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Guide:Player Progression

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The goal of this page is to be a portal of information for player progression, the order in which you may approach progression. Will vary on your play style and decisions. This core guide will be a brief overview of various game mechanics, content, etc that are central to player progression, as more in-depth explanation can already be found in the linked pages.

For more experienced players, please contribute and expand this guide.

The Basics

The Beginner's guide section, recommended to look through these to get a grasp on the game's systems as well as tips for progressing early on.

  • Beginners also receive Beginner's Benefits, a series of unique benefits that last until total cumulative level 1000.
  • Potential System - a early-mid system with various level up rewards.
  • Memory Book - A tutorial that gives players a early exposure to various activities in the game, also serves as a way to reach level 5000+ cumulative level.
  • Spirit Ascension - contract's a spirit to your weapon to increase its power, see Equipment Upgrades below or the page for more information.

Skill Training Tips

Weapon Stats Scaling

Mainstream Quests (notable) Rewards

Also see: Category:Sidequests, for additional list of quests (mostly for learning various skill sets)


  • Shadow Missions - Primary content for new players, great place for training CP-related skills,and a source for EXP and Gold early on.
  • Theatre Missions - Generally avoided due to tedious pass crafting and long waits, but has some items that people want, e.g. Snow Cobwebs and Ice Fabrics.
  • Uladh Dungeons - With some exceptions (mostly story-related dungeons), not recommended for beginners as the monsters here have very high HP.
    • Primary source of weapon crafting materials for high-grade weapons, (eg. Celtic weapon series).
  • Sidhe Finnachaid - Primary source of Echostones, fairly difficult and requires decent spread of talents.
  • Forest Purification - Mini-game in beach of Scathach where players fight an onslaught of incoming monsters.
  • Iria Dungeons - Mostly outdated content, source of some rare skill books and items.
  • Iria Raids - Large field bosses that spawn at specific times. Various rare items can be found (typically dropped by dragon bosses).
  • Avalon Raids - Similar to Iria Raids, primary source of some Erg breakthrough materials for Erg levels 25 and under.
  • Purification Missions - Single boss fight instanced mission, provides Erg breakthrough material for 30 and 40, and a crusader robe sewing pattern (+10% crusader exp).
  • Apostle Raids - Instance-raids that require being a Squad to enter. More similar to a Shadow Mission, than traditional raid.
  • Alban Knights Training Center - Source of many enchants, Alban Knights Emblem, and Dawnblade.
  • Tech Duinn Missions - Latest high difficulty content, requires a lot of strategy and damage to do. Party of four is highly recommended.
    • Provides materials used to increase Technique levels, craft Geas and Ultimate Geas armor, Revenant and Perseus weapons.
  • Commerce - Source of Ducats, primarily about buying and selling trade goods for profit.
  • Bandit Pursuit - Hunt bandits who stole goods from other players and earn Ducats
  • Falias - Area for players to change demigod status as well as the Falias Treasure Quest.
    • Use an Awakened Brionac to create a portal. Consumes a Falias Fragment to enter.
  • Festia - Full of mini-games, the commemorative boxes are full of various life skill materials.
  • Arpeggio Concert Hall - mostly for social gatherings, but provides nice benefits such as resetting music renown exp.
  • Baltane Missions - Primary source of divine weapon materials, and other goodies. Very recommended to run these missions as it is a decent source of income.

Gold Making Strategies

  • This guide covers a handful of gold sources: User:Rydian/Making_Gold, as for other possible avenues:
  • Advancement Badges - used for customizing combo cards, can be done once per day per character to sell badges.
  • Erg - Particularly selling materials related to Erg breakthroughs and Erg Infusions can be fairly profitable.

Gold Saving Strategies

As one can make as much gold as they want, but costly choices can drain your resources quickly.

  • Beginner weapons and tools as they are extremely cheap to repair, especially Beginner Cardinal Chain Blade.
    • Given out to new characters based on chosen talent and is 100% trade-able (can be moved across account).
    • See Talents#Beginner's Talent for a list of beginner equipment. Not all equipment is labeled "beginner", as such those are not 1g repair

Equipment Upgrades