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Soteria new look.PNG

Soteria's Skills

Dark Knight Soul of Chaos.png100Body of Chaos.png100Hands of Chaos.png100Mind of Chaos.png100Dark Heavy Stander.png100Dark Natural Shield.png100Dark Mana Deflector.png100Control of Darkness.png100
Combat Combat Mastery.png100Smash.png100Windmill.png100Assault Slash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Charge.png100Human Ranged Attack.png100Magnum Shot.png100Arrow Revolver.png100Critical Hit.png100Evasion.png100Lance Counter.png100Lance Charge.png100Final Hit.png100Blunt Mastery.png100Sword Mastery.png100Axe Mastery.png100Bow Mastery.png100Crossbow Mastery.png100Lance Mastery.png100
Alchemy Alchemy Mastery.png100Mana Crystallization.png100Fragmentation.png100Synthesis.png100Metal Conversion.png100Barrier Spikes.png100Flame Burst.png100Sand Burst.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Frozen Blast.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Golem.png100Rain Casting.png100Shock.png100Heat Buster.png100Chain Cylinder.png100Water Alchemy.png100Fire Alchemy.png100Earth Alchemy Mastery.png100Wind Alchemy.png100Transmutation.png100
Magic Magic Mastery.png100Enchant.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Lightning Bolt.png100Ice Spear.png100Fireball.png100Thunder.png100Blaze.png100Healing.png100Party Healing.png100Natural Shield.png100Ice Shield.png100Fire Shield.png100Lightning Shield.png100Mana Shield.png100Meditation.png100Fusion Bolt.png100Bolt Mastery.png100Ice Mastery.png100Fire Mastery.png100Lightning Mastery.png100
Life Production Mastery.png100Rest.png100Campfire.png100Handicraft.png100Taming Wild Animals.png100Weaving.png100Tailoring.png100First Aid.png100Potion Making.png100Herbalism.png100Fishing.png100Cooking.png100Metallurgy.png100Refining.png100Blacksmithing.png100Carpentry.png100
Fighter Knuckle Mastery.png100Charging Strike.png100Spinning Uppercut.png100Drop Kick.png100Focused Fist.png100Somersault Kick.png100Pummel.png100Combo Mastery.png100Respite.png100Tumble.png100
Music Playing Instrument.png100Compose.png100Musical Knowledge.png100Enthralling Performance.png100
Dual Gun
Hidden Talent

Spirit Weapon

Natsuri - Fire Cylinder - Female

Before Natsuri was in the possession of Soteria, Soteria's spirit was another named Hakudochi.
Hakudochi grew tired of the way he was treated, he was already depressed as is and is treated
more so. Therefore he ended her contract with him and disappeared. Soteria, seeing her faults,
chose a partner that would help her in her battles. A partner that would help support her in
her field of alchemy. Natsuri quietly spoke up that she wanted to be partners with her and they
are currently in progress of forming a contract together, her stats and abilities lay unknown.

Natsuri's Statistics

  • Strength - Level 22
  • Intelligence - Level 17
  • Dexterity - Level 16
  • Will - Level 15
  • Luck - Level 15
  • Social - Level 18