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Cursed Labyrinth (2014)

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Cursed Labyrinth Event banner.
October 6th ~ November 4th, 2014


Is that a chill in the air? Say goodbye to summer when the Milester Coachman arrives in Dunbarton. Two pale mares hitched to a plush, regal carriage await up to eight guests to the Milester family Halloween party. It's a long and bumpy midnight ride, but this mansion masquerade is sure to be a scream. With complimentary costumes and an open buffet, what could go wrong? Keep your eyes peeled for clues!

The Dungeon
The Milester mansion is chock full of kooky characters and mortifying mysteries. Are your wits sharp enough to overcome the hidden dangers of this Cursed Labyrinth? If so, you might just uncover the terrible secret of your curious host. No two journeys to the mansion are the same, and you can team up with other brave souls to unravel the mysteries. Team up with your friends and race for the best rewards!

Furthermore, you'll venture through the mansion as one of 15 colorfully costumed characters. Every run grants you a randomly assigned cast member and its corresponding Transformation Badge. Collect them all in your Transformation Diary!

How to participate:

  • Talk to the Milester Coachman in Dunbarton.
    • You'll need to use one of your party invitations. You get 3 per day, and they'll reset at 7am.
  • Enjoy the food and festivities... while you can.
  • When the party gets...strange, get some information from Belisha.
  • Once you end up in the Labyrinth, you have 20 minutes to escape.
    • Keep your eyes peeled for clues
    • Look for someone in Dunbarton who can help you interpret what you find.
      • Continue your hunt for the truth...

The Treats:

  • Ghostly Eastern Vampire Outfit (for ghouls and girls!)
  • Pumpkin Outfit (brilliantly spooky!)
  • Terrifying decorations for your haunted Homestead
    • Homestead Pumpkinface Mansion
    • Homestead Pumpkinface Tomb
    • Homestead Halloween Crypt
    • Homestead Halloween Cat
    • Homestead Halloween Coffin
  • Halloween Campfire Kit
  • Halloween Pumpkin Box[1]


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quests Identity Revealed and Cordially Invited. You will also receive 3 Halloween Party Invitations.
    • You will receive an additional 3 Halloween Party Invitations and the Cordially Invited quest every day after 7:00am PDT100.
    • By selecting "Ask for help", The Milesters' Coachman can give the character the Cordially Invited daily quest if they mistakenly gave it up, as well as items pertaining to the Identity Revealed quest. It is also possible to repeat the Identity Revealed, Repeated Battle, Breaking the Curse, and Belisha's Wish quests if already completed.
  • After talking to The Milesters' Coachman in Dunbarton, you will be transported to the Shadow Mission "Halloween Party". A cutscene will occur.
    • All party members must have a Halloween Party Invitation in order to enter.
      • Invitations are consumed upon entry; leaving or disconnecting will not refund the invitation.
    • You have 30 minutes to complete the mission.
    • You may bring a party of 8 people. The more people there are in a party, the better the rewards. Below is a chart on how many party members affects the reward chests at the end.
Number of Party Members Number of Crude Inheritances Number of Average Inheritances Number of Fine Inheritances
1 1 - -
2 2 - -
3 3 - -
4 2 2 0 or 1
5 2 2 1
6 2 2 2
7 2 2 3
8 2 2 4


  • You will be randomly chosen to role-play as one of the following characters:
Role-Play Character Skill Set Special Notes
Don Quixote Transformation Diary.png
Don Quixote
Lance Combat
Female Ghostly Eastern Vampire Transformation Diary.png
Ghostly Eastern Vampire (Female)
Male Ghostly Eastern Vampire Transformation Diary.png
Ghostly Eastern Vampire (Male)
Giant Wolf Transformation Diary.png
Giant Wolf
Halloween Dowra Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Dowra
Halloween Imp Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Imp
Melee Combat
Halloween Mabinogi Manager Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Mabinogi Manager
Melee Combat
Halloween Maike Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Maike
Halloween Millia Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Millia
Halloween Ruairi Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Ruairi
Melee Combat
Halloween Tarlach Transformation Diary.png
Halloween Tarlach
Johnny Rockstar Transformation Diary.png
Johnny Rockstar
Nun Transformation Diary.png
Holy Arts
Female Vampire Hunter Transformation Diary.png
Vampire Hunter (Female)
Male Vampire Hunter Transformation Diary.png
Vampire Hunter (Male)

The Labyrinth

The layouts of the entrance before the rooms. Stars mark starting positions and X's mark exits.
  • The mission starts off in the lobby of the mansion. Various Halloween Party Guest, Halloween Party Maids, and Halloween Party Butler NPCs and dining tables similar to those in the Royal Castle Banquet are present, although they serve no purpose to the mission itself and the latter is aesthetic.
  • After two minutes in the lobby, a cutscene will occur; all the NPCs and the dining tables will disappear, and Belisha will appear up the staircase. Talk to her to initiate another cutscene that leads you into the labyrinth.
    • If for any reason you did not teleport into the haunted mansion, a portal will appear after the cutscene and will take you to Belisha's location.
  • The labyrinth contains invisible and stationary ghosts. Their position is shown when the lightning strikes. Touching the ghosts will dim your screen and knock you down momentarily.
    • There are also multiple layouts of the Cursed Labyrinth.
    • Make your way through the labyrinth and enter a door.
    • All party members will be split up at this point. You may encounter another party member in the labyrinth.
      • The name of your partner will show up in system chat upon entering the labyrinth.
      • If you do not have a partner, you will receive a message stating: "I can't feel anything."
    • There is more than one door in the labyrinth; entering different doors than your partner will result both players splitting up into different challenges.
    • The labyrinth also consists of various rooms with various objectives.
Room Goal Notes/Tips
Courtyard Room Do not let the Common Zombies and Mutated Zombies from the four corners in the room enter the Offering Circle in the middle.
  • There are 5 waves.
  • If 15 zombies reach the circle, you will have to start all over again from wave 1.
    • The counter automatically regenerates to full every two waves.
  • After a while the zombies may teleport inside the circle.
  • The Common Zombies are slow but have lots of HP. The Mutated Zombies are slightly faster but are less durable.
  • If you feel that you cannot kill the Common Zombies fast enough, it is OK to knock them into the circle to instantly despawn them, as the counter regenerates. Though, every character should have no problem dealing with the Mutated Zombies.
  • Some waves may spawn in two locations in smaller groups. Only one group will have Mutated Zombies.
Dining Room 1 Click the dining table and input the correct WASD and Space sequences as shown on the screen to earn 200 points.
  • This is similar to the Fashion Contest.
  • You will gain points equal to the number of inputs on screen.
  • The 200 points progression bar is shared between the players that are present.
  • Failing a sequence will net you no points and force you to wait for the next one.
  • The last sequence is always a group of 25 Spaces within 4 seconds.
    • There is a glitch that fails to register the success the moment the four seconds are up when the 25th space is pressed, forcing players to restart the sequence.
Dining Room 2 Defeat all the Stinky Ogres and Dirty Trolls.
  • The Ogres and Trolls will be in an all-out war with each other. Try thinning their numbers by alternating between them.
  • Since they are fighting each other, try to single one out as the rest attempt to kill each other.
  • Beware of the Stinky Ogre's Stomps, as they can juggle Dirty Trolls and your character with multiple Stomps in range.
Doll Room Defeat a total combination of 30 Possessed Rabbit Dolls or Possessed Tiger Dolls.
  • Both enemies run extremely fast. The Tiger Dolls also have higher HP and have Natural Shield level 2.
  • Walling them will help ensure quick clear.
  • None of them are hostile and are rather cowardly, always running away.
  • Any remaining monsters will despawn once the objective is completed.
Library Room 1 Gather the 12 books from the piles.
  • Bookshelf Spirits, which are essentially modified Ghosts, will attempt to impede your progress. They have very fast aggro speed, with high HP, can Teleport, and are extremely resilient to damage, but are slow and only have Normal Attacks that deal 1 damage.
  • The monsters will despawn once the objective is completed.
Library Room 2 Clear the blockading books for a path to the other side.
  • As you get closer to the other end of the room, the pile of books will require more time to clear.
  • There is always a path with fewer books, but finding it may be more trouble than its worth.
Storage Room Defeat a total of 9 Mischievous Rats or Big Boss Rats into the Offering Circle.
  • Two or four rats spawn at a time, and are immediately replaced upon their deaths.
  • Mischievous Rats have lesser HP than Big Boss Rats. However, sometimes both of one type of rats occupy the room.
  • The Offering Circle shrinks at 3 offerings and again at 6.
  • Any remaining monsters will despawn once the objective is completed.
  • On rare occasions, Belisha will appear after any of the rooms are cleared, rewarding the player with a Girl's Clue Note after clearing the mission.
    • You do not need to talk to her in order to obtain a clue; she only needs to appear in the room.
    • There are 7 clues you can obtain from her. The clues are given in order.
  • Each time you enter the mission, you will have to make your way through hallway then pass three randomly chosen rooms.
    • Warning: Each door to the next room has a transitional cutscene with disturbing images. If you are easily scared, skip them!
  • Upon passing the three rooms, you will enter the reward room. There are several chests colored gold, silver, and dull grey. Each possess The Sealed Milester Inheritance of three different types: Crude (from the dull grey chest), Average (from the silver chest), and Fine (from the gold chest). The bigger the party, the more coffins to choose from.
    • Upon leaving the Shadow Mission, your character will receive the unsealed inheritance (Crude, Average, or Fine).
  • When 10 minutes are remaining, all party members will be warped to reward room. The players will then be able to enter the next room to fight the boss, Belisha. Her defeat will initiate the final cutscene that ends the mission.
  • Anyone at the final part of the Identity Revealed, Repeated Battle, Breaking the Curse, and Belisha's Wish quests will stay behind to fight the Trickster after defeating Belisha.
    • In addition to Advanced Heavy Stander, the Trickster has its own unique attacks, both of which knock the player back.
    • There is a glitch that randomly causes the final cutscene to not appear, which causes the quest to not register the Trickster's defeat.
    • After killing the girl watching cutscene will fix the glitch. (needs testing)


  • Every character's auxiliary weapon slot is empty. Keep that in mind if your character's specialization is ineffective against certain monsters.
    • For example, when role-playing a character that specializes in magic or ranged talents while facing monsters with Level 3 Mana Deflector or Natural Shield (i.e. Zombies), one should fight bare-handed, as any magical or ranged damage will be reduced to 1.
  • To help meet each other, drop an item or a path of items towards the door you entered if you went in first.
    • You may want to drop a large quantity of items since after some time, they disappear.
  • You may want to make use of the High Speed Movement Potion to gain ground in large rooms such as the Dining Rooms and Library Rooms.
    • You can also use them to quickly traverse the labyrinth in the beginning to quickly meet up with your partner, if any.
    • if you happen to be glitched after using the charging strike skill (Use first aid on your character to remove the glitch)


Cordially Invited
How to Get Quest

Log in every day at 7:00am PDT100 during the Cursed Labyrinth Event.

Briefing Attend a party at the Milesters' Mansion to celebrate Halloween. Show your Halloween Party Invitation to the Milester Coachman in Dunbarton for a ride to the party.
Additional Information
  • Despite what the objective states, the mission must be completed.
Identity Revealed
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Cursed Labyrinth Event.

Briefing Gather the seven clues from Belisha and then visit Kristell in Dunbarton.
  1. Collect the Girl's 7 Clues.
  2. Ask Kristell to decipher the clues.
  3. Fight the Trickster.
Additional Information
  • The player does not need to have the clues in their inventory when talking to Kristell.
  • Any clues will be removed from the player's inventory upon completing the quest.
Repeated Battle
How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Identity Revealed

Briefing Attend the Halloween party again with the seven clues you received from Belisha.
  1. Collect the Girl's 7 Clues.
  2. Ask Kristell to decipher the clues.
  3. Fight the Trickster.
Additional Information
  • The player does not need to have the clues in their inventory when talking to Kristell.
  • Any clues will be removed from the player's inventory upon completing the quest.
Breaking the Curse
How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Repeated Battle

Briefing Fight Trickster to collect the last page of Belisha's diary.
  1. Collect the Girl's 7 Clues.
  2. Ask Kristell to decipher the clues.
  3. Fight the Trickster.
Additional Information
  • The player does not need to have the clues in their inventory when talking to Kristell.
  • Any clues will be removed from the player's inventory upon completing the quest.
Belisha's Wish
How to Get Quest

Complete the quest Breaking the Curse

Briefing Read Belisha's diary and lift the Trickster's curse from the mansion.
  1. Read Belisha's Diary.
  2. Defeat the Trickster.


The Milester Inheritance 2 (Crude)



The Milester Inheritance 2 (Average)



The Milester Inheritance 2 (Fine)




  • In real life, Don Quixote is a Spanish novel of a man bearing the same name as the novel's who was inspired by chivalric novels to set out on a journey to revive chivalry.
    • Don Quixote's swim tube is designed after his horse, Rocinante.
  • In the Korean server, Johnny Rockstar is named PSY, who is named after a famous Korean song producer of the same name. He is renamed in the North American server possibly due to copyright reasons.
    • Johnny Rockstar was a former famous American term.
  • In the Korean server, there was another role-playing character named Spidertyman, possibly after the fictional comic superhero Spiderman. He is not introduced in the North American server, possibly due to copyright reasons.
    • Spidertyman used knuckles and had an alternate version of the Spider Shot skill, which is not restricted to Bow or Crossbow.