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This shall be worked on randomly, as I feel like it.

What in Cichol's name am I doing?


— Me, while confused.


Before reading this, have you read this? Yeah this thing here, I hear it helps. If it hasn't, then I guess you came to the right place.

The Wiki Guide for Dummies(like me).

You are staring at your screen, wondering what on earth is going on and what exactly you are trying to do. You stare at another page to compare the one you just did and it doesn't make sense, you edit one thing and it all falls apart. The mods and those experienced editors are saying you did something not rightish. Why does this happen? Don't ask me, I'm a dummy as well. But what I can do is just show the basics.

The other ways to learn the basic is, as I said above, comparing pages. Experimenting those pages, using the preview option or your Userpage of course, to see the differences and changes.

Please note this is a guide based on my knowledge and experiences, there may be some other way to editing the wiki that I may have never heard of, because I'm a dummy.

One may edit this page, but don't go nuts.

 I'll be using this nice box to put codes and such. 

Simple Advice and Rules

Hey...did you read this yet? If you haven't I will slap you. The wiki may have quite a few policies, but some can be easily adapted by simply looking at other people's contribution. But I just want to make few things clear:

  1. BE RESPECTFUL. This will be one of the rare moments in this page where I will be very, very serious. If you cannot take the time to understand what others are trying to say, accept someone's help because you did something wrong, and only to sound like an ignorant, pathetic and immature kid. Just get out. Simply get out. Do nothing and get out. This isn't your wiki, it's our wiki, it's the people's wiki, and there are rules within a community and everyone must respect them. If you cannot respect the rules, then just get out and don't look back. This is a great example of what not to do.
  2. Accept criticism. This is like a following for the one before. If you're new in the wiki, chances of you making mistakes is pretty high; I still make typos and other people fix it. (I'm sorry) If someone tells you that you did something wrong, then listen to them. In most cases, the people telling you this are experienced contributors who have a vast knowledge on what they're doing. Mistakes are okay to make, as long as you understand that it was a mistake and you went stupid for a minute. o3o;;
  3. Take action, once you know what you're doing. If you have a whole bunch of info you want to share, but you're not sure how to phrase it, format it, and what not. You can either: Compare it with other pages, test it out on your User Page or simply ask someone to add it for you. You would still be a contributor to the wiki, you found the info, someone just helped you put it in. There is also a preview button to view the edit before actually posting it (i.e. saving the page).
  4. Don't jump the gun. Yours truly has jumped the gun, so don't do it. Legit reason is legit. No but seriously, don't make assumptions or guesses, unless it's something obvious like: "The outfit and gloves of this set requires 1g for each repair, so the rest of the set is the same."

Creating Pages

I'll be blunt, I don't know how to make a completely new page. I usually just make a link.



Click said non-existing link and start typing. As far as I know, this is the actual way to make new pages and I just don't have a single clue.

The Talk Pages

This is where you should post discussion bout the page. You can find it right next to the word 'Page' above the page name. It's says 'Discussion'. I don't know how much more specific I can get. This is where you can ask questions about the page and what not.


Please refrain from pyramiding. We don't want the talk pages to become a pyramid scheme to rip people off. Look at this.

User Pages

I'm sure some of you noticed that some people have really nice looking pages. Like really nice(me stares at Mikaya and Anemki).You too can do this, but not now, if you want to make a user page you need to have 30 contributions to the wiki. Editing 5 word in a page 30 times, does not count, like seriously. It has to be edits that actually add something to the wiki, whether it be good pictures, more information about an item, etc., etc.

Also, when you're copying other people's templates and such because you found it nice and wanted to use it. Credit them. It is most likely their work, if it wasn't made for the wiki, for wiki purposes, always credit the original creator. Even if it doesn't say you have to credit for the template, do it out of respect.


User:LexisMikaya has a nice guide on how to take images. Right there. Yeah, click it.

But just in case you missed vital information.

  • TURN YOUR GLOW EFFECTS OFF. By default, it's the NUMPAD * (Muliplication) key to the right hand side. If your keyboard does not have a Number Pad, go into "Options > System Tab > Effects Subtab" and uncheck it. Click okay to save changes.
Pure png files
Converted png files.
Another converted png file.
  • No converted png. files. The Mabinogi Screen Shot options ALWAYS takes pictures in jpg, thus ruining the quality.
    • It's extremely easy to tell the difference between a converted png and a pure png. Click on those two images on the right and ask yourself the differences between them.
    • This nice guide, you should read it.
  • No white or black colors. Unless its permanently that color, it's a no no. Similar colored outfits are also less accepted, such as 3 different shades of a single color like green.
    • All items of a fixed color from events, gachapons, and/or from dungeons should be uploaded in the item's appropriate gallery.
  • ALWAYS take indoor pictures. Unless it's a picture of an NPC and such, then it would be preferred to take a shot between 6:00am and 6pm (game time) for better lighting. If need be, Optimal day light from Noon to 2:00pm will suffice.
  • Focus on the item you're taking a picture of. Don't let other equipment get in the way, wear something flat and preferably sleeveless(for weapons/gloves/etc.) while taking pics. No clothing on is not allowed.
    • For proportional reasons, leave the head in the frame for clothing, and hand(s) on weapons. This gives the viewer a sense of scale to see how big one item can be. Head size hardly changes as the player gets taller and/or shorter.
  • No poses (for player equipment)! Equip a Handicraft Kit or something to get rid of a pose an equipment gives. Ex: Eluned Alchemist Suit (F). Also, it is preferred to have a proper stance.
    • Improper: [1]
      • Feet are not aligned, a bit slouchy. Can be used for "Angled Views" for footgear.
    • Proper: [2]
      • Feet are aligned.

Uploading Images

Uploading images to pages with an empty or filled template boxes is a simple thing to do. The other way to upload images is by using this.

Do note that file names must be inputted manually to match the file destination, otherwise it will upload the file using the name you inputted when saving an image. Clicking on a file destination with no existing image will automatically name the image for you.

How to Place Images in a Page

Well, there are different ways to go around it. Let me just use a completely unrelated and random image from the wiki. cough.


You want to edit a page, you click on "Edit," but for some unknown reason you can't. The information is not there, if you ask "why?" and haven't yet realized what else to click, proceed to look under the icon of the item's page. There you will notice another "edit" link, this leads you to the page where the template takes it's information out of.

In most likely cases, every page uses a template. They are all here. Do not edit them. Do it and you will suffer from much confusion, and possibly breaking thousands of implemented templates. Which will destroy you one way or another. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Template Pages / Transclusion

Many templates have their own page for editing/adding/removing whatever info in a main page(such as Apple,Potato,Gladius). A page and the data in the template are separate things. Which is why when you go to a page and press the edit button on top the page you'll see what's under, rather than the information you see on the page:


If you make a new page and add the above, it'll come out as a link. Just click that and it'll send you to the template page, where you can add the parameters.

This is also what one would call a transclusion , where the information comes from some other page. The wiki uses this so that if you edit the information, it will change every page that uses said information.


Parameters are, in the wiki and in a nut shell, bunch of words that fill up a template in a page. They can be used to add images, put information about whatever item the template is used for, etc. etc. You can, most of the time, find all the parameters in the template's page. If you don't, you can still find a page where the same template is being used and just copy off of it. Copy Pasta is Life. Copy Pasta is Love.

Also note that you have to type in the parameters correctly for them to work. They are case sensitive and must be written as it is. Typing something odd in there will also break everything.

Not all templates have the same parameter. It may take time to get used to that, but you have to understand it. Always check this to make sure the parameters you're using works in a certain template. Or once again: Copy Pasta. So you don't even have to bother remembering at times.


Upload a Sakura502/TheWikiGuideForDummies viewed from the front Upload a Sakura502/TheWikiGuideForDummies viewed from the side Upload a Sakura502/TheWikiGuideForDummies viewed from the back Upload a Sakura502/TheWikiGuideForDummies viewed from an angle
Front Side Back Angled

Do note that most files used in pages have the same name as the page. A page like Monkey Mask will have file names like Monkey Mask Equipped Front.png or Monkey Mask Equipped Side.png. So if I wanted to fill up that template above, I would need to upload something along the lines of User:Sakura502/TheWikiGuideForDummies Equipped Front.png'

What should I add next?

No seriously, what should I add next?


Thank you User:LexisMikaya for your page, found a lot of useful stuff there. I can spam all the big words I want now. Also for fixing my poor grammar and adding bunch of information and correcting wrong information. Also big letters.