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Arpeggio Concert Hall

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For the smaller stage, see Emain Macha Stage.
Arpeggio Concert Hall

Basic Information

Arpeggio Concert Hall is a venue that is available for players to rent out in order to host their own concerts, as well as a place where NPC Concerts will occasionally be held. It is located in Emain Macha, near the Restaurant.


  • Weather Effects will play differently inside of the Concert Hall.
    • Thunder and Lightning will not play.
    • Rain will be replaced with seasonal visual effects. (i.e. Autumn Leaves will fall in place of normal rain during fall)
    • Cloudy weather will change to clear.
  • These changes to weather will be applied upon approaching the fountain square inside the concert hall, and will revert to normal weather once you leave.


  • Concerts can be held by either a Player, who will host a Milletian Concert, or by an NPC Musical Group, who will instead host an NPC Concert.
  • There are special buffs that you can obtain by watching NPC and Milletian concerts at the Arpeggio Concert Hall.
    • Watch for more than 5 minutes: Pet Combat EXP x2 for 30 Minutes.
    • Watch for more than 10 minutes: 2x EXP for the next Shadow Mission cleared (Buff lasts for 60 minutes)
    • Watch for more than 20 minutes: The daily maximum Training EXP for Music Renown (Nele/Yvona/Briana) is reset (once per day).
      • Please note that the 20 minute buff can only be obtained by watching a Milletian Concert as NPC Concerts do not last 20 minutes.

Milletian Concerts

  • Players can host their own concerts by speaking to Rental Manager Andante and selecting the Rent Concert option.
    • Player concerts can only be rented and held on Channel 2.
      • Concert rental is unavailable on Thursdays.
    • It costs 1,000,000 Gold to rent out the Arpeggio Concert Hall.
    • You can request a rental up 14 days in advance.
    • Rental times are in 3 hour intervals.
    • The concert host can set the ticket price for their concert, ranging from 0 gold to 100,000 gold per ticket.
  • During the performance, the host has access to multiple visual effect options for use during the performance:
  • Players who attend Milletian concerts will have a chance to win a prize via a raffle held at the end of the concert.
    • The reward will vary depending on the total profit of the tickets sold.
      • Please note that staff members and attendees that received an invitation to the concert will not be eligible to participate in the raffle.

NPC Concerts

  • Concerts will also occasionally be automatically held by NPC groups.
    • NPC Concerts will only be held on Channels 3 through 7.
    • NPC Concerts will be held every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00PM Pacific.
  • On Saturdays the NPC Concert will feature the Erinn Philharmonic group.
  • On Sundays the NPC Concert will feature the Everyday Joes and Rock-U-bus groups.