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User:LexisMikaya/Generation 15 Color-Coded Answers

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Following this guide and selecting all negative answers will NOT result in "the Lone Wolf" title. Has been tested 4 times now.
Following this guide and selecting all negative answers EXCEPT when telling Lucas and Keith the answer to the puzzle will result in "the Lone Wolf" title. Has been tested 1 time now.

Editor's Note: This is currently testing "All Negative Answers" since quite a bit of time has passed, I have this strange feeling that all Negatives will actually result in the "Lone Wolf" title.

This page only has answers to questions for Generation 15. This page is for informational purposes only and does not cover everything. This page also contains a large amount of spoilers, which is used to describe the events during the decision making over the course of the generation. Please visit Generation 15: Merchant of Venice for the full, nearly spoiler free, generation guide.

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G15 Title.png
Milletian! You've changed fate through your decision! If that's the case, there is still hope.



G15 Mainstream Icon.png Generation 15: Merchant of Venice, also known as: Generation 15: The First Contract, Generation 15: The First Trade, and Generation 15: Merchant of Belvast; explains about Shakespeare's past and the origin of the Soul Stream. It also introduces a new location: Belvast Island. This Generation is based on another of Shakespeare's plays, the Merchant of Venice.
  • All negative actions will be highlighted red.
  • All positive actions will be highlighted blue.

Rumors About Shakespeare

Marlowe.png Name Rumors About Shakespeare NPC Marlowe

  1. When talking to Marlowe, He will ask if you found any clues about Shakespeare. You will be prompted: "Yes" or "No."
    • Note: These choices made, along with those encountered later on, will have a major impact at the end of the Generation, so keep this in mind.
    • Selecting "Yes" will cause Marlowe to pull back and readjust his mask, then remarks that there are eyes and ears in Avon and it may not be safe to talk about Shakespeare.

Whiskey Is Thicker Than Water

Belvast Whiskey.png Name Whiskey Is Thicker Than Water NPC Antonio, Admiral Owen, Shayla, Lucas

In order to continue this quest, you must use the Commerce System. Oddly enough, you can redo this choice repeated if you fail or leave the mission. Currently there's no way to tell if this will actually do anything.


  1. When you get on the boat to Belvast from Port Cobh, you will find Antonio on the boat. He will hold his hand out for a handshake. You are prompted: "Shake his hand" or "Ignore him."
    • "Shaking his hand" will result in a firm handshake with his hand.
    • "Ignoring him" will make him look silly and he becomes shy.
    • A cutscene will soon play followed by the Shadow Mission, Friendship of the Ocean, Role-Playing as Antonio.
  2. When talking to Admiral Owen at the Fleet Commander's Official Residence in the Dominion of Belvast, he will ask how was your trip. You are prompted: "It was nice" or "It was dull."
    • Saying "It was nice" will make Admiral Owen remark that the sea is lovely this time of year.
  3. Once you have reached a merchant rating of 2 for Belvast, return to Admiral Owen. You will be introduced to Shayla, then prompted: "Greet Formally" or "Simply Nod". You will then be given a Belvast Whiskey, 1000 Ducats and 3 HP & MP 100 Potions.
  4. Give Lucas the Belvast Whiskey that you received from Admiral Owen. He will drink it and then demand who made the whiskey. You are prompted: "Admiral Owen..." or "Barry..."
    • You were told it was Barry was responsible for diluting the Whiskey with water; saying Admiral Owen is a lie.
    • Saying it was Barry will result in a wicked glare coming from Lucas.
  5. Lucas will then ask you a favor. You are prompted: "Accept" or "Refuse."
    • Accepting will remark that you are a sensible person.

A Will and Willpower

Portia's Love Letter.png Name A Will and Willpower NPC Portia

  1. When you first meet Portia in her house, which is located next to Castanea's position within Filia, Portia will greet you into her home. You are prompted: "Propose to her" or "Tell her she is pretty."
    • Telling her she is pretty will cause Portia to become shy and giggles.
    • Proposing to her will prompt that she cannot marry a Milletian. Portia will also states why would anyone propose to someone they just met.
  2. She will want to tell you a long story and you will be prompted: "Of course" or "Make it short." You will receive Portia's Compass.
    • Selecting "Of course" will cause her to jump on you with a hug, and will tell you the story.
    • Selecting "Make it short." will ?.
  3. She will later give you her love letter to Bassanio, but warns you not to read it. You can "read the letter" given to you if you become curious of its contents.

Price of Love

Portia.png Name Price of Love NPC Antonio, Bassanio, Shylock

  1. Talk to Antonio at the top of the Pub in the Dominion of Belvast. He will greet you and wonders if you have something to ask about him. You are prompted: "Bassanio..." or "Portia..."
    • You were asked to find Bassanio, therefore, asking about Portia will result in a negative answer.
    • He will grip the shoulders of the Milletian if you asked about Bassanio.
  2. Antonio will start biting his thumb, beginning to panic. After thinking it through, he will hold his hand out. It is the hand he was biting on. You are then prompted: "Shake his hand" or "Ignore him." He will then give you a Gold Pouch with 10,000 Gold in it.
    • Shaking his hand is the friendliest thing to do considering you'd make him look like an idiot again if you ignore him.
  3. Talk to Bassanio in the Pub in Port Cobh. He asks if you have business with him and will try to shove you. You are prompted: "Give him the letter" or "Slap him."
    • Giving him the letter is the righteous thing to do considering he has been on rough times according to a conversation with Antonio prior to this event.
  4. Bassanio will notice you have a letter from Portia. He looks at it and then asks if you have anything from Antonio. You are then prompted: "Give him 10,000 Gold" or "Pretend to not know anything." You will deliver Portia's Love Letter.
    • You will also deliver the 10,000 Gold if you selected "Give him 10,000 Gold."
    • If you have Premium Service active, make sure to have the 10,000 Gold in the General Tab of your Inventory. "Having it in the VIP Tab will make Bassanio think you spent the money."
    • If you select "Pretend to not know anything," you will keep the 10,000 Gold.
  5. Talk to Shylock in the Dominion of Belvast, located near the graveyard. He asks if you are in need of money. You are prompted: "Antonio..." or "Bassanio..."
    • Unfortunately, picking "Bassanio..." will force you to pick "Antonio..." for the choice. This will count as 2 negative actions since you did not tell Shylock the truth the first time.
  6. Then he will ask how much will the loan be. You are prompted: "30 million Gold" or "As much as possible."
    • Picking "As much as possible" will set the amount to 30 million Gold, as Antonio and Bassanio clearly stated he needed exactly 30 million in a conversation prior to this event; asking for more results to greed.
  7. Shylock will ask how long will it take to pay off the loan. You are prompted: "He did not say" or "In 3 months." You will receive Shylock's Alby Dungeon Pass.
    • Choosing "He did not say" will result in the time to be 3 Months.
    • "In 3 months" is a negative answer because you gave Antonio a time restraint behind his back, as Antonio did not state an amount of time to begin with.

Gold and Silver

Bassanio's Reply.png
Horrifying Skeleton.png
Clown Doll.png
Name Gold and Silver NPC Bassanio, Portia, Pierrick

  1. Talk to Bassanio at the Garden in Belvast. You will receive Bassanio's Reply and a Barley Tea, but warns you not to read the letter.
  2. Deliver Bassanio's Reply to Portia in Filia. She will want you to gather 3 items, but there is a hint of guilt in her voice. You are prompted: "Accept" or "What about compensation..." She will give you Ashes from Portia and a Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess (Filia).
    • "Asking about compensation" is a sign of greed.
  3. Deliver Horrifying Skeleton to Portia. She asks about the rats in Rabbie Dungeon. You are prompted: "Not at all" or "Yes, they were."
    • Being not afraid at all will make Portia admire your bravery, wishing she was brave.
    • If you picked "Yes, they were," Portia will say that the scary part is over. It is negative because the Milletian is placing guilt on Portia.
  4. Portia will tell you about how she met Bassanio. You are then prompted: "It was great" or "I was bored." You will receive another Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess (Filia).
    • If you thought the story was great, she will admit that it is not always fun to hear about love stories from other people.

Heart Made of Lead

Portia's Portrait.png
Portia's Pendant.png
Name Heart Made of Lead NPC Portia, Hans, Lucas

  1. Deliver Clown Doll to Portia. Portia will ask if Pirreck said anything. You are prompted: "Talk about the money" or "Do not say anything."
    • If you chose "Talk about the money," you will receive a Gold Pouch, filled with 10,000 Gold. Essentially, this answer is the truthful answer since you did have to pay for the doll.
      • She only gives a fraction back, but she promises to pay the rest later since most of the gold is elsewhere.
  2. Portia begins to talk about Bassanio and the reason she loves him, despite her father's wishes. She then asks if you ever felt like you were ever truly in love with someone sometime in your life. You are then prompted: "Yes" or "No."
    • Saying "Yes" will make you appear understanding, and that flaws do not matter when in love with someone.
  3. Describe Portia's look to Hans. As a reference, you may look at Portia's NPC image here.
    • Editor's note: Is it possible to purposely say it wrong...?
  4. Deliver the Portrait to Portia. She will ask if Bassanio really knows Hans. You are prompted: "Tell her the truth" or "Make up a reasonable story."
    • Telling her the truth, she admits that Bassanio possibly could not have many friends due to his personality.
    • Unfortunately, Portia will see through the "made-up story, " she will still pay you back due to the fact you went trough a lot of trouble.
      • Regardless of either choices, she will give you 100,000 Gold as compensation for the Clown Doll and the Portrait.
  5. Portia will then take your character's hand and place it over her chest. She will then ask if you feel her heart beating. You are prompted: "I feel it" or "Hmm...Not sure."
    • Feeling the heartbeats will make Portia become overjoyed about Bassanio, regardless of what happens.
  6. She questions if Bassanio is really right for her. You are once again prompted: "He will make you happy" or "He will make you unhappy."
    • Choosing "He will make you happy" will make Portia exclaim that no matter what happens to them, they will always be together.
  7. She will take the objects given to her and put them in three different boxes. You have the chance to either: "Do not look" or "Look".
    • You will notice that the portrait is in the Lead Box, regardless if you have "looked" or "not."
    • Not looking is a sign of respect for privacy, while "looking" what Portia is doing is rather disrespectful to her.
  8. When you talk to Lucas. He wants to know the answer to the quiz to win Portia's hand in marriage. He will ask which box has the portrait of Portia. You are then prompted: "Gold Box," "Silver Box," "Lead Box." You will receive a Fruit Salad and a Brifne Whiskey.
    • Your choice will not affect the outcome of the NPC, as Bassanio is destined to marry Portia.
    • The reason why "Gold and Silver Boxes" are negative is because the true answer to the puzzle is the "Lead Box."

Thing That All Men Want

Shylock's Letter.png Name Thing That All Men Want NPC Lucas, Admiral Owen, Shylock, Keith

The letter in this quest can not be read by any means.


  1. Talk to Admiral Owen. He will ask if Barry has been watering down the Belvast Whiskey. You are prompted: "Yes" or "No."
    • Lucas tells you that the Belvast Whiskey is indeed water down, 20% water with Sugar mixed in, thus making it true that Barry has been diluting the Whiskey.
      • Picking "Yes" will bring a stern look on Admiral Owen's face.
  2. Talk to Shylock, located at the Dominion of Belvast near the entrance to the graveyard. He will want to tell you something about Belvast and its nobles and explain the details about Admiral Owen's plans. You will be prompted: "I want to know" or "I do not want to know." You will receive Shylock's Letter.
    • Selecting "I want to know" will bring a rather long conversation about Admiral Owen's Past and Belvast's History, and the instability of the economy of Belvast.
  3. Talk to Keith at Tara's Bank. He hears about Portia's Marriage puzzle and wants to know the answer. You are once again prompted: "Gold Box," "Silver Box," "Lead Box."
    • Your choice will not affect the outcome of the NPC, as Bassanio is destined to marry Portia.
    • The reason why "Gold and Silver Boxes" are negative is because the true answer to the puzzle is the "Lead Box."

You Earn Your Worth

Shylock's Seed Chest.png Name You Earn Your Worth NPC Keith, Shylock

  1. When talking to Keith, he will ask if he will ever find a woman that's right for him. You are prompted: "Yes" or "No."
    • "Yes" will result in Keith being aware that you are trying to get on his good side, but he will still have hope.
  2. Talk to Shylock. He has a favor to ask you, giving a pensive, or serious, glance. You are prompted: "Just listen quietly" or "Get angry." You will receive Shylock's Seed Chest.
    • Shylock will explain that the gap between the rich and the poor in Belvast.
    • Just listening quietly will make Shylock happy as he explains the situation.
  3. You will then receive Shylock's Seed Chest, but warns you not to open it. You can: "Use the box" or "leave the box in your inventory as is"

The Commoner

Book.png Name The Commoner NPC Blatt, Hicca's Mom, Shylock, Admiral Owen

  1. Deliver Shylock's Seed Chest to Blatt located the Farm Manager Post at Taillteann. He will ask if you happen to have anything from Shylock. You are prompted: "Yes" or "Pretend to not know." He will give you three hundred Pumpkins, one hundred and fifty Tomatoes, and ten HP 100 Potions.
    • "Yes" will appear as "Actually..." if you opened the box. This is positive because you're telling the truth about what you did. This will not cancel out the negative decision made earlier.
    • Picking "Yes" will make Blatt a happy man.
    • You will not be given the potions if you picked "Pretend to not know" and/or have "opened the box" from earlier.
    • Editor's note: What happens if I attempt to give him an empty box or show up with nothing?
  2. Talk to Shylock. He will talk about Antonio's ship suddenly goes missing without a trace. You are prompted: "Serves him right" or "That poor man." You will receive Shylock's Journal.
    • "Serves him right" will result in Shylock agreeing with you. He explains his feelings towards Antonio and his influence on his family, talking about his past in the process.
      • The reason this is the correct answer is because Shylock told you about Antonio's assets and their location back during Price of Love. Due to his assets being too spread out, there is a large likelihood of the assets being lost to pirates, bad navigation, poor traveling, and various other hazards at sea.

Leave It to Fate

Wedding Ring.png Name Leave It to Fate NPC Bassanio, Portia, Antonio, Nicca, Ethna

  1. Talk to Bassanio located at the Garden in the Dominion of Belvast. He puts you in a situation where if you see someone steal something, would you let the owner know. You are then prompted: "Let the owner know" or "Pretend not to have seen."
    • "Let the owner know" will have Antonio cut you off. He leaves it up to fate to decide what happens to him.
  2. Bassanio will beg you for the answer to the box riddle that Portia's Father has set up. You are prompted: "Gold Box," "Silver Box," "Lead Box."
    • Picking the "Gold or Silver Box" answers will redirect you back to the three answers. He will remark that you may not like Portia, but for the sake of love, tell the truth. You can get either 2 negative answers or 1 negative and 1 positive answer.
    • Picking the correct answer ("Lead Box") will cause Bassanio to kneel down and kiss your hand in gratitude.
  3. After the cutscene that occurs after talking to Bassanio in Portia's home for the first time, he will be located on the right side of Portia's home. He asks for a favor. You are then prompted: "Agree" or "Disagree."
    • Agreeing will have Bassanio explain Antonio's situation to you. He is stuck in Belvast due to his debt.

Ghosts of the Past

Antonio's Final Letter.png Name Ghosts of the Past NPC Shylock, Antonio

  1. Talk to Shylock in the Dominion of Belvast. Shylock wants you to testify against Antonio, as you were a key witness in the transaction during Alby Dungeon Sequence during Price of Love. You are prompted: "I will" or "I will not." A cutscene will play.
    • Selecting "I will" will make Shylock happy, but there is not a sign of happiness on his face at all.
  2. Talk to Antonio in the Belvast Courthouse. He will ask you for a small favor. You are prompted: "Yes" or "No."
    • If you said "No," he will ask you again another 2 times.
      • Saying "No" three times in a row, Antonio will hurl the envelop at you.
      • You can have the following combinations of choices:
        • 1 Positive and 0 Negative.
        • 1 Positive and 1 Negative.
        • 1 Positive and 2 Negative.
        • 0 Positive and 3 Negative.
    • The moment you pick "Yes," Antonio will thank you and hand you the letter.
  3. You will receive Antonio's Final Letter.

Shylock's Contract

Brown Pass.png Name Shylock's Contract NPC Shylock, Mysterious Man

  1. Talk to Shylock near the Old Ruin (the artifact located in the three-way path connecting to Tir Chonaill, Alby Dungeon, and Sidhe Sneachta). He will feel a bit sad as he talks about his life and how all but Shylock remains as the last of the Emain Macha Nobles. You will then be prompted: "Console him" or "Leave him alone."
    • Consoling him will cause him to shake his head.
  2. He will start talking about Shakespeare and then ask if you could kill an innocent person just to bring a loved one back. You are prompted: "Yes" or "No." You will receive Shylock's Alby Dungeon Pass.
    • If you picked "Yes," he will remark that you must be stronger than he is.
    • If you picked "No," he will remark that you are weak, but must have a kind heart.
  3. The Title obtained will be determined by the choices you made during the entirety of this Generation's quests.
    • You will receive the Sharer of Joy Title if the majority of the choices were positive. It adds 20 Will and 10 Luck.
    • You will receive the Lone Wolf Title if the majority of the choices were negative. It adds 10 Stamina and 5 Defense.
      • Selecting all negative answers will not result in this title.
      • Editor's Note: Due to the amount of time that has passed since the release of this generation, it may be possible that it will result in the title.