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Friends List

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The Friends List is a list of player friends.

Basic Information

  • The Friends list can be opened by pressing the hotkey or by pressing the Icon the toggles the Messengers.
  • You can organize friends by Groups. To add a Group, right click on a Group Name and press the "Add Group" button.
    • You can change or delete the group at any time.
    • By default, there are only two groups: "ETC." and "Blacklist"
  • You can add friends by right-clicking on the person you want to add and click "Add Friend."
    • Alternatively, you can use the Friend List option to add friends, provided you know their name.
    • You may add friends from other servers.
    • It is possible to add friends that are currently offline. The invitation will be received by the friend to be added upon their next log in.
    • Newly added friends will automatically appear in the "ETC." group.
  • You can message friends that are online through Mabinogi by double left-clicking on their name, or by right-clicking the name and press the "Send Message" button.
    • If the person is offline, you can only send Notes to the player.
  • You can block people through the Friend List. When you are online, the person that is blocked will not see you online.
  • You can enter a player's Homestead through the friend list, if they are in the same server as you.
  • Notes are similar to a Mailbox, except notes may contain 200 characters, but may not contain items and they are completely free to send.


The blacklist is a means of blocking another player's appearance and activity. Blacklisting a player will cause them and their chat to disappear from view. However, the blacklisted person is still able to see the blacklister, provided they did not blacklist back.