushes in, only to be pushed back by an explosive force. The words "Coming soon...Experience the Sagas!" can be seen before completion of Generation 17 Part 2: Nightmare.

The Saga: Iria I

A great plot unfolds as a large dragon uprising occurs. The seals of the ancient dragons wears thin as time passes. The story of the Three Lost Warriors resurfaces. The land of Iria is in danger and the Milletian, along with new and old friends, must stop the dragon uprising before all is lost in Iria...

Episode 1 - Fate's Origin: The Demon

After the events of Shamala's disappearance, the village of Cor is once again under attack. The village has been in constant dangers as the Milletian becomes possessed. The Milletian soon learns that they must create a charm to stop these attacks. A greater evil begins to unfold, and the Milletian must create the charm before they come possessed forever by the demons...

The First Incident

It was a day like any other in Corcule. The villagers resume their daily activities and routines for taking care of themselves, along with their own family and friends. Suddenly the Village of Cor was under attack by a Giant Demon. Meanwhile, in another part of Erinn, the Milletian passes out from their current location and suddenly becomes possessed. They awoke as a giant demon in the middle of the Village of Cor. There, the villagers begins their attack on the invading demon. The Milletian, with no control over themselves, attack and kill countless villagers, while injuring many others. Eventually, a great shaman steps in to intervene, along with Millia, and uses a powerful spell finish the demon. The curse on the Milletian is dispelled in process, leaving a spirit image behind. They find themselves in Cor, with no idea what has happened. The Shaman stares down at the spirit image of the Milletian and commands them to Cor and seek a great Shaman. The Milletian watches as Akule returns to Millia. Millia questions who was he talking and the shaman disregards it as not important.

The Great Shaman's Whereabouts

As instructed, the Milletian returns to Corcule and visits Cor. There, they ask Kousai if there was a Great Shaman, however, he first apologizes for mistaking the Milletian and Millia as spies for the opposing demons. The Milletian accepts this apology as mistakes can be made. Kousai says that perhaps they should ask around the village. Seeking answers, the Milletians asks around the village of this so-called Great Shaman. Eventually their search leads them to Waboka. Waboka, being prideful about being the strongest Warrior in Cor, apologizes for mistaking the Milletian and Milla for being demon spies for the witch. Still regretting his assumption, he explains that ...[to be filled in]. They return to Kousai, who tells them that teh Great Shaman can be found west of Cor, through the Herba Jungle. The Shaman is later to be revealed to be Akule.

Akule, the Great Shaman(?)

So this "Great Shaman" is...a monkey head? Okay then, I'll bite. Why the the head of a baboon?

The Milletian heads westward, towards the Jungle Tree Mark in Herba Jungle. There they find Millia, now a shaman-in-training, and Akule. Akule has a Monkey Mask on, almost resembling a Baboon. The Milletian approaches the two and Akule instantly recognizes them for being the Golden Dragon Conductor. Akule does not reveal his name, feeling that it is not important. He says that the Milletian was possessed by demons, and being possessed, they have no consciousnesses of their actions. Akule states that they will need a charm, or a ward, to prevent any further attacks done by the Milletian during their blackouts. The Milletian, looking at Monkey Mask Man, questions the Great Shaman, finding the charm a bit suspicious. Akule says they shouldn't have nothing to worry about and begins to look through his various things. Unable to find the charm, Akule says he may have left it in Karu on purpose, not admitting that he actually dropped it. Akule requests the Milletian to meet them up at the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins that has recently appeared in Karu Forest. The Milletian agrees and goes to to Karu Forest.

The Black-Tailed Mongoose's...White Tail?

A white tail from this thing? Are you sure...I've seen many tails and this one is clearly black.

The Milletian meets Akule, along with Millia, at the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins. Akule notices that a bunch of Elves and Giants has gathered in front of the Ruins and asks the Milletian to see what was going on. The Giants tells the Milletian to bug off and go away, while the Elves appear to have claimed this their own territory. Returning to Akule, he suggests to wipe them out. The Milletian gives a harsh look, questioning the "Great Shaman's methods." Akule remarks that he is powerful, but will not show his true powers just yet. Since the hassle of the Elven Royal Guards and the Giant Spies are in the way, Akule suggests that they create a new charm, rather than fetch the one lost inside the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins. He requests the Milletian to fetch the White Tail of a Black-Tailed Mongoose. The Milletian gives Akule several looks as he continues to say "The Black-Tailed Mongoose's White Tail" and finally says he's making making stuff up. Akule rebuttals saying that he is the only one that can make the charm and that they would refuse the Great Shaman of Cor. Akule then says the tail certainly exists, and as proof, they should meet in the northern part of Maiz Prairie, where many Black-Tailed Mongooses can be found.

So this is the black tail...okay this is how it should be.

After arriving in Maiz, Akule directs the Milletian towards where the Black-Tailed Mongooses can be found. Milla joins to watch the Milletian gather tails from the mongooses, hoping to find a white one. To Millia's dismay, she finds it a waste of time, and perhaps a bit extreme, to hunt countless Black-Tailed Mongooses to near extinction just to find a White Tail from a Black-Tailed Mongoose. Millia gives the Milletian advice and tells them to go to Port Qilla, where someone in an expert in Mongooses may be found. Heeding her words, the Milletian heads to Port Qilla, in hopes to find information about the elusive tail.

How...? What...? Why...? I don't know anymore...

Upon arrival, the Milletian talks to the people stationed in Qilla. Eventually, Alexina reveals that she knows quite a bit about mongooses. She explains the having the White Tail of a Black-Tailed Mongoose is rather popular in Cor and supposedly brings good luck. Unfortunately, 98% of all White Tails from Black-Tailed Mongooses are actually fake. She even says Snow Mongooses have white tails. To much of the Milletian's dismay, they attempt to return to Akule. Alexina then offers that if they gather a few Black Tails, she may be able to bleach them White. She says it may be the only way to obtain a White Tail from a Black-Tailed Mongoose. The Milletian, determined to get the whole ordeal over with, gives her the Black Tails. After getting a feel for bleaching tails, Alexina eventually bleaches a Black Tail perfectly and gives it to the Milletian. With all of the mess sorted out, the Milletian delivers the fake tail to Akule. Akule notices it has a rather different texture, but disregards it. Millia hints at the tail being authentic by simply exaggerating the Milletian's efforts. Akule then tells the Milletian the next task at hand.

Gathering the Ambiguous Stones(?)

Akule gives the Milletian a vision of the next area to go to. It is of the Ecological Reserve that was recently discovered in Connous, north of the Lizard Mark. He shows the Milletian the exact area on where to get the stone, and explains that the Stone is a Stone, but not exactly a Stone at the same time. Akule leaves for the Lizard Mark, along with Milla, and tells them to meet them there. The Milletian then departs for the Lizard Mark in Connous, in order to find the stone.

Upon the Milletian's arrival, they find that the entrance is blocked by the Elves and they can not enter. Unable to enter, they find Akule nearby and speaks with him. Millia becomes upset that Akule is paying much more attention to the Millia, and by doing so she is behind in her studies as a Shaman. Akule calms Millia down and he then says that there may be a way to get in, but it may also be dangerous. Akule chants in an ancient language and then renders the Milletian to be invisible. There was one drawback to the spell however. Speaking causes the Milletian to be seen and Akule disregards it as a set back, but is doable at best. The Milletian gives a look at Akule, but Akule ignores it, saying that he can not see the "horrible face" they are making for him making such a flawed spell. The Milletian sneaks into the reserve.

Upon entering, the Milletian notices various researchers examining the mysterious wildlife found inside. As they approach the researchers, they can overhear on what they are saying. Paying no mind to them, they continue up the slope to the location Akule had shown them earlier. Upon reaching the summit, they find more researchers. They were examining the large structure that houses the stone they need. However, it begins to drain mana and overload, causing it to explode. With all the commotion, the Milletian takes a fragment and quickly leaves. They return to Akule and give him the Stone that is not a Stone. Akule explains that the next item on the list is a Stone like a Lightless Gem. Akule once again shows the Milletian of the location and where to go. Akule and Millia now leave for Physis, to the Hillwen Mine. He instructs the Milletian to meet them there as soon as possible. The Milletian agrees, and begins to head to Physis. The Milletian goes inside the mines in an attempt to snoop around for the Lightless gemstone, but could not proceed any further due to the Giants guard the entrance. Displease and worried about their presence, the Milletian leaves and find Akule and Millia to the side the mine entrance. The Milletian explains that they can not advance and require Akule's help once more. Unfortunately, Akule can only cast the spell once in given time span and gives the Milletian a hint about the habits of the Giants in the mines. Feeling the the Milletian is dumb, he explains that things in the mines move around often, so fragments and rocks may fall off the mine carts during the transportation process. The Milletian returns to the mines and snoops around once more. Eventually, they find the fragment Akule was looking for and takes it back to Akule before anyone notices.

The Second Incident

Upon exiting the mines and heading back to Akule, Millia is only found. Millia explains that Akule had some other matters to attend to and will be back. Until then, Millia instructs the Milletian that the next item is very fine Marble Stone. Millia says that Marble can be found overseas, somewhere in Uladh. The Milletian teleports the Uladh in search of the finest Marble. Their search eventually leads them to the Trading Post of Bangor. Digo, the trade goblin assistant, appears to be busy with other matters. The Milletian approaches him and asks for the Finest Marble they have to offer. The goblin looks at the Milletian and gets to it right away. However, the Milletian suddenly feels tired, and everything begin to fade in and out. They eventually black out, once again, awakening in Cor as a Gigantic Demon, this time outside of Cor Village. The Milletian, once again unaware of their actions, attack the villagers. Many were killed and other became injured once again. Akule arrives just in time to stop the Milletian, saying that he was looking everywhere for them. Summoning ancient magic, Akule utilizes it to put a stop to the demon once more. The Milletian wakes up to find they were once again possessed. Akule, speaking to the spirit image of the Milletian left behind from being freed, tells them the possessions are getting worse and that they are in a worse shape than before. The Milletian must return to Akule and finish the charm as soon as possible.

The Last Piece

The Milletian heeds Akule's words and meets with him in the Herba Jungle as soon as possible. Upon their arrival, Akule says that he was lucky to have found them before things went into chaos. He explains that the last piece is Connous's underground maze, Ant Hell. He requests that the Milletian meet him outside the Oasis and he will explain the details upon their arrival. The Milletian agrees and goes to Oasis.

Just east of the Oasis, the Milletian finds Akule and Millia at a nearby Mana Tunnel. Akule explains that the last object is a Black Sunlight Herb, a Herb only found in the Ant Pit. He then gives a strange pendulum that will direct them of the location of the Black Sunlight Herb. Heading towards the Oasis, the group of three run up to the Oasis, until Akule casts a spell and forces an entry hole to the underground maze. Unsure if the device will actually detect the Black Sunlight Herb, he explains that it should, at the least, direct them to the location of herb patch. The Milletian gives Akule a crude look and enters the maze. They find themselves in the middle of the maze, near the exit. Using the strange contraption, it points to a direction where the herb is located. To much of the Milletian's dismay, it directs them to a wall. Feeling that this will become tedious, the Milletian begins to work their way around the large maze in order to find the Black Sunlight Herbs Akule requires. After getting lost, they eventually find the path towards the herbs. Excited, the Milletian runs in that direction, only to be stopped by various Demons. The Milletian prepares for battle, as the journey towards the herbs was not as easy as they had hoped. Once they defeated the monsters, the Milletian eventually gets to the herb patch and gathers the Black Sunglight Herb. They then return to Akule as quickly as possible, going back the way they came. The Milletian meets with the Great Shaman, who instructs them to meet him in Lappa, just outside the old mana tunnel of the once thriving Lappa Village.

Acquiring the Charm and a New Threat Rises

The Milletian arrives near the Mana Tunnel in Lappa Village and meets with Millia and Akule. Akule tells them to keep their heads down. He explains that the final ritual will be at the Dragon Mark south of their location. Akule instructs Millia to hold her position and stay where she is now. Refusing stay, she demands that Akule takes her with him. Akule is afraid that the ritual may harm her and tells her to stay. Millia begins to grow upset and says all of this was because of the Milletian and walks off. Akule looks at the Milletian and says he "tried" to calm her down and that he had "a thing" going. Disregarding what has happened, he instructs the Milletian to go south, towards the Dragon Mark and meet him there when the time comes.

The Milletian begins to head south and meets with Akule. Akule prepares the ritual and begins to forge the charm though ancient magic. Unfortunately it was interrupted by the arrival of the Black Dragon. Akule looks at the Black Dragon is and rather surprised to see "an old friend." The Black Dragon states that Dragons shall rule the land of Iria and an uprising will occur. Akule shakes off the threat and apparently feels indifferent about it. The Black Dragon then summons Korsek Raptors, and the Mysterious Men appears to attack Akule and the Milletian. After a fierce battle, Akule casts a barrier around both himself and the Milletian. He gives the complete charm to the Milletian and an important task. Millia may be a shaman-in-training, but she has a rather large amount of power deep inside her just waiting to be awakened. That power was so great, that even Akule himself has mistaken her for the Irinid several times on occasion. He then hands the Milletian his Eagle Mask, only to reveal the silly Monkey Mask underneath. Akule remarks that he will not show his face so easily. The Milletian heeds Akule's words and returns to Millia.

Akule's Fate

Akule fends off the ambush and the onslaught of both the Mysterious Men and the Korsek Raptors. Eventually, he fends them all off and the Black Dragon himself attacks Akule. Akule summons all the powers he has uses it as a final blow against the Black Dragon. A great explosion occurs, an explosion that would be seen for miles.

The Milletian, during the time Akule was fending off the attackers, returns to Millia. Millia asks what happens, and the Milletian gives Akule's Eagle Mask to Millia. Millia takes the mask and asks why do they have such a thing. In the distance, Millia see a bright flash and realizes that Akule was in there. She attempts to go and save her master, but is stopped by the Milletian. The Milletian tells Millia to stand back and stay, but she refuses and fights against the Milletian, unable to push them away.

At the site of what remains from the explosion, a tall figure with red hair and a beard can be seen over seeing the battle between Akule and the Black Dragon. The old man has dark armor on, with red highlights, along with golden rims. He looks on as the explosions clears. Who is the mysterious man that saw the battle and what are his intentions? ? What becomes of Akule after the great explosion? What will Millia do without a Mentor? Find out in Episode 2 of the Saga of Iria!

Episode 2 - Hero's Return: The Trap

After completing Akule's tasks, the Milletian receives the charm that will prevent from being possessed, only to be ambushed by the Black Dragon. Fending the attackers off, Akule gives the Milletian his Eagle mask and tells them to return to Millia and give her the mask. Millia, now in disbelief of her master's fate, searches for answers about Akule's whereabouts, only to find that the plot thickens...

Shamala's Prison: Your Tragedy is My Victory

The Black Dragon Knight now has custody of Shamala. Shamala is trapped in a cage where she sits there. The Black Dragon Knight returns, surprised to find that Shamala is somehow still alive, after all the time she has spent there. The Black Dragon Knight hears that it was Shamala's Power is what keeps her alive and must be truly amazing. Shamala ignores the words of the Black Dragon Knight as he interrogates her. The Black Dragon Knight says that no one will save Shamala and the prison is a place hidden in shadow, making escaping impossible. The Black Dragon Knight then informs Shamala of the death of Akule, stating that Shamala's tragedy is the Black Dragon Knight's victory. Shamala looks up at the Black Dragon Knight upon hearing the words of Akule's death.

Aftermath of the Ambush

Millia, now enraged, demanded to know why the Milletian returns with only Akule's Eagle Mask in hand. She demands and explanation and even goes as far as to blame them for everything that has happened to Akule. Swearing vengeance, she begins to storm off. The Milletian stops Millia from making a mistake and explains the situation. The Milletian attempts to bribe Millia and does whatever it takes to keep her with them as a promise to Akule. Unable to believe that her master is truly dead, Millia heads to the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins, in hopes to find any whereabouts of her master

Returning to the Ruins

The two return to the ruins, finding that the Elven Royal Guards and Giant Spies still overlook the Mysterious Ruins. As they stakeout the location, an owl flies by and drops a letter addressed to the Milletian. Akule's signature is found on the letter. Excited, Millia tells the Milletian to open and read it. Feeling rather suspicious, they open and read the letter. Enclosed is words from Akule, with a map containing the location of where to meet up. Surprisingly, it was only west of their location. Anxious, the Milletian and Millia visit the strange spot marked on the map enclosed. Upon their arrival they find nothing but an old worn Mailbox in the middle of nowhere, rusted with time. The Milletian knows that there is no way that this mailbox could have been used. Millia looks at the Mailbox and exclaims why is that here. She then notices something out in the distance, and the duo was ambushed by Demons.

Demonic Ambush

After examining the Wornout Mailbox, the two were ambushed by various Demons. Millia wants them out of the way and attempts to ward them off. The Milletian helps Millia and assists her in combat against the Demons. After a fierce battle. Millia notices something off in the distance and follows it. The Milletian on the other hand, notices a suspiciously robed figure and chases after it. The robed figure notices and hexes the Milletian, forcing them to become possessed despite having the charm on them and becomes a Demonic Elizabeth.

Eliminating the Elves and Giants

The Milletian, though conscious this time around, hears strange voices in their head as they are possessed. The voices tells them to eliminate the group of Elves and Giants hanging around the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins. Suddenly, the Milletian loses control and submits to the voices in their head, killing the spies and royal guards. Feeling insecure about the threat, the two factions join forces to attack the possessed Milletian and begins to rush at the Demonic Elizabeth. The Spies begin to fall back and the Royal Guards begins to flee. However, the leading commanders of each faction joins the fight against the Demonic Elizabeth and begins to rush into combat. The Milletian takes all of them out one by one, almost like swatting flies. Eventually, both factions retreats and falls back. Millia sees the Demonic Elizabeth and begins to rush at it. With Akule's Eagle Mask in hand, a great power is unleashed from Millia and the mask and Millia single-handedly takes out the Demonic Elizabeth, freeing the Milletian in the process.

Exploring the Mysterious Ruins

The Milletian returns to find Millia alone in front of the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins. Millia questioned where the Milletian was and replies that the Milletian should have waited and called for Millia. Millia explains that a demon took out the Giant Spies and Elven Royal Guards. Millia begins to break down a little due to everyone leaving her; First her father, then Akule. Realizing that no one has replaced the guards and spies, she tells the Milletian that they should hurry and explore the place before more return to replace the fallen ones.

Upon entering, the Milletian finds that nothing is different from the regular Karu Forest and escorts Millia in the seemingly normal ruins. Eventually they find demons are inhabiting the dungeon. After clearing a path, they head deep into the center of the dungeon. There, a relic resembling the Heart of Courcle is found. The Black Dragon suddenly appears and ambushes the two. The Black Dragon explains that they have fallen into a trap that would be for fools, but it appears that even the two would fall at the hand of the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon opens a dark void beneath the two and the two become separated.

Shamala's Prison: You and I Are The Same

During the time the Milletian and Millia explores the Mysterious Ruin, the Black Dragon Knight continues his interrogation with Shamala. He is aware of Shamala's activities and knows that she is responsible for the purification of the demons. The Black Dragon Knight is also aware that Shamala is the Black Panther of Cor, remarking that what she has done was foolish. The Black Dragon Knight continues to talk to Shamala, stating no one shall appreciate what she has done for the village, risking herself for nothing. Shamala says that the Black Dragon Knight is the same as Shamala and she pities him. The Black Dragon Knight denies Shamala's claim and points his sword at her. After hearing some ruckus above him, he turns away and walks towards the exit of Shamala's prison. He then removes his helmet, which reveals that the Black Dragon Knight has red-hair.

Escaping the Dungeon

The Milletian awakes to find themselves in another part of the ruins. Fearing for Millia's safety, they quickly rush out of the dungeon and into the depths of the underground ruins. After the clearing the path from the demonic hoards, they find Shamala imprisoned inside a cage. Shamala looks up at the Milletian and transforms into a snake, slithering out through the holes of the cage. Shamala transforms back and then looks at the Milletian once more. She wants to leave and the Milletian agrees. Shamala transforms into a Black Panther and the Milletian gets up on her back, the two of them leaving the depths of the Underground Karu Forest Ruins.

Return of an Old Friend...or Foe?

Millia, now separated from the Milletian, lies unconscious in a walkway of the Underground Ruins. A mysterious figure in a black robe walks by and picks up the unconscious Millia, revealed to have Red hair.

Could this man truly be an ally from the past? or perhaps he was there at the right place at the right time? What is the connection between Shamala and the Black Dragon Knight? What becomes of Millia with the Mysterious Red-Haired man, and is the Mysterious Red-Hair Man related to the Black Dragon Knight? Find out on Episode 3!

Episode 3 - Waking Nightmare: The Chase

Ruairi returns after many years of going away. He is with Millia as he follows her to complete a charm. In the meantime, the Milletian and Shamala emerge from the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins. The Milletian is suffering from strange blackouts and a greater threat now emerges from the shadows, threatening both the Giants and Elves alike.

Aftermath of Escaping from Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins

Escaping the dreaded prison at the Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins, the Milletian and Shamala escape without harm. The two of them head towards the Northen Mana Tunnel in Karu Forest. Shamala thanks the Milletian for bringing the charm, and says it was because of the charm that she could escape. The Milletian begins to lose consciousness as they spoke to Shamala and passes out and sees Millia and Ruairi.

Meanwhile in another part of Karu Forest, at the Southern Mana Tunnel, Millia is with mysterious Red-Hair Man, who is revealed to be Ruairi. Ruairi questions Millia on where should they head now. Millia does not remember and looks at Ruairi. Ruairi gives Milla a serious and stern look and Milla admits to joking, telling Ruairi to lighten up, remarking he shouldn't act so old. Milla says that the two of them should head towards Vales, through the Mana Tunnel. Upon reaching Vales, they should head towards the Hillwen Mines. She then looks back at Ruairi. Ruairi smiles, and then Millia changes into a winter coat to give her protection from the freezing conditions in Vales.

As Ruairi and Millia have their talk, Shamala is attempting to wake the Milletian from their slumber by slapping them repeatedly in the cheeks. The Milletian wakes up, feeling achy from the slaps, and looks at Shamala, who then says they must find Millia due to the current circumstances. The Milletian questions why, and Shamala will watch over the Milletian, assure them that they will be safe. Shamala asks where should they go. The Milletian says the two of them should head to Physis. Shamala asks why and looks at the Milletian. Shamala senses something coming from the Milletian, and agrees. However, Shamala questions why should they head to Physis. The Milletian says they should visit the Hillwen Mine, feeling something is a foot there. Without any consideration, Shamala agrees almost immediately, considering the two have no clue about Millia's whereabouts or what direction they should head in.

Trouble at The Hillwen Mines

The Milletian meets with Shamala off to side of the Hillwen Mines. Shamala notices that there is are Orges at the entrance. Shamala senses that something is not right and the Milletian should fend off the Orges as she sneaks into the mines. The Milletian agrees and heads towards the Orges. The Milletian sneaks up on the Orge Guards, attempting to lure them. The Orge Guards smells the scent of the Milletian and follows it. The Milletian lures them to the side of the Mine Entrance and ambush them. After luring a few of the guards, the Milletian overhears that the boss of the Guards coming. The Orge Boss not not pleased with what is going on and joins in on patrolling the gate. The Milletian once again lures the group to the side of the mines and ambushes them once more. As the Milletian keeps the Orges busy, Shamala sneaks into the Hillwen Mines to investigate. Shamala returns and tells the Milletian that Mines is infested with many monsters and they must alert the people of Vales immediately. Agreeing, the Milletian heads to Vales to alert the towns people.

The White Dragon Ambush

Talking to the various people in Vales, the Milletian find themselves unable to alert them about the Hillwen Mine being inhabited by various monsters. Zeder, apparently, saw a White Dragon. He thinks he could have taken the thing on his own as it is a "lizard with wings." Feeling a bit worried, they go to see Taunes. Taunes did not notice the Milletian at first due to his bad eyesight, but does eventually recognize them. Taunes regrets that it is a bad time to pay a visit, as a White Dragon had ambushed the people of Vales and attacked the small snowfield town. Fortunately the people of Vales were able to fend the Dragon away from the town, but unfortunately, the White Dragon claimed the Mines. The Milletian, now feeling that something is afoot in Vales, they go to see Kirine and Krug. Kirine, exhausted looks at the Milletian as they approach and greeted them. Kirine had overheard that the Milletian was heading to Vales. The Milletian asks about the commotion of the towns people in Vales. Kirine explains that a White Dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked Vales. Although they are always prepared for attacks on the Elves, in the case of an Elven Invasion on Vales, they found themselves underhanded but did manage to drive the Dragon out of Vales. However the Dragon left much of Vales damaged. The Milletian sympathizes as Kirine asks the Milletian why do they think on why the Dragon attacked Vales. The Milletian anwsers that it was because of the Hillwen Mine. Kirine explains that their agents saw the whole thing unfold and that the attack of Vales was a decoy to distract the Giants as the White Dragon's forces capture the mines. The Milletian asks what Kirine and the others should do. Kirine answers that the Mines may have resources to overpower the Elves, and having a Dragon claiming it would a a disgrace to their pride and honor. Kirine then had an idea, and smile appears on her face. Kirine says that Krug is preparing a plan to recapture the mines and if the Milletian helps, there will be a generous reward for them. The Milletian agrees and goes to see Krug, the King of the Giants.

Reclaiming the Hillwen Mines

Krug welcomes the Milletian as they approach him. Kirine has informed Krug of them coming. Krug is happy to see the Milletian help him and his people reclaim the mines. Krug is very excited about his plans, having someone mighty as the Milletian fight alongside. He then assembles his forces, telling the Milletian that they will not forget the deed they have done for them.

Krug and his troops head towards the Hillwen Mines entrance. Krug tells his men that the attackers will pay for taking the mines, claiming it as a gift from the Irinid, and commands his troops. All of the Giants rush towards the Mine entrance. Shamala looks at the Milletian wishes for their safety, whispering "Be careful" in their ears. The whole force begins to charge against the enemies that awaited them and begin their plan on reclaiming the mines. The army clears the forces at the entrance, the group rushes into the Mines. Inside, they find more of the White Dragon forces and begin their onslaught inside the mines. After liberating the entrance, Krug notices that the things they fought were from the other continent, Uladh. Krug has no idea why they came to Iria, but he is glad that the upper levels of the mine where cleared out. Krug asks the Milletian to continue to assist him and his people and the Milletian agrees.

Languhiris, the White Dragon

CAW! I'm a chicken legged Dragon!

As the Milletian agrees, a shrieking noise echos through the Mines. The Milletian, and everyone else, go outside to find that the White Dragon has come down before them. The White Dragon reveals him self to be Languhiris, claiming to be the rightful ruler of the continent of Iria. Krug, disgruntled, asks the Milletian to fend the excort all of the scholars and excavation experts back to Vales as he and his men take care of the Dragon. The Milletian agrees and begins to escort the scholars. As they escort the people who were in the Hillwen Mines back to Vales, the group is ambushed. The Milletian fends them off and as they continue to head back to Vales.

Upon returning to Vales, they find Krug, injured from the Languhiris's ambush. The Milletian looks at Krug as Giant Watchmen appear. The Giant Watchmen informs Krug of Fomors being spotted heading to Vales. The watchmen also informs that Languhiris is leading the Fomorian forces. The sound of a horn bugle is heard echoing through Vales. Krug instructs all of his men to prepare for battle once more and says that the Giants will stop the forces from invading Vales. The Milletian joins Krug and assists in protecting Vales from the threat of the White Dragon.

The Milletian and Krug's army meet with the Dragon and begin their assault. As the Dragon and its forces fight the group, Languhiris remarks that they are weak and begins to withdraw its forces. The Milletian steps forward and challenges the Dragon, pulling Brionac, the Sword of the Gods, and unleashes their Demigod form. However, Cessiar comes out of nowhere and hexes the Milletian, placing them in a tranced state. Languhiris questions that the robed man was doing. Cessiar does not answer. Shamala, nearby, walks up to the Milletian, telling them to put themself together. The Milletian mutters the words "The Eye of Death" and passes out and sees Millia and Ruairi.

Millia and Ruairi: Fun at the Oasis

Meanwhile, in the Connous Desert Oasis, Millia plays in the small reservoir as Ruairi watches. Millia talks to Ruairi, saying that there is a weird place in Connous up north where the ground is purple. Ruairi questions it and Millia says that it almost looks like a jewel of some sort. Ruairi, interested, asks how much farther is it. Millia laughs a bit and asks if Ruairi is tired, exclaiming that he is a grown-up. Ruairi says that even grown-up can get exhausted from stress. Milla says that they are almost done with Millia's errand and that she just needs help. The two of them came so far together. Millia walks over to Ruairi and stares down at him. Ruairi agrees and smiles.

The Mysterious Men and the Red Eye

Even now, it stares into your soul...

The Milletian awakes in Vales and visits Kirine. Kirine said that the Milletian was incredible and thanks to them, it was a narrow victory. The Milletian, worried about Krug, asks about his condition. Kirine replies that Krug is fine and worn out from the battle, resting from the aftermath. She also says the Milletian should rest too after such a battle. The Milletian takes a break and looks for Shamala. They find Shamala not so far from their current position and head towards her. The Milletian asks what happened to the White Dragon, Languhiris. Shamala says the White Dragon had left since the Milletian collapsed in the battlefield, remarking that Languhiris said something about spoiling its fun. The Giant's morale begins to fade throughout Vales as the town is recovering from the attacks form the White Dragon. Shamala explains the the Mysterious Robed Men use the power of the "Red Eye" which is what causes the Milletian to become the Demons that they become. Because of that, the Milletian's full potential has yet to be reached. The Milletian must complete the charm made from Akule in order to ward of the power of the Red Eye. The Milletian remembers something odd and tells Shamala to meet them at the Shyllien Nature Reserve in Connous. Shamala agrees and would rather not stay in Vales due to the chaos caused by the White Dragon.

Trouble at The Shyllien Nature Reserve

Upon approaching the entrance of the Shyllien Nature Reserve, the Milletian speaks with the Intelligence Officer stationed there. They ask if a Red-Haired Man and a Girl with Pink Hair had stopped by or not. According to the Intelligence Officer, it was only yesterday that they did drop by. From a distance, Shamala be heard and says that outsiders should not step foot in the Shyllien Nature Reserve and asks them to leave. At the same time, a Royal Guard of Filia approaches the group stationed out at the entrance and informs them that Fomors have started to invade the Shyllien nature Reserve. Shamala tells the Milletian that they can't escape with the Fomor attacking. Shamala says that they must fight back at all cost and tells the Milletian to prepare for battle.

Not far form the entrance to Shyllien, the Black Dragon's forces can been seen heading towards the entrance. The Milletian and Shamala, along with the Elves, rush at the Black Dragon's forces and attacks them. As they drive the forces back, the Black Dragon appears and finds the Milletian again. Displeased, the Black Dragon says that the rumors are true about the Milletian being a pest and says that the prison they were in was suppose to be inescapable. Instead of imprisoning them, the Black Dragon and his forces will stop the Milletian. More Royal Guards appear to assist the Elven forces. The forces become stronger and stronger as they continue fight the Black Dragon forces. Eventually, one of the Elven Scholars has made a teleportation device that will transport them back to Filia. With the Black Dragon's forces continuing to grow more powerful, they retreat and head back to Filia.

Maike, the Embodiment of Hatred for Giants

Look at him...all smug and cool...

After being transported to Filia, all of the Elven forces take a break. The Milletian looks at the Magic Scholar and thanks them for their safe travel to Filia. The Scholar thanks the Milletian for helping out, however some of the Elven forces had fallen when fending off the Black Dragon Forces near the Shyllien Nature Reserve entrance. Someone then approaches the two of them. An elf with dark hair and a scar going across his his face, from his forehead down his left cheek. He asks the Milletian if they are the Milletian that helped the scholars. He thanks for them for help and kindly asks them to leave. The Milletian questions the elf. The elf sighs and looks at the Milletian with a stern look and angry tone. Since the Milletian helped the Elven forces, he will answer their questions. The Black Dragon and its forces has conquered the Shyllien Nature Reserve, something that rightly belongs to the Elves. The Elf says that they are going to take it back by force and is currently busy with preparations for the full scale attack. The Milletian explains that the same thing had happen in Vales with the White Dragon. Becoming annoyed, he gives the Milletian an even sterner look. He assumes that the Milletian thinks the Elves will fall like the "oafish Giants" and tells them to listen and listen well. He says the Giants were crushed because they are weak, and that they were always weak and will always be weak. If they ever say such a thing again, he will gladly cut the tongue from the Milletian's mouth. Disgusted with the Milletian, he tells them to get out of his sight. Shamala walks up to the Milletian and tells them that it is best to get out of Filia, and suggests that they go to the Oasis in Connous.

Foreseeing the Future?

Shamala meets the Milletian at the Oasis as planned. The Milletian looks at Shamala, afraid to tell them about the dreams they have been having as they black out. The Milletian tells them about Millia and Ruairi, and how the two of them are currently traveling together. Shamala says it's not by chance that they are having the dreams. The Milletian questions why. Shamala says that Shamans for countless centuries have often foreseen the future in their dreams, using it as a power of guidance. Shamala was told by Akule that the Milletian is the Golden Dragon Conductor and that they are the one that will determine the fate of the world and its destiny. It may have been cause by Adniel, the Golden Dragon, and that the Milletian must stop the events that are currently unfolding before them, as Fomors, usually native to Iria, have now invaded and attacked both regions Physis and Connous in Iria. Shamala feels that it is no coincidence that all of the events are happening. The Milletian agress but Shamala becomes lost in thought. If the Milletian is having repeating dreams of Millia and Ruairi, why haven't they found them yet. Shamala gives the Milletian a potion that will put them to sleep. Anxious, the Milletian takes the potion and drinks it, hoping to find the whereabouts of Millia.

Millia and Ruairi: The Search for the Elusive White Tail...from a Black-Tailed Mongoose...

Ruairi slays a Black-Tailed Mongoose, which for some reason is outside of its native habitat in Maiz, in Muyu Desert with his trusted Krutta Broadsword. He examines the tail, questioning to see if it is a White Tail. Millia looks down and then looks at Ruairi, saying that the White Tail of a Black-Tailed Mongoose does really exist, and that even Akule, Millia's Mentor, says it exists. Ruairi, not mad, calms Millia down. Ruairi question if Millia was sure she wasn't fooled. Millia, shaking her head, that it was impossible, seeing the White Tail from a Black-Tailed Mongoose with her very own eyes. Ruairi admits to joking and smiles at Millia and apologizes. Ruairi says that he does not have much time left. Millia looks down and says she can complete the charm on her own, but wanted to try and do something else first. Ruairi looks at Millia and asks. She says that the two should head back to the Oasis. She will tell Ruairi what it is on the way. The two of them then heads to the Oasis in the Region of Connous.

The Mysterious White Robed Man

Oh Bhafel, you always amuse me with your witty sayings...

During the time that the Milletian and the Elven forces, the Black Dragon Forces over power the Elven forces and the Milletian and the Elves escape through the Shyllien Nature Reserve. The Black Dragon says that things will end the same and suddenly, a Man in a White Robe appears and tells Bhafel, the Black Dragon's name, to stop. The White Robed Man, called Black Mask, tells Bhafel that there are other matters at hand and they must return. Bhafel isn't pleased with the order, but doesn't argue.

Who is the mysterious White Robed Man and what is his purpose? What could Ruairi mean by not much time left? What threat does the Power of the Red Eye pose? What plans do Bhafel, the Black Dragon, and Languhirius, the White Dragon, have in store for the Milletian? Find out in Episode 4!

Episode 4 - Mystic Training: The Ritual

With the help of the Milletian's visions, Millia has been located. A bitter rage is unleashed from Millia, and now the circumstances have escalated. In order to combat the coming forces of evil, Shamala, Millia, and the Milletian travels to the Holy Land of Shamans, where they must find Millia a new mentor...

Black Mask's Meeting

Black Dragon Knight seems to be the cool one here...

Cessiar And Black Mask are having a meeting. Akule, leader of the Shamans, have been dealt with and it is now time to proceed with the plan. Black Mask is worried that the other shamans may retaliate and it would be ideal to get rid of all the shamans, leaving nothing to chance. Black Mask tells Cessiar that he should look for the Holy Land of Shamans then give Cessiar orders to carry out the elimination of all Shamans. The Black Dragon Knight watches on as Cessiar turns to his followers and rally them together to prepare for the Shaman genocide.

The Milletian's Dreams

Back at the Connous Oasis, the Milletian talks to Shamala, telling her what they saw in their dreams and the whereabouts of Millia. Shamala knows what is going on, but can not exactly put it into words, remarking that Human language is difficult. However, Shamala says that it is not important. She then asks where should the two head now. The Milletian says that Millia was heading into the Ant Pit. As the dreams of the Milletian are visions of the future, the events may have already taken place. Shamala suggests it is best that they wait at the exit. Unfortunately, Shamala can not accompany the Milletian for the time being. Shamala suggests that the Milletian go on their own for now and she will meet up with them after taking care of some personal business. The Milletian proceeds to the exit of the Ant Pit in Errans Gorge, and meets up with Shamala there.

Millia's Rage

As the Milletian approaches the exit of the Ant Pit in Errans Gorge, Shamala is seen with Millia, arguing with each other. Millia is enraged at Shamala and demands to know why she is here. Shamala tells Millia to calm down. Millia immediately tells her to shut up, and that Shamala has no right to speak to her in such a matter. The Milletian approaches Millia and Millia demands to know if the Milletian had something to do with Shamala being at the exit of the Ant Pit. Shamala looks on as Millia is yelling at the Milletian with a burning anger. Shamala approaches Millia, telling her that she should her them out. Millia repeated tells Shamala to be quiet, breathing heavily with each word coming out of her mouth. Millia remarks that she does not have time to waste with excuses, calling herself a fool for letting Shamala get away once. Millia, now out of control, exclaims that the Milletian never showed up to protect her and Shamala never showed up to defend Akule in his last moments. And now the two of them want to stop Millia, thinking that she's in danger. Millia demands to know what gives them the right to think such a thing. Millia plans to settle everything her way, by force. Shamala stops the Milletian when the Milletian tries to stop Millia. Shamala accepts Millia challenge, saying everything will be settled in a fight to the death.

Millia and Shamala prepare for their duel. The Milletian, now powerless, can not help but watch as Shamala and Millia fight each other. Shamala and Millia rush at each other, with weapons in hand, and attacks. Shamala, gaining the upper hand, manages to push Millia back. Shamala can not help but give her a look of sadness. Shamala says that Millia is still too weak to handle dangerous tasks and that she should return to her training. Millia, throwing away Shamala's sympathy for her, says that she does not need any help from "scum" such as her. Millia gets back up and prepares another attack on Shamala. Shamala notices that a group of strange people has appeared from nowhere, and Millia is now forced to help Shamala fend them off.After fending off the attackers, Shamala approaches Millia. Millia, exhausted, takes a few breaths. Shamala asks if Millia was okay and if she was all right. Millia looks at Shamala, then shrugs, saying that she needs needs a minute to think and wants Shamala to leave her alone. Shamala, heeding Millia's wishes, leaves her alone and will wait for her.

Unexpected Turn of Events

As the two return from their duel, Millia accuses the Milletian for summoning the attackers. The Milletian denies the claim and Shamala explains that the attackers are servants of the dragon that attacked Akule. Millia turns to Shamala, saying that how could someone like her possibly know that and demands her to stop telling lies. Shamala says that it was the Milletian that told her. The Milletian backs Shamala's claim and Millia, now in disbelief on what to believe, says that the attackers can't be the ones that killed Akule. Shamala looks at an anguished Millia, saying that she may not know why Millia is so full of rage, but should at least hear her out. Millia looks at Shamala with a blank stare. Shamala tells her that there is a hidden land where Shamans live, the Holy Land of Shamans. It is a sacred place for all Shamans, including Millia and herself. It is the link that connects all Shaman, the haven of all shaman's hearts and the root of all shaman's souls. Shamala goes on to say that they may find traces of Akule in the Holy Land of Shamans. If in the case they can not find Akule, it my be wise to learn some magic during their time there. Millia, shocked, looks at Shamala. Shamala points to the Akule's Eagle Mask in Millia's hands, saying that any shaman will gladly help her with her training. Shamala asks if Millia will go with them. Millia, suspicious, asks what is Shamala plotting. Shamala, disgusted, says that the Milletian and Millia were trying to interrupt her a while ago, remarking she has no idea what Millia is talking about. Same goes for the Milletian, who agrees. Shamala says that it is dangerous make assumptions and that magic can be misused. Millia should get proper training before handling any sort of magic. Shamala says Akule may have wished the same thing, consider she is in possession of his mask. Breaking down as the arguments go on, Shamala says that she won't interfere with Millia until they group arrives in the Holy Land of Shamans. Millia simply has to follow the Milletian and Shamala. Millia agrees, and plans to stay with Shamala to watch her, saying that some trust may have been earned.

The Holy Land of Shamans

Shamala says in order to reach the Holy Land of Shamans, they must take a raft on the southern side of La Terra Highlands. Shamala will meet the Milletian there, as she escorts Millia to the rafting site. As the Milletian arrives, Shamala has a raft ready. Shamala tells the Milletian and Millia to head onto the raft, and embarks on a ride to the Holy Land of Shamans.

The Holy Land of Shamans is located near Irai Falls. There are plenty of Shamans-in-Training found throughout the hidden village. The Milletian, Millia, and Shamala. Shamala and Millia wander around the village. Shamala has a sense of nostalgia coming back to the village. The Milletian is instructed to find someone by the name of Demote. The Milletian looks around the village and finds someone with a striking resemblance to Akule. Millia, surprised, rushes to Demote. Demote stops her and says, he is not Millia's mentor, Akule, but rather Demote. He wears a monkey mask that is much to the likeness of Akule, stating that wearing the mask reminds him of Akule's great wisdom and power. Millia is disappointing upon seeing that the man is not Akule. Demote looks at the Milletian, saying that they do not take kindly to strangers and asks them to leave. Looking over the Milletian's shoulder, they find Shamala in the distance. Demonte asks that they leave immediately. Shamala looks at Demote, but Demote does not for Shamala's paltry gestures. Demote asks what brings the Milletian here. Shamala interrupts that it is not the Milletian, but rather her that has business in the Holy Land of Shamans. Shamala kneels down and begs for Millia to be trained as a Shaman. Demote looks at Millia, and Millia is shocked to hear such a thing come from Shamala. Demote says why should he do such a thing as train an outsider in the ways of a Shaman. Shamala says that Millia is Akule's pupil. Demote is surprised that Millia is a pupil of Akule and looks at Shamala, asking for proof that Millia is Akule's pupil. Shamala looks at Millia as a sign for Millia to show Demote Akule's Eagle Mask. Demote looks at the Eagle Mask, fearing that the rumors circulating around Akule were true. He closes his eyes and murmurs something, and confirms that Millia is indeed Akule's pupil. Demote agrees to Shamala's terms under one condition: Millia must past the Shaman Initiation before walking the Shaman's path. Demote looks at Millia and asks for her name, in which Millia, shyly, introduces herself. Demote says that the path of a Shaman is a difficult road. He hands her some water, saying that she must shed her self of fear, anger and hatred, and if she is ready to accept the terms, Millia should drink the water. Millia accepts the terms and Demote says that they should head to the Jungle Tree Mark in Herba Jungle to proceed with the ritual.

Millia's Shaman Initiation

The group of three head towards the Jungle Tree Mark as instructed by Demote. Millia wants the Milletian to stay put and watch as Millia passes the Shaman initiation, saying that she will live up to Akule's name. Millia realizes that the has grown very quiet. Bhafel, as an illusion to Millia, suddenly appears and ambushes Millia. Millia, scared, beings to withdraw. Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard. Millia realizes it is the voice of Akule. Akule, still as carefree as ever, says who else would it be. Akule says that there are times that it is better to be unique and Akule didn't raise Millia to be a coward. Millia says Akule didn't raise her at all. Akule laughs, and gets straight to the point. Akule says that Millia must focus, shut out her emotions, and turn the power into a single powerful blow. Millia, heeding her teacher's words, beings to rush at Bhafel. After some time of attack the Dragon, Millia talks to herself once more, and hears the voice of Shamala. Shamala begins to talk about Millia, calling her weak and useless, and nothing is good about her to begin with. Akule then suddenly is heard, and explains that during the Shaman Initiation, she must shed her hatred and anger, and must shut them out in order to become a true shaman. Millia must then shatter the illusions. Shattering Shamala's illusion, Akule is heard once more. Akule is now sorrowful, rather than helpful. The illusion of Akule says that it is her fault that he is gone. Millia once again, begins to fight the Akule illusion. After shattering the illusion, Millia begins to break down and the test comes to a close.

Lelach, the Shaman Driven Insane

You see...this is what happens to failures...DON'T FAIL!

The Milletian and Millia returns to the Holy Land of Shamans. As they arrive in the hidden village, a group of Shaman seemed perplexed. The Milletian approaches and ask what is wrong. Demote explains that Millia has a rather extraordinary amount of power, however it may be too unstable. Akule, apparently, is the only one that may be able to do something about it. It is beyond the ability of all Shaman in the village to contain it. Sadly, the shamans can not teach Millia and that only Akule is the only one that can help her realize her true potential. Suddenly a ragged looking male, with a crooked smile, appears and offers to help. He introduces himself as Lelach and talks like an egotistical maniac, often referring to himself in third person. Demote looks at him, disgusted. Lelach says that Akule is a sham and that he is superior. Lelach says they need a real Shaman, not some fake. Millia looks at Lelach and is disgusted with his attitude towards Akule. Millia tells him to get lost. Demote says that he is quite mad. Lelach was a gifted shaman, but during his test, he failed to summon a god and due to failing, he was driven into insanity. However, once he puts his mind on something, he sees through it to the end, regardless of his state of mind. Demote leaves, as Lelach wears his patience thin. He leaves it up to Millia's choice to learn under Lelach's supervision, or leave. Millia, a bit torn up, looks at Lelach and demands an apology for talking about Akule. Lelach, using his broken speech, says that Akule's bad and he knows a lot of magic, and goes as far as to show Millia his potential, despite being insane. Millia looks at Lelach and asks if he really can teach with his mind being broken and all. Lelach says he will, and Millia will forgiven Lelach and as an apology, Lelach must teach Millia. Shamala interrupts but is almost instantaneously silenced by Lelach. Millia will put up with what ever it takes in order to learn magic, regardless of who it is from. Millia asks for Shamala's help, and she agrees, albeit not liking Millia's tone with her.

Lelach looks at Millia and suddenly he went from a shuddering speech to serious tone. Millia looks at the "new" Lelach and agrees to learning magic. Lelach looks at Millia and says she must complete her current task. Lelach knows that Millia is at the last step. Shamala asks what was the last step. Millia answers that it was the White Tail of a Black-Tailed Mongoose. Lelach screams "That's a lie!" and Millia withdraws. He then looks at the Milletian and says it was Akule playing a prank on them. Lelach begins to explain that the charm does not gain powers through contradictions but rather it is inherited. The Milletian listens on as Lelach explains. Shamala says she will help out and will meet them at Maiz Prairie. Lelach says to take their time, but should not slack off.

The Quest for the Black Tail, not a White One

The Milletian and Shamala goes to gather the Tail while Millia remains in the Holy Land of Shamans to train under the supervision of Lelach. Shamala has found tracks of a large herd in the northern part of Maiz Prairie. The Milletian and Shamala follow the tracks and finds the herd. After clearing the heard, an unusually large Black-Tailed Mongoose is seen. The Milletian slays the Mongoose and gathers its tail, and begins to head back to Millia.

The Past: Ruairi and Tarlach's Reunion

Sometime during Ruairi's travels, he goes beyond the gate of Sidhe Sneachta to see Tarlach. Tarlach tells Ruairi something important. Ruairi seems infuriated over the subject and then leaves shortly after. Years later, he returns in black armor. It should be noted that the music that plays during this sequence takes a rather dark tone, sounding low pitched and distorted.

Final Preparations For The Charm

The Milletian and Shamala returns with the large black tail and hands it to Lelach. Lelach buries his face into it, remarking that he likes tails. He then suddenly changes tone of voice and says that they are ready to proceed with the final preparations and must head to the Dragon Mark near Lappa Village. There is a strange group near the Dragon Mark and they must prepare for anything. Lelach says that they should gather agents from the Elves and Giants and bring them to the Dragon Mark. The Milletian then sets off for Vales.

The Milletian heads to vales and consults Dowra for help. Dowra looks at the Milletian and asks for what the request was. Dowra explains that she is not in the position for making any actions and they should consult Krug, who is still injured from the White Dragon ambushes from earlier. Since Krug is still resting, she will forward the message for them. The Milletian nods and makes their way to Filia.

As the Milletian approaches Maike, Maike see the Milletian and orders the guards to take them away. The Milletian pleads to Maike that they should hear them out. Maike tells the guard to hold their position and allows the Milletian one chance to explain what is going on. After explaining the whole ordeal, Maike remarks that it is none of their concern. He then orders the guards to escort them out of Filia, forcefully.

The Milletian returns to Courcle and heads towards the Dragon Mark. Lelach asks if they did what they were told and explained that the Giants are currently debating on whether they should go or not and the Elves do not want anything to do with it. Lelach is somewhat disappointed. Lelach remarks that perhaps the Milletian did not help both the Giants and Elves as much as they thought they did. Millia, losing her patience, asks what should they do now. Lelach says they should proceed anyways, not wanting to waste anymore time. Lelach then dashes towards the waterfall, running away. The Milletian, Millia, Shamala, prepare to confront Cessair and his forces that have gathered at the Dragon Mark. Suddenly, Dowra and her forces, along with Maike and the Elven forces, appear at the battlefield. Dowra is excited for the coming battle while Maike is rather melancholy for fighting along side such "barbaric creatures." All of the forces rush into battle against the Cessiar's forces. Millia begins to cast a spell as the opposing forces battle each other. After some time has passed, Millia completes the charm and drives the remaining forces away.

Meeting at the Holy Land of Shamans

After the fierce battle with Cessiar's forces, they return and regroup at the Holy Land of Shamans. Upon returning, everyone takes a break and the newcomers, Dowra and Maike, explore the Shaman village. The Milletian approaches Maike. He now has a better understanding on who the Milletian really is. Maike apologizes for assuming the Milletian was one of the Tuatha de Danaan, and assume they know what "kindness" and "rewards" mean. In return for saving his subordinates, he came in the nick of time with his forces to help the Milletian restore their power. Maike now asks for a favor in return for helping the Milletian. He wants the Milletian to help his forces recapture the Shyllien Nature Reserve. The Milletian agrees and approaches Dowra shortly after.

Dowra is aching from the battle. As the Milletian approaches, she asks if they are okay. She not one to talking about help, but wants the Milletian to help out. As a Giant, they leave no empty promises, especially those made by Krug or Kirine. Dowra accompanied the Milletian to battle by the order or Kirine. Since there is a debt to be paid, they have no choice but to join the fight at the Dragon Mark in Courcle. The Milletian nods and then approaches Millia, who is near by.

Millia wonder if she will meet the Dragon that killed her teacher, Bhafel. Millia is determined to go confront the Dragon no matter what. Lost in her thoughts, she turns to the Milletian, and then shortly after, gets lost in her thoughts again. The Milletian leaves Millia alone and talks to Shamala. Shamala has decides to stay in the Holy Land of Shamans, saying that she will be safe with Lelach and the others. The Milletian understands and goes to Lelach. Lelach seemed to be busy and did not want to be disturbed at all. Heeding Lelachs words, the Milletian steps away from the crazed shaman.

Cessiar's News

Meanwhile, in an unknown part of Physis, Cessiar returns with news. The enemy, the Milletian, has completed the charm. Black Mask is displeased to hear such news. However, because of the Milletian's actions, the Holy Land of Shamans has been found. Until approval is received, the forces will continue their plan to recapture the Hillwen Mine. Black Mask, now somewhat pleased, ackknowledges Cessiar's words. As planed, they will continue with the aid of the Black Dragon Knight. Bhafel interrupts, saying that he better not be left out in their "amusing games," and wants to come with. The Black Dragon Knight looks at Bhafel, who gloats that with Akule gone, nothing can stop him. In fact, as proof, all of them can watch Bhafel "play" with his enemies, claiming he has everything covered. Black Mask cares not for Bhafel's plans, as long as the initial plan proceeds accordingly. The Black Dragon Knight vows not to fail and goes with Bhafel's plan.

What is Bhafel's "great plan?" Will the Holy Land of Shamans be in danger now that its location is known? Will Lelach ever recover from his insanity? What is the connection between Ruairi and Tarlach as of now? Will the Elven forces recapture the Shyllien Nature Reserve? Find out in Episode 5!

Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle

With the charm now made, it is time to reclaim the Elves' Shyllien Nature Reserve and the Giant's Hillwen Mine, however a darker force is at work behind the scenes and now threatens all Milletians...

Milletian Recruitment

After the battle at the Dragon Mark south of Lappa Village Ruins, one of the Intelligence Officers in Filia is calling out to all Milletians, surprisingly only Humans are present, and hands out fliers talking about the situation and the plan to reclaim the Shyllien Nature Reserve. Several Milletians gather and take a flier, looking it over. One of the Leaders of a Milletian group finds that the level of Milletians is increasing, stating that they are quite different from other Milletians.[21] A member of the group finds it amazing. The Leader is quite surprised to find a bunch of Milletians gathering in Filia, despite the desert wasteland that lies outside of Filia. The Leader is very interested to see the power of other Milletians. One of the members finds that the rewards are quite worth the trouble and that they may even earn it. The Leader agrees and states her power level is 530,000.[22] The Leader has no intention of fighting them full on, and would rather challenge herself. The company laughs it up and leaves, while the other Milletians are near by reading and listening to the recruiting officer.

Leaving for the Shyllien Nature Reserve

The Milletian returns from the Holy Land of the Shamans and talks to Shamala, who is waiting near the docks in La Terra Highlands. Shamala will stay at the Holy land of Shamans until they return, feeling that something is nearby. They then go to see Maike, who looks at Shamala from a distance. Maike reports that Castanea has already arrived at the Shyllien Nature Reserve Entrance and they must leave immediately.

Reclaiming the Shyllien Nature Reserve

The Milletian arrives near the entrance with Maike and talks to Castanea. She thanks the Milletian for helping and is glad to see Maike. Castanea would like to speak further about the situation, but feels that there is no time, as the enemy may not wait for them. She immediately sends them out into the battlefield to reclaim it, in the name of the Elves. All of the forces and a small Milletian group rush at the entrance, taking out all of the surrounding enemies. As they draw near the entrance, one of the Milletians remark that the enemies are nothing.

After clearing out the enemy forces, Castanea can not help feel that something was odd, as if it was a hallow victory. She tells the Milletian that someone by the name of Millia was looking for them. She then excuses herself, as she must keep the forces organized, and leaves. The Milletian finds Millia near by and approaches. Millia looks at the Milletian and finds them perfectly healthy. The Milletian is rather surprised at Millia for the way she is acting. Millia says once they head to Vales, everything should be set. Millia gives the Milletian an angry look, saying they shouldn't be shocked. Millia then goes on to say that the Milletian was some big shot hero like Akule. Since the Elves have done their job and reclaimed the the Nature Reserve, it would make sense to help the Giants. She then sulks, saying the monsters were not as strong as they thought, as everyone was talking about it. The Milletian looks around. The two then sets off to Vales, to help the Giants reclaim the Hillwen Mines.

Re-Reclaiming the Hillwen Mines

The Milletian and Millia arrive in Physis, near the Hillwen Mine Entrance. Dowra approaches King Krug, along with the Milletian. Krug thanks them both for coming to help on behalf of the Giant race. He feels that there's no need for words as the Giants are poised to take the mines back from the enemy forces. He then sends them off to reclaim the mines, in the name of the Giants. The Milletian group from before joins the battle.

As the forces enter the mines, it is inhabited by Uladh Bandits. After clearing the bandits, Hobgoblin Grenadiers appear on the scene and attempted to Self-Destruct themselves in an attempt to wipe the Giant forces out. After clear the rest of the enemy forces, the White Dragon forces appear and a Bandit Girl. Once the Giant forces cleared those out of the way. The Milletian group rejoice, but can not help but feel it was too easy. Something felt off since the opposition was weak and only a few traps were set out. They head back out to see Krug and report that the mines were liberated. Krug feels that the victory was hollow, as if it was given to the Giants. Nevertheless, Krug thanks the Milletian for all their help, and leaves to tend to other business. The Milletian then approaches Millia. Millia is surprised that the Milletian knows a lot of people, regardless of where they go. Since their business is done in both Filia and Vales, Millia suggest they go back to avenging Akule for her sake. She asks if the Milletian will accompany her in her journey to avenge Akule.

Revenge? Millia's Plan

As Millia tells the Milletian her plan to avenge Akule, she can't help but wonder that even if the Milletian is strong, it was stretch that they could defeat so many at once. The Milletian looks at Millia, stating they never agreed to such terms such as revenge. Millia does not care if the Milletian agrees and states she needs to avenge Akule, whether they like it or not. Millia, now angry, suggests they ask the Elves and Giants for help since they gave them a hand already. She feels they should be interested considering the enemy forces are weakened. The Milletian wonders who is going to ask for the help. Millia then point at the Milletian and states they are asking. She then states that by helping them, the Elves and Giants now owe them a favor.

The Milletian visits Dowra in Vales and tells her Millia's plans. Dowra says it could work out, but asks where is it taking place. The Milletian replies Zardine. Dowra agrees, but has one condition: The Milletian must lead the charge. She has been watching the Milletian for quite some time now and finds that the Milletian does not fear death, though she is not sure if they fear anything else. She can not find a good word for it, feeling frustrated, but feels there is something different about the Milletian. The Milletian agrees to the terms and Dowra will relay the message to Krug and Kirine. When they are ready, the Milletian is to meet Dowra at the Irinid Barrier. The Milletian then leaves for Filia in Connous, to see Maike.

The Milletian visits Maike near Castanea in Filia. Maike looks at the Milletian and sighs as he hears Millia's plans. He asks where is the plan taking place. The Milletian replies Zardine. Maike looks at the Milletian and will agree under one condition: They must lead the army. Maike cares not for his own reason and he will gladly support the Milletian so long as they lead the charge. Maike is also aware that the Milletian has made the same offers to the Giants and only agrees to help them, and not the Giants. Another condition set is that the Elves will claim anything they find, and if the Giants disagree, they will deal with them harshly. The Milletian must agree not to interrupt the fight between Elves and Giants should this occur. The Milletian nods and Maike will inform Castanea of Millia's plans and will meet them shortly at Zardine. The Milletian returns to Vales and informs Millia of the situation. Millia looks at the Milletian and tells them that they will depart soon.

At the Irinid's Barrier

Upon arriving, the White Dragon, and its forces, and Cessair appear before them at the Irinid's Barrier. The group charges in, with the Milletian leading the charge as promised to Dowra and Maike. After a harsh battle, the Milletian charges at the remaining forces and blow them away using magic from the Charm. Languhiris is pleased and finds them qualified to fight him. Languhiris wishes to fight the Milletian one on one, but now is not the time nor place. Cessair demands to know what is Languhiris doing. Languhiris argues that Cessair has been doing what he has pleased for quite some time and finds that it is his turn to enjoy himself. He takes flight and leaves Cessiar and the remaining forces to fight against the Milletian and their forces.

After clearing the forces, the Milletian approaches Millia. Millia was right to have the Milletian gather help from the Elves and Giants. Millia also has a hard time pronouncing Dowra's name[23]. She points to Dowra and says that she is looking for the Milletian. Dowra finds it a bit strange that the two of them are exchanging favors. It turns out that from helping the Milletian, they benefited from it. If it wasn't for Languhiris's assault, perhaps the two would have never met. Since they come all this way, all of the forces might as well scour Zardine for the enemy base if any, and wipe any forces out to lower the enemy's morale.

To Zardine

Dowra has dispatched a scouting party into Zardine to investigate anything unusual that may lie in Zardine, as well as track any enemy movements. She then unfolds a map to show the Milletian. It appears that all of the movements track to a Mana Tunnel near Raspa Volcano. Feeling Confident, she leaves everything to the Milletian once the scouting team secures the area.

After some time has passed, the Milletian heads towards the Raspa Volcano Mana Tunnel, to see the progress on scouting team and to visit Dowra. Dowra states she sent an elite team of trackers and not a single found any traces of the enemy. Not even a footprint. Dowra states that they must climb higher, and when ready, the Milletian is to report to Dowra.

Elven Spies

Meanwhile, near the Shyllien Nature Reserve, a small group of elves and a woman by the name of Cessiar's Heart is camped near the Shyllien Nature Reserve entrance. They are instructed to assassinate the Great Scholar. Upon approaching the Nature Reserve Entrance, they are stopped by the Officers stationed there. Using the secret code, they were able to get inside. Upon finding the Great Scholar, they take him to a corner of Nature reserve and assassinate the scholar. Cessiar's Heart appears and congratulates them, and comment that their security is rather lax. Another spy then impersonates the Great Scholar to take the place of the assassinated one.

Ancient Documents

Meanwhile, all the other scholars gather with the botanists. A female scholar states that the Giants have made a considerable amount of research on the ancient Irinid technologies. The male scholar comments that although the technology is powerful, it isn't enough to impact the war. The botanist finds it relieving, but the female scholar says things will not stay as they are for long. The female bontanist says it may very well be the end for all Elves. The "fake" Great Scholar appears and has "succeeded" in deciphering the ancient documents. The female scholar takes the document and reads the following line:

...There is no doubt that Milletians turn into monsters as a result of their undying growth. In the end, Erinn will become the Land of the Milletians...


—"Forged" Ancient Documents

The female scholar asks what is the meaning behind this. The male scholar finds that it could have been a figure of speech, as Milletians have been protecting Erinn throughout history. The male botanist how can it be figure of speech if all documents have not been clear in the first place. The botanist goes on to say that Milletians are not humans nor gods. The female botanist feels that they are being too hasty. The female scholar feels that they must inform the Expeditionary Force as soon as possible. The entire group agrees unanimously and goes to inform the Expeditionary Forces.

Troublesome Bickering

Millia looks at the Milletian as she explains that the Elves have been distantly following them. She gets the feeling the the Elves want to join. Millia suggest the Milletian visit the Elves and find out what they want, regardless of Maike's terms. Dowra looks at the elves and comments what gives them the right to mess with the Giants. Maike expects them to not understand what they want. Dowra tells Maike to calm down, and would hate to see words burst out of Maike. The Milletian approaches the bickering two and Dowra hands the situation over to them. As much as Dorwa likes to go out, she finds it boring. Maike, now agitated, is not surprised. He is glad , however, that someone among them is intelligent to understand the two. Maike instructs the Milletian to tell Dowra that she must report everything they find, regardless of what it is. After all, leaving Vales with armed forces is a breech in their agreement. The Milletian relies the message to Dowra and find that she never agreed to anything. Maike then tells the Milletian to tell Dowra that they may only hunt south. Dowra brushes it off, finding it amusing. Dowra intends to go north. Maike finds it astonishing that that Giants are a bit ignorant and that human language is such a hard concept to grasp. The Milletian relies the message to Dowra once more. Dowra, once again, cares not for it and finds that Maike is too shy to see her in person, making fun of his name. Dowra finds it amusing that for a race that hates them, they still follow them around. Maike says it is none of their business and the Milletian intervenes. The Milletian tells Maike to take his forces north. Maike is suspicious, but takes their word for it.

Ambush at the Holy Land of Shamans

Meanwhile, the Holy Land of Shamans has been found by the Black Dragon forces and they have begun their assault to wipe out all of the shamans. Lelach and Shamala are found fighting against a group of demons. After some time has passed, the Black Dragon, Bhafel, appears before the two[24]. Bhafel gives off a roar and commands all survivors to answer his call and kill the two right at this instance. Lelach and Shamala are surrounded by the Black Dragon's forces.

Ambush from Cessair

Millia can not help but feel like she has drifted from Akule. She then asks how the Milletian feels. The Milletian is not sure and Millia remarks that they are obtuse[25]. An Elven messenger appears and informs that Maike and his forces were ambushed. The Messenger says that the Milletian must meet Maike immediately and help his forces. Dowra appears with the Milletian to assist Maike. After some fighting, the rest of the forces arrive.

Black Mask appears and looks at the Milletian, wondering if their sacrifice will bring true paradise. He asks peacfully if they were willing to sacrifice themselves willingly. The Milletian shakes their head and declines. He says Milletians will always have a place to return to, unlike the Tuatha de Danann. If they sacrifice themselves, then Erinn will live in their memory. The Milletian looks down, and Black Mask become frustrated. The fate of the world is in the Milletian's hands and Black Mask has not even asked true death for the Milletian, and they still refuse. If they will not do it, then Black Mask himself will. He then forces the Milletian to their knees and turns the other Milletians around them into demons.

What is Black Mask planning? What becomes of the Milletians, Giants, and Elves? What will happen to the Holy Land of Shamans? Who on earth is Cessiar's Heart? Find out in Episode 6!

Episode 6 - Demon Night: The Truth

Bhafel still terrorizes the Holy Land of Shamans and the Milletian is now in deep trouble at Pera Volcano. Will the Holy Land of Shamans survive Bhafel's threats and what will become of the Milletian with their confrontation with the Black Dragon Knight. Many truths are revealed and the fate of all Milletians will soon be in danger...

Retreat From Pera Volcano

As the other Milletians with the group turned into demons as a direct result of the Magic of the Red Eye, Maike calls for a retreat. Dowra does the same, telling her forces to stand her ground. Millia attempts to rush towards the Milletian's help, but is stopped by Dowra and taken away, along with any remaining forces that survived the attacks from the demons spawned from the Milletian's under Black Mask's Red Eye Magic.

Black Dragon Knight Identity's Revealed!

As the Black Dragon Knight approachs the Milletian, he utters the words that he vowed never to forget the Milletian's name. He also talks about how destiny always brings the two together, even if everyone he loved and knew was gone. Realizing who it was, the Milletian calls his name, Ruairi. He takes off his mask to reveal his face. The journey he took long ago was a quest to hone his sword of revenge so that one day he may turn it against the gods[26] He vows to kill the Milletian with their own power. He charges towards the Milletian and attacks, along with his minions. After defeating him the first time, he absorbs the powers of the nearby demons and tries to fight again for the second time. After being defeated once again, he absorbs the nearby spirits of the dead demons once more and does not hold back. The Milletian becomes fatigued as the fights rage on. Ruairi strikes the Milletian down. Suddenly, the charm in hand activates and Rauiri becomes confused as a raging power comes from the charm.

Translucent Nightmares

As the Milletian awakes, they find themselves at Pera Volcano with no one in sight. Having a hunch, they head back to Raspa Volcano, near the Mana Tunnel there. Upon arrival, no one can see the Milletian. The Milletian hears some commotion nearby and approaches them. All of the Giants guardsmen are beginning to suffer from tramatic stress from the events that had happened. One of the guardsmen attempts to put them back in line. Some of them even fear of being turned into demons. The commotion seems to be taken a toll on the Giant guardsman. Dowra begins to approaches the Giant guardsman. and the Milletian, once again, can not be seen. They do, however, listen in on what is going on. Dowra asks if everyone was okay. All the guardsman remember was a burst of light. Dowra asks about the whereabouts of the Milletian. The Giant scout answers that the Black Dragon Knight and the Milletian has disappeared. Millia approaches and asks what are the giants going to do. Dowra is lost in thought and Maike suggests they retreat and regroup, as the entire force has suffered heavy losses. Dowra suggest they strike the enemy forces instead. Maike is a bit confused as Dowra explains that with their forces weakened, it is the best time to strike before they regroup. Maike is disappointed and looks at Dowra with a cold stare, stating all they care about is to kill or be killed. He then points at everyone, stating that every one of the soldiers are either parents, children, and/or fiances. He then asks Dowra if they ever felt the pain to lose a loved one, to suffer as they watch orphans roam the streets and that will she force her troops to die in vain. Dowra asks the same question back to Maike. Dowra states that if Vales falls, then Filia falls with them, and how can Maike be so blind. Dowra says that it is their job to protect their people, and by not doing so, more lives will suffer. Maike cares not for the words of the Giant and Millia intervenes, stating that their own troops can hear the two bickering. Millia agress with Dowra, as retreating would be a disadvantage. The enemy is disorganized and that they should take the opportunity to strike.

The Past: Ruairi's Invasion on the Shamans

At some point, Ruairi has visited the Holy Land of Shamans and encountered other shamans. He required that a shaman is needed to make a charm, however the shamans had given him one before. Ruairi demands that he take the shaman or else he will do so by force. The shamans have seen the damage Ruairi has done and declares that he is truly evil to the core. Ruairi laughs and finds it amusing, finding it ironic that someone who studies souls of people are calling Ruairi evil. Ruairi then attacks the shamans, declaring each and every one of them dead.

The Past: Millia's Origins

A man and female shaman are seen in Maiz Prairie. The shaman can no longer see the man anymore. The man beleive things will work out but the shaman would only be a burden to the man. The shaman tells the man to leave with their child. The man declines and wants to stay with the shaman, telling her not to give up. The shaman does not want to leave their child alone He gives the necklace around her neck to the Shaman, and says that her brother will instantly recognize it. The man leaves as the woman turns away. An explosion occurs and the man looks back depressingly, and runs off. The woman is later revealed to be Akule's Sister.

The Downed Milletians

The Elves appear to have a situation on their hands. The Milletian Mercenaries they hired have been rendered unconscious, and the Milletian goes to see what is going on. The Elves were surprised to even bring them back to life, however they are worried. They talk about the strange bright light that occurred and begin to talk about how they became monsters. One of the guardsman's brother was in Cor Village at the time of the attacks and finds that it was the same type of demons. The guardsman believe that they were possessed and not worry for their safety. They then find that Millia was over hearing what the Elves have said and turn away.

Millia's Worries

Millia talks to herself as the Milletian approaches her. She mutters the words "It can't be true" several times. She now worries that the Milletian was a demon, then that would mean her dad was killed by demons too. She then begins to deny to herself. Dowra looks over and asks if she's okay. She then notices Millia is grasping something in her hand. Millia looks at Dowra and states it is none of her business. Dowra, now curious, asks once more. Millia replies that it was a gift from an uncle. It helps keep her mind at ease when she looks at it. Dowra laughs, finding it good to be young and wishes she had a trinket to look at to help ease her own mind. A messenger then approaches Maike. Something has been discovered in Shyllien. It was the document containing information about Milletian's becoming demons due to their lust for power. It predicts that all Milletians will one day rule Erinn. They are currently cross-referencing all of the information found in the document and leaves it up to Maike to decided on what to do with Milletians. Dowra asks Maike what will he do as he ponders. Maike orders that everyone keep a close watch on the Milletians until they can confirm that they are not their enemies. He then request that guards to tie up the downed Milletians and place a magic fence. Millia, now assured from what she has heard, has become very anxious.

The Return of Akule

Bhafel is still in the Holy Land of the Shamans. Bhafel is also excited that the Milletians fighting Cessair's forces are now gone. Lelach finds what Bhafel says amusing. Shamala asks why Bhafel is laughing. Bhafel looks at Lelach and Shamala and tells them the plan that the Milletians fighting Cessair are now demons under his control and the two of them will be destroyed. Lelach laughs as he hears the word "destoryed" and asks for its meaning. Bhafel bluntly answers that all the shamans will die. Lelach is surprised to hear that and denies his own death, calling himself a great fighter with bad magic. Bhafel finds this very suspicious and tells the two the plan to seperate Erinn from its gods and goddesses, ridding the world of magic. Lelach is displeased to hear such a plan as Bhafel attempts to kill both Shamala and Lelach. He notices that Lelach is pulling something out of bag[27]. Lelach puts the mask on and suddenly reveals that Lelach is actually Akule, the supposedly dead shaman[28]. Shamala is surprised and knew Lelach was Akule all along. Bhafel is baffled and Akule states that he once had a sister who was killed by Bhafel long ago. As it was the first spell he was ever taught, he plans to use it against Bhafel, ending his terror for good. Akule uses the special spell and binds Bhafel from moving.

Destroying the Holy Protection of the Holy Land of Shamans

Akule tells Shamala to destroy the Guardian Pillars in order to seal Bhafel inside the Holy Land of the Shamans. The Barrier will act as a seal of Bhafel and he will be trapped for all eternity. Akule will hold off Bhafel as Shamala destroys the Guardian Pillars. The Holy Land of Shamans exists on an alternative plane that is much similar to the Shadow Realm and Another World. Shamala understands and begins to destroy the Guardian Pillars. By doing so however, invokes the spirits of the Ancient Shamans who founded the Holy Land of the Shamans and attack Shamala in an effort to protect it. After taking out the spirits, Shamala proceeds to destroy the pillar. She continues to do so until the last pillar was destroyed. As Shamala heads towards the last pillar, Bhafel begins to succumb to his pride and begins to beg for mercy. Shamala strikes the final pillar and Bhafel begins to fade away with the Holy Land of the Shamans.

As the two shamans watch on as Bhafel dissappears, they find themselves back in the real world, where various Milletians are doing Metallurgy. Fellow Shamans approach Akule and Shamala.

The Milletians Awaken

Back at Raspa Volcano, the Milletian mercenaries awaken. All they remember was blacking out and awakening here during the fight as Pera Volcano. The Milletians appear to argue among themselves. Apparently they fear Millia and begins to assume the positions of being knocked out. Millia approaches one of them and taps them on the shoulder. Millia wants to ask a question. She wants to know if they really turn into demons. The 7th Year Milletian has no idea what she is talking about. Millia explains that they became demons during their fight in Pera Volcano. The 7th Year Milletian has no idea about that particular subject. Millia then asks why are they here. The Milletian replies that their dream was to become friends with a famous costume designer who lives in a city across the sea. The Milletian laughs as they heard conquer the world. Millia, frustrated, asks what do they know. Millia tells them to shut up and that they became the same demons that killed her father and begins to break down. The Milletian watches on as Millia runs off, away from the group.

Millia's Hatred Towards...Everything

The Milletian looks on as Millia runs off. Millia, now sad, does not want to trust anyone. Everything she had is now gone and she no longer trusts anything. She becomes sick of being alone and even says Akule abandoned her. Suddenly a dark energy forms and Millia is attacked by demons. She beings to kill all the demons with her bare hands, venting her rage on all of them. After venting some of that anger, she begins to regain her composure. She tells herself to keep herself together and becomes fatigued. She begins to find herself losing focus more than usual. All of the demons begin to overpower her and she begins to take a toll. She then recalls a spell she was taught by Lelach, but questioned if she should believe him. She then casts the spell and vanishes in a pillar of light, engulfing the Milletian in the process.

Polluted Soul Stream

The Milletian find themselves awakened by Nao. Nao is aware that the Milletian and others have been experiencing some strange phenomenon that has happened as of late. It is caused by the Soul Stream being polluted. Due to this, all Milletian souls have been polluted and is affected by it. Nao tried her best to stop it from happening, but was caught off guard. The evil side found in Milletians can not be removed on her own, and the Soul Stream must be destroyed in order for it to be cleansed. The Gods and Goddesses capable of it will not assist in such an act. She asks the Milletian to find a way to save the Soul Stream and save her friends from the corruption of their evil ways.

The Soul Stream is once again in danger. What will become of the Soul Stream? Will Ruairi ever come to his senses? Will the Holy Land of Shamans ever be seen again? Find out in Episode 7!

Episode 7 - Heroic Path: The Choice

Millia has escaped from harm's way only to enter a more dangerous path. Old friends are seen again only to find they have succumbed to evil. Milletians are now labeled as enemies and what will become of Milletians?

Millia and Ruairi: Desert Reunion

Millia is transported from the spell from an earlier incident and finds herself suddenly at the Connous Oasis. Millia looks around to gather her bearing on where she was transported to find see Ruairi. Ruairi suddenly collapses, and mistakes Millia for Triona, a companion from long ago. His vision then fails him, and Ruairi passes out.

The Milletian Returns

The Milletian finds themselves back in the world of Erinn and returns to Raspa Volcano, in hopes that Nao has fully returned them safely so that others may see them. Upon arrival however, they find grave looks staring back at them. The Milletian keeps their guard up, hoping that it is nothing.

Millia and Ruairi: Ruairi in Desperate Trouble

Millia examines Ruairi to find that he is badly injured. Millia proceeds to perform first aid and use the magic of healing to keep Ruairi safe from harms way. Ruairi begins to wake up slowly, feeling achy from his previous battles. He looks up at Millia, once again mistaking her for Triona. After fully opening his eyes, Ruairi realizes that it was Millia, and not Triona.

Black Mask's Rage

Back at Raspa Volcano, Black Mask is enraged and frustrated. He felt a divine power when the explosion occurred back at Pera Volcano. He is no furious, finding everything is now intolerable. Black Mask feels that the gods may have interfered. He calls for Heart, short for Cessair's Heart. Black Mask inquires that he find someone to be used as a medium for the manifestation of a goddess. If the gods and goddesses cherish Erinn so dearly, then something just as divine as them can destory them. Black Masks looks at his remaining forces and is aware of them now grown weak in both strength and numbers. He then places Heart in charge of the reprisals. Black Mask hands Heart an item, stating that she may use it. Heart acknowledges Black Mask's words and kneels before him. Black Mask walks away shortly after.

Milletian and Demons

The Milletian approaches Maike, who stares at them with a grave look. The Milletian looks at Maike, who asks where they have been. The Milletian does not remember. Maike grows furious, stating that it does not make sense. Dowra intervenes, ignoring Maike's angry remarks. Dowra asks what is the Milletian going to do. The Milletian looks at Dowra, wondering what is happening. Dowra says that Demons appeared where the Milletians were and now the Giants are watching the Milletians very closely. Even the Elves have decided decided to do the same. Dowra looks at the Milletian as Maike looks on, angrily. The Milletian's charm had prevented the demonic transformation and Dowra notices it. She asks for the whereabouts of the charm, only to learn that it had exploded in the process. Dowra is surprised to hear such a thing, realizing that the charm's explosions was the mysterious white light explosion that occurred when everyone was cornered in Pera Volcano. Maike, still suspicious, tells the Milletian calmly that they will be under surveillance of the Elves. The Milletian tries to explain that the Demons and enemy forces are trying to pit everyone against Milletians. Maike cares not for this accusation and places them in a hypothetical situation. Should the enemy had plotted such a thing, how would Elves and Giants stop what is happening and how would they face it. The Milletian could not answer. Maike says that if there is not a way to resist the enemy's plot, then all Milletians are considered weapons at the enemy's disposal. He continues to question them about the demonic transformations they had witnessed back in Pera and wonders how long would it be before they back stab them. Dowra looks on as Maike interogates the Milletian. He promises to treat them well as they are under the custody of the Elves. Dowra agrees, as it will be safer to keep them in custody and harm's way, rather than keep them out in the open for the enemy. The Milletian does not agree to any of the terms and begins to run away.

Yesterday's Friend is Today's Enemy

As They begin to run away from the Giant and Elven forces, an owl drops a note rather quickly as they take off. The Milletian reads the note as they run away and notices yellow flowers. The Milletian hurriedly reads it.

Escape for now. Don't hurt anyone. Keep following the yellow path.


—Mysterious Letter

The Milletian holds the note to its words and follows the mysterious yellow flowers.

Millia and Ruairi: Do Heroes Truly Exist?

Millia continues to tend to Ruairi, who has grown weak. Ruairi asks Millia if there are any heroes left in the world of Erinn. Unfortunately, Millia believes that there are no heroes, and that even her dad says so. If there were truly any heroes, then Millia's mother would not have perished at the hands of the monsters. Ruairi looks on silently as Millia continues. Millia says there was no one to help her and her father when the demons attacked Cor, nor when they attacked Akule. Millia looks at Ruairi and tells him that she would have perished in Karu if it was not for him. Millia then looks up and says, if anyone helps someone in need, then they are the true heroes. Millia considers Ruairi her hero. Ruairi mutters to himself as Millia goes on. Millia tells Ruairi she has a wish, which is to find the people responsible for the death of her parents and get her revenge. Millia is going to tell them everything she has gone through because of them, leaving no details out. Rauiri sits up and looks at Millia. Rauiri can feel the same way as he too has lost family. Revenge was the only thing keeping him going. Rauiri then agrees to be Millia's Sword in the final moments that she finds her parent's murderers.

Reunion with Akule

The Milletian looks at note again after escaping, and finds that it was written by Akule, who then tells them to meet him at the Courcle Jungle Tree Mark. The Milletian finds this rather suspicious, but goes to see what is going on. They later find Akule and approaches him. Akule greets them with open arms, stating they look like hell. Akule asked if they were demonized again. The Milletian says no and tells them that it seems that the charm worked. Akule then raises his hand to the sky and says:

There you go! You may begin heaping praise on me upon me! I'll grant you this honor only for today! Don't be shy! Ha ha...Hahahahaha!


—Crazy Akule

The Milletian looks at Akule, caring not for what is going on. Akule sense that the Milletian's allies have turned against them and saw it coming a mile away. He feels that they do not understand and fear the unknown. Akule then says the misunderstandings will resolve themselves and now they must move on to other matters. Akule mentions that Bhafel babbled about the enemy's plan to sever Erinn from its gods and goddesses, ridding the world of magic. The Milletian looks and asks what was it about. Akule does not know about the realm of the gods and goddesses, but all he knows that the enemy is trying to cut the world from the divine. They will try to capture Millia for the sole reason of their plans. The Milletian questions why. Akule stated in an earlier incident that Millia has the powers of a goddess, if not potential. Akule feels that Millia may have raised hell all over the place, but she's a child. Akule remarks that if anything happens to her, he will be there, calling himself the strongest uncle there is. The Milletian sense Akule has some bitterness behind the mask and tells them about Millia. Akule takes back his remarks, and "accidentally" may have foreseen the future. He then question what should he do about Millia, perhaps to go as far as to send Akule's superiors to help with the search. The Milletian begins to calm Akule down, but suddenly feels something coming over them, passing out shortly.

Nao's Calling

The Milletian wakes up and suddenly find themselves in a much mor polluted Soul Stream. Nao has summoned the Milletian, requesting that it was an emergency. It was extremely risky to summon the Milletian, but she could not interfere with the affairs of Erinn alone.[29] The Cessair are going to attempt the assassination of King Krug and it is taking place as they speak. The strongest link a Milletian can have is between the Elves and Giants. Should the head of the Giants be removed, the alliance between Elves, Giants, and Milletians will collapse. The assassins are nearing Vales and the Milletian is in charged with stopping the assassination. The Milletian nods and Nao sends them back on their way.

Regarding the Charms...

The Milletain awakes and looks at Akule, who is currently wondering if they are okay. The Milletian talks about Nao and how she warned them about Krug's Assassination. Akule has never met Nao, nor heard of her. He is aware that someone is managing the connection to Erinn. Akule ramble about how he's the strongest shaman in the world and that his hair is not white for no reason. He then pulls out a charm and sends them on their way. The Milletian looks at Akule surprised. Akule asked what was wrong and the Milletian wonders if there are more charms. Akule said of course he does. The Milletian then questions about the Black-Tailed Mongoose's White Tail. Akule wanted to wish them luck. The Milletian then asks about the Stone that is a Stone, but is not really stone. Akule said it was for a research project of his. The Milletian then asks about the Stone that is a Lightless Gem. Akule wanted to see if it had existed and was curious. The Milletian looks at Akule, and asks about the Black Sunlight Herb. Akule said that the tea made from a Black Sunlight Herb was the best there is. The Milletian looks at Akule, now disinterested and annoyed, and asks why did they do everything for the charm and asks what was point. Akule looks at the Milletian and tries to explain. There was a very good reason that they were given those tasks. He tells them to look into his eyes, only to realize it is hard to see his eyes. Akule tells the Milletian to look at his mask and asks if they trust him. Before they could answer, an owl drops a letter into the Milletian's lap. Akule changes the subject and looks at the letter, exclaiming it's for them. He finds it's from Millia and reads it. The letter reads:

Dear Milletian, I'm somewhere safe, so don't worry about me. By the way, I want you to do me a favor --


—from Millia

Akule interrupts and ask what did the woman in their vision, Nao, told the Milletian. The Milletian stares at Akule intensely. Akule looks at the Milletian and asks if they have feelings for him.[30] The Milletian sighs and tells him what Nao said. Akule says they must do what they are told, as losing the Giant and Elven Leaders may cause an uprising between themselves, and the Milletians.

Assassination on Krug

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Vales, the Cessair, along with Heart, appear along a cliff side. Heart sends the followers out to Vales and she takes off the robe and mask, revealing a slick silver suit, along with a pair of specialized guns. She then begins her assault on Vales. Heart, along with her men, proceed and slaughter anything insight as they forcibly infiltrate Vales. Eventually, Heart finds herself in front of the Krug's house, attacking Krug and about to assassinate him. Fortunately the Milletian appears and stops Heart. Heart looks at the Milletian and asks why of all people must she be stopped by them. Since the Milletian's time is short, Heart backs off, saying that they need not fight here. She commands the Cessair and retreats.

Aftermath of the Assassination Attempt

Kirine is furious as to what happened to Krug. She demands that Cessair's Heart be found. The soldiers in Vales go after her and the Cessair. Kirine thanks the Milletian for saving the Giant Race and Krug's life. Kirine then recalls that Dowra stated the Milletian was dangerous and should have been hunted down. Kirine promises to sort the misunderstanding out for them as a token of her appreciation as well as on the behalf of the Giant Race. She will even go as far as to tell the Elves, the enemy race of the Giants.

Strange Happenings With The Shamans

The Milletian leaves Krug's home and find Shamala waiting outside. They approach her and asks what is going on. Shamala looks at the Milletian and wonders if they have thwarted off the assassins, and that they must return right away. The Milletian asks why, but Shamala only says they must return as quickly as possible. Shamala tells them to meet Akule as soon as they can.

After arriving at the meeting spot, the Milletian overhears the conversation between Akule and Shamala. Akule finds everything to be strange and notices the Milletian. He asks if they recall the letter form Millia earlier. The Milletian nods and looks at Akule. Akule dispatched several Shamans on behalf of Millia's request, however they have yet to return. Akule and Shamala attempts ot track them down, but they could not find a single trace of them. Shamala realizes that could mean they have been either killed, or taken from Erinn. Akule wonders what is Millia up to now, worried for her well being.

Millia and Ruairi: Trouble at the Oasis

Various Shamans appeared on behalf of Millia's request. They proceed to heal Ruairi, only to find that he seems somehow familiar, almost as if they have seen him before. The Shamans cautiously heal Ruairi. Ruairi senses some thing is wrong and then suddenly gets up, emitting a powerful surge of energy. Millia looks at Ruairi as he asks what is she doing to him.The Shaman looks at Ruairi and recognizes who he really is, calling him the "Black Devil." Feeling betrayed, he attempts to attack the shaman, only to be intercepted by Millia. Black Mask appears at the Oasis and unhoods himself, removing his mask. It is revealed that it was Tarlach, now older. Tarlach is glad to see Ruairi alive and well. Tarlach has found a medium of for the goddess so that Ruairi may finally have his revenge. He looks down and finds Millia, knocked unconscious from Ruairi's hit. Tarlach asks if he hit Millia and if he was okay with that. Ruairi says that Millia tried to hand him over to the Shamans. Because of that, he could care less about Millia's fate. Ruairi then realizes what Tarlach said, and walks away. Tarlach looks at Ruairi, feeling something is off.

What is going to happen to Millia? What has become of Tarlach and Ruairi and why are they against the Milletian? Who is the mysterious Cessair's Heart, and what are her plans? Find out in Episode 8!

Episode 8 - Holy Land: The Sacrifice

Millia is now missing. Akule begins his search for Millia's whereabouts. A mage learns of a powerful secret in Iria and the pieces fall into place on what caused the trouble of Iria Saga.

Traces of Millia

Akule, Shamala, and the Milletian goes to find Millia at her last location, hoping to find some traces of her. Akule concentrates, only to feel muddy and sticky. He feels that demons were here and comes the conclusion that Millia was attacked by demons.

The Past: Researching the Relics

Tarlach recalls that long ago, he, Mari, and Ruairi took off to search for Paradise, only to find that their efforts were mocked and that paradise was under their noses the whole time. Erinn, the place that was already paradise. A paradise filled with chaos and hatred. Tarlach questioned to himself what is it that keeps Erinn from being a utopia. Why is it that Fomors and Tuatha de Danann hate each other so much. Why is it that Milletians are rejected by the Tuatha de Danann, even after helping them for so long. Tarlach then says that the conflict may end if the gods stopped with their meddling. He feels that Iria may hold the answers to his questions if he could just examine them. He sent a request to the League of Explorers to have Irian relic sent to where Tarlach resides. Most of the the relics points to Courcle, and understanding it would be far from his ability as he has no knowledge of their language. He later manages to get some stelaes from the Milletians and compared some of it to the words inscribed.

Last Resort

Akule sighs and wishes he does not have to to use a certain method, but finds that there is one thing that can be done. The Milletian looks at Akule and asks. Since the Cessair uses Milletians to possess them for their bidding, the Milletian is the only link between them, and the enemy. Akule says that they can use the demon inside the Milletian and perhaps find a way to get in contact with the enemy forces to find their location, as well as Millia's whereabouts. It is very risky, and could very well mean the end of Erinn if they fail. The Milletian nods, knowing what needs to be done. Akule instructs them to go with Shamala and follow his directions. The Milletian looks at Akule suspiciously, and asks what needs to be done. The Milletian must travel inside the depths of the Hillwen Mines as well as the outskirts of Shyllien Nature Reserve and gather certain materials, as instructed by Shamala on behalf of Akule. Shamala heads off to Hillwen Mines, waiting for the Milletian.

Gathering the Materials

The Milletians meets with Shamala and asks for the materials required. Shamala is looking off into the distance, thinking. She notices the Milletian and states nothing is wrong. Shamala says 3 Emerald Cores should be enough and that the monsters deep inside the mines have them. The Milletian nods and goes into the depths of the mine, hunting the monsters that have them. Upon returning, the Milletian notices something is on Shamala's mind again, noticing that she is repeated things from earlier. The Milletian gives Shamala the cores. The Milletian asks what is on Shamala's mind. Shamala says it reminds her of the past. Shamala says it is the earliest thing she can remember. She also recalls being in her mother's arms, being with her siblings and playing with them, and smelling the morning air under a tall tree. She feels maybe it was better off that none of Courcle was founded by humans. It is difficult for her to understand and accept what is happening, what with the clash of emotions and all. She realizes she has been rambling and perhaps the Milletian is like family to her. She disregards it and tells her to meet outside of the Shyllien Nature reserve.

Upon arrival, the Milletian meets with Shamala. Shamala states about 10 or so Rabbit's Feet should be enough for Akule to work with. The Milletian nods and goes into shyllien, to gather the feets of Mutant Rabbits on behalf of Akule. After gathering the Rabbit Feet, the Milletian returns to Shamala. She is, once again, staring off into the distance. The Milletian delivers the feet and asks what is wrong. Shamala says things have been better, same the demons. Feeling there is no time to explain, they must proceed back to Akule and carry out his plan. Akule has found the source of the demons and must cut the source off from Black Mask and the Black Dragon Knight. Shamala then recalls before meeting the Milletian, she has met the Black Dragon Knight before. She felt so repulsed by it while purifying demons, she had to stay away. However, at the Ruins, something felt off. The Milletian feels that she should give Shamala a moment to think. The Milletian then asks if she's okay and Shamala says everything fine. They must return to Akule as soon as they can.

The Past: Tarlach's Research and Ruairi's Return

Tarlach finds something odd about the relics. Something like magic, but slightly different. He comes to the conclusion that it was divine power, power of the gods and goddesses that twists and weaves space and time. There was seal placed on Iria, a mircocosm of Erinn. Later, he takes up studying on Alchemy. He feels heart broken that he no longer has access to magic. He finds Alchemy, a form of magic, rather interesting. It may even be superior to their own magic. Sometime later, Ruairi stops by to visit Tarlach. Tarlach is relived and in tears to see Ruairi, and is very thrilled to see him. Talach ask how has Ruairi been, what with the Cromm taking him away and all.[31] Ruairi says that he has been in a place called Iria, a land across the continent of Uladh over the vast ocean. Ruairi looks down and know that the two of them have much to tell with each other. Ruairi decides to spend the day catching up with Tarlach, to share stories and what they two of them have been up to. Tarlach smiles and agrees.

Becoming A Demon Once More

The Milletian returns to Akule at the Connous Oasis, Shamala hands the materials over to Akule. He does something witht he Emerald Cores and Mutant Rabbit Feet to make a small, but bright, blue flame. Akule instructs the Milletian to lie down and take a deep breath. The Milletian does so and takes a deep breath. Akule says to do it slowly and the Milletian begins to take slower and slower deep breaths. He then instructs him to look at the flame. The Milletian looks at the blue flame and suddenly feels tired. Akule exclaims it actually works and should have done it earlier. He then tells the Milletian to respect him and trust him no matter what. Strangely, the Milletian agrees to the terms. Shamala tells Akule to stop messing around. Shamala says there is not time to waste, but Akule states that the most important part is coming. He instructs the Milletian to become a demon and go back the their "master," the Cessair, and not to forget their true master, Akule. Shamala watches as the ritual takes place, sighing over Akule's stupidity as he carries out the ritual.

The Past: Tarlach's Discovery

Tarlach tells Ruairi of his findings about Erinn. Ruairi cares not for it. Tarlach looks at Ruairi. Ruairi no longer cares for the Paradise nor the goddess, recalling what has happened before during their journey years ago. Tarlach exclaims he has finally found the truth and tells him that Erinn is the paradise they have been seeking. The Fomors, Tuatha de Dunann, and Milletians are at war and they must stop the meddling of the gods and goddess to make Erinn their one true paradise. People will no longer suffer like they did. Tarlach goes on to say that everything lies in Iria. Ruairi tells Tarlach to stop this nonsense and his only reason was to meet Tarlach and find Triona. Ruairi says he will continue his journey to find her, and to keep a promise he could not keep back then. Tarlach looks at Ruairi and understands. He requests that Ruairi bring back some relics from Iria. Ruairi agrees and walks away. Tarlach mentions that if he ever changes his mind, he can return to listen in more. Ruairi cares not for and bids farewell.

Millia's Whereabouts

The Milletian finds themselves at the enemy's hideout. Akule communicates to the Milletian via telepathy, as the Milletian's spirit is there. Akule tells them to look around for anything suspicious, and spots Millia on a near by platform. A man in a white robe sees the spirit and asks how did they come across that magic. The Milletian looks at the figure to find that it was Tarlach. Akule asks what was going on. Tarlach looks and know that they are being helped by a shaman. Akule notices something has gone wrong. Tarlach looks at the Milletian and asks if they remember his proposal. The Milletian asks why is Tarlach doing what he is doing. Tarlach gave up being human, giving up on everything. He tells the Milletian to go back where they came from, forever. He summons demons to stop the Milletian from escaping. After clearing the Demons, the Milletian can hear Akule's voice, however, Tarlach commands them to submit to him. As the two of them commanded the Milletian, the Milletian begins to blurred vision, and passes out.

The Milletian wakes up and finds themselves back in the Oasis. Akule worries and asks if they are okay. The Milletian nods. Akule explains warding demonic possession is easy compared to controlling it. The Milletian says at least the location is known. Akule asks if Millia was fine. The Milletian simply nods as Akule sighs. He then asks where Millia located. The Milletian says Renes.

The Past: Secret of the Charms

Tarlach has found, from the artifacts found by Ruairi and the stelae, that Iria has many hidden charms. Charms of divine powers in its purest form. Tarlach thinks for a bit and realizes he must get a hold of these charms.

Preparing for War

Akule knows that the enemy is not going to leave the area unguarded. No matter how powerful Akule is, he can not just barge in. Akule asks the Milletian to enlist the help of the Elves and Giants once again, as well as getting help from the Queen of Uladh, Eirawen.[32] Akule then asks Shamala to scout Renes. The Milletian and Shamala nods, and tells them both to be careful.

The Past: Tarlach's Progress

Tarlach asks if Ruairi has come across anything regard Triona. Ruairi think it is because she is a fomor's child, which makes the search difficult. Ruairi spend an entire day and found nothing regarding her. Tarlach sends his condolences to him. Ruairi asks how is Tarlach's research going. Tarlach says it is going well, as he can now read what is on a stelae.[33] Tarlach then requests Ruairi to find a charm that is located somewhere in Iria. Ruairi is puzzled about it. Tarlach explains that it holds divine powers and he may be able to roam free from the Druid Altar that keeps him alive. Ruairi looks on and agrees. Tarlach thanks him and Ruairi goes back to his search for Triona, along with Tarlach's request for the charm.

Gathering Elven Reinforcements

The Milletian goes to Filia to speak with Castanea. Castanea listens intently and sends the request to gather the Elven forces to help the Milletian. She informs the Milletian that Maike will be leading them. The Milletian nods and heads to Vales.

The Past: Tarlach's New Magic

After some time has pass, Ruairi has gotten a hold of the charm, gives it to Tarlach. Tarlach takes it, remarking that was rather quick. Ruairi found people called Shamans during his travels in Iria and told them what has happened to Tarlach. The Shamans reluctantly made a charm for Ruairi to give to Tarlach. He asks if it really does contain divine powers. Tarlach says it does. Ruairi is now confused to as why the shamans do not carefully guard such a thing. Ruairi now questions if the charm is fake. Tarlach says they are not and Ruairi questions if there is power emitting from it, if any. Tarlach does not know, but something differently feels strange about the charm. Tarlach will better understand the charm's powers as he studies it carefully. He thanks Ruairi for his troubles. Ruairi mentions that if he ever needs something, he can ask him to do it. Tarlach asks if Ruairi can help fight for paradise. Ruairi declines and still has no business pursing such false ideals. Tarlach hopes for the best for Ruairi. Ruairi thanks him and goes on his way. Eventually, using the Charm, he created a staff that will be used as a form of magic to make up for his loss of his own magic.

Gathering Giant Reinforcements

The Milletian visits Krug and tells him what is going on. Krug listens intently and send the request to gather the Giant forces and prepare. Krug thanks the Milletian for saving him and will the Milletian anyway they can.

The Past: Tarlach's Realization

Tarlach realizes the Soul Stream's purpose. It stops the flow of time by connecting Erinn to the Milletian's world and it is keeping Erinn from becoming a true paradise. Destroying the Soul Stream would not be enough to transform Erinn into paradise. Two things keep Erinn from becoming Paradise:

  • The Gods and Goddesses meddling with the world of Erinn. Their connection must be cut off from Erinn.
  • People must be purified of their anger and hatred. They can not see that Erinn is paradise due to fear.

The easiest way for Tarlach to make this happen is to force the gods and goddess to undo their mistakes. However, he is aware they will never do such a thing. There is only one thing he can do, and that is to use the Milletian, who is the master key created by the gods. Tarlach must lay a curse to the Soul Stream in order to inflame the evil aspect of their nature and corrupt all Milletian souls. Their power will be then harvest and used with Lia Fail. It will destroy the Soul Stream and the world of the Gods and Goddesses in a single strike. If he can persuade the Milletian, then his plan is foolproof. If the Milletian does not agree, then he will have to betray them. If someone has to be the devil, then Tarlach himself will accept it.

Gathering the Human Reinforcements

The Milletian goes to Tara Royal Castle to visit Queen Eirawen, the current ruler of Uladh. Eirawen greets them and the Milletian explains the situation. Eirawen is a bit displeased to not hear a greeting from the Milletian, but complies, as it is a great opportunity to repay them for their help in taking back the throne from long ago. She instructs one of the guards to bring a pen and paper. Eirawen writes something and places it in en envelop. She gives them the letter and sends them their way.

The Past: Convincing Ruairi

Tarlach talks to himself about a dragon, an avatar of destruction. He feels that only a divine power could stop its reign of terror. Tarlach has decided to leave for Iria, in search of the ancient Dragons that once ruled Iria. However, he feels that he should try to convince Ruairi at the least to come with him. He goes up to Ruairi and asks what is wrong. Ruairi is silent, but then tells him that he has found Triona. Tarlach congratulates him, but something is off. Tarlach asks if something happened. Ruairi says he found her grave. Triona had died. Tarlach asks Ruairi if he wants to come with him to Iria. Ruairi declines, wanting to be alone. He says it might be best to go alone and that Ruairi will wait where he is now. Tarlach looks at him, and understands.

Final Reinforcements

The Milletian goes to Belvast, to talk to Admiral Owen, the head of Belvast. Owen welcomes them and the Milletian hands them Eirawen's letter. Skims it quickly, and acknowledges Eirawen's orders. Owen will ask his brother, Odran, to put the unit together to assist them in the upcoming battle. He will round everyone immediately.

The Past: Breaking the Seals

Tarlach has come across a Shaman Village in his travels and feel a great power sealed within. He begins to raid the village and break the seal located there. After breaking the seal in Courcle, he moves onto Physis, at the Whirlpool Mark. There, another seal is placed. Upon arriving, the ghosts of Ancient Shamans guard the pillar in Physis. After ridding the pillar's protection he breaks the seal in Physis, he frees Languhiris. Languhiris thanks Tarlach and is willing to help him with his plans in return for freeing him. Languhiris cares not if the plan is good or evil, he merely wishes to repay him. Feeling that the divine power in Physis is fading, he moves on to the next one in Rano. The Pillar in Rano is guarded by Shamans, as well as the Ancient Shaman Spirits. Upon clearing the protection of the Pillar, he proceeds to break it, freeing Bhafel, the ancient Black Dragon. Bhafel usually looks lowly on those weaker than him, but feels Tarlach has a special power. He agrees to help him to fight the "foolish gods" and will bring terror and chaos throughout the land just as he once did many years ago.

To Renes

The Milletian returns to Akule with the good news about the reinforcements. Akule is glad for the Milletian to have friends in high places. The two then depart for Renes, meeting Shamala.

Shamala's Reconnaissance

Shamala has used her powers of Transformation to change into a rat to infiltrate the enemy base in Renes. She begins to search and look around, hoping to find something that may be of use against the Cessairs. Shamala overhears the conversation between the Cessair members. One of them wonders if Black Mask is the one told of a prophecy that would free the Cessairs. Another finds that anything after thousands of years of oppression would be an improvement. A few of the Cessair members are wary of Shamala's presence as a rat, saying that there are always ears listening. Heart seems to be excited for the coming battle, calling it a grand fight. She has not felt that particular sensation in quite a while. As Shamala approaches Ruairi, he feels magic is in use. Ruairi looks at the rat and knows it is Shamala.

The Past: Ruairi's Letter

Ruairi has sent a letter to Tarlach. Tarlach looks at the letter and reads it, noting it was written in a rush due to the handwriting. Ruairi tried to locate and talk to Lugh, who has suddenly returned. However, Lugh apparently went mad and killed innocent lives. He was soon stopped and killed by a Milletian named Shakespeare. With the death of Lugh, there was no longer a link to Triona. Tarlach then recalls that Lugh was a Knight of Light who fell into Darkness but hearing about his sudden insanity, it struck Tarlach as odd. He then hastily placed blame on the gods. Tarlach has overcome the limits of Mind and Body, and pushed past the dangers of physical and spiritual harm.

Tarlach caused a lot of trouble. What are his next plans? Why is it that he is doing such a thing? What happened to Shamala in Renes? Find out in Episode 9!

Episode 9 - Fate's Design: The Stand

Plans to infiltrate Renes and save Millia are currently in progress. The Fate of the world hinges on the success of the plans devised. The forces must make their final stand in order to save Millia, and the world.

Shamala's Escape

Shamala detransforms and looks at Ruairi. Ruairi knew it was her. He then asks why did she stop. Shamala studders and tries to speak.[34] However, a Cessair member spots her and Shamala makes her escape. She is stopped by several members, transforming into a rat to dodge the magic of the Red, using a hornet to avoid sword swings, and transforming into a turtle to guard herself form Heart's Flash Launcher. She then assumes the form of a panther, and quickly leave. Heart and the Cessair members attempt to chase her, only to be stopped by Ruairi.

Planning the Assault

Odran looks at the Report and discusses it with Maike, Dowra, and Akule. According to the report, the enemy is low on food supplies and Odran suggests that they should turn it into a battle of attrition. Dowra agrees, however questions why would they need provisions if they never needed it at all. Odran questions it, but suggests it may be best to cause it as a war of attrition. If that was the case, then it may be better to wear down their numbers than there stomachs. Dowra, once again, agrees to Odran's suggestions. Maike, however, would rather have a quick victory, rather than a slow one. Odran asks if he as a better plan. Shamala arrives, tired and weary.

The Past: Ruairi's Regrets

Ruairi visits Tarlach and wants to see Triona once more. He feels guilty over what has become of Triona after leaving. Ruairi's heart is filled with pointless regrets. Tarlach asks if he remembers Lia Fail. Lia Fail was modeled after the Tree of Life, something that connects different Realms. The Tree of Life also bares Golden Apples, a source of life. Ruairi looks on and listens. Using the apple, it may be possible to resurrect the dead. Tarlach must study the apples to be sure. Ruairi looks at Tarlach and asks if it was part of his "plan." Tarlach's goal is not the Golden Apple, but if Ruairi helps, then surely it can be a part of it. Ruairi looks down, thinks for a moment, and recalls if his offer was still open from before. Tarlach says yes and Ruairi agrees to join, stating his goal is to reunite with Triona.

News from Shamala

Dowra welcomes Shamala back to the group and notices she looks a bit beat. She then asks what happened back in Renes. Shamala says big trouble is a foot. Maike asks her to be more specific. According to Shamala, the enemy has several plans, hiding behind a much larger plan. Odran asks what is the meaning of all of this. Shamala says that Millia will be used as a sacrifice for a ritual that will take place soon. Odran remarks with all the changes, it is giving him a headache, and asks how much of the situation has changed. Dowra says they should gather their forces and barge in. Maike calls her an idiot, stating their their weapons would tear their units apart. Dowra realizes what Maike says and agrees. She turns over to Akule and asks him for help. Akule attempts to charges for his consulting fees. Dowra does not care for that, and wants to know about the charms. Akule says they are expensive to make. Dowra does not want to buy one, but rather use them as a type of bomb that can be launched and thrown. Akule is surprised to hear such a thing. Akule says they are super safe, and to prove, takes 10 out and violently throws them around. Dowra and Maike looks at Akule suspiciously. Dowra is a bit disappointed to hear they were not bombs. Maike asks Odran if they could just do a sweep of Renes. Shyllien and Hillwen are unstable substances. Because it is unstable, it might be possible to use it as wide range explosive. Akule protests the plan, as it would cause disastrous results. Renes is an important region that serves as base for the power of the Golden Dragon. Destroying it may cause adverse effects on Erinn. Odran suggests a rather intricate plan. The plan was to have three armies. Some of the forces can act as decoys, while the main forces enter Renes. Maike wonders how would they bait them out. Odran suggest they make a convincing target to force the enemy. Dowra agrees to the plan, stating it may just work. Odran states one drawback, that is the decoy groups may suffer large causalities, and the infiltrator must act quick. The team entering Renes have little time before all the decoy groups can no longer fend for themselves. Maike agrees, smiling.

The Past: Ruairi's Dispair

A shaman notices Ruairi and asks what brings them there. Ruairi wishes to meet with the maker of the charms. The shaman goes to get Gael, who then greet Ruairi. Ruairi says someone wanted to meet the maker of the Charms, a friend. Ruairi asks if she can come with them. Gael notices something is wrong with Ruairi, feeling something is off. Ruairi looks at Gael and asks. Gael notices that there is a mix of sadness, regret, and despair stirring within Ruairi, along with a hint of hope. Gael sense that it could be a red hair girl. Ruairi tells her to stop. A dark power surges from Ruairi. The Shamans attempt to intervene, trying to help Ruairi, but he had no choice and drew his sword against the Shamans.

Decoying the Cessair

Odran's forces will be in charge of supply transportation. The Elves and Giants prepare Hillwen and Shyllien samples. They will begin from the south, and head northward towards the beach. Odran expects that they will be stopped half way there. They must escort the supplies safely. Odran then begins the decoy plan. Odran notices that the demons are now attacking the supplies and continues with the plan. Stronger demons begins to approach the fake supplies and Odran now wait for the "big fish to take the bait." Eventually Languhiris attacks the fake supplies and Odran is surprised to see a Dragon. He tells everyone to from their ranks and warns them about the Dragon.

Maike is in charge of building a stronghold on the beach. It will be a feint operation to split the enemy troops. Should his troops get overwhelmed, they will retreat, regardless if the mission succeeds, or fails. Maike's forces will attempt to lure the forces at the beach keeping the enemy using a stronghold as a false base camp. The Uladh Bandits begins to raid the camp. Maike and his forces fend them off, until Cessair members intervene. Maike see that they are coming in rather quickly, and gather his forces to fend them off as much as possible.

Dowra and her forces are to secure the Renes Mana Tunnel, strategic point into the enemy territory. Dowra is excited, but is not a fan of traveling by sea, nor over it. Dowra arrives on Renes, near the Mana Tunnel and gives her forces a prep talk before going into battle. They are to secure the Mana Tunnel at all costs, fighting to the very end. The Giants are willing to follow Dowra, even into hell. Dowra laughs and is pumped up for battle. After clearing the initial forces, Tarlach intervenes. The island has suddenly begun to shake, interrupting Dowra's forces.

The Past: Disturbance in Renes

Tarlach and Ruairi goes inside Renes, only to find Adniel, the Golden Dragon. Tarlach informs Adniel of a great travesty, the Conductor of the Golden Dragon is becoming corrupted. Andiel is aware of Tarlach's plans, and asks for their goal. Tarlach response that he is only trying to save the world. Ruairi then dons his Black Armor and tries to seal Adniel.

Infiltrating Renes

Akule plans to enter Renes form the other side while the other three groups fend of the Cessair and act as decoys for them to enter.

The Past: The Three Lost Warriors Reunion

Tarlach asks if Ruairi really want to do the spiritual journey. Ruairi says that if he feared risks, then he never would have come this far with Tarlach. He simply wishes to see Triona once more, regardless of what has to be done. Ruairi plans to stop Tarlach if he has to. Tarlach looks down and sighs, leaving him with little options. Suddenly, Nao intervenes between the two. Tarlach and Rauiri are surprised to see her. Ruairi wants to ask many questions and Nao is aware of this. She says Ruairi will never find the answers he is seeking. Ruairi questions why. Nao says she can not say and leaves. Ruairi hangs his head and does not give up seeking the answers he wants to know. Tarlach knows that the result will never change.

Inside Renes

Ruairi stops them from progressing any further. The Milletian looks at Akule. Akule wants the Milletian to fight Ruairi. However, the Milletian questions Akule's powers as a Shaman. Akule is a powerful shaman, but his priority is to help Millia, and his powers of a Shaman can not do much against Ruairi. Demons suddenly appear as Akule runs to help Millia. The Milletian rushes towards the hoard of demons and attack them, buying time for Akule. Eventually Rauiri approaches the Milletian in an attempt to stop them. Ruairi fights fiercely against the Milletian. But, their battle is interrupted by Akule, who tells the Milletian to jump across the gap onto the structure. Ruairi is surprised to hear that and the Milletian follows Akule's instructions.

Shattering Lia Fail

Ruairi stops the Milletian, knocking them down. Shamala helps the Milletian back up. Ruairi looks on and realizes it was the same spell used on him before back at the Oasis and at some point, by Gael. He then looks back at Millia, remembering his words and promise to her. Akule walks up to them and tells the Milletian to destroy the structure holding Millia captive. Akule attempts to stop Ruairi, throwing one of his charms and commanding it to explode, but it was a fluke. In a powerful single strike, the Milletian shatters the structure that held Millia captive.

The Cessair seemed to be occupied pretty well! Is the plan truly a success? What will Tarlach and Ruairi do with their plan now in shambles? Is Millia okay? What will Ruairi do, as he is clearly struggling now? Find out in the finale episode!

Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent

The Goddess of Destruction, Macha, as finally shown herself! She intends to unmake the world and wiping life from existence. The Milletian must stop her at all cost!

Heart's Intervention

She isn't gonna letting anyone stop her...ANYONE...

Tarlach appears moments after Lia Fail was damaged. He commands Rauiri to stop the demons. Ruairi tries, but could not stop the oncoming demons. The Milletian tries to completely destroy Lia Fail, but is stopped by Tarlach. If Lia Fail were to be destoryed, the entire Island of Renes would explode. Akule cares not for Tarlach's words and tells the Milletian to finish the job. Heart appears and stops the Milletian. Heart laughs as she chases the Milletian, saying that if something must be accomplished, it must be done gradually. The Milletian attacks Heart to defend themselves from her gunfire. Before landing the final blow, she vanishes and her voice can be heard. Akule calls for the Milletian, who sees Heart suddenly near Lia Fail. The Milletian rushes towards her.

Macha, the Goddess of Destruction

At the site of Lia Fail, a destructive force pushes everyone on the platform away from Millia. Tarlach commands the Milletian to Destroy Lia Fail. However, a barrier stops them from doing so. Suddenly, Macha, the Goddess of Destruction, appears before them. Macha calls everyone poor, beautiful, tragic creatures. Macha has appear due to their arrogance. She swears to unmake the world and her masterwork will be the end of all life on Erinn.

Breaking the Barrier of Lia Fail

Aonbharr appears in the central area of Renes. Tarlach is displeased at the gods always interfering. Macha simply says that it was his own actions that betrayed him. Tarlach asks the Milletian for help, regardless of his past actions. He then attempts to destroy Lia Fail's barrier erected by Macha and needs the Milletian to fend off the Aonbharrs. Tarlach says that only the Milletian can stop Macha. The Aonbharr begins to swarm the area and the Milletian agrees to help. After defeating several Aonbharrs, Tarlach still could not break the Barrier.

Ruairi's Decision

Ruairi calls out to Shamala, asking for help. Shamala looks on and asks why. Ruairi begs and explains that his sword caused the charm in the Milletian's hands to explode. If they could take advantage of that, then it may shatter the barrier. Shamala is hesitant, but agrees. Ruairi suddenly gets up and jumps across the gap, cracking the barrier of Lia Fail. Shamala tells everyone and Macha is not pleased. Ruairi looks at Millia, thinking back to his time in the depthw of Baol Dungeon with Triona. Hesitant, he did not strike Lia Fail. An explosive wave of energy pushes Ruairi into the depths of the volcanic magma of Renes, and Shamala jumps into the gap to save him.

Battle with the Goddess of Destruction

Red for destruction? I approve.

Macha asks the Milletian why must they insist on making the same mistakes. Tarlach and Akule are shocked to what happen to Ruairi and Shamala. Macha questions their emotions, remarking it is too late for regret. Tarlach is now angry at Macha and vows to never forgive Macha, or the Gods, and whispers something shortly after. Macha looks at the Milletian with fierce eyes. The Milletian looks back at her with determination, raises their weapon, and battles Macha. After a fierce battle of will, Taralch discovers the secret of the land of Iria. The Divine, Milletians, Elves, Giants, and Humans. Everything, from the Goddess of Light, to all of the Immortal beings. Using the magic from his staff, Tarlach disables the barrier and teleports the Milletian to Lia Fail, who then proceeds to destroy it. Macha admires what Tarlach has done, however, he shall pay for tapping into forbidden power. Macha then disappears. The Milletian checks on Tarlach. He is extremely exhausted. He smiles at the Milletian and is truly impressed. However, the Milletian has forgotten that Tarlach is his enemy. Tarlach feels none of this is over, and that it is the beginning of something new. He feels something is coming to them, and that they can not be trusted freely. The Milletian questions who, but Tarlach does not say.

Tarlach's Apologies

Tarlach apologizes for everything he has done, including the trouble he has put them through. He then thanks the Milletian for putting a stop to everything, including himself. He also wants to tell the Milletian to tell Kristell something, but vanishes in a bright light before he could say anything.

Aftermath of Renes

Dowra sees Akule leaving, disheartened. Odran was excited to see a Dragon for the first time in his life. He thought that it was going to end him right there and then. Dowra was amazed to be alive too, stating that a person in white (Tarlach) even chased her down as she kept on fighting the Cessair members in Renes. Maike cares not for the comments of the battle and tells them the both of them have injured men and women to tend to. Odran, Maike, and Dowra look at each other for a moment, finding it odd nothing has changed, and go tend to their subordinates.

The Milletian goes to the Holy Land of the Shamans, to look for Akule after the battle at Renes. The Milletian finds him and asks if he is okay. Akule states that he is fine, and being pushed to the limits is what makes him a powerful shaman. He is much concerned for his peers. The Milletian asks about Millia. Akule sulks and states that Millia is still unconscious since that day at Renes. He treats her every day, but she has yet to come to. Yesterday, Akule felt regret for the first time as a shaman, wishing he had taught her magic or at the very least, hid her away in the Holy Land of Shamans. All he can do now is just believe and hope for the best. Until then, the Holy Land is being sealed until all of the Shamans recover from what has happened. Akule will focus on Millia until that day comes. He wishes the Milletian well on their adventures, and not to be swayed so easily. It's easy to talk about others until they are in their shoes. The Milletian takes Akule's words to heart, and looks around the Holy Land some more.

Shamala was near by and looks at the Milletian as they walk away from Akule. The Milletian looks back and asks if she is okay. Shamala says she is fine, and her wounds were healed rather quickly. The Milletian brings up Ruairi, only to see that Shamala shrugs over the subject, not wanting to talk about it. She looks away, then looks back. Rauiri is badly injured form the fall but at the very least, alive.[35] Unfortunately, his left arm was in an unmentionable condition, and Shamala simply drops the subject. She leaves to tend to other matters, but the Milletian feels it may be best to leave her alone.

Ruairi's Left Arm

It appears sometime before Sagas, Ruairi had an implant for his left arm. Judging from the looks of it, it appears to be a prosthetic arm in a similar matter to Nuadha's. He appears happy about it, and is seen with the Cessair. The significance of this is unknown. The credits then rolls.

Tarlach's Fate

A mysterious man was wondering around, and suddenly finds a child. He adopts him and takes him under his wing. Later is is revealed that it was Berched, and the young child is Tarlach.

The Saga: Iria II

Some time has passed since the events of Macha's defeat. The world is at peace for now. A new group of people, known as the Aces, now wander the world of Erinn with extraordinary skill. However, a dark force is growing over the horizon. Young Tarlach begins to feel uneasy, and the events will soon unfold before them. Erinn will soon be in danger once more...

Prologue - The Aces

Merlin and Starlet babysit a Young Tarlach. However, it appears that Young Tarlach is unhappy with Merlin and seeks aid. Using an owl, Young Tarlach sends a distress letter to the Milletian, hoping to be saved from "evil Merlin."

Episode 1 - Merlin

The Aces gather and have a grand ole time, eating and sharing stories. The Aces eventually have to run an errand and heads to Dunbarton and then Emain Macha, leaving Young Tarlach in the care of Kristell. However, Merlin screws up, and now has to make up for the lost funds...

Episode 2 - The Missing

After a bad attempt of raising money though a concert, Starlet attempts to step up to the plate and uses her Singing to help aid the concert. They return to pick up Young Tarlach, but things become worse. Running into a band of Pirates, the Merlin and the Milletian must fend them off, while Young Tarlach has nightmares that will soon unfold into reality...

Episode 3 - Pursuit

Young Tarlach has gone missing! Enlisting the help of the Treasure Hunter, a legendary spelunker and master of valued artifacts, the search for Young Tarlach begins! Their search leads them all across Iria, but what could Young Tarlach have been searching for in Iria?

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