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An overview of Nemeton.

This place is strange. The laws of our world don't seem to apply here...



This place is all messed up. This energy here is a tapestry of morbid lies and broken promises...


Merlin, about Dian's Chambers

Description and Geography

Map of Nemeton.
Map of the Hallways.
Map of Dian's Chambers.
Top floor map.
Map of the final floor.

Nemeton is a hidden area, removed from Erinn. Its entrance looks like a pyramid. It is cave-like and in its center stands a gigantic tower. Its surrounding area seems to bear strange crystals, not unlike hillwen, but purple in color instead.

It is the main base of the Cessair from which they operate. Inside the tower are numerous rooms.

It is the main area where the events of The Saga: Iria II occur from episode 5 onwards.


Areas of Interest


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Areas Connected


  • The Nemeton Wax Wings take you to its entrance, near the Ancient dragon skeleton in Muyu Desert.
  • Nemeton itself seems positionned in an upside-down way compared to Erinn.
  • Nemeton was the Gaulish name for an ancient, sacred place of worship. Nemeta were thought to be forest groves or temples.
  • Nemeton is one of the possible areas encountered in the Alban Knights Training Grounds.
  • As long as the player is not inside a shadow mission, most locations can be saved inside the Recall Book and be memorized by the Warp Imp. Some instances can be within repeated maps and previous places the player was at.