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Creating Harmonies with Empty Bottles

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Creating Harmonies with Empty Bottles
How to Get Quest

Talk to Granites or Zeder about Skills with Musical Knowledge rank 7

Briefing Somewhere around the southern coast of Longa Desert, there's a whistling rock that whistles two notes. Try blowing an empty bottle next to this and make a tonic, subdominant and dominant triads. I don't give out empty bottles; it's up to you to find one.
  • Sound the tonic triad
  • Sound the subdominant triad
  • Sound the dominant triad
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • Musical Knowledge Rank 7 Complete
Additional Information
  • You can complete the objectives in any order.
  • You will need Music Bottles, Handbells, or Handbell for Giants of the proper notes to complete this quest. Keep in mind that it is possible to reuse the same bottle or bell for more than one scale depending on the note it plays.
  • Go to Connous South Beach (near the South Longa Desert Mana Tunnel) with an L-Rod and find whistling stones that match your corresponding bottle or bell, then use Playing Instrument with the bottle or handbell at that stone and repeat until all three scales have been found. Then click Complete Quest and you will be able to advance to Rank 6 Musical Knowledge.
    • Tonic: Notes C, E, G
    • Dominant: B, G, D
    • Subdominant: F, A, C
    • You only need one matching note to fulfill the quest requirement.
    • A single bottle/handbell can match multiple scales. For example, C Bottle can match the Tonic and Subdominant scales.
    • Only Playing Instrument affects the objectives. Other music skills have no effect.
      • The requirement will instantly be completed upon using the skill; you do not need to play it all the way through for it to count.
    • If you struggle to find matching stones see here to find matching stones. Gray is tonic, red is subdominant, and black is dominant. Play at the stones marked with the note that you are using.
  • You will be unable to obtain this quest from Granites or Zeder if you already have an advanced skill quest active, as determined by the game. (Acquire the Ice Spear skill book, Learn Arrow Revolver, Learn Fireball, Rank up your Shock skill to F., Earn Thunder Skillbook)