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Current Bugs/Text Errors

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Future content.png This article is outdated.
This article is outdated and may contain contents that are missing or inaccurate.
For other glitches, see Current Bugs.

General Errors

  • Attempting to use any Ranged and Dual Gun Skill, Fireball, Thunder, Ice Spear, Playing Instrument, and Land Maker without the required weapon or tool equipped to use said skills does not give any notification that the player does not have the weapon or tool to use said skills.
  • If you try to perform a farming action when there is still less than a minute left on the previous action, the timer reads in "min" when it should be "sec."
  • Book items and their in-game texts have different names. This is likely because they were translated by different people.
  • Esras is called by both male and female pronouns throughout G2 dialogue when it should only say female. Similarly, the player character is referred to as a male even if the character is female.
  • Tin is Fleta's nephew, not cousin.
  • The Strong enchant states that it is enabled for headgear. It is actually only enabled for helmets.
  • The Ogre Slayer title says -10 Stamina, but it is actually -10 Mana.
  • The Master of Defense title says +5 Protection, but it is actually +5 Defense.
  • Certain NPCs are confused with the dungeons Alby and Albey. They sometimes say that you need to go to Alby Dungeon but they are really referring to go to Albey Dungeon.
  • Fleta Upgrade Coupon for Heavy Armor for 1 incorrectly displays "free modification" when it actually costs 20,000 gold.
  • When you right-click a jewel that has appeared on the ground after being found via Metallurgy, and you scroll over its image, the size will appear as "10.00cm" regardless whether it is or not.
  • When you attempt to repair a Cylinder at Eabha without enough gold, he says "'I' need more money," while it should probably be "'You' need more money."
  • The Royal Guardsmen next to Andras makes the comment "I should be arriving a letter from home soon..." where the action is suppose to be "...'receiving' a letter...".
  • In Generation 1, Goro says Dul Brau Dairam Shanon means "Goddess, please lend me the moonlight...", but the keyword given is "Goddess, I beg you for the moonlight..." They should be the same thing for consistency.
  • The Rundal Dungeon Boss Rush Pass says "Ciar Boss Trial Dungeon" on its description. "Ciar" should be replaced with "Rundal".
  • Attempting to use Synthesis when equipped with a weapon will prompt "Both hands must be free in order to perform a desynthesis." The "de-" prefix in "desynthesis" should not be there.
  • Jenna's repair costs are shown to be ridiculously high despite that she repairs them for free.
  • The repair cost for Leymore's Suit is shown to be higher than it actually is.
  • The entire context of the book Cor Meditation Method Research -Intermediate- contains the "404 Error" message.
  • When using Pummel without a target and without a Chain 2 skill beforehand, it will say "Select a Target" rather than "You can use this skill after using stage 2 skill" like Drop Kick.
  • For the quest A Thank You to Aodhan/Eavan, the second objective erroneously says "Ask to Seumas about Golems." when it should be "Ask to Seumas about Dragons."
  • When learning Wine Making for the first time, the dialogue erroneously says Nunu gives you 20 Blago Noir "bottles" when it should be "grapes."
  • The Provoke Duration and Protection variables of Act 6: Crisis between Ranks Novice to E are incorrect.
  • The prologue of The Saga: Iria incorrectly states Ruairi lost a sister. He does not have a sister, but a deceased brother, Rian.
  • The Black Dragon's appearance message says it appears "near Filia." This should be "in Connous", as the Black Dragon does not spawn anywhere near Filia.
  • The White Dragon's appearance message says it appears "near Vales." This should be "in Physis", as the White Dragon does not spawn anywhere near Vales.
  • During the At Shyllien Nature Reserve quest, the dialogue incorrectly displays some of the Intelligence Officer's lines as if they were Shamala and the Royal Guard's. Similarly enough, some of Maike's lines appear as if they belong to the Magic Scholar during the At Filia quest.
  • The quest description for To the Town of Shamans incorrectly lists Shamala's name as "Sham".
  • The onscreen messages and several dialogue text in The End of Bhafel inconsistently says "Lelach" when it should say his unveiled identity "Akule".
  • Shamala's Repair Rate incorrectly lists 0% when it is supposed to be 98%.
  • When attempting to use a Dual Gun Skill with a Dual Gun that has zero Durability, no message is displayed that the broken weapon cannot be used.
  • The learning method description for Chain Cylinder says "Get it randomly while using Sand Burst". This is no longer true.
  • Way of the Gun's description says "all Dual Gun attacks will be Critical hits". The skill only affects normal attacks and is thus not true.
  • Wind Guard's description says "but isn't as quite effective against magic attacks". This is untrue.
  • When the Stage Helper describes the function of the Doki Doki Island's Concert Hall, she incorrectly says "Nekojima" instead of "Doki Doki Island".
  • The Dressing Room Information Window hotkey erroneously has "Beauty Shop" in place of "Dressing Room".


  • In the second lesson of Lassar's Icebolt classes, she states, "Moon is the moon..." instead of naming Eweca.
  • Refining training:
    • Rank 5 mislabels iron plate as iron ore.
    • Rank 4 mislabels copper plate as iron ore.
    • Rank 3 mislabels silver plate as silver pan.
    • Rank 2 mislabels gold plate as gold pan.
  • Weapon upgrade names - too many to list.
  • In The Book of Revenge, "Lochlann" is mistranslated into "Lohollan".
  • At the end of Generation 1, Morrighan misnames Balor as "Valor."
  • When talking to Rua with the Weapon Shop Keyword, she incorrectly refers Osla as male.
  • Elatha's Chain Necklace refers to Elatha as a "her" but it is supposed to be "his."
  • Equipment names that have "Felt" in them, for instance Colin Felt Gloves, should have been spelled "Colin Pelt Gloves" and not "Felt."
  • Pontiff's Court is mislabeled as Auction House on the map of Tara.
  • Aisling is incorrectly labeled in the Transformation Diary entry as "<Paper Man>" although she is female.
  • Mata is incorrectly labeled in the Transformation Diary entry as "Black Commander".
  • Kelpie is incorrectly referred to as a female in the Transformation Diary entry.
  • Sieve is incorrectly referred to as a male in the Transformation Diary entry.
  • Throughout The Saga: Iria's Episode 3, the Demons attacking Shyllien Nature Reserve are incorrectly referred to as Fomors.


  • When helping gather, a maid partner with the conceited personality type will say, "I hope your grateful." instead of "you're".
  • Upon starting Mabinogi with low Hard Disk space, a prompt comes up that misspells "Hard Disk" as "Hard isk."
  • When the player is disconnected from the game, but the client is available on the login screen, the box that appears warns "Server cannnot be reached."
  • The Krutta Broadsword's description misspells "Ruairi" as "Ruari".
  • Long Horn Gnu drops Big Horn Gnu Hoof. This drop should be renamed to Long Horn Gnu Hoof.
  • The party quest "Hunt Down the Flying Swords" is misspelled as "Hunt Downn the Flying Swords".
  • The party quest "Hunt Down the Gray Gremlins" is misspelled as "Hunt Down teh Gray Gremlins".
  • In a chat bubble, Muro says "Are you gonig to hit me?".
  • When the Golden Mushroom Spider spawns in Rano, the announcement text misspells "Region" as "Regino."
  • The Black Cross enchant scroll misspells "Spaika" as "Spica."
  • One of Wanst's early Giant beginner quests asks the player to deliver the "win" to Kirine. This should be wine.
  • In many of the G13 & G14 cutscenes, "Shakespeare" is misspelled as "Shakespear".
  • On the Beginner Battle Class Board, "Counterattack" is misspelled as "Counterattck".
  • Rank Novice Taunt skill description says: "Musters can be lured". This should be Monsters.
  • When performing Edern's Intermediate Part-Time Job, "Vito Crux Greaves" is misspelled as "Vito Crux Graves".
  • When talking to Ranald with the Bookstore Keyword, he will say "A bookstore? You won't find one in this town. If you really want to buy some books, it would be better for tiy to go to another town." "Tiy" was meant to be spelled as "you".
  • While a persona is in use and the player attempts to use another one, it says "Another personal is in use" instead of "persona".
  • Neres Plateau is misspelled as Nares Plateau in world map, mini-map, and Mana Tunnel warp prompt.

Untranslated Text

  • The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Light Leather Mail (F) has finishing materials untranslated. It also has the title of Light Leather Mail (M).
  • The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Mongo Hats has the the title of Mongo's Cap which is a different hat.
  • The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Lymilarks Nun Uniform.
  • The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Slim Inner Robe.
  • The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for all advance level clothing store jobs have finishing materials untranslated.
  • In Dugald Residence area, talking to the book Naak inside Naak's house is untranslated
  • If a pet is summoned when you attempt to enter Renes, an untranslated message will appear.
  • A few "Unknown" Enchants are untranslated, but somewhat still implemented.
  • Switching to the Paladin or Dark Knight skill tab by hitting the hotkey(Ctrl+5 by default) brings up the untranslated message.
    • This has been "fixed" by disabling tab selection this way. (however you can still selct other tabs this way.)
  • When enabling the view of bank tabs of other races on your account, the loading message that pops up is untranslated.
  • Clicking on a furnace while on a mount results in a message that is untranslated.
  • The requirements for Rank 1 Lightning Bolt are untranslated.
  • The Party Quest for boss room of Rabbie Basic, "Clear Rabbie Basic Dungeon" is untranslated
  • For Icebolt Rank D, "defeat strong enemies" is untranslated and shows up as boxes.
  • During the Christmas Event, failure at gathering the snow or if there is no more snow left, the words are untranslated and appear as boxes.
  • When using Heart Shaped Fireworks Kit, an untranslated message appears. (This is probably due to the lack of a Valentine's Day event involving these fireworks until it is released.)
  • Rank 8 Firebolt's training requirements are untranslated.
  • The name of the fallen men in Ice Mine Delivery is untranslated.
  • Attempting to mount on a NPC animal while in PVP displays an untranslated text.
  • "Mana Usage +" text on any Wand are untranslated.
  • Attempting to open the mini-map in the Erinn Martial Arts Competition displays an untranslated text.
  • The name of the Black Prison Zombie, White Prison Zombie, Bomb Steed, Agile Vampire Bat, Broken Coffin Mimic, and Ghost King are untranslated.
  • The Cut Down, Crushed, and Slashed titles are untranslated.
  • The message received when passive evasion occurs is untranslated.
  • The "Choose Talent" button when selecting an Ace talent is untranslated.