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Tor Mor

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An overview of Tor Mor.


A lone tower stands deep within sacred ground. It is originally from another world. The magic of that world still sustains it.

Tor Mor is an unnatural location at the highest point of Tory Ravine. Tor Mor (pronounced /tɑr mɔr/) is a combination of the words tor (here being used to mean rocky hill or tower) and mór (meaning great or large). Deirbhile and the Order of the Black Moon's "sixth night" resulted in its creation.


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Track Title
A Nameless Land


  • Tor Mor is based on the actual Tor Mór rock formation, which is the highest point on Tory Island.
    • In some mythological stories, Balor Beimnech lives in a tower built on Tory Island's Tor Mór.
  • The lone tower appears to be based on a cloigtheach (meaning bell house; from clog and teach).
  • Even after completing Generation 25, this location remains in Tory Ravine and is still accessible.