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Patches/Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Generation 9

Generation 9 Alchemist Update

Update Promotion - Alchemist Update - February 10, 2010

  • The Mainstream quest Generation 9 has been released. All races may complete it. It will start as soon as you log in after the update.
    • G9 mainstream is available to all races. The character will see a cut-scene upon log-in and receive a summons to Taillteann shortly after.
  • Shadow Missions have been added. Update Promotion.
    • The quest board is located by Andras to the west of the alchemy equipment in Taillteann.
    • Starkly different to dungeon play, Shadow Missions are quests which require the player to enter the Shadow World; its entrance is the cairn stones northwest of Taillteann.
    • There are various types of quests and various difficulty levels. Some require a specific number of party members and overall player level.
    • General types: the extermination of monsters within a time limit, aiding NPCs in attacking an enemy base, unlocking the boss room via switches that summon monsters.
    • Rewards include experience, gold, alchemy crystals, enchanted items, and cylinders.
  • Mabinogi Premium Service was updated. Update Promotion.
    • The four existing Services were removed in favor of one streamlined service.
    • The one-day Premium Service costs 1,800 NX. The 30-day Premium Service costs 10,900 NX.
    • The new benefits include:
      • Free Stuff: Receive exclusive enchanted and rare items from Nao every week on your character’s birthday!
      • Extra Storage: Extra inventory space to carry all your cool gear.
      • Bank Inventory: Extra bank space plus the ability to share items between characters
      • Guild Support: Create and manage your guild and explore Erinn with friends.
      • Personal Shops: Buy and sell items with your own personal storefront.
      • Housing: Own your very own piece of Erinn that you can use as a storefront to sell items.
      • Exclusive gestures and Emotes
      • No Camping Penalty: The Premium Package removes the “camping” penalty for hunting in the same area for too long.
      • No Town Rebirth Penalty: Premium Package players no longer use experience points when reviving in a town.
      • 10% Combat Experience Increase: As befits your special status, you’ll receive a 10% bonus to earned experience points for hunting monsters.
    • Some items that were previously rewarded with the old Services were added to the Cash Shop.
      • Additionally, time expiration will be removed from all Cash Shop items, allowing you to enjoy your purchased items at your convenience.

Generation 9 Alchemist Bug Fix Update

Alchemist Bug Fix Update - February 22, 2010

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Web Launch Update
      • Accounts do not have to login twice when launching the game from the website.
    • Login Problems Prior to Game Update on 2/22/10
      • Accounts that couldn’t log in to specific characters or pets should now be able to log in normally.
      • Players with characters who were stuck in the character selection screen while loading should now be able to log in normally.
    • Guilds
      • Characters who were unable to create guilds after purchasing the Mabinogi Premium Service should now be able to create guilds normally.
      • Text issues with the Guild Management Stone have been fixed.
    • Housing
      • The bugs that caused crashes or a client freeze when entering certain houses in the housing channel has been fixed.
      • The text issues with the housing “Return Coupon” have been fixed.
    • Spirit Weapons
      • The text issues when talking to Spirit Weapons have been fixed.
    • Dorca Feidhain
      • Using the keyword “Dorca Feighain” was causing crashes and client freezes. This bug has been fixed.
      • The text issues with the keyword “Dorca Feidhain” have been fixed.
    • 10% Experience Bonus
      • The text issue with the Mabinogi Premium Service “10% Combat Bonus” has been fixed.
    • Goro’s Ring Quest
      • The bug that prevented characters from receiving “Goro’s Ciar Dungeon Pass” by speaking with Goro has been fixed.
    • Handicraft Skill
      • Klaus Armor can now be made using the handicraft skill.
      • The text issues with certain handicraft skills have been fixed.
    • Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog keyword
      • Characters who were unable to progress through this portion of the main story line quest can now do so.
    • Buy Nao Soul Stones
      • The "Buy Nao Soul Stones" window has been removed.
      • Please note that you can still buy a Nao Soul Stone by clicking on the Item Shop icon in bottom of the game window.

Generation 9 Alchemist Small Feature Update

Alchemist Small Feature Update - March 10, 2010

Generation 9 Alchemist Feature Update

Update Promotion - Alchemist Feature Update - April 7, 2010

  • New field boss added near Abb Neagh's lake, Neid.
  • A brand new housing district in Abb Neagh.
  • A website Mabinogi Style Studio has been added, which lets players preview hundreds of items for you to outfit your character, even items that haven’t been released! Update Promotion.

Generation 9 Alchemist Small Feature 2 Update

Alchemist Small Feature 2 Update - May 3, 2010

Generation 9 Alchemist Small Feature 3 Update

Alchemist Small Feature 3 Update - May 18, 2010

Generation 10

Generation 10 Goddess of Light Update

Update Promotion - Goddess of Light Update - June 8, 2010

  • Minor Updates
    • Honey can be gathered on the path to Tara.
    • When you finish an Exploration Cap quest, you will not need to do it again for that specific character.
    • Rafting provides more experience and better rewards.
      • You can now raft by paying 5000 Gold, rather than 10 Firewood.
    • Some Tailteann Shadow Missions have been rebalanced: Shadow Casted City, Dorren’s Request, and Taillteann Defensive Battle.
    • Hardmode Dungeons have been rebalanced and Monsters provide more experience.
    • Peaca Dungeon has been rebalanced and provides more experience and better rewards.
    • The Character Selection Menu will now display the last location your Character was before logging out of Erinn.
    • Spirit Weapons can now reach Level 50 and Spirit Weapon Awakening has been uncapped.
    • There are five new spirit weapons available: Iron Mace, Vales Great Sword, Dustin Silver Knight Sword, Ring Bow, and Wing Bow.
    • The Bank and Check limits have increased to 5 Million Gold.
    • The Tailteann Farming interface has changed. Visit Blatt or check your Action menu for related abilities.
    • You can now modify your Cylinders. Visit Eabha in Taillteann or Heledd in Tara.
    • Several new weapon modifications are now available through both NPCs and Shadow Mission rewards.
    • You can now auto-purchase items from NPCs. Ctrl-Clicking an item will purchase the item and place it into your Inventory.
    • The Elf and Giant beginner tutorials have been rebalanced.
    • Elf and Giant-exclusive abilities have been rebalanced. This includes Range Combat Mastery, Final Shot, Stomp, Throwing Attack, and Wind Guard.
    • Mythril Ore and Unknown Ore's colors have been changed.
    • Several Handicrafted arrows have been added.
    • Hans can make up to three different drawings in which you can display in a variety of ways! Place them in your house, at your personal shop, or even on your clothing!
  • New Eyes for Giants: Indifferent, Innocent, and Angry.
  • New Character Hairstyles
    • Human Male - Guardian Army Hair
    • Human Female - Romantic Natural Wave
    • Elf Male - Rococo Ponytail
    • Elf Female - Rococo Volume Hair
    • Giant Male - Hard Tail Wave (Beard, Mustache, Goatee, Shaved)
    • Giant Female - Twin Pigtails

Generation 10 Goddess of Light Small Feature Update

Goddess of Light Small Feature Update - July 1, 2010

  • In-Game Chat Reporting is now available.

Generation 10 Goddess of Light Small Feature 2 Update

Goddess of Light Small Feature 2 Update - July 7, 2010

Generation 11

Generation 11 Sword of the Gods Update

Update Promotion - Sword of the Gods Update - August 10, 2010

  • Minor Updates
    • Smart Weapon system added.
      • When you use the skills that you need specific weapons for, it automatically switches to a different weapon slot according to the skill used.
      • This System is located in the Options Dialog.
    • Players now have the ability to disable Demigod and Transformation cutscenes in options.
    • Mail Notification added.
    • All of Uladh's Dungeon Moon Gates were removed.
    • If you only have a Pet card or Pet, you receive a free Character card.
    • Beginners can now send an Assistance Invitation to high-level players. This will summon the higher level player to the Beginner to help in his or her trials as an aspiring adventurer.
    • Six new Gestures have been added: Salute, Formal Greeting, Dance 1, Dance 2 (Premium), Dance 3 (Premium), and Dance 4 (Premium). Update Promotion. Video Promotion.
    • Giant-exclusive Instruments have been added. Purchase the Hand Bell from Kirine (Secret Shop) or the Physis Tuba from either Zeder or Briana.
    • You can now hide the giant pink quest arrows via the option menu.
    • Potion Poisoning has been rebalanced.
      • Elixir Toxicity is increased.
    • Guild functions have been modified.
    • Auto Production has been added to several Life Skills.
    • Personalizing Enchants have been added.

Generation 11 Sword of the Gods Feature Update

Sword of the Gods Small Feature Update - September 7, 2010

  • The Messenger Friend List now is capped at 200 friends. Update Promotion.
  • Volcano Explorer Imp and Jungle Explorer Imp Pets have been added. Update Promotion.
  • HP, MP, and Stamina Elixirs are now available in the Cash Shop, replacing HP, MP, and Stamina Buff Potions. Update Promotion.
  • Double Skill Training Potions are now available in the Cash Shop.
  • The ingredients for the Kitchen Dungeon, Caviar Canape, have been updated.
  • Players should no longer be caught beneath the table when drinking a Mini Potion in the 'Other Alchemist' Shadow Mission.

Generation 11 Sword of the Gods Small Feature Update

Sword of the Gods Small Feature Update - October 13, 2010

Generation 11 Sword of the Gods Small Feature 2 Update

Sword of the Gods Small Feature 2 Update - October 19, 2010

Generation 12

Generation 12 Return of the Hero Update

Update Promotion - Return of the Hero Update - October 20, 2010

Generation 12 Return of the Hero Small Feature Update

Return of the Hero Small Feature Update - November 9, 2010

  • Mini Unicorn Pet has been added. Update Promotion.
  • Beginner Chat has been removed.
  • A Giant Character model bug has been fixed.
  • Cooking Rank E has been fixed to use the correct training method.
  • Spirit Weapon Rank Cap has been reset to 50.

Generation 12 Return of the Hero Bug Fix Update

Return of the Hero Bug Fix Update - December 7, 2010

  • Bug Fixes Update Promotion.
    • Players can now resurrect at the docks if getting KO'd while rafting.
    • Hobgoblin Warriors now properly despawn after they are defeated while rafting.
    • Rafts now correctly crash at the bottom of the river after going over Erkey Falls.
    • The Black Cotton Ostrich's Charge has been fixed.
    • Chat options have been fixed.
    • Ballistas used for Hot Air Balloons will no longer drop into a player's inventory.
    • Guild emblems are now working properly.
    • Giants should no longer be experiencing model problems.
    • The Japanese Dagger, Japanese Twin Sword, Japanese Two-Handed Sword have all been renamed to Tanto, Wakizashi, and Katana, respectively.
    • The crafting method for the final step of crafting the Tanto, Wakizashi, and Katana will now display the correct required items.
    • The animation for Wing Eclipse has been fixed.
    • The animation for Frozen Blast has been fixed.
    • The animations for Magic Shields have been fixed.
    • Wings of Rage no longer applies full damage when dueling with handicaps.
    • Windguard correctly follows the handicap rating for dueling.
    • Royal Alchemist Protect and Defense bonuses no longer fall off when changing channels, logging off, or logging in.