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Guild GuildMasterIcon.png Ovenfresh
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Age 17
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  • Back by popular request! Rewrote everything so we good.

Here's my strategy guide for killing the Doppleganger in Generation 10 finale, Light and Darkness. This was made in 2011 so some stuff may be different, but the main concept is to use your pets to get aggro on the dopple, while you hit it with Spear of Light. It won't aggro you since it's splash damage, something like that. Desummon pet and repeat until win. Don't even have to fight it directly. This is for Stage 2 btw, Stage 1 you just run like hell.

Oh and since some update you can bring a Royal Alchemist with you, but they can only help you with Stage 1. They get teleported to their own special Dopple boss in Stage 2. The RA can leave at this point and still get Journal points btw (really should wish gl/hf and bail at this point).

Welcome to say HI to me in-game, I feel loved

Stage 1

First half. The Doppelganger uses Demigod mode and is using GODMODE hacks. You're not supposed to kill it in Stage 1 so, bring a fast riding pet like horse or cloud. The Doppelganger and its Clones look like you, go figure. You get three revivals in case you die (some special Nao Stones), but there is no other way to revive in the mission. Not even Adv. Feathers. All damage done to the main Dopple reflects back to the player, so you're in Deadly constantly and always a 1shot. Just accept it as a challenge, don't try to HP pot spam. Srsly.

  • Also since the Enlightenment update, something alchemy, you can't use Life Drain crystals so just do whatever it is now to use Life Drain.

Bring This Stuff:

Given Stuff (in-mission):

This will take up eleven inventory squares in total.

Hotkey Life Drain and leaving some slots open for Awakening of Light, Spear of Light, and Fury of Light. You'll need to use these in a pinch so opening the skill window's probably gonna get you killed. If you don't have a mount you'll have to run like hell and use Evasion, it's not easy but there's free mounts now so this shouldn't be an issue. Shoulda seen when I did it on someone's account for them with no pets. Geebus. The Doppelganger gains a speed bonus from Demigod Transformation so don't expect to outrun it easily.

  • When you enter, equip the given Cylinder that will be in your inventory, I think it'll work if you enter pre-equipped with your own Cylinder (was 3 years ago dude). Take or enter with some HP damage because you have to use Life Drain which cant be used with full HP. You aren't likely to die in one hit at this point. Just summon your mount and get ready to run around frantically screaming.
  • Right after the Doppelganger taunts you (it's like a "come at me"), dismount/summon, CTRL + Click Elatha's Orgel (or right click) and use it ON the Doppelganger. Orgel will be in your inventory during the mission. If you're doing it right, music will play and the doppleganger will suffer.

LAUGH OUT LOUD AT IT, then quickly use Life Drain on it, like FAST. Normal Life Drain Crystals won't work and you will be given Dark Life Drain Crystals upon entering the mission (which apparently dont work as of the update [so bring the crystals you need?]). If you run out, the minions have a chance of dropping more (BUT YOU CANT USE EM ANYMORE). A cutscene will play after successfully using Life Drain.

  • Assuming everything went as planned, you've stolen the God's power, or something. You should be Demigod mode and have Awakening of Light, Spear of Light, and Fury of Light. If you try to be smart and leave early or fail the mission you'll lose the Demigod powers. Don't worry about skill exp, it gets reset to some awful rank at the end of the mission regardless.

Stage 2

Ok good job. The Doppelganger is un-Demigodded and needs a good beating/killing now. It'll behave like a normal Doppleganger found in the Shadow Cast City mission, just on steroids. It'll summon Clones as well. Take great care not to get hit BY ANYTHING in this part of the mission, since you'll die. As long as there are Clones alive the head Doppelganger takes no damage.Damage to the head Doppleganger is reflected, so you'll always be in Deadly status; one hit will kill you. You can try to spam HP potions, but seriously dont even bother.


Requires pet(s)

  • Run out of the Doppelganger's or its clones's aggro range, so they just walk around peacefully. You can take this time to hotkey your new Demigod skills, or order pizza or something.
  • Get as close as you need to the boss Doppelganger so that you can use Spear of Light on it. Load Spear of Light and summon a pet. Have the pet attack the boss Doppelganger and ONLY AFTER the Doppelganger has aggro'd the pet, fire Spear of Light at it. After the spear hits, unsummon your pet. Rinse and repeat until the Doppelganger is dead. Make sure not to be noticed, it's probably easier to restart than to try to shake off the Doppelganger if you are.
  • If the boss Doppelganger summons Clones, you have to pick off the Clones first since you cant damage the boss if they're walking around. Try to lure the Clones one by one with a bow or magic. Beware they DO multi-aggro and can totally mess up your face beyond recognition.
  • If you are killed by the Doppelganger or its clones, make sure to wait until they calm down before resurrecting. If you revive while they are still watching you, they'll just come back at you. Again, you have three revivals similar to Nao Soul Stones and there is no other way to revive in the mission.


So I don't know how valid this part is anymore, since I think everyone gets free starter pets now. Basically if you don't have a pet you're screwed. I guess you could end up here if you used up all the summoning time, if so just wait until tomorrow, like for real. Didn't update this part either so yeah, can't really do much cept pray for you.

  • Get some good first hits in, use Spear of Light to deal some serious damage. When the Doppelganger notices you it won't be long before it attacks and summons clones. Be sure to stay out of the range of the head Doppelganger's alchemy attacks. You can outrun the Doppelgangers since Demigod transformation grants a speed bonus.
  • For this stage of the battle, keep running away from the Doppelganger until you can safely fire Spear of Light at it. This will usually be when it is loading an alchemy skill. The Doppelganger will never constantly run at you, but the clones will and should be prioritized.

About the Dopplegangers

Germanic folklore[1] in my Mabinogi? Preposterous! Well I guess they do have Kobolds[2] as well.

Only the head Doppelganger enjoys the benefits of no knockdown, stun, and incredibly high hitpoints. This bloke uses Wind Blast, Water Cannon, Flame Burst, Spear of Light, and Fury of Light in Stage 1. Its Demigod powers and attacks are lost on Stage 2 but it summon clones now. The head Doppelganger doesn't take any significant damage if clones are present. The mission is complete when the head Doppelganger has been defeated.

The clones have relatively low hitpoints. However, they cause pain and will attack you in pairs. The clone's weapons are dependent on the race of the player. These clones must be defeated first and should be given your attention.

  • If the player is a Human the clones will use two swords.
  • If the player is a Giant the clones will use a hammer.
  • If the player is an Elf the clones will use a bow and melee attacks.

Something like that, GOOD LUCK! Say hi to me or something if you see me, I will love you (even more than I do atm).