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Smurf.jpg Server Mari
Race Elf
Age 14 Title The Sniper
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP ~1400
Life 450 Mana 500
Stamina 700 Damage 300-400
Defense 11/15 Protection 1%
Strength 300 Intelligence 300
Dexterity 750 Will 200
Luck 100 Critical 130%+
Hits 1-2 Speed Fast
Attacks Yes Element Fire
Drops Misc Gloset
Equipment Frying Pan of Doom, Stick of Despair
Advice Well known within Lothlorien as an Anti-Troll, use degrading remarks with caution
Additional Information Has been playing since Generation 1, albeit with a few breaks.

Is a Skiller, but enjoys watching and often participating in guild chat.

Is a (potential but not always active) Royal Alchemist who is willing to help with any runs.

Is no longer active on Mabinogi due to severe lag. Possibly will begin playing again in the future if the current issues are fixed.

Total Level: 5,000+

Current Skill List (Mastered Skills are in Bold)

Archer Life Puppet Master Alchemist Bard Warrior Magic Fighter Falcon Demigod
Human Ranged Attack.png Rank 1 Metallurgy.png Rank 1 Act 1- Inciting Incident.png Rank 8 Water Cannon.png Rank 1 Battlefield Overture.png Rank 1 Smash.png Rank F Icebolt.png Rank F Charging Strike.png Rank F Fury of Connous.png Rank 1 Awakening of Light.png Rank 1
Magnum Shot.png Rank 1 Refining.png Rank 1 Act 2- Threshold Cutter.png Rank 8 Frozen Blast.png Rank 9 Enduring Melody.png Rank 1 Defense.png Rank 1 Ice Spear.png Rank F Focused Fist.png Rank F Elven Magic Missile.png Rank 1 Wings of Eclipse.png Rank 1
Mirage Missile.png Rank 1 Blacksmithing.png Rank 9 Act 4- Rising Action.png Rank 5 Wind Blast.png Rank B Vivace.png Rank 5 Counterattack.png Rank 8 Hail Storm.png Novice Spinning Uppercut.png Rank F Armor of Connous.png Rank 1 Wings of Rage.png Rank 1
Final Shot.png Rank 1 Weaving.png Rank 1 Act 6- Crisis.png Rank 1 Shock.png Rank A March Song.png Rank 5 Windmill.png Rank 1 Firebolt.png Rank F Somersault Kick.png Rank F Mind of Connous.png Rank 1 Shadow Spirit.png Rank 1
Crash Shot.png Rank 1 Tailoring.png Rank 8 Act 7- Climactic Crash.png Rank 1 Flame Burst.png Rank 1 Dischord.png Rank E Assault Slash.png Rank F Fireball.png Rank F Drop Kick.png Rank F Sharpness of Connous.png Rank 1 Fury of Light.png Rank 1
Support Shot.png Rank 1 Handicraft.png Rank 9 Act 9- Invigorating Encore.png Rank 8 Heat Buster.png Rank F Lullaby.png Rank 5 Charge.png Rank F Lightning Bolt.png Rank F Pummel.png Rank F Connous Natural Shield.png Rank 1 Spear of Light.png Rank 1
Bow Mastery.png Rank 1 Carpentry.png Rank 9 Pierrot Marionette.png Rank 1 Sand Burst.png Rank A Enthralling Performance.png Rank E Evasion.png Rank F Thunder.png Rank F Combo Mastery.png Rank E Connous Heavy Stander.png Rank 1
Crossbow Mastery.png Rank 1 Herbalism.png Rank 8 Colossus Marionette.png Rank 1 Barrier Spikes.png Rank 1 Harvest Song.png Rank 5 Sword Mastery.png Rank 9 Healing.png Rank 4 Tumble.png Rank E Connous Mana Deflector.png Rank 1
Critical Hit.png Rank 1 Potion Making.png Rank 9 Control Marionette.png Rank 1 Summon Golem.png Rank 1 Playing Instrument.png Rank 1 Axe Mastery.png Novice Party Healing.png Rank F Respite.png Rank F
Spirit Bow Awakening.png Rank E Cooking.png Rank F Puppet's Snare.png Rank F Rain Casting.png Rank 1 Compose.png Rank 8 Blunt Mastery.png Novice Ice Mastery.png Rank F Knuckle Mastery.png Rank F
Production Mastery.png Rank 1 Wire Pull.png Rank F Life Drain.png Rank 5 Musical Knowledge.png Rank 1 Combat Mastery.png Rank 1 Fire Mastery.png Rank F
Taming Wild Animals.png Rank F Chain Cylinder.png Rank 1 Gold Strike.png Rank F Lightning Mastery.png Rank F
Fishing.png Rank 5 Water Alchemy.png Rank 1 Fusion Bolt.png Novice
Campfire.png Rank D Wind Alchemy.png Rank 1 Bolt Mastery.png Novice
First Aid.png Rank 8 Fire Alchemy.png Rank 1 Magic Mastery.png Rank 5
Rest.png Rank F Earth Alchemy Mastery.png Rank 1 Ice Shield.png Rank F
Alchemy Mastery.png Rank 1 Fire Shield.png Rank F
Synthesis.png Rank B Lightning Shield.png Rank F
Fragmentation.png Rank 1 Natural Shield.png Rank F
Metal Conversion.png Rank 1 Mana Shield.png Rank 6
Mana Crystallization.png Rank 8 Blaze.png Rank F
Transmutation.png Rank 1 Meditation.png Rank E
Enchant.png Rank E

Most players fall into one of several categories:

The Real Life Player: Someone who enjoys playing the game occasionally, but has responsibilities in the real world that take up more of their time and are a higher priority. Basically a "normal" person, nothing particularly special here.

The Fashionista: Someone who isn't particularly a high level or good at the game, but seems to somehow get and always wear the newest clothing or simply everything ever made for style.

The Merchant: Buying low, selling high, getting rich as a side effect. The Merchant always has lots of cash and knows exactly how much any given item is worth on the market.

The Producer: That one person who has every life skill maxed out. Not so helpful in a combat situation and possibly really bad at managing money, but guaranteed to be able to make the best equips you've ever seen.

The PvPer: Someone who excels at PvP or simply enjoys it, this person is probably never in a dungeon unless it's to level them up further for more fighting with other people.

The Socialite: Someone who is always talking, be it in public chat or guild chat, and is well known by everyone there. Possibly not liked, but very much there.

The Skiller: The hardcore players. The top levels, the highest skill ranks, the unbelievable grinding. The Skiller generally plays the game as both a hobby and a life commitment.

Always remember, there are five kinds of players.

1. The Newb - These are people who are new to the game and ask for help with a dungeon/mission/quest. These are nice people and should be treated kindly at all times.

2. The Average Player - These are the moderately to highly experienced players that you normally hang out with. These are also(usually) nice people and should also be treated kindly.

3. The God/Goddess - This is the player who is the combined total level of every other person you know and then some, but never shows off or puts you down because of it. These are awesome people and should be treated with the utmost respect.

4. The 'Pro' - These are idiots who consider themselves to be awesome, even if they aren't, and will constantly broadcast to the rest of the game just how awesome they and/or their mom thinks they are. Try to show these people up or make them feel like idiots whenever possible.

5. The N00B - These are the people that completely ruin any given online game through sheer amounts of stupidity. A much more extreme form of The 'Pro', these are the people who may mod or hack the game because they don't have the ability to play without help. If they don't mod or hack, they instead turn to scamming or simply driving everyone nearby to the point of wanting to send an incendiary package to their house. Kill on sight.