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Solo Battle Tactics

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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
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These are general use solo tactics, for other tactics, see Team Battle Tactics or Pet Battle Tactics. For monster specific tactics see Monster Battle Tactics.

General Information

  • Some tactics may not work efficiently due to latency between you and the server.
    • Be sure to test your connection for tactics that require little lag.
  • Prepare yourself accordingly before engaging any monster you may encounter.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure there are no hazards, such as Barrier Spikes and/or hidden Ice Mines, when attempting to execute a tactic.
    • Also make sure that nothing obstructs your view between you and the camera. This includes, but not limited to, dungeon/Shadow Mission walls, various structures such as buildings, posts, and pillars, and various props such as Trees.
  • Be aware of mobs that multi-aggro and dispatch them as swiftly as possible.
    • Also be aware of mobs that attack on sight.
  • Make sure you have plenty of potions in the case that the tactic becomes Stamina and/or Mana heavy.
    • Also keep in mind of the Toxicity of a potion. This may or may not lower your damage output on continued usage of the potion.
  • Be sure to pace yourself throughout the tactic. A single error may result in the tactic backfiring.
  • Any tactic that requires multiple weapons may make use of "Automatic Weapon Slot Conversion" in order to quickly and effective change weapons with out having to manually switch weapons. However, some may require you manually change weapons.
    • This generally applies to the tactics that involve bows and cylinders, as loading any skill from their respective skill categories to automatically switch and load them all at once, if it is equipped on your other equipment slot.
      • For Example, using Arrow Revolver while holding two one-handed swords will change your Equipment Slot I to Slot II, which has a crossbow and bolts. Using Smash while holding the crossbow will switch it back to your swords and it will automatically load the skill.

General Solo Tactics

These tactics can be performed regardless of race, however some may be more effective than others due to race differences in skills.

Melee Based

Note: Some of these are not effective against monsters with Heavy Stander.

Defensive Battling

  1. Knock Back an enemy using a string of normal attacks or a skill.
  2. Load Defense or Counterattack; get attacked while in either defensive position.
    • Once you get attacked while using Defense, you will want to do a string of normal attacks, or do a hard knockdown with Windmill.
      • Keep an eye on cooldown on Defense before loading it again. If needed, load Counterattack and get attacked.
    • While Defense is loaded, keep an eye on the enemy and beware of Smash.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Assault Slash

  1. Load Smash or Windmill and attack a monster with it.
  2. Quickly follow-up with Assault Slash.
    • If you wait until the monster barely starts to get back up and you use Assault Slash, it is possible to knock them back further.
  3. Either load Windmill, Counterattack, or Defense.
    • If you load Defense, follow-up quickly with Normal Attacks and push back the enemy. If you manage to knockdown an enemy, quickly use Assault Slash.
    • If you load Counterattack, you may want to load Windmill or Defense afterwards.
    • If you load Windmill, you can load Defense or Counterattack afterwards.
      • Keep in mind that doing Smash, Assault Slash, and Windmill in rapid succession may cause ignored hit stun on the monster after windmill and will cause the monster to instantaneously attack you.

Normal+1 (N+1)

  • Pausing in between attacks to elongate the attack combo of the weapon by one.
    • Usually done by making full use of a weapon's Hit Stun.
  • Bare Hands and fast/very fast weapons, such as Daggers can do a N+2. This is fairly difficult to pull off.
    • Slow 2-hit weapons May also accomplish N+2, though it requires little to no lag, and is ineffective around more than one monster, due to long delay times.
  • You cannot N+1 with a 1-Hit weapon, such as a Machete.
  • N+1 stands for Normal hit combos (N) plus an additional one hit.
    • IE. You will do a 4-Hit combo with a 3-Hit weapon, and a 3-Hit combo with a 2-Hit weapon.
  • Processes for each weapon type goes as follows:
    • For Slow 2-hit weapons: HIT → Wait til near the end of first animation → HIT → HIT
      • To pull off a N+2 add a delay between the second and third hit. These delays will have to last for the monsters entire stun length.
    • For Normal 3-hit weapons: HIT → HIT → Wait til about half way towards the end of animation → HIT → HIT
  • When done with dual-wielded weapons, you will usually hit the monster two more times than a normal combo, but occasionally with only one. The last attack in the combo seems to be affected by the delay before the 2nd attack: 2Hits, (Delay), 2Hits, (Small Delay), 2Hits, as opposed to 2Hits, (Delay), 2Hits, Hit.
  • An easy way to cause the delay is after the first or second hit (depending on the combo) click the ground next to the targeted enemy and quickly click the enemy again to temporarily break the targeting, allowing the combo to restart with the prior 1-2 hits already dealt to targeted enemy.
  • To avoid accidentally hitting the enemy multiple times when trying to delay an attack, you can change your options so that you attack only once even if you click several times while targeting an enemy. To do this, go to Options -> Game -> Control and click the "Once" button.
    • If Dual Wielding, attacking once means hitting once with each weapon.
      • Critical hits may force an unwanted knockdown.


  • Hit the enemy without knocking them back.
  • Use Smash.
    • Useful for dealing extra damage to a single target.
  • Somewhat hard to perform with weapons that have low Hit Stun.
  • Can be followed up with Assault Slash after smashing the monster for extra damage.

Charging Smash

  1. Load Charge and attack a monster from afar.
  2. During this time you will take less damage from Ranged Attacks, such as bow and arrows, and will be charging at the target at high speeds.
  3. Upon impact, quickly load Smash and approach the target.
  4. Once Smash hits, either load Windmill or Counterattack.
    • Can be followed up with Assault Slash after smashing the monster for extra damage.
  • Useful for dealing extra damage to a single target and when soloing a monster.
  • Somewhat ineffective against Level 1 Heavy Stander.


  • Hit the enemy without knocking them back.
  • Use Windmill.
    • Useful for damaging nearby enemies in addition to the target.
  • This may cause multi-aggro to occur with mobs that have multi-aggro in their AI.
  • The use of Counterattack in recommended after Windmill's animation due to the cooldown time of Windmill.


Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Wall+N may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • Get the enemy against a wall, then spam normal attack until it's dead.
    • Only works against monsters whose AI does not retaliate immediately when being hit while getting back up from a knockdown or pushback
    • Since the monster is up against a wall, knocking it down will not put distance between you, so it will not give it a chance to load a skill or recover from the knockback.
  • Does not work well with weapons that have low hit stun.
  • Requires very little lag.


  • Best used against single-aggro enemies that have slow speed and/or defend or counter frequently (e.g. White Snake, Sickle Laghodessa). Not recommended for enemies with Heavy Stander.
  • Use any of the strategies listed in Defensive Battling (see above), but while defending, walk towards a second enemy.
    • Walk towards an enemy that has not already noticed you (single exclamation point).
  • Get both enemies to be in your splash range.
  • After being hit in defense, hit both enemies using the splash damage from a normal attack
    • If you don't know your splash range, this is a good way to find out.
  • After hitting both enemies, the second target will notice you but if it is single aggro it won't attack.
  • Once you have killed your first target, you may now have two enemies noticing you. For most single aggro monsters, this means neither one will attack, and you can take your time deciding what to do next.
    • For most Spider-type enemies, this means they will follow you but not attack.
    • This may not work with some enemy AIs, especially Wolves.
  • Helps preserve both weapon durability and stamina; recommended for long dungeon runs.
  • Keep in mind that multi-aggro enemies may aggro during the splash damage.

Smash Mill

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Smash Mill may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • It is suggested to force the monster into a corner or wall.
    • You can use this in open rooms, but be careful. Best used against mobs that do not react aggressively after Windmill. (e.g. Goblin, Slate, Stone Imp)
  • There is a chance that the monster will counter your smash with a normal attack.
  • In corner or wall, alternate between Smash and Windmill. If used in open areas, upon killing a mob, either quickly Smash or Windmill another mob.
    • Use normal attack if the monster retaliates frequently, N+Windmill is suggested.
  • Sometimes the monster may use Windmill while you try to use Smash on it. Golem is a very good example of doing this.


  • Used if the monster has a fast aggro or uses smash and you do not have time to charge magic.
  • Used as a substitute for N+Windmill if the player does not have powerful windmill, and is faced with single aggro monster that has level 1 Heavy stander.
  • The players hits the monster once and loads counterattack if the monster attacks right back it will be knocked back, the player then can continue with other tactics such as magic counters.


  1. Start off with any attack (preferably Smash).
  2. Load Counterattack and wait for the monster to hit you.
  3. As the attack lands, use Windmill and execute.
  4. Load Counter again.
  5. Repeat Step 2 and go from there.
  • You may need to run away while Counterattack is in cooldown.
  • You may also need Stamina Pots and/or high Stamina for those using Knuckles.

Weakened Final Hit

  • Done without dual-wielding.
  • Useful for enemies with Heavy Stander, or if you want to use a two-handed weapon for Final Hit.
  • Attempt to play a Berserker Music Scroll with very low music playing rank, resulting in a failure and "weakened" state. Weakened state will give the enemy 100% Heavy Stander.
  • Once weakened, when one uses Final Hit with non-dual wield, the attacks will knock down the enemy, similarly to single wield Final Hit. However, because the previous attack was "blocked" by a "heavy stander", the game allows for an immediate recoil and resulting attack.
    • Basically, it allows you to continually hit the enemy even if it was knocked back, which you normally can't do since there is a delay time between knock-backs.
  • This essentially means you can final hit with a two-handed weapon, such as a Claymore for example, or with a one handed weapon against monsters with heavy stander, while still maintaining very fast hit rate.

Wall: Knockback+Smash

  • Requires a walled monster.
  • Requires a Very Slow weapon.
  • Finish normal a combo and use Smash.
  • After Smash, the use Counterattack or Windmill recommended.
  • Only effective into going into other combos. This tactic is best to start with against a walled/cornered monster.

Magic Based

Magic Counter

  1. Attack the enemy with any bolt magic, such as Lightning or Ice Bolt. If the first bolt aggroed the enemy, another one may be need to be used in order to keep it at bay.
  2. Load Counter.
  3. During Counterattack's animation, load any bolt skill.
  4. Attack the enemy with it when it stands up and quick move back as far as you can during the rest of Counterattack's cooldown or right after you fire the bolt load another and fire it.
  5. Repeat from step 2.


  • Using Knuckles will heavily drain Stamina upon loading the skill. A large amount of Stamina Potions may be required.
  • Firebolt may be used, but it might cause the enemy to load a skill.
  • Make sure to use Firebolt on enemies with Mana Reflector Level 2 or higher.
  • Fire-counter is arguably the most versatile of the magic counters as it will knock down monsters even when they are using Defense.
  • It can be used against monsters with Mana Deflector levels 2 or higher make Icebolt and Lightning Bolt useless.
  • The downside is that Firebolt tends to make monsters immediately use Counterattack or Windmill, causing the player to waste valuable time and stamina while countering and waiting for the enemy to attack. Firebolt also loads more slowly, making it harder to use against faster opponents until Rank 5+.
  • This is the preferred technique for fighting Ogres, Golems, or other monsters that use the skill Stomp and are not stunned by Icebolt. In addition, however, you must run back after each Firebolt in order to avoid the Stomp skill.
    • Firebolt-Counter is favored by those who have a high rank Counter. A good monster to fight with Firebolt-Counter are Cactus Lizard (The Unknown). Their AI is very similar to that of Ogre Warriors, and also give a good amount of EXP.
    • Also, keep in mind that some enemies (I.E. Ogre Warriors) may run to you and use Stomp instead of triggering your counterattack.
  • Ice-counter is popular because it usually triggers the monster to immediately attack and run into the player's counter.
  • Useful if the target has a bow, Stomp, or magic, assuming that it does not have Mana Deflector level 2 or higher.
  • Lightning bolt can be replaced for a higher max damage output but requires more mana.
  • Can be performed at point-blank range if you're lagless, but it's risky.
  • Can also be performed on very fast enemies such as bears if you're lagless.

Bolt Revolver

  • Requires little lag or a high ranked bolt spell.
  • Alternate between charging one unit of a bolt spell and firing it at the enemy. If done fast enough, the enemy will not be able to move.
    • Be careful not to hit an enemy that is laying down, as this will cause them to immediately starting running towards you.
    • This uses a lot of mana, but can be a very effective stun lock against most enemies to buy time.

Icebolt/Lightning Bolt+N

  • Useful if the player does not have a shield or want to use defense
  • The player hits the monster with one Icebolt, which will cancel any skill it has and uses normal attack against it. As the monster gets knocked back the player uses ice to stun it and hit with normal attack again.
  • Shoot bolt only after enemy has gotten up.
  • Must be done very quickly.
  • To get rid of the monster's defense, stand on the monster and use Icebolt+N
    • If the monster is defending it may be better to use two Icebolts instead of one before attacking with your weapon.
    • If the monster has windmill ready, it may be better to load 2 Icebolts, hit the monster once to cancel windmill, and then use Ice+N, since just using Ice+N might give the monster time to recover before you have time to get close enough to attack if you started far enough not to be hit by windmill.
  • Lightning bolt can be substituted for Icebolt.


  • Useful for quickly finishing off a low HP monster with Mana Deflector only.
  • Requires very precise timing.
  • Requires a very slow 2+ hit weapon.
  • The player charges a firebolt, and goes near the monster, preferably on top of a monster standing still.
  • The player fires the bolt and at the same time runs to the position that the monster will be land after being knocked down (distance 500 from the position fired).
    • An estimation or un-synchronized error of +/- 200 distance may produce incorrect timing.
      • If the player attacks too fast or Dual Wields, they may cancel the knock down on the second normal hit and allow the monster to retaliate.
      • If the player attacks too slow, the monster may hit the player first before the first normal hit, the monster may be knocked back on the second hit, or the monster may successfully load a skill.
  • It is recommend one use rank 9+ Windmill after the first successful normal hit.

Skill Lock

  • When a monster is using Counterattack, Defense, or Windmill, charge an Ice or Lightning Bolt. As soon as the monster flashes as it begins to charge a new skill, hit it with the bolt. The bolt's stun effect may trigger the monster to be 'locked' into using the skill it was preparing, and thus will not attack. If it does not work, just try again.
    • Normal Attacks, Ranged Attacks, or any other attacks that don't Knock Down works fine as well.
    • You can tell the monster is stuck in Counter or Windmill if it does not move from the exact spot and the skill is still up.
    • If the monster flashes again immediately after attacked, this is a good indication that it has been locked.
    • You can also tell if it's in Defense if it walks to you but gets "stuck" in front of the player.
  • The idea is that, after you've 'locked' one monster, you can kill the rest at your own leisure. The other monsters will not target you, as you are still being targeted by the 'locked' monster, provided that you are fighting single-aggro monsters such as skeletons or werewolves.
    • You can Windmill the other monsters and they will not aggro. Smash and normal attacks, however, will cause them to attack. Attacking the 'locked' monster will, of course, ruin the lock.
    • Or, you could charge advanced magic/alchemy because the monster cannot attack you while it's locked, and none others will aggro.
    • You can cast Healing or use First Aid if necessary.
  • Locking a monster this way is useful on the single-aggro monsters where, when you kill one, a second immediately attacks you, giving little time for you to defend against it. The 'lock' prevents a 2nd monster from aggroing, unless you provoke it yourself.
    • If you lock a monster that's using an offensive skill, the lock will have no effect, except that the enemy cannot cancel the skill. (It may still execute it.) For example, a monster locked in Smash will still charge at you.
    • A monster locked in Windmill cannot cancel Windmill and will therefore be stuck, but it will execute Windmill if you come in range. Unless you have higher Windmill radius than your target at this point, or have ranged or magic attacks, you can't avoid being hit by Windmill.
  • It is possible to Skill Lock some enemies with Advanced Heavy Stander, using Life Drain to cause a lock. The enemy is locked Indefinitely unless Life drain is applied again. (tested and confirmed on G10 doppelganger) (needs additional testing)

Note: Skill Lock exploit is harder to execute after the Iria Update.

Thunder + Blaze

  • Used to inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time preferably killing the target
  • Requires at least r6 thunder (higher ranks allow more time)
  • Works better when the enemy is near a wall
  • Charge thunder to any desired amount of charges (more charges more time)
  • Then the enemy gets semi close to you (between bolt range and next to you) fire the thunder
  • Immediately run to the enemy as close as possible and start charging blaze
  • As soon as the final thunder strike hits release the blaze
  • If the enemy is not dead there is a possibility that it can attack you before any skill can be loaded (in this case try to whack it as it's getting up or have a pet standby to attack)
  • Requires large amounts of mp so potions are advised

An alternative way to use this combo

  • Load Thunder till one reaches the desired amount of charges
  • Wait till target is within a reasonable range, preferably close
  • Use Thunder on the target
  • Immediately run up to the target and Blaze right away
    • Do not charge Blaze for too long, as it can affect how the combo will perform
    • Due to the time between the Initial Hit with Thunder and the thunderbolts that follow after, it is possible for the player to Blaze within this time frame and for the target to still get hit by the thunderbolts
    • Also because of the way this is set up, the player is given enough time to recover from using Blaze because of the thunderbolts hitting the target after Blaze has been used
  • This method still requires a lot of mp so potions are still advised

Ice Spear + Blaze

  • Used for one-on-one situations
  • Ideally, the user will want to have rank 9 or higher Ice Spear for the 2 second load time
  • Load Ice Spear and fire at the target
  • Immediately run behind the target and begin charging Blaze
    • Make sure you are close enough to where the target will land after it gets knocked back with Ice Spear
  • When target receives damage from Ice Spear and lands in front of you, release Blaze
    • Note: if the target survives, it will be right in front of you at melee range, so act accordingly and with caution

Lightning Bolt + Thunder + Hail Storm

  • For staff users in one-on-one situations against a tough enemy.
  • Requires Rank 1 Thunder.
  • Use a series of Lightning Bolts to push back the enemy while building up a lightning charge on your staff.
  • Cast one charge of Thunder when you reach level 3 lightning AND when the enemy is being knocked back by your lightning bolt.
  • Use Thunder and start casting Hail Storm as soon as possible.
    • It may be a good idea to have a pet on standby in case the enemy runs quickly or wasn't pushed back far enough.
  • Hail Storm should start at the same time the Thunder strikes the enemy, giving you time to charge a hail crystals.
    • Again, a pet may be a good idea if you want more time to get a max charge crystal or if the enemy runs too quickly.
  • If the enemy is still alive by the time Hail Storm is about to run out, cancel early into Lightning Bolt and repeat the process.
  • If you need to recover MP in the middle of the combo, a good time to drink potions is when the enemy is being pushed back and you just finished loading Lightning Bolt. You can drink potions with any of the basic bolts loaded.

Ice Spear + Fusion Bolt

  • Enables you to cast more charges when spamming Fire-Ice Fusion Bolt between attacks to increase damage output.
  • Does not work against enemies with Mana Deflector.
    • Be careful of monsters which equip shields. If they load Defense before being hit with Ice Spear, they may be able to attack you before Ice Spear explodes.
  • Freeze an enemy with Ice Spear, and then start casting Fusion Bolt.
  • Once Ice Spear explodes, fire all charges of Fusion Bolt. Immediately after, freeze the enemy with Ice Spear again.
  • Using Spellwalk and running away from an enemy can increase the amount of time you have to load more charges, but keep in mind that it doubles the mana cost of all spells and can quickly drain your stamina.
  • If done successfully, this should increase your damage per second from Fusion Bolt due to the damage multiplier from Firebolt. The more times you can charge Fusion Bolt before the monster unfreezes, the quicker you can deal damage.

Ice Spear Crowd Control

  • Used to manage overwhelming multiaggro in an emergency.
  • Requires low lag.
  • At least rank 9 Ice Spear is recommended for casting speed.
  • Does not work against enemies with Mana Deflector.
    • Be careful of monsters which equip shields. If they load Defense before hit with Ice Spear, they may be able to attack you before Ice Spear explodes.
  • Cast Ice Spear to freeze the closest group of aggroing enemies. As soon as that group is frozen, cast Ice Spear again to freeze the next closest group. Repeat for all groups until aggro can be managed without Ice Spear.
    • Try to hit as many monsters with each cast of Ice Spear as possible.
  • This tactic can use a lot of mana, so a high-ranked Ice Mastery and Meditation is recommended to mitigate this.
    • Because of this, it is not recommended to use this tactic outside of emergency situations.
  • Spellwalk can also be used to run away and group enemies closer together when they follow after you, or to extend your reach with Ice Spear, but keep in mind that it doubles the mana cost of Ice Spear and can quickly drain your stamina.
  • The idea is to prevent any of the aggroing monsters from getting any closer to you.
  • Useful in Elite Shadow Missions, where most monsters don't have Mana Deflector, and multiaggro can be deadly if not handled properly.

Magic/Melee Based


  • Use any of the bolt based elemental attacks followed by the Charge skill.
  • Use Smash immediately after Charge
    • Using 2 bolts after Smash will give you enough time to use Charge again, allowing you to continuously stun the target.
    • However, if there is more than one target, this tactic is not recommended.

Defense Crash Bolt

  • Charge one Ice/Lightning Bolt
  • Get very close to a monster, and fire the bolt.
  • Hit normal attack right after.
  • Use this if you don't know what the monster loaded Defense or Counterattack.
    • If the monster loaded Counterattack, you need to wait a moment for hitting all combo.
  • It use more effectively with Wall: Knockback+Smash.

Ice/Lightning Smash

  • Warning: This only works on monsters that don't start immediately attack you after the initial blow.
  • You'll need any rank of Icebolt or Lightning Bolt and any rank of Smash.
  • First charge one Icebolt or Lightning Bolt, fire at the monster, then use smash on target. They are not stunned by the time you smash them, they will be running around if their AI works that way.
  • Depending on your stats, there may be more efficient methods to deal the same amount of damage.
  • Keep in mind that Instinctive Reaction may cause the Smash to fail.

Fire Assault

  1. Load Firebolt.
  2. Attack a monster with Firebolt and quickly follow up with Assault Slash.
  3. Repeatedly attack with Firebolt until the cooldown for Assault Slash is gone, then repeat from step 2.
    • Windmill may be used as the monster gets up. This will knock it back even further.

Stun Spear (Charge + Ice Spear + Bolt Magic)

  • For skilled magic users.
  • Use Charge when you see an opening (If they have Defense or Counter loaded, you can use Icebolt or Lightning Bolt to stun them first)
  • As soon as the charge connects, charge Ice Spear. (The stun effect from charge keeps them from loading defense)
  • You can choose to either:
  • Load Arrow Revolver/Ranged Attack.
  • Load Icebolt, wait for them to stand, hit them with it, then charge and Ice Spear again.
  • Continually spam your Ice Spear (Costs a lot of MP).
  • Great technique in pvp, for the charge stops them from charging Arrow Revolver, Magic Ice Shield, Defense, etc., while you cast your Ice Spear.
  • An upgraded speed casting wand may help.

Magic/Action Based

Adv Magic+Death

Attack unaggroed monsters with one of the 3 Advance Magic skills, then use the play dead action. If you time it properly, you will not be aggroed.

  • To use this with Fireball, activate play dead while it is still being launched (You must appear to be dead at the moment the fireball strikes.)
  • To use this with Ice Spear, activate play dead while the monster(s) are frozen (You must appear to be dead during the explosion that actually does the damage.)
  • Thunder can also work but it will actually cause them aggro.

Ranged Based

  • Note: Ranged attacks are heavily affected by lag (more so than other types of attacks), this includes real aiming speed and reload speed. Some of these tactics may be ineffective on high HP monsters, depending on your Ranged Attack rank and lag.

To see some of these tactics in action, which will help you understand the timing better, watch these two videos (credit goes to the people listed in the descriptions)

Standard Archery Tactic #1

Standard Archery Tactic #2

  • Load Magnum Shot and shoot.
  • Shoot Ranged Attack while the enemy is still on the ground and it will be knocked back again.
  • Load Magnum Shot again and repeat.
    • Note: If the monster is getting up, do not shoot because its get-up animation will be canceled and it will instantly rush you instead. Wait for it to fully get up, then shoot Ranged Attack until it is knocked back, then use Magnum Shot and repeat.

Standard Archery Tactic #3

Standard Archery Tactic #4

  • Requires Rank 1 Ranged Attack.
  • Alternate between normal ranged attack and Support Shot.
    • Due to Support Shot's inability to knock a target back, the target will be locked in infinite stun.
    • Normal ranged attack is required because Support Shot has cooldown.

Zero Shot

  • Requires one to have little to no lag.
  • Get very close to an enemy (within point-blank distance).
  • Load and execute Ranged Attack continuously.
  • If done correctly, the enemy will not be able to react.
  • At Rank 1 Ranged Attack, it is possible to zero shot from a greater distance due to aim speed.
    • The enemy may be pushed back after the 4th hit, depending on how fast zero shot is executed.
    • Loading Support Shot in place of Ranged Attack will increase the speed at which zero shot is executed and will reduce the amount of stamina used.
    • Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield level 2 or higher.
  • Note: The MAXIMUM aiming accuracy is 99% (if the monster is standing still), but it is possible to shoot earlier, and at a lower accuracy, by clicking before the meter reaches 99% (you must be in Manual Combat mode).
    • As of G15 aiming accuracy may reach 100%

Only Zero Shot

  • Oftentimes zero shot is not enough to kill the monster before it is knocked back.
  • To assure a constant aiming accuracy of 99%, charge one of the following skills when the monster is knocked back
  • If Icebolt or Lightning Bolt is charged, release it when the monster is close enough for you to follow the bolt with zero shot.
  • If Defense is used, charge Ranged Attack immediately after the monster melees your Defense. Basically follow Defense with zero shot.
  • Still requires little to no lag.

Shot of God

Not to be confused with Spear of God

The efficacy of this tactic is disputed due to the fact that it may not work for everyone, highly dependent on their latency and exact timing.

  • Requires one to have no lag at all.
  • Allows you to shoot an arrow with 100% accuracy, even at 0% aim.
  • During shooting animation, shoot an arrow as, or just before your character's elbow reaches its farthest back point. (All range attacks)
  • Although this is primarily done with Magnum Shot, it is possible to do with any other ranged skill.
    • You cannot Shot of God with Support Shot if the enemy is out of range (0% Aim).
  • Shot of God has an infinite range. (Attempting with a Short Bow from a long distance using Magnum Shot is the easiest way to confirm this)
    • However, Shot of God is more likely to succeed if the target is in range.
  • Shot of God cannot pierce through obstacles.
  • Shot of God is also possible with a Crossbow, though the timing remains unknown.
    • Using the clicking noise a crossbow makes seems to work best. Often get it as it finishes the sound byte. (Currently in testing)
  • Shot of God is still possible on an elf. However, because the delayed frame for elves loading arrows, you are forced to side step so that you may draw back your elbow earlier. (Unconfirmed)
  • Once you're in the rhythm of Shot of God with a Crossbow, you can just keep shooting (this is easiest with bosses or high HP monsters).

Hybrid Shot


  • Similar to Fire-Counter however Ranged Attack is immediately chained after using fire, and before activating counter.
  • Lag-less connection is required for faster monsters.

Campfire Trap

  • Recommended on large monsters only.
  • Use Campfire to light a fire before aggro.
  • Use Magnum Shot or Ranged Attack to lure monster.
  • Hide behind the campfire. It will get stuck behind it.
  • Slowly distance yourself over time from the fire and arc around left or right until you can shoot the monster.
    • The monster should not be able to move toward you, provided that you are in the correct position.
      • May take a long time to get it the first time.
  • Use Ranged Attack continuously until monster is dead.
    • Do this slowly so that the monster does not get knocked back. But try to not let it load a skill, as that could make the monster get itself unstuck.
  • This tactic can almost guarantee getting "the Fire Arrow" title if you have a high Critical Hit rate.
    • For the bonuses of the title, see Titles (title number 88).
  • This also works with the overworld's natural barriers such as trees.

Campfire Jack-in-the-box

  • Setup phase similar to Campfire Trap.
  • Hide behind the fire while you charge up magic, alchemy or ranged attacks.
    • You must choose one that allows you to move with it loaded, and preferably one with knockback.
  • When your skill is fully charged, pop out and fire it all at the monster, then hide again while it's getting back up. Repeat until the monster dies.
  • This tactic is especially useful for things that immobilize you while they charge, such as bolt spells.

Ranged Ice-Counter

  • Requires high rank in ranged.
  • Load Ranged and attack target.
  • Load counter immediately after firing.
  • Load Ice as soon as counter is activated.
  • Repeat.
    • If ranged misses either resort to zero shot, or play dead until aggro is dropped.
  • tested on spiders, kobolds, and Skeletons.

Ranged/Melee Based

Charge Revolver

  • Requires little to no lag.
  • Requires the Arrow Revolver skill.
  • Also good PvP tactic.
  • First, you create a distance between the enemy and yourself.
  • Then, load charge, and use it, but be careful, there are skills, such as Counterattack, and Defense, and sometimes normal attacks, may counter the skill.
  • After having hit the enemy with charge, load Arrow Revolver, it is advised to walk a few steps back while its loading, to assure distance between yourself and the enemy.

Charge Shot

  • Similar to the tactic above, just for those who aren't allowed to use Arrow Revolver(Elves).
  • After creating a distance between yourself and the enemy, and using the Charge skill.
  • Used Ranged Attack until the enemy is knocked back.
  • After that, use Magnum Shot to put distance between the fighters.
  • This can be done by both Human and Elves.


  • Requires lagless connection.
  • Requires a quick reaction.
  • Requires slow bow.
  • Useful if you know you are going to run out of arrows.
  • Shoot an enemy within melee weapon range.
  • Weapon Switch to a melee weapon and hit enemy.
  • Metal Skeletons sometimes do this.
  • Does not work on anything with Natural Shield or Heavy Stander.


  • Requires a quick reaction
  • Useful if you run out of arrows in the middle of engaging a distant monster.
  • Shoot an enemy with ranged.
  • Activate Defense
  • When Monster hits Defense, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately hit the monster, you will have a chance to perform a normal attack or 1+Windmill.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill
  • Switch to ranged and repeat cycle (or if you don't want to, keep using melee).


  • Similar to Ranged+Defense+N
  • Useful if you run out of arrows in the middle of engaging a distant monster.
  • Shoot an enemy with ranged.
  • Activate Counterattack
  • When Monster gets countered, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately load Defense.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill
  • Switch to ranged and repeat cycle (or if you don't want to, keep using melee).***Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield level II or higher.
    • Requires little to no lag, to compensate for the switch delay.
    • Magnum Shot may be used in place of Ranged Attack if it is done in accordance with SoG.


  • Use ranged before and after Defense+Windmill, you must be able to do Defense+Windmill first.
  • Note: Watch your HP. You have only a little time to use HP potions after Ranged Attack and before using Defense (if any at all).


  • Requires a quick reaction.
  • Useful if you are a Melee Ranged Hybrid.
  • High Ranked Magnum and Ranged Attack Recommended.
  • Shoot an enemy with Magnum Shot.
  • Activate Defense
  • When Monster hits Defense, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately hit the monster, you will have a chance to perform a normal attack or 1+Windmill.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill.
  • Switch to bow, use Magnum Shot and repeat cycle.


  • Starting at a Zero Shot distance (preferably), shoot one arrow.
  • During the enemy's stun time, load and execute Windmill.
  • In the spinning animation of Windmill load Support Shot or Ranged Attack, and shoot ASAP.
  • Load another Windmill and spin ASAP, then repeat.


  • Preferably have as little lag as possible. Rank 9 Magnum Shot or higher recommended for faster loading speed.
  • Does not work on fast and very fast monsters, unless you have high rank Ranged Attack for faster aim speed.
  • Shoot an enemy with Magnum Shot.
  • Immediately activate Ranged Attack and shoot the enemy while it's on the ground.
  • Counter after it is hit for the second time, and after being hit, load Magnum Shot again.

Magnum Mill

Alchemy Based

Note: While Alchemy is not technically magic, it will activate mana deflector as a spell would. This nullifies the stun of alchemy, but not the push-back.


  • Summon a golem
  • Go into the corner of a dungeon room and seal yourself in with a barrier spike.
  • Be sure the golem is outside of your little room.
  • Attack enemies with the golem.
  • Attacking enemies that hit the barrier spikes should prolong its use.
  • In shadow missions chamber it requires at least two barriers to create a sealed room (rC barrier or higher).
  • r9 and above barrier are useful to soften up enemies who do attack your barriers.
  • Try not to use windmill with the golem near the barrier because it can collapse it leaving you vulnerable.

Golem Bomb

  • Use shock on any golem and send it first into any battle.
  • Don't use the golem and let it tank the enemy hits.
  • Prepare any skill you want so long as it doesn't bring the aggro towards you.
  • Useful for monsters who hit hard and can only be affected by magic/alchemy. (Note: Alchemy is a form of magic).

Golem Burst

  • Summon a golem.
  • Load and cast Flame Burst on any target(s).
  • When Flame Burst's animation phase starts, switch the control back to your golem.
  • During this time you can attack the target(s) locked in your Flame Burst with your golem.
  • If your Flame Burst rank is high enough, it is recommended to use heavy hitting attacks on your golem such as Smash or Windmill.
  • This can also be used as a method to divert aggro.

Raining Spark

  • Requires Rank 1 Rain Casting.
  • Use Rain Casting over your target area.
  • Follow up with casting Shock on any target under the cloud.
  • Monsters under the cloud will be hit by both Shock and the lightning from the Rain Cast.
  • Best used when dealing with a large number of enemies.
  • Very useful for its stunning capability.
  • However it takes a long time to prepare.

Alchemy/Melee Based

Alchemy Counter

  1. Use any offensive Alchemy skill such as Water Cannon or Wind Blast on any single enemy.
  2. Load Counterattack shortly after.
  3. Once the enemy attacks you in counter position, load any offensive alchemy to keep them at bay until Counterattack is available.
  4. Repeat from Step 2.
    • Chain Cylinder may be used.
    • Not as effective with Flame Burst, but will work to keep monsters at bay when waiting for Counterattack to cooldown.
    • This has a rather large amount of Stamina usage at higher skill ranks. It is much more effective at low ranks due to small Stamina consumption.

Buster Charge

  • Use Charge on an enemy when your Heat Buster skill is active.
  • Execute Heat Buster to retrace some of the distance covered with Charge.
  • Useful since Heat Buster has a very small targeting range, while Charge has a large one.
  • Also a good hit-and-run tactic.


  • Carry your choice of melee weapons on one of your equipment slots
  • In the other equipment slot, carry a cylinder of your choice as a weapon.
  • Perform your normal melee combo with a slight delay on your second hit.
  • After the second hit, immediately switch over to your cylinder and perform the last hit.
  • When the target has been knocked back, proceed to using alchemy skills, preferably those with fast loading times as the enemy may immediately retaliate.
  • Useful if an enemy has gotten close to you and you need breathing room for alchemy.

Water Charge

Alchemy/Magic Based

Golem & Master

  • Requires Hail Storm and Summon Golem.
  • Summon the Golem.
  • Load Hail Storm, then switch to Golem.
  • Use Your Golem's Smash and switch back to your character during Golem's Smash animation and use Hail Storm fully charged (5) then switch back.
  • Windmill or Melee the mob once as the Golem to attract attention away from your character and Repeat.
    • Have your cursor for switch between your character and Golem to the center of your screen to perform this properly

Ice Spear & Barrier Spikes

  • Use Barrier Spikes to guarantee that Ice Spear's chain reaction happens.
    • Set up at least one Barrier Spikes.
    • If using high ranked Barrier Spikes, reduce the wall's HP to less than your IS damage.
    • Use Ice spear, hitting the monster(s) and your Barrier Spikes.
      • If Barrier Spikes is below rank 5, make sure it's not between you and the monster(s).
  • Easiest if set up before monsters are spawned.
  • Ensures an extra hit from IS even if the group has no monsters weak enough for a single hit of IS.
    • Extra barrier spikes can be used for more guaranteed extra hits(by leaving other walls with enough HP to withstand the first hit) or for a wider AoE(by placing the other wall(s) on opposite sides of the initial Ice Spear's expected AoE).
  • May use Ice Spear Crystal or Ice Mine in place of Ice Spear.

Zero Agro Raincasting combo

Martial Arts Tactics

Tactics that can only be performed with Knuckles equipped.

Max Chain

  • Good for a monster with high HP
  • Intended to use every chain skill.
  • If your lag is low, one may use a skill such as Magnum Shot before using this tactic.
  • First use Charging Strike.
  • Follow with either Spinning Uppercut or Somersault Kick.
  • Finish your first chain with Drop Kick to help build distance.
  • Tumble to increase distance. The higher rank, the more time.
  • Charge Focused Fist. As soon as the target gets in range, use it.
    • It helps to know how large the target's hit range is. Any displacement lag could be fatal.
  • Now use the chain 2 skill you didn't use earlier.
  • Follow up with the chain 3 skill that isn't in cooldown.
  • If needed, use either Counter Punch or Counterattack and repeat.
    • Note that Counter Punch is a chain 1 skill, so you'll skip to using either Spinning Uppercut or Somersault Kick.

Human Solo Tactics

Tactics that can only be performed by the Human race.

Weakened Final Hit

  • Done without dual-wielding.
  • Useful for enemies with Heavy Stander, or if you want to use a 2 handed sword for Final Hit.
  • Attempt to play a Berserker Music Scroll with very low music playing rank, resulting in a failure and "weakened" state. Weakened state will give the enemy 100% Heavy Stander.
  • Once weakened, when one uses final hit with non-dual wield, the attacks will knock down the enemy, similarly to single wield final hit. However, because the previous attack was "blocked" by a "heavy stander", the game allows for an IMMEDIATE recoil and resulting attack. Basically, it allows you to continually hit the enemy even if it was knocked back, which you normally can't do since there is a delay time between knock-backs.
  • Hard to explain, but this essentially means you can final hit with a 2handed weapon or with a one handed weapon against monsters with heavy stander, while still maintaining very fast hit rate.

Arrow Revolver spam

  • Quite simply, just use AR over and over again, until the enemy is defeated.
    • Due to the nature of the cooldown invoked by Arrow Revolver, you may want to pause after the 4th shot or so.
  • Higher rank Arrow revolver skill will make this easier
  • Cannot be used on monsters with rank 2+ Natural Shield, and is less effective on monsters with rank 1 Natural Shield due to delayed knockback.

AR + Mag

  • load and execute Arrow Revolver, then follow up with a Magnum Shot.
  • more effective on enemies with level 1 Natural Shield than AR spam.

Thunder Revolver

  • Requires r1 Thunder for faster charging and a speedcast upgraded wand.
  • Preferably r1 Arrow Revolver, but r5+ AR works too.
  • Load AR, and then spam arrows at the target, knocking it back.
  • When the target is far away enough, load one charge of thunder and hit it.
  • This will stun the target, allowing for infinite hits as long as it can't get near you.
  • Turning on "Automatic Weapon Slot Conversion" will help reduce the time in between the Arrow Revolver to Thunder and vice versa.

Elf Solo Tactics

Tactics that can only be performed by the Elf race.

Zero Missile

  • First, load Mirage Missile at point blank range, then continue on with zero shot.
  • Even with a low rank Mirage Missile, it will deal more damage than a zero shot alone.
  • Do not attempt to shoot another Mirage Missile until the initial Mirage Missile's duration has expired.

Zero Magnum

Perform Zero Shot tactic with Magnum Shot. Short cooldown of Magnum Shot will allow this behavior.

Giant Solo Tactics

Tactics that can only be performed by the Giant race.


  • Load Stomp, then immediately follow with a normal attack; repeat until dead.
  • Requires a good connection.
  • rank 5+ Stomp highly recommended.
  • Can be used to damage multiple enemies without incurring aggro or losing HP, while still dealing with currently aggroed enemy.
  • You may want to be as close to the enemy as possible when attempting to stomp them.

Throw Counter

  • Load Throwing Attack, then load counter.
  • Can be used as a less-reliable alternative to Bolt Counter on enemies without Level 2 Natural Shield.
    • Due to low Mana growth on Giants, this may suffice as a low cost substitute until they have a fair amount of Mana and/or MP Potions.
  • If Throwing Attack misses, it is advised to load Windmill instead of Counterattack, but both will work.
    • Rank 5 Windmill will help with range.